Lady Truckers Are Motherfuckers Ch. 05A

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Lulu is away on a cross-country haul; Majik has just returned from one of her own and is MEGA-horny. She orders the two kidnap victims to dress in some naughty lingerie (Donna in royal-blue bra, suspender-belt, and stockings, red stilettos, no panties); Lorna in classic black silk suspender-belt, sheer hose, black stilettos, no bra, no panties) she’s returned with, and gathers them into Lorna’s quarters so she can have a go at BOTH women at the same time. We join them as Majik buggers Donna with Lorna greedily lapping-up her cunt-juice:

Donna is in her all-too-familiar position of crouching on hands and knees with a twelve-inch latex truncheon crammed into her writhing bottom; Lorna is below her, in a sixty-nine pose, her lips, mouth, and tongue capturing as much of Donna’s female nectar as she can. It is drizzling from the brunette’s honey-pot almost non-stop now, and both women have developed some skill at cunt-lapping during their time with the female truckers. Donna’s pussy is absolutely pulsing by now and she can’t help but groan long and low. Donna’s anus goes into pulsation-overtime as the horny and very Energetic lesbian buggery goes on and on. Cum drips down her thighs and stockinged legs. The busty brunette’s anus ripples and pulses around the girthy invader. Lorna’s wriggling tongue slashes across Donna’s swollen lower lips, teasing and tasting before dipping into the glistening crease.

Donna is a mass of nerve endings; the air itself seems to burn her skin. She can vaguely hear a sloshing, squishy sound as the other woman pounds into her; another sound was the incredible amount of female juices flowing like a faucet from her over-heated cunt. She begins to wish that Majik could fuck her in the ass forever…

Lorna can’t keep up with the flow of endless cunt-juice from her fellow captive’s pink pud. Majik is a machine, driving into Donna’s butt like a jackhammer gone mad. The blonde woman locks her lips on Donna’s quivering clit and sucks hard, and that is all she wrote:

“Ohhhhh, my Dear LORD GOD!!” Donna screams, as the first wave of her orgasm crashes over and through her.

Majik ass-fucks her until she collapses, limp as a rag-doll, then she turns and grins wickedly güvenilir bahis at Lorna:


Lorna’s Turn Donna seats herself on a low divan to ride-out the mini after-shocks after her recent spending while Majik takes a seat on the leather couch, her glistening black prick sutting menacingly from her groin. Lorna knows exactly what Majik wants: she kneels between her horny Mistress’s splayed thighs and, careful to maintain eye contact with her ebony dome, she begins to lick sensuously up and down the gleaming wet dildo shaft shaft. She licks the head, circles it with her tongue, and begins stroking it methodically with one hand. Her licking becomes more urgent, as her horniness increases. From past experience, Lorna knows Majik requires her subs to pay attention to her quim as well, and so her elaborate tongue-strokes bring her mouth closer and closer to the sweet pussy that lay beneath the avocado-sized pseudo “balls” decorating the strapon’s base.

By now, both women are well-accustomed to the taste of their own ( and each other’s), violated bottoms, and so the strawberry- flavored enema Donna used earlier, mixed with her free-flowing anal secretions, do not put Lorna off as they did in the beginning.

The sexy blonde captive places her mouth over the head and begins her descent. Barely more than half of it is in her mouth and it is already hitting the back of her throat. Her gag reflex threatens to trigger itself, and she fights it down; she is determined to show Majik (and Lulu), that she and Donna can be good sluts for them. She sucks harder and faster, taking it deeper and deeper. Her foamy saliva courses down the sides of the girthy dong; Majik is a big fan of messy blowjobs.

Suddenly, in a move to demonstrate that she is still in control, Majik grabs the back of Lorna’s head and forces her mouth all the way down on her “cock.” The big-titted captive chokes and gasps for air. She feels in danger of passing out. The fat head of the black monster is deep in Lorna’s throat and she feels as if she will puke any second. Yet she keeps sucking. Majik’s hips pump, strongly, lazily in time to Lorna’s lusty cock-sucking. Lorna sucks and Majik pumps until they establish türkçe bahis a rhythm. The horny blonde takes every throat-clogging inch into her gullet with every throat with every hard pump of Majik’s muscular hips.

