Lexi an Incredibly Limber Ballerina

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The blonde ballerina twirled and lifted her long willowy legs up and down, up and down… and with every lift her camel toe winked at me. Winky-winky pussy-winky. And my poor cock ached with each pussy wink.

Damn she was hot!

My cock said we had to meet this pretty ballerina. Dance class was almost over so me and my cock watched and waited. When the door opened, I rushed over and accidentally bumped into Miss Pussy Winky.

“Oops— sorry.” I picked up her bag. “Hey you’re Lexi right?”

She stared at me. “Oh I remember you, your Cal from Algebra class.”

“Yes and to tell you the truth I’ve been dying to ask you out sometime… if you’re available?”

“I’m available now! And you want to know why?” She slugged me with her gym bag.” Because my boyfriend just dumped me. Can you believe that? Dumping me? ME? The stupid jerk!”

Whoa no boyfriend. I sensed she had an opening to fill. “Hey Lexi let me give you a ride home and we’ll make plans to do something. She frowned and followed me out to my Mustang. “Say Cal isn’t this a bad boy car?”

“Sometimes.” I opened the door and teased her. “So Lexi where’s your favorite make-out place?”

“Home.” She said staring out the windshield. “Mother won’t be home for two hours.” I sped away. And as we drove I kept glancing at the nice pussy fold in her pink leotard.

“Cal stop staring at my camel toe!” Lexi slapped my arm. “I didn’t feel like wearing panties today, OKAY?”

“Okay! Hell I’m totally against panties. Totally.” After a long drive we pulled up to her house— a frickin’ mansion. And a frickin’ servant walked up and opened her car door. I was totally impressed.

Lexi stepped out and snapped her fingers. “Follow me Cal.” So I followed her jiggling, super rich ass up the marble staircase. We sat together on a satin sofa under a diamond chandelier.

I tried to break the stuffiness. “Lexi you look damn sexy in that pink leotard.”

She blew up. “Well Edward certainly didn’t think I was Damn Sexy! Can you believe he left me for some b-i-t-c-h?” She ranted on about Ed dumping her and the usual blah, blah, blah… I just love jilted girls.

My hand rubbed inside her thigh as I waited for my chance. Finally she said Edward left her for some bimbo named Jody Jewells. I burst out laughing. “Jody’s not a girl— Jody’s a guy. Your boyfriend left you for a dude.”

Her face went flush. “Is that true? Gosh… so that’s why Edward never wanted to do it.”

“Do what Lexi?”

She hissed. “Do IT… you know… IT!”

“Oh that.” Time for my move. “I’ll bet Mr. Gay-guy never realized what a beautiful, sexy princess you are.”

“OMG how did you know I was a princess?” Her bright blues eyes stared into mine. “You have no idea how good that feels Cal.” Before I knew it her tongue was down my throat. I nudged down her leotard until her perky tits popped out. She moved my hands to her jiggling boobs.

Squeezing her nice titties my other hand reached into her leotard and Lexi moaned. She squirmed when I touched her wet spot. Soon I had her tit in my mouth and my finger up her snug twat. Abruptly Lexi yanked my mouth back, stretching out her rubbery nipple.

“Mother will be home soon. If you want to do IT you’d better hurry!”

“Sure let’s go to your bedroom.”

“No. Mother doesn’t allow boys in my room.”

“Well… Mommy probably doesn’t allow screwing on the sofa either.” Lexi raised her hips up and I yanked off her leotard, revealing her shiny bald pussy. Her smooth mound twinkled under the chandelier. “Wow Lexi it’s shaved.”

“Yep, all ballerinas shave.” She smiled. “Now watch what this.” The naked ballerina spread bahis firmaları her legs until they were perfectly horizontal… the perfect-pussy-splits. With two fingers Lexi pulled open her invitingly pink pussy lips.

I quickly mounted the sexy ballerina, pushing my prick in her squishy hole… feeling her pink folds grip my prick like a silky vise.

“Ungh-ungh… my gawd Cal… you’re cock is massive!” I pumped it in and out, fucking her twat nice and slow. But Lexi patted my butt like a basketball. “Faster— faster!” Grabbing her tits I hammered her taut pussy. The naughty girl twisted her hips as I pounded away, screwing herself onto my cock.

“Oh Cal… that feels so good… so fucking good.” Lexi gripped my ass with her feet, pulling my prick deep into her clutching fuck hole. She panted, “Cal ugh… do you like… ugh… my pussy… my pretty-pretty pussy?”

“Ungh…I love it Lexi…ungh… it’s super tight!”

Lexi giggled and the limber girl pulled her legs back, tucking her ankles behind her ears. Wow. I rose up on my hands and hammered my prick in so hard it hit the bottom of her pussy. “Ouch Cal, oh your deep – ohh…you’re doing it…oh fuck me… yes oh gawd Cal – fuck meee!”

