Latina Fan Chases Wrestler Pt. 02

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It’s a cold November Friday afternoon. Frida (25 yrs.) is a voluptuous Latina (36-24-36) who stands outside wearing a heavy coat. She watches the bus pull into the parking lot. It carries the out-of-town wrestling team. She takes pictures with her professional “Nikon” digital camera. A press pass hangs around her neck.

The wrestling meet begins on time inside the college gym. Frida sits in a chair on the floor taking pictures. She’s wearing a white blouse with a red halter top underneath. She also has on designer red jeans.

Salvatore (20 yrs.) is 6-foot-tall who is very lean and weighs 184 lbs. He steps onto the mat for his wrestling match. The head gear straps down on his thick, black, curly hair. Frida focuses her camera on his broad shoulders and cut arm bi-ceps. Her camera snaps away as Salvatore competes on the mat.

She whispers to herself, “Damn.”

Inside the locker room. Salvatore steps away from the shower and wipes his body down. He sits on the bench in front of his locker. He notices a camera sitting on top of his sport bag.

He yells, “Hey coach, what’s this?!”

A small note is sitting under the camera. His fingers grab that note and reads it. “Frida – University Hotel – Room 90.”

He lays the towel over his shoulder and grabs the camera. His wet, güvenilir bahis black curls, hang over his eyes. He looks at the photos of himself wrestling. The nude photos of Frida appear. He looks around the locker room and smiles.

He whispers, “Man, is her body for real? Incredible tits.”

His hand pulls the towel down over his crotch because his cock is getting hard.

Coach walks up behind him and smiles. He says, “I saw her Sal. She’s one hot Latina who gave me that camera. Any good photos of you on the mat?”

“Yeah coach, real good” Salvatore answers.

Late Friday night inside Frida’s Hotel room. The curtains are closed but with a small opening in the middle. The window is steamed up from the heater below. The lamp light is turned on which sits on the table. Salvatore’s college jacket hangs over the chair. His clothes, socks and shoes are piled up on the floor.

The big screen TV is turned off. The lights above the bed shine down on the naked bodies of Frida and Salvatore. They are in the “doggy-style” position. She is leaning on her elbows with her black hair falling over her face. His hands grip her smooth, brown hips as his own curly hair falls over his eyes. His mouth is dropped open while feeling the hot pleasure.

His 7 and ¼-inch cock is buried inside türkçe bahis her black pussy. He’s been thrusting slow and easy.

She responds in Spanish, “Dios (god)… Dios… Tan Grande (so big)… Salvatore.!”

His eyes look down at his shaft sliding in and out.

He grunts, “Fuck yeah… Fuck… yeah.”

She surrenders to his strong hands as he pulls back on her hips. Her own hands grip the bed sheets.

Frida has an orgasm, “Uhhh.! Mi Papi (my daddy).!! Meee Papeee.!! Uhhhh.!”

He keeps his thrusts at a steady pace as she breathes hard.

“Frida… Hot Frida… Fuck.!” he grunts.

His hands grip her hips tighter and he thrusts faster.

She replies, “Uhh.. Uhh.. Uh.. Muy.. Caliente (so hot).. D-Dios (god).!!”

Salvatore pushes inside one last time and explodes, “Mmmm.! Mmmmm.! Fuckk.!!”

He leans over and gently kisses her back. His cock pulls out and he yanks off the condom.

20 minutes later. The heater purrs under the window.

The naked bodies of Frida and Salvatore are on top of the bed. She’s lying on her back with her legs spread open. He is on top of her with his elbows locked and hands placed under her armpits. His curly hair falls over his eyes. Her left hand is wrapped around his neck and her right hand grips güvenilir bahis siteleri his arm.

Frida looks down at his cock pushing inside her black pussy. His thrusts are long and hard.

She breathes, “Tan Grande (so big)…! Tan… Grande…! Unnh… Unnhh.!”

He also looks down at his shaft. His hips move side-to-side after each thrust.

“Fuck… Yeah.!” he grunts.

His “white” body and her “brown” body move together beautifully.

She looks into his eyes, “No te pares (don’t stop)… Uh-Unnh… Mi Papi (my daddy).!!”

He keeps thrusting and says, “Yeah… I’m… Fucking Daddy.!!”

They both breathe hard and look down at his thrusting cock.

He grunts, “Mmmm… Mm… Mmmm.!”

“Muy Caliente (so hot)… Unh-Muy Caliente… Joder (fuck).!”

Suddenly, his body clenches and Salvatore stops moving.

He explodes and grunts, “Mmmmm.! Mmmm.! My, Gu-Godd.!”

They both look into each other’s eyes. She pulls him down and they French-kiss deeply.

Salvatore pulls out his cock and climbs off of the bed. His hand pulls off the condom who strides into the bathroom.

He shouts, “Fuck, love your Spanish!!”

A few minutes later. Both of them are lying next to each other on the bed.

Her head rests on his chest as her hand rubs his abdominals. He holds the camera and looks at the pictures of himself.

Salvatore laughs, “You took some good shots. I fucking won this match too. You gonna keep me warm all night?”

She answers, “Yeah, I am.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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