Laken More Daring – The Third Story

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This story involves the same characters as (and builds on the experience from) story one and two. I think it could be enjoyed alone without reading the others, but some of the richness will be missing.

Enjoy, more planned.


I stretched and yawned, slowly waking up completely naked in my own bed. Under the sheet, I absentmindedly ran my hand along the shaft of my already hard penis. I’d been dreaming of the threesome my wife had suggested in a whisper to my friend and colleague Laken before heading out of town for her three-day trip. I had clearly been hard for a while, I could feel the precum at the tip of my penis.

Reaching over to my phone, I noticed there was a new text from my amazing wife, “did you and Laken have fun last night?” And added, “you better have, it wasn’t easy to set this all up!” She also included multiple smiley faces. This cavalier attitude was still very new to me, my wife actually wanted me to experiment intimately with Laken, alone, before her planned threesome. Over the course of the last day, my wife had texted multiple suggestions for Laken and me to carry out. According to her, the whole situation was totally turning her on.

Laken and I, while we had fun last night, had not gone as far as some of my wife’s daring suggestions.

I should also add, that before teasing me she had first asked about our toddler, who was sounds asleep with Laken’s toddler in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

Laken happened to be sleeping in the guest room bed right next door to mine.

I continued to lightly stroke my hard-on, now recalling last night, thinking it would be fun to repeat. Though I was more interested in knowing how we could expand on it. This and, in terms of being daring, it didn’t even come close to some of the suggestions my wife had texted me. She was usually active on SnapChat with Laken so I wondered what she had shared with her.

Still, all of which surprised me. I knew my wife had been highly sexually active and had explored liberally in college. Since though she was tamer. Though I was personally incredibly satisfied by our sex life. It seemed her college-side had a rebirth and I was getting a little window into that world.

I admit that this new fantasy seemed to benefit me greatly at the moment. And while I casually wondered if she wanted to explore herself, I wasn’t really focusing my attention there. Instead, I continued to follow her only rule, that Laken and I were not allowed to have vaginal intercourse without her present. She wanted to save that first-time for the threesome.

She knew it would be impossible to truly know if we had broken this rule, but she claimed she’d know. I believed her. Plus, honestly, I did not want to break the rule. This game was fun with restrictions – which I was kind of guessing she knew would be the case.

As I casually masturbated, I toyed with the thought of going into the guest room and crawling in bed with Laken. I badly wanted to stick my penis between her gorgeous breasts and cum on her face. Strangely, tt would not be all that unusual at this point, but it would be bold.

Instead, deciding that I’d let her enjoy her sleep, I went to take a shower and get ready for the day. I also decided not to take my masturbation session to orgasm, thinking it would feel more explosive with Laken than my hand.

Today was already going to be interesting. Laken and I were going to hang out and jointly take care of our children. Though I also knew we’d be somewhat distracted, at times, thinking about being alone together and taking güvenilir bahis our intimacy to new heights.

Speaking of the toddlers were asleep in separate rooms and would be asleep for about an hour or so more.

I started the shower and turned on my room space heater to get the steam in the room going. I was looking forward to just sitting and enjoying the next hour in the warmth of the room and shower this chilly Fall morning.

Standing there naked, I observed myself in the mirror, I was happy to see improvements in my chest and some in my abs. I’d been working out more this last year and it was beginning to be noticeable. I was covered in tattoos, something both my wife and Laken loved, I had a new one planned but that would have to wait.

I was about to turn my attention from the mirror and get in the hot shower when there was a soft knock at the door interrupting my thoughts.

On the other side of the knock was the very stunning Laken. She was wearing only a perfectly matched bra and panty set. Her cute outfit was soft blue, plain except for small little ribbons – one placed in the middle of her chest – barely holding together her robust bust. The other adorning the top of her panties, just below her flat, fit stomach and sexy belly button.

I let out an audible sigh. My wife was strikingly beautiful and Laken was her brunette similar.

Laken entered the now steamy bathroom without any pretext and said, “dude you are so big, what nine-inches? And how are you already hard?” I was quickly reminded that she as first my friend and colleague and second my new intimate partner. These comments sounded like my friend.

In answer to her question, I nodded and added, “something like that, and I’m hard because I was thinking about last night.” She looked directly at my erect penis and placed her hand around it as she walked into the bathroom. It was so surreal to have my friend and coworker comment on my penis size and then grab it without hesitation. Remarkably more so at 6 a.m. in your own bathroom.

I silently wondered how we were ever going to work normally together after this. That did not stop me from reaching over to remove her bra pulling the little thin ribbon holding her bust in. And then thinking of work, having a flash of imagining her at work under my desk sucking on my penis during the workday – something that had not ever happened but now seemed entirely possible.

Without another word, she slid off her panties allowing me a clear view of her neatly shaved pussy. Then she let me reveal her beautiful, large boobs. She was acting bolder today than she had yesterday. This shift was perfectly aligned with mine – I just wanted to embrace and enjoy the situation.

I kissed her passionately on the lips, first grabbing her ass and then massaging her lower back. It felt great to feel her tongue in my mouth and her hand stroking my penis.

The shower was enticing and I pulled her towards it.

We made our way through the steam and into the warm shower. Both of us knew something had changed in our boldness. At the same time, we knew in less than an hour the kids would need our attention. I was certain neither of us wanted to miss this opportunity.

Laken stepped under the shower and immediately leaned back to rinse her short dark hair, as she did, I took in her gorgeous breasts and erect nipples. I grabbed some shea butter soap and poured a healthy amount on a luffa. Keeping with the attitude of the morning, I asked, “mind if I clean you up?”

She smiled and said, “I was imagining you would do türkçe bahis that for the last hour, laying in bed fingering myself.”