Her claws dug into my neck as her back ached in the air. “AIYEE! AIYEE! AIYEE!” The naughty ballerina screamed in orgasm, her juicy pussy clamping my cock, milking it and making it spew.

My prick spewed wads of cum her spasming fuck-hole. Lexi shuddered below me, her body jolted with a dozen more cock-crunching orgasms. I kept hammering her frothing twat until my balls were drained, then I collapsed on her pillowy tits.

“Wow Lexi… you crushed my prick.”

“Yes, ballerinas have strong pussy muscles.” She giggled. “My cunt could crack a walnut. It’s a real nutcracker.” Lexi wiggled her hips and I pulled out of her clamping twat. Just then a red Ferrari drove up.

“Holy shit it’s your mom!”

“Oh pooh-pooh.” Lexi jumped to her feet, put on some panties and slipped into her leotard.

On the sofa was a cum puddle the size of a small pizza. Most girls would freak, but Lexi just flipped over the cushion. “No worry, I’ll tell the maid its mayonnaise, gobs of mayonnaise.” I zipped up just as her mom entered.

Lexi spun and grabbed my hand. “Cal this my mother Duchess Genevieve, but you may call her Ms. Genie. And Mother this is my new beau Cal, and he was just leaving.” Lexi pushed me out the door and ran behind me, pinching my butt.

At the car I tried to kiss her goodbye. But the horny girl pushed me in back, yanked down her leotard and mounted me right there in the backseat, letting her clasping pussy milk my prick again. Now that’s a proper goodbye!

That night in bed I thought about Lexi’s bald pussy and super tight twat, and realized all ballerinas have bald pussies and super tight twats.

Suddenly my mind imagined a bald pussy ballet… a dozen naked ballerinas… spinning around, lifting their long legs up and down… winking their shiny pink nut-crackers… Oh yes! Hell yes!

The next day Lexi actually texted me a naked pussy selfie… Her ballerina legs split spread wide, with her shiny pussy lips split open, twinkling bright under a diamond chandelier. OMFG! Immediately I called twinkle-twat for a romp, I mean date.

“Um Cal there’s a bit of a prob-prob. Mother wants you to come for Christmas tea, to see if you’re a proper gentleman. Um… because the maid found some of your guy-goo in my panties.”

“Holy shit Lexi! Couldn’t you tell your mom it was mayonnaise?”

“I did— and don’t yell at me!” Lexi paused. “But Mother said she knows the taste of guy-goo.”

“What? kaçak iddaa She actually licked my cum out of your panties…? What kind of mom would do that?”

“…all of them… all of them.” Lexi dropped her voice. “Please come for dinner, I’d be just mortified if you don’t. Pretty please Cal. I’ll do anything your heart desires… or any other horny part of your body…” I stared at the phone knowing my prick wouldn’t let me say no.

“Lexi I’ll be there with bells on my balls.”

Christmas day I drove over— through a snowstorm— for dinner with Lexi’s mom. A servant seated me next to Ms. Genie on the sofa, the same sofa where I’d screwed her daughter. I wondered about the huge cum puddle…

Dinner was awkward as hell, with servants snickering, and her mother giving me the evil eye. After dessert I watched the Duchess slowly lick out her spoon… and she winked at me. Suddenly the image of her tongue licking my jism out of her daughter’s panties gave me such a hard-on… Shit!

I stood up holding a linen napkin over my lump. Lexi noticed the lump and hustled me out the door. “Bye-bye Mother, we’re off to go um… snowballing and stuff.”

Once outside Lexi snatched my napkin away. “Dammit Cal you should’ve waited until I could take care of that monster boner.” We ran out in the snow to my old Jeep.

Lexi looked horrified. “Where’s the Mustang?”

“In pieces in my garage.”

“Oh pooh-pooh.” With a groan Lexi climbed into the rusty old Jeep. I jumped in and headed for my favorite make-out place. “Say Lexi is your mom really a Duchess?”

“Maybe, she bought the title on eBay.” Lexi grinned. “But I’m definitely a princess.”

“Oh I know that your highness.” Our college was infested with princesses and their perfect-perfect pussies. As we drove the snow turned to rain and the road turned to slush. At the river I parked under some trees and noticed a pair of wet panties hanging on a bush. Cool.

I couldn’t remember if they were Princess Amy’s, or Princess Tina’s, or maybe Princess Bella’s, or…

Lexi pouted. “It’s cold and rainy and there’s no backseat in this rust bucket. Cal I’d truly hate for you to drive all the way out here and not get any sweet nookie.” I pointed to my lap. “Oh I forgot about that. Yes I could do the sucky-sucky thing.”

She lifted her top, releasing her perky boobs and the cold made her pink nipples point out like rubber bullets. I squeezed her firm tits and nibbled on her bullets.

