Lesbian Blackmailer

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Things had just started getting back on track for Gina lately, after a rather nasty breakup with her boyfriend of two years. She had found him involved with the swinger scene, a part of his life that had remained completely unknown to her until a disgruntled older woman had tried to track him down, claiming he was the father of her child, and had instead found Gina and alerted her of her boyfriends’ activities as revenge.

However that was in the past, and things were now looking up for her. It had been four months since that occurrence, and since then Gina had found a wonderful new man – much to her surprise that it had happened so soon – and had moved in with her best friend Linda.

Things took an unexpected change, however, when Gina and Linda had decided their financial situations would benefit from the introduction of another boarder to share their home.

Linda was completely single, with no friends that were available to fill the position, and Gina had decided it was far too soon to ask Scott – her new partner – to move in with them, so instead they had placed an advertisement in the paper, and soon decided on Cristin.

Cristin seem fantastic at first. A lesbian – not that this fact mattered to them – who seemed very nice and more than willing to agree to all of the rules the girls had set down for them living together.

It was a month ago that Cristin had moved in, and since then things had become very uncomfortable, given that the new arrival had started to express a romantic, or maybe just sexual, interest in the tall brunette Gina.

Cristin had done her best to keep this interest hidden from Linda and Scott, and Gina – at the present time – couldn’t gather the courage to talk to either Linda of her boyfriend about the woman’s advances.

The advancements came in the usual order of intensity, first starting out with just simple and almost innocent flirting, but lately the flirting had become unacceptable. Gina had made it clear that she was definitely straight, and that she had no interest in Cristin, nevertheless the twenty-five year old blonde fox with pale blue eyes and long, tanned legs, had not taken the rejection as a sign to stop trying, and kept on with her campaign to convert Gina.

The worst of the attempts came when Gina and Cristin were alone in the house. Cristin would come out of the shower and walk to her room completely naked, making comments such as, “Like what you see?” when Gina would see her and often stare, not meaning to, but she couldn’t help it, Cristin was just so forward and frankly it shocked her.

Other times Cristin would do her best to show as much body and leg around Gina as possible, and often even try to rub her foot up and down Gina’s leg under the dinner table, on the occasions when the two or three of them would sit down together for a meal.

Things were starting to get out of hand, and Gina knew she had to do something soon before things went too far. The last thing she wanted was for her new boyfriend to find out that her flat-mate had tried something more serious.

Gina had decided to go out for the day with Scott, and with Linda at work Cristin found herself alone and soon after bored to death. There was nothing to do, no one to talk to, nowhere to go, and nothing on television that was able to catch her interest.

A methodical search of the video cabinet had found nothing interesting, and Cristin couldn’t find the will to walk all the way to the video store in the rain that was now bucketing down outside.

She went into Linda’s room to search through her private video collection, something that Linda would not be at all pleased about, yet Linda was at work and form what she had overheard earlier this morning Linda was also driving to her parents tonight for the weekend, and would not be returning from work beforehand, so she would never know.

The result of this search was also fruitless, so she decided it was time she took her first look at Gina’s room. The thought of even setting foot into Gina’s room had always excited her, however until now she had decided that this particular invasion of privacy was something she was not yet willing to deal with. Now she was bored silly, and Gina would be away until late afternoon or even that night, so if she was going to do it now was the time.

The door to Gina’s room was not locked, and now there was only the briefest moment of hesitation before Cristin opening it and stepped foot inside. Instantly she was hit with the most fragrant of smells, the smell of Gina. It sent a tingle of excitement through her, and she knew she couldn’t live much longer without feeling the woman’s body against hers.

Gina’s room was immaculate. Everything had a place, and everything was well maintained. The trashcan was regularly emptied, everything looked as though it been dusted recently, and the carpet felt clean and soft beneath her feet.

Cristin wondered over to Gina’s desk, and took her time observing the many trinkets and statues of various creatures that the woman had collected over the years. Next she poker oyna went to the dressing table, and eased open the central draw to find Gina’s underclothes.

She took a pair of Gina’s panties and pressed them to her face, breathing in deeply and taking in the scent of what she thought was one of the most sensual creatures on gods’ earth. She realized she was acting like a stalker or something doing so, but she couldn’t help herself.