My mind was fully taking in her amazing body, processing how this all came to be and imagining the possibilities of finding and meeting her needs.

Leaning in, I began massaging her front – starting with her neck. I took my time running my fingers along the side of her neck feeling and massaging the small muscles. I found it extremely erotic how she completely trusted me to wash her entire body. I was using my hands but also moved in to kiss each side of her neck, sucking on her wet skin.

She leaned back exposing her neck further allowing me to massage her there and kiss her. I eventually kissed my way up to her ear and whispered how badly I wanted to please her.

Her response was to moan and push my hands to her breasts.

Moving slowly, I wrapped my hands around her boobs. I threw the loofa aside and used my soapy hands to massage her gorgeous breasts. I cleaned and massaged every inch of her chest. I kissed and sucked her breast while the water continued to pour down our bodies.

Moving south along her gorgeous body, I reached her mons and happily ran my soapy fingers through her pubic hair, watching and gauging her reaction. The soap I was using was mild and unscented, so I knew it was safe for this sensitive area.

She gave me an affirmative nod, prodding me to proceed. In fact, she put her hand on top of mine and guided me a bit.

From there I took a small amount of soap and began washing her vulva, her hand now pushing gently into mine as I glided over her more sensitive areas. I continued very gently and very slowly letting her teach me about her body and her needs. I actually had never done this, even with my wife, so I was both curious and somewhat unsure. I continued to pretend to be confident.

She knew my ruse and yet pushed me further. As I was crouching in front of her, she began massaging my head encouraging me to continue exploring, continuing to pleasure her.

This was all so surreal and wonderful.

I continued, careful while I was spreading her labia and gently massaging and bathing her clit and labia in a slow light motion. I then turned her to into the shower and let warm water rinse everything completely.

Laken quietly said, “that felt so good, no one’s ever done that before for me.”

“A first for me too,” was my response.

Not needing any more reinforcement, I continued, washing her gorgeous legs, massaging the soap into her feet and between her toes and then turned her around another time. I started cleaning her calves, giving them a soapy massage with my hands. I actually was compelled to kiss her small toes and feet but decided to wait for another moment to do so.

I skipped over her small ass, for now, and moved up to her shoulders and back – soaping them and massaging them, before turning my attention back on her ass. Here is where I planned to concentrate more time.

My wife had a perfect round ass. Laken’s was different but sexy as well – small and tight. I rubbed it with just my bare hands and soap. I added more shea butter soap to my hands and glided them between her ass cheeks. It was here she let out a loud, audible moan.

With her high-level encouragement, I continue to rub and slowly cleaned the whole area – she let out another delightful sigh as I moved my hand slowly over her anus.

My fingers were now focused directly on her tiny anus, I knew the mild soap would be okay if I were to insert my finger in, but güvenilir bahis siteleri I wasn’t yet sure it was what she wanted. I decided to take a chance. I slowed further and rubbed her anus with more attention, slowly massaging the small bumps and tiny crevices, as I fully massaged the area. My other hand tightly grabbing her ass cheek.

I took my time.

She moaned and leaned her ass back into my finger and at the same time, put her hands up against the shower wall, practically pushing my finger into her hole just in that one motion. Her body language a confirmation for me to continue.

I took the hint and slowly inserted my soapy finger into her. It wasn’t long before my finger disappeared completely and I began moving it halfway in and out. Deliberately fucking her ass with my finger. She encouraged this by matching the motion.

At this point, I was so turned on, I started imagining my penis doing the work my finger was currently enjoying.

One of her hands moved to her clit, while the other supported her on the shower wall. She was literally panting.

Getting more adventurous, I stuck another finger in and continued finger fucking her ass with my two middle fingers. She was clearly enjoying the experience and as she was massaging her clit, let out soft moans. At the same time, she was pushing back into my fingers as I continued moving halfway in and out.

While she massaged her clit, I placed my other hand at the entrance of her vaginal opening and gave her extra attention by massaging her pussy lips.

It was not long after this move, that I felt her anus contracting and tightening hard against my fingers. Another new experience for me and it was thoroughly enjoyable. I wasn’t counting but I would bet her asshole contracted at least 20 times until finally, she let out a satisfied gasp, finishing her orgasm.

After she had a moment to recover, she turned around and without a word, got down on her knees in front of me. The water from the shower now streaming down her back. She pushed me back against the same wall she had just been leaning against and then wrapped her lips around my cock. I was so turned on at this point that I knew I would not last long inside her mouth.

I placed my hands in her hair at the back of her head while she sucked my cock; though I did not guide her rhythm. I wanted to feel how she wanted to proceed. She sucked hard and fast.

There was no more foreplay – she intended to make me cum in her mouth and I was very close, very fast. The session with her ass was such a turn on that there was no way I’d last long. I just watched and enjoyed the excellent blow job. When her blue eyes met mine, I let out a shiver of excitement. She knew I was about to fill her mouth and did not slow down at all. In fact, she dug her nails into my ass cheeks from behind and pushed my penis further into her mouth.

I instinctively began fucking her mouth now and then exploded inside her. Cumming a large quantity of semen into her for her to swallow.

She accepted every drop, making a show of her deep swallow. Then she immediately got up and kissed me deeply, letting me taste what remained of my own cum on her tongue.

We both took a moment to recover before finishing our shower. We had to get ready for the day and we would now do so extremely satisfied and relaxed.

The kids would be up any moment, we finished getting ready for the day. We had a long day planned at the zoo, including having a big picnic lunch. As we left the bathroom, Laken and I returned to our friendship role. During the whole day together we avoided overtly flirting.

As the day came to a close and everyone was out of earshot, she whispered in my ear, “your penis will be in my ass tonight,” she then smiled and went upstairs.

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