Lexi pink fingernails pulled down my zipper and yanked out my throbbing cock. She sucked on my prick like a good princess… her pretty blonde head bobbing up and down, up and down. Yesss… My prick was so damn horny that in two minutes a load of hot sperm blasted down her throat.

The girl choked and gagged it down, then snapped a cum mouth selfie. “Ugh that was super-super-super gross.” She grabbed my prick. “Cal I need this fat fuck-stick inside me. Now!”


Lexi winked and wiped her slimy lips. “Sir you forget I’m a ballerina. I can contort my body in wicked-wicked ways.” My prick throbbed. The girl pointed to her seat. “You sit here Cal and I’ll sit there.”

I ran around the car with my prick hanging out in the snow storm, and by the time I got inside my balls had icicles. Lexi was already in the driver’s seat with her clothes off. Hell yes, I like a girl who’s naked and ready.

After I sat naked Lexi crawled toward me, lifting her leg over the gear shifter. She paused half way, rubbing her wet pussy lips around the shifter knob.

Lexi winked. “I know you want to see it Cal… don’t you perv?” Biting her lip she lowered her moist twat onto the stick shift… kaçak bahis and let me watch the silvery knob slowly disappear into her pussy.

“Wow… I pulled out my cell. Lexi gigged and bounced up and down on the stick shift with her pink tissue pulling in and out around the shiny knob. I took a dozen pics. “Cal is this naughty-naughty?” My prick nodded yes-yes.

Popping off the shifter the naked blonde climbed onto my lap, her pointy tits squishing into my face. Lexi lay back on the dashboard. “Now Cal… you wanna see something really-really naughty?” My mouth and prick drooled.

“I learned this in girl’s yoga.” Lexi raised her legs over my shoulders, giving me a close-up view of her sweet snatch. Grabbing her knees she pulled her head forward until her mouth touched her pussy lips. Lexi’s snake-like tongue darted out… and she licked her own twat!”

“Holy fuck— they teach that in yoga class?”

“Yep. A girl has to know how to lick herself, you know… in case of emergency.” The naughty princess smiled and leaned back, lifting her wet crack to my face. “Your turn knave.”

I stabbed my tongue straight into her pussy hole, mercilessly lapping away at her squirming slit. Soon my tongue found her royal clitty— and tickled it. Lexi jumped and Lexi squealed. “Ooooh!”

I held Lexi’s twisting twat and flipped her clitty back and forth until she screamed. “AIYEE… OOH GAAAWD!”

She fell to my lap with my stiff boner stuck up between her legs. “Oh Cal, now I really-really need your hard prick inside me.” Lexi pulled up, grabbed my prick and positioned under her taut pussy. She lowered herself slowly. I felt her wet pussy lips squish around my cockhead.

The sweet princess bounced up and down, up and down, fucking my prick with her tight-tight pussy. “Cal I-I th-think you’re v-very sp-special.”

But on the third bounce my prick slipped out and poked her butthole. She forced it back into her pussy. Lexi bounced again— it happened again. She glared at me like I did it on purpose. A bounce later my prick actually stuck up into her anus.

Lexi sighed. “It’s okay Cal I know how naughty guys are… You can fuck my hiney-hole for your Christmas present.” The cute princess gritted her teeth and pushed down, stretching her royal sphincter around my cockhead.

“Dammit Cal… I hope you know I wouldn’t assfuck myself for just any guy!”

She pressed her hips down, forcing my boner all the way up her asshole. Lexi covered her mouth, moaning as she ass-humped up and down, butt-bouncing her sweet ass on my stiff pole. A dozen bounces later my balls burst, filling her anal tunnel with cum.

The princess collapsed, hitting her head on the dash.

After a moment I lifted the groaning girl off my prick and sat her on my lap. Lexi had trouble sitting. We kissed and I wiped the tear streaks from her face. “Thank you Lexi, that was like amazing.”

Lexi flashed a smile and cooed. “Cal dearest, I would do just anything for my future hubby.”

“Hubby? No! No damn ring on this finger!” Ignoring me Lexi stepped out of the car and tiptoed to a tree. When she bent over I couldn’t resist snapping a pic of the pretty princess wiping cum out of her asshole… Priceless.

“Cal the snow has stopped. I could be a tart and lean against the tree if you’d like a piece of princess pie?”

“No you’re trying to trick me with pussy. We have to go. Now!”

Lexi winked and tiptoed through snow. Holding onto the tree the naked girl bent her head between her thighs and licked her twat again… lapping her tongue up and down her shiny slit. She giggled.

“Here it is Cal, hot and juicy. Just the way you like it.” The naughty girl looked back between her dripping pussy lips, wiggling her enticing twat.

Dammit. I got an instant erection, ran over, grabbed Lexi’s hips and plowed my prick straight into her juicy trap.

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