It was two minutes before she could bring herself to return the panties to their original place in Gina’s draw. After closing the draw, Cristin make her way over to the queen-size bed and dumped herself onto it with a bounce of the springs.

She stretched herself out, spread her legs, wriggled her toes, and closed her eyes in the moment of relaxation. Thoughts of Gina danced through her head, and she found herself imagining what it would feel like to have the female between her legs, licking and tasting her, Gina’s hot breath circulating around her thighs.

Cristin quickly forced herself out of this thought before she excited herself too much. Getting all worked up would do her no good. Instead she rolled over and pulled open the top draw of the bedside table to do more exploring. In it she found the usual girl things, as well as a packet of condoms – at least Gina practiced safe sex.

The second draw contained nothing unusual, and she quickly lost interest in that draw as well. Finally she came to the bottom draw, and after shuffling through an unusual mess of papers, she found a video. It was not labeled, which increased her curiosity, and after a quick fight with her conscious she leapt out of the bed and raced to the living room, video in hand.

With the energy of a child on Christmas morning she injected the video into the machine, flicked on the TV and leapt onto the sofa. The video could well turn out to be nothing of interest, however the curiosity bought on from an unlabeled tape hidden at the bottom of a draw in a bedroom she was not meant to be in was quite exciting on the most boring of days.

There was a minute or two of black, which Cristin flicked through using the remote, until the visual finally developed. It seemed to be a tape of Gina and her ex-boyfriend talking about something unknown as the volume was still down. It was a bit of an anticlimax, and Cristin was about to switch it off when the man in the video suddenly removed Gina’s shirt, and started passionately kissing her to distract her while he took off her bra before she had a chance to protest.

Cristin turned the volume up, suddenly becoming interested at seeing Gina’s medium sized, yet perfect breasts. Maybe this tape was worth the excitement after all, and a million things started to race through Cristin’s mind as she watched on.

It wasn’t long before the mans cock was pumping in and out of Gina’s dripping hole, and although the sight of a male and a female during intercourse didn’t turn her on, Cristin couldn’t help but become excited as she heard Gina’s cries of pleasure, and the sight of her tits bouncing around under her as the man took her from behind a minute or two later.

Cristin couldn’t believe this. Gina was such a moral and almost perfect girl, the kind who wasn’t exactly a Saint, but the kind you could see saying her prays before bed and getting to know someone well before sleeping with them. Cristin found it hard to believe that Gina had done something like this, and wondered what had possessed her to tape herself being taken like this by a man who was now fucking her so hard it must had hurt the girl.

Cristin couldn’t see what girls found sexually stimulating about having a male pushing a part of his body into her. It disgusted her, however at the same time she couldn’t stop watching, and her eyes were locked on Gina – she paid no attention to male taking her body like she was a slut.

The tape finished some time after, and Cristin returned it to its hiding place, her heart and mind racing. She wished she could have Gina’s body like that man did, and right now would be the perfect time, she was so turned on by the tape that she wished she had someone to release the sexual pressure building inside of her.

Cristin decided to take a cold shower to try to calm herself down, and it was as she stood there and rubbed herself over with soap, touching every part of her own body, that she came up with an idea. It excited her beyond belief as she realized she might yet have Gina, even if only for one night, and for the rest of the afternoon she felt as giddy as a schoolgirl while she awaited the return of the most beautiful woman in the world. Cristin only hoped that Scott would not be accompanying Gina home this evening.

The wait was excruciating, but finally, at nine that night, Gina arrived home, alone, and looking as beautiful as ever. Cristin decided it was now or never, she might as well approach her now rather than later when Gina might sneak off to bed before she had a chance to do it.

With an uncontrollable excitement, Cristin approached Gina as she entered canlı poker oyna the door, “Gina she need to talk, now, it’s important”

Gina froze, looking the woman over nervously for a moment before answering, “Ok then, just let me put my things in my room” With that Gina disappeared down the hallway.

Cristin followed a moment later, giving Gina just enough head start so that Gina reached the room first. She then entered the room without knocking, and instantly Gina spun around to face her, “What are you doing?” she asked, her voice filled with a mixture of anger and fear.