After a few moments the sweat-sheened ebony dome orders her onto all fours. Majik places the bulbous head of her big prick at the mouth of Lorna’s womanhood, rubbing it against straining clit, gathering additional lubrication onto the rubber dingus, causing the horny mother to gasp with pleasure. Lorna lifts her silken, stockinged thighs high, and Majik takes the opportunity to press her dong deep inside her voluptuous captive.

The black woman is VERY hot, and starts in right away, digging-deep into the equally-horny blonde’s sopping quim as her big hands cup and squeeze her massive mammaries. The nipples are hard and fat with lust, and Majik rubs her calloused thumbs over them. Lorna, for her part, is enjoying the rare vaginal penetration, whimpering and groaning with pleasure as her lover’s strong fingers I squeeze her incredible jugs, pushing them together and digging her nails into the soft flesh. Majik lowers her head and runs her tongue around and about Lorna’s thick nipples, sucking and chewing them vigorously, increasing the fantastically-stacked blonde’s cries of delight ten-fold.

Majik glances-down to where their bodies are so intimately coupled; she can see her partner’s pink, inner cuntflesh clinging to her thick dingus as she trusts and withdraws. On the down stroke, the soft, wet flesh rolls inward and, when she reaches the bottom of her thrust, she grinds against Lorna’s plump, sparsely-furred mons and, with a spiral twist of her hard-pumping hips, screws into her all the way up to her hanging ball-sac. Majik murmurs a command, and Donna wearily clambers underneath her dearest friend and stars eating her. She uses her fingers to spread Lorna’s labia and flicks her tongue against the other woman’s un-hooded clit. She sucks and licks, occasionally letting her active tongue play along the shaft of the probing rubber dick. She has learned her lessons well in the few weeks of her captivity. This activity, which once shocked and disgusted her, is now second nature. güvenilir bahis siteleri The hot oral manipulations and expert plowing of her hungry vag, are, finally, more than the former church- Going, now wanton lesbian slut, can handle. As the glowing fire of desire in her belly blossoms into a flame of hot lust, she thrusts back at Majik with her lush fucksaddle. Donna is soon rewarded with a hot splash of vag-juice as Majik fucks Lorna into the first of many orgasms to cum. Within a few seconds of the big truncheon sliding free of her dripping gash, the plum-sized bell-end snuggles-firmly against her dark and now-veteran anal pucker. Lorna knows what’s coming, and she feels so guilty about wanting it, though her loins are warm with sinful anticipation. A strong, firm inward thrust, and Majik is buried deeply in the softly-clinging depths of Lorna’s rectum. The horny female trucker ploughs into her cative’s (lover’s?) pulsating anal trough, mauling her huge soft breasts and her large, flexing buttocks as the-lust-filled blonde’s firm fleshiness jerks and writhes against her. The butch trucker’s big hands use hand-fuls of Lorna’s prodigious hips as she probes deeply into the snug sheath. Donna continues to lavish wet kisses and loving licks on her best friend’s freely-drizzling cunny while their “daddy” throws her one of her patented butt-rodgerings. As the pace of the vigorous sodomy increases, Lorna pushes her big bottom back and at the same time Majik pushes forward, spearing relentlessly her on the deliciously fat cock. Lorna can’t stop the moans of delight that escape her lovely lips as the freely-sweating female trucker drives deep and hard into her ravenous bottom. Her lush body shakes and shivers in a wave of orgasmic pleasure and she lets her arms drop so that her blonde head is flat on the rough carpet. Donna manages to scramble from underneath her friend and moves to one side, idly stroking her own still-wet cunny and piching her still-hard nips as she enjoys the show.

Majik pounds Lorna’s sore arse-hole pussy hard, savagely. Every few strokes she’d get the angle just right and the fat cock-tip would just reach the top of Lorna’s colon, causing a brief second of sweet intense pain. The blonde is gasping, crying, breathless; she sees stars as Majik pounds her bowels into jelly and her orgasm explodes like an atom bomb. Once Lorna recovers, both she an Donna take turns cleaning Majik’s BBC with loving licks of their weary tongues.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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