Late Night At The Beach

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It was the sexiest, most erotic phone conversation I had ever had in my life. The man on the other end was causing me to shiver and shake with excitement at the things he was saying to me.

I was laying on the bed wearing my little black nightie with tiny thin shoulder straps and nothing underneath, I don’t like to wear underwear much and never wear any at night. It was ten o’clock in the evening and nobody was about.

Outside the rain was pouring down in tune with my own womanly juices. He was telling me how much he enjoyed looking at me when I was at work. He thought my mouth was sexy and I wondered how he would like it wrapped around his engorged cock.

The conversation slowly escalated to him telling me what he wanted to do to me. I could not believe that this was the same man who was so “nice” to me at work. I could never have imagined he would say things like “cock” or “ass.” It was fucking unbelievable.

I loved the way he lowered his voice when he was talking dirty. It became husky and breathless and made my heart thump so hard, I felt it would explode.

Of course, when I let him know where I REALLY wanted his cock, he was a little surprised, but then he wanted to hear me say it out loud…

“Say it. Let me hear you say you want my cock up your ass,” he commanded with authority.

“I want your cock up my ass,” I said quietly.

“I didn’t hear that. Say it again,” he said.

“I want you to FUCK me up the ASS with your COCK,” I said louder and clearer.

“That’s good. I’d like to do that,” he replied in that husky, sexy voice.

I was getting sleepy as the conversation had gone on for hours. We had covered many things in those hours, more than some would cover in a life time. It was sometime early in the morning now and I was drifting off to sleep.

The last thing I remembered was him telling me to meet him the next night at the beach, wearing nothing but a swim suit….


It was full moon and the night was mild and peaceful. A gentle breeze caressed my heated skin like a skilled lover’s hand. The light from the moon reflected off the dark, smooth surface of the water.

Then I saw him and shivered, despite the warmth. He was out in the water, sitting on his surf-board wearing shorts and no top. His bare, surfer’s chest shone in the moonlight and I could only stare in admiration at the glorious sight.

He saw me at the same time, as I slowly walked down to the water, wearing my black swim suit with the high-cut brief, which showed off the lower half of my ass.

I wondered how I looked to him with my tits framed by the thin black straps of my suit. The push-up effect of the slight support in the top part of the suit would be creating a gentle swell, like the ocean.

He was staring. Good, he seemed as mesmerised as I was. Our gazes clashed and passion was reflected in one another’s eyes, heating my body from the inside out, till I could feel my cheeks flush with color.

Walking through the cool water to meet him, I felt my nipples hardening to points that pushed against the material, almost painful with the need to escape their restraint. He walked towards me and his eyes dropped to my chest, looking at my obvious arousal.

“I’m glad you came,” I güvenilir bahis said shyly, when I got close enough for him to hear me.

He dragged his eyes away from my chest and looked at my mouth, saying:

“I almost did when I first saw you in this swim suit.”

This response surprised me and I smiled as he leaned over to kiss me. His hot mouth pressed against mine, gently at first. Then his kiss became more demanding as he explored my mouth with his strong tongue, pushing mine around. He sucked my tongue and didn’t let it go until he wanted to.

“So you like to be dominated huh?” He asked with a sudden serious tone to his voice.

“Yes,” I replied breathlessly, still shaken from his kiss.

“Turn around,” he commanded.

I did as he said, without question.

He groaned when he saw the back of my suit and then said:

“Follow me further into the water.”

I followed willingly behind him as he held onto my hand in a firm, re-assuring grasp.

When we were both waist deep in the water, he helped me to sit on the surf board with him. Then we sat facing one another, our legs dangling either side of the board into the water. I should have been worried about sharks but felt more fearful of him and what was going to happen next.

He reached out to me and pulled down first the left shoulder strap and then the right, making my suit fall away, exposing my breasts that sat up plump and proud for his inspection.

“They’re perfect,” he stated, in a quiet voice.

“I always wondered what they would look like and to see them out here, at night, like this…Fuck Me! You have no idea how beautiful you look tonight.” He said roughly.

“Tell me,” I said quietly.

“Your dark hair framing your gorgeous face. Those sexy lips on your adorable mouth and that look in your eyes…Your body and your tits open and on display just for me. I feel like the luckiest man alive. Thank You.”

His reply left me breathless and moved beyond belief. There are just some moments in life that stop time from moving. When one moment feels like eternity and you know you will remember it forever. This was one of those moments.

My feelings and emotions were obvious as he looked into my eyes and we leaned forwards for another passionate kiss. This time our arms wrapped around each other and our hands explored skin.

I loved the muscles that ran up his back from his narrow waist, to his broad, strong shoulders. I felt each ridge with excitement and anticipation. He felt so hard that I thought of nothing but his back and chest…more perfect than any sculpture I had ever seen.

Then he began to touch my nipples very gently, as if fascinated by them. So deep was his concentration, that I could only watch, as his face grew more and more focused. He looked up and smiled at me, apologizing for only giving his attention to my tits. I let him know that it was fine but now I was focused on the obvious bulge in his shorts.

“Can I see you please?” I asked shyly.

He immediately reached down and released his cock from the confinement of his shorts.

I let all my breath out with a moan as his fully erect member sprang up to wink at me, with pre-cum glistening in it’s eye.