Calmly, Cristin moved over and sat on Gina’s bed, “Sit down, please”

Gina almost said something about Cristin’s intrusion and her sitting on her bed without permission, but instead hesitantly sat down, keeping enough distance between her and Cristin so that she was out of arms reach.

“What do you want?” Gina asked, anxious to find out what was going, hopefully for a result that eased her nerves if nothing else.

“Well… we need to talk” Cristin began casually, resisting the urge to reach over for the woman and stroke her hair, “Ok, I know you are going to hate me after this, but I know you don’t want me, and never will, so better to have you for one night than never get to have you at all”

“What the hell does that mean?” Gina shot back.

Cristin smiled, loving how cute Gina was when she was nervous, and allowed the comment to linger for a moment before she continued, “Today I found a tape in your draw, you know the one I mean. What would Scott say if he found out that his perfect little shy nice-girl had fucked a guy on camera? Doing all sorts of slutty things with him?”

“Why the FUCK were you going through my things? What is it that you want? Are you some fucking psycho or something?” Cristin was shocked at the fact that Gina had actually swore – ever since she had moved in she had never heard the girl swear before.

“Gina, I don’t want to tell your new man about this tape, I know it would hurt you more than anything, but I love you, just being around you is intoxicating, and I need you, even if its just for one night. Do you understand what I am saying?”

The fact that Gina DID understand what Cristin was talking about scared the hell out of her, however she said she didn’t, hoping she was mistaken or that Cristin was just playing with her mind.

“Gina” Cristin continued when she felt the moment was right, “I want you tonight, I want to be with you, and I need it, oh god I need to feel your touch, and if you refuse, I will tell Scott. I know that’s a real shitty thing to do, but I need you at least once, and if this is what I have to do to get that one night with you then I have no choice”

Gina felt her heart skip a beat. This wasn’t happening, surely she must have just misinterpreted what Cristin had said. She looked over at the door for a possible escape, but realized that Cristin would be able to catch her without a hassle before she could flee and call for help. There had to be a way out of this, there just had to be, though the way it was looking at the moment there would be no escape, she would have to sleep with Cristin, or lick her, or touch her, or whatever the hell lesbians did.

“I cant do that” Gina whispered, her voice quieter than a mouse, her eyes avoiding Cristin at all costs, her body language that of a scared and timid little girl.

Cristin then moved over, sitting close, so close that their hips touched, and warped an arm around her, stroking her hair on the other side of her head as her face gradually inched closer to Gina’s, “It’s ok, I want you to relax, you will enjoy this, and I’ll make it easy for you, and help you though it. I promise”

With that she lightly kissed Gina’s cheek, tasting for the first time the woman she had been craving for so long. She ran her fingers down Gina’s arm until they intertwined with hers, Gina making no effort to hold her hand back as her breathing became very heavy and her chest rose and fell considerably with each breath.

Cristin then advanced her lips down Gina’s neck, kissing gently yet wetly, taking her time to savor every moment. “Oh no” Gina gasped, “Please don’t do this”

Cristin moved her lips back to the girls ear and whispered, “Relax, just let yourself go”

“I cant” Gina managed, yet very weakly.

“Yes you can” Cristin returned gently, “You are such a sensual woman” She then placed a hand on Gina’s cheek, and turned Gina’s head towards her. Gina still made extra effort to avoid eye contact, and Cristin gave her a moment before pressing her lips against Gina’s and finally kissed her for the first time. Gina kissed back, but with very little energy, not wanting it to happen, but knowing there was little, if not nothing, she could do to stop it. The kiss was warm, wet, and amazing, and Cristin couldn’t believe she was finally going to have Gina.

Once their kiss had ceased, Cristin gave her lover a quick kiss on the nose before standing up and taking a position a few meters in front of Gina, “Now, want internet casino to see what a real woman looks like?” she asked removing her shirt, revealing her firm stomach shoulders which any man would go crazy for if she was straight. “Look at me Gina” she ordered, “Please”

Gina looked up at the woman while Cristin slipped out of her shorts, however did not allow herself to look into her eyes still, not wanting to look into the eyes of the woman who was doing this to her.

Cristin’s bra came off next, revealing her large breasts, her tiny nipples already standing at attention. Her panties came off easily and quickly, and Cristin let Gina look her over until the woman’s eyes finally left her, at which time Cristin made her way back to the bed and took up her previous position beside her love.

“You’re so beautiful” she whispered into Gina’s ear as her left hand started to stroke Gina’s thigh, which sent a shiver up both of their spines.

Gina was now shaking more than ever, and was relieved when Cristin’s hand left her thigh a moment later. Unfortunately Cristin’s hands found Gina once again, and this time they moved upwards together and started to unbutton the girls blouse.

“No” Gina whispered again, shaking her head, her voice barely auditable, “Please don’t”

“Shhhh” Cristin said caringly, “Relax, this wont hurt you know”

Gina’s buttons came undone one-by-one, starting from up near her neck and continuing down until her blouse came open. Cristin slid her hands inside Gina’s blouse and slowly opened it, leaning down to kiss the top of her breasts before she slid the garment off the woman’s shoulders and down her arms. The top fell to the floor, exposing more of Gina’s flesh, and Cristin could feel her shiver as she began to kiss Gina’s shoulders, all the while her hands gliding over her lovers smooth, firm, back.

Gina closed her eyes and tried to shut out the sensation, unwilling to show any sign that might give Cristin the impression that she was enjoying this. It had gone too far, and there was no stopping what was going to happen tonight, so the least she could do is not encourage the lesbian blackmailer.

It wasn’t long before Cristin started sucking on Gina’s neck, and her hands found the buckle of Gina’s bra. Gina wished it would have been a little longer before she exposed her privates to Cristin, to give her time to mentally prepare herself, however now was the time as she felt the all to familiar feeling of her bra being undone, and ultimately being amputated from her body.

“You are so beautiful,” Cristin said in awe as she pulled away slightly to gaze upon Gina’s breasts for the first time in person, “I need you so badly”

Then came another kiss for Gina, this time filled with passion and desire, and Gina did her best not to kiss back, however the attempt ultimately failed her as her lips felt the need to respond. Cristin wrapped her arms around Gina and slowly pushed her back onto the bed, their lips not parting as Gina sank backwards onto the soft quilt, and Cristin came on top of her, her breasts rubbing against Gina’s and causing a wonderful sensation Gina had never dreamt of experiencing before.

Cristin took her time, probing the other’s mouth with her tongue, exploring her body with her hands, exploring Gina’s legs and feet with her left foot. She knew from experience that Gina was now probably experiencing some confusion about these new sensations, and hoped that before the night was out the woman would surrender, and give herself completely and willingly to Cristin.

Cristin’s kisses slacked in intensity a little before their lips parted, and Cristin began the slow, kissing journey down the others neck and shoulders, all the way down to her breasts, and finally to her nipples, which were becoming aroused, an excitement that Cristin was happy to strengthen by taking each one into her mouth, one at a time, and gently nibbling and sucking and licking.

The nipples became aroused even further as planned, and Cristin heard a faint, “Ohhhhh” coming from her subject as Gina’s breathing became deeper still, and she started to squirm a little.

Continuing down the woman’s body, Cristin kissed and licked her way down to Gina’s belly button, which her tongue quickly began to attack. Gina’s stomach instantly retracted in reflex to the sudden, intense, feeling. Cristin reached up and started groping Gina’s tits as she licked, exploring every part of her belly button and the area around before continuing further down, her hands following her.

She came to Gina’s skirt, but let it be for the moment, instead skipping that section of her body and moving down to the next part of exposed skin – her right thigh – and continued the kissing/licking journey down Gina’s leg, her hands following on the other leg, until she reached Gina’s feet.

Cristin then sat up, tucking her legs under herself, and smiled up at Gina, “We cant have these on now can we?” she said taking Gina’s right foot into her hands and slipping off the black high-heal that she had been wearing. Gina watched as she let Cristin do this, knowing protesting would do no good, and gasped as Cristin started to lick the soul of her foot, before taking each of her toes into her mouth one at a time and sucking, twirling her tongue around each toe as she did so.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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