Being the hot-blooded woman that I am, türkçe bahis looking was not enough for me. I reached out to touch him and wrapped my hand firmly around his shaft. I gave a slight squeeze and his cock jerked in my hand. This excited me more and I moved my hand up and down, just pulling his circumcised skin till his cock head turned a dark shade of purple.

Thank heavens for moonlight because I like to look. In this light he looked amazing and scary all at once. As he grew in excitement, so did the pressure of his fingers on my nipples. I gasped and he worried that he was hurting me. I assured him that he wasn’t and that I liked having my nipples pulled, pinched and twisted, using a lot of force.

He couldn’t believe this admission so he gently, then firmly tested how far he could go before he hurt me too much. I only nodded, closed my eyes and said:

“More. Yes, more. Give me MORE.”

He pulled, pinched and twisted my nipples as I gasped with pleasure and urged him on, while still holding onto his cock and pulling it with slightly more force than before.

“Now I want you to pinch your own nipples while I look,” he said.

I did as he asked, no, commanded.

“That’s it…play with your nipples while I stroke my cock,” he said as he stroked his cock and watched my hands and fingers intently as they played and pulled at my nipples.

He watched me and I watched him and we were in heaven. That was the second time my world stopped still…

Then he saw my tongue flick out of my mouth and lick at my lips a few times. That, combined with the pleading look in my eyes, told him all he needed to know.

“Do you want to suck my cock?” He asked

I nodded my head up and down and he let go of his manhood for me. His hands were now on his strong, muscular thighs as I bent forward to wrap my mouth around the purple head of his long, lovely lifeline.

He held my hair up out of the way as I gently began tracing a line with my tongue around the ridges and veins of his pulsing cock. Then I sucked his entire length inside my greedy mouth till my lips hit the hair at the base and my chin rested on his balls, which I held cupped in my left hand.

He seemed to enjoy this because he groaned and lifted his hips up to meet my mouth with rapid, rocking movements. This allowed me to stroke his firm balls easier. I kept him deep in my throat while the tip of my tongue flicked around the ridges of his mushroom head.

He got really excited and started thrusting deeper in and out of my mouth saying, in between labored breaths:

“Do you want me to fuck your mouth?”

This made me so wet that I knew my pussy would be dripping by now. I love it when a man talks dirty during sex and the sound of his excited, husky voice, urgent with need, drove me wild with desire.

He knew I loved what he was doing to me so his thrusts drove his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth till I could hardly breathe. My hands were on his ass, pulling him towards me when suddenly he stopped.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and read the look of surprise and disappointment on my face.

“You are lovely and have such a beautiful face but I think it would be even more fucking unreal to see some of my cum on it.” He said, looking into güvenilir bahis siteleri my questioning eyes.

He had mentioned this during the phone conversation and I remember thinking it was a bit odd. But now I found that I wanted it as much as he did and I just nodded and sat up, waiting for his next move. He raised himself up on his knees and said:

“Play with your nipples again.”

I did what I had done before, cupping my tits, lifting them up slightly and pinching my nipples between thumb and finger. His hips were in line with my chest and he began to pull his cock, now slippery and wet from my saliva. I spat on my hand and offered him more. His eyes remained glued to mine as he took what I offered and continued jerking off while I played with myself.

Then his face changed expression and I knew he was about to cum. He shot a spurt of thick, white cum upwards and it landed on my left cheek, dripping some in the valley between my tits.

Then he stopped and said:

“I want to save some for later…”

Then he just looked at me as I continued to touch my body and rub my fingers around my nipples with cum on my cheek and sliding down between my tits.

“This is amazing and better than I could ever have imagined it would be. If you could see the picture I am looking at right now…You are a fantasy come true.” He said in a low, raspy voice.

That was the third time I forgot to breathe…nobody had EVER called me a fantasy before. I looked deeply into his eyes and knew he was sincere. At that moment I felt absolutely beautiful and very special.

“Come on, we need a drink.” He said, then hopped into the water and pulled the board, with me still on it, to the shore. We walked up the deserted beach, hand in hand, to where he had a blanket spread out on the sand next to an esky.

He dropped the board and pulled me down onto the blanket next to him. He reached into the esky and produced two glasses which he placed into my hands. Then he was opening a bottle of red wine and pouring it into the glasses. He put the bottle away and we clinked glasses.

“Here’s to your unbelievable tits,” he said with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

“And here’s to your gorgeous cock,” I said with a smile.

We drank in silence for a minute and then the heat between us grew from little sparks, to a burning fire as we kept looking at one another. We put our glasses down and he said:

“Take that garment off. I need you to be totally naked for this.”

I grew excited and wet all over again as with shaking hands, I pulled my swimsuit off. He watched me all the while, his eyes never leaving mine. I trusted him and knew that he saw every thought, every silly little fear showing in my eyes.

Then I lay naked before him and he began kissing me with slow, firm attacks on my mouth, using his tongue to communicate with mine. I moaned low sounds, deep in my throat, as he slowly drove me wild. The feeling of his hard, tight chest against my softness was incredible with no clothes between us.

The next thing I knew, there was an annoying, persistent beeping sound in my ear. I turned my head and realised that I was still on my bed. The beeping noise was the telephone receiver, beside me where I had left it the night before…I must have drifted off to sleep and forgotten to hang it back up.

“Damn,” I muttered to myself as I got up to open the curtains, blinking at the bright morning sunlight.

Now I will never know how it ended.

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