Lisa, Vern and Me – 2019

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Well, here it is again, Valentine’s Day, 2019, a year later.

This is a follow-up story from my 2018 Valentine’s Day story about adults enjoying themselves over the three day Valentine’s Day period.

I would suggest you read the prior story but you don’t have to.

There is bi activity along, water sports and mfm fun.


It was Wednesday, February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day. The weather was warm and going to get warmer over the next few days. It was going to be a great few days taking the sun in the nude.

Lisa was flying in on Jet Blue and landing at Orlando at 9:00 a.m. I was already there when her plane landed, right on time. I soon received a text from her saying she was making her usual stop and then coming to me.

I waited and soon my lover appeared. She was all smiles and when we met, we embraced and kissed. I knew immediately that my lover was naked underneath her dress.

As we headed to the car, I texted Vern and told him we were on our way.

Vern had told me that he arranged very special Valentine’s Day surprises for Lisa and he couldn’t wait for her to get to his place. He didn’t tell me what they were though.

The drive took us an hour and when we got there, Lisa told me to pull the car up as far as it would go.

We got out and without warning, Lisa slipped off her dress and walked naked up to the front door and rang the bell. When Vern answered the door he was nude, as usual, but was surprised to see Lisa nude. He was even more surprised that her pussy was now completely smooth, something I didn’t know until she undraped herself at the car.

They hugged and kissed and Lisa even gave his hardening cock a nice feel as we entered the house.

As we entered, I noticed that Vern had spruced up the place. Things were in order and there was no clutter.

When he took us to his bedroom, Lisa was in shock. Vern had all sorts of Valentine’s Day decorations around. He even had red ribbons hanging from the ceiling and over the bed.

One addition was one full length mirror that he had mounted behind the headboard and one on the wall in front of the bed. Both mirrors allowed complete visability to anything happening in his bed.

Vern already had his video equipment set up and his camera handy.

Lisa gave him a big kiss and thanked him for everything.

As she put her stuff away, I undressed. When we were ready, we headed out to the backyard.

The first thing we noticed was three new lounge chairs. Then we looked to the right and could not believe our eyes.

Lisa and I were dumbfounded when we saw an above ground pool all set up and ready for use. And, next to the house was a hot tub that could sit four people.

We looked at Vern and he smiled and said he got them so we would always want to come back.

Lisa and I went over to thank him and that we did. Lisa wasted no time in getting on her knees and giving Vern a great blow job. She kept sucking his cock even after every drop of cum was swallowed and his cock was limp in her mouth.

Vern said that he got them as Valentine’s Day gifts for Lisa and for last year when she took care of Ray and he said that he owed us big time.

Lisa blushed and looked at me. I knew what she wanted and I nodded my ok.

Lisa went inside and came out with a blanket and laid it on the ground. She took Vern’s hand and they laid down together. It didn’t take Lisa and Vern to get going and I just watched as Lisa let Vern do whatever he wanted to her.

They must have played together for an hour before they finished, exhausted.

As we relaxed, Lisa asked Vern about Ray. Vern told her that Ray kept talking about his time with her and loved every minute he spent with her.

I told Vern to give Ray a call to see if he could stop by. He said he would later on.

By this time, it was time for lunch. Vern went inside to fix us something and Lisa and I just spread our legs and absorbed the sun.

After lunch, the three of us went into the hot tub with Lisa in the middle.

It didn’t take long before we had our hands all over Lisa as she went from me to Vern and back, kissing and feeling our cocks and balls.

We each took a nipple in our mouth and sucked them and squeezed her tits. My hand moved to her smooth pussy and played with it. I could feel Vern’s fingers slipping into her cunt as she lifted herself up a bit to give him better access to her treasure.

Lisa grasped our cocks and started jerking them slowly. Soon, her pace quickened and we were both ready to cum. We both stood up and shot our cum loads into Lisa’s open mouth.

Before she could swallow our cum, I kissed her and we shared our cum. Vern quickly followed me and he got to taste our cum before Lisa swallowed it all.

We then went into the pool. It was a great feeling swimming naked. We all played with each other and managed a lot of body contact.

Vern was even able to get his cock into Lisa’s cunt under water. It was fun to watch as he tried fucking her under water. He succeeded because I saw drops bostancı escort of cum floating to the surface.

We eventually got out and dried ourselves off and headed to inside to shower and get ready for dinner.

We finally went to dinner and had plenty of wine before heading back.

Vern and I got naked immediately as Lisa freshened up.

Lisa yelled out for us to meet her in the bedroom and for Vern to bring some wine and glasses.

Without question, we did as she asked. Vern and I waited on the bed sipping some wine when Lisa appeared at the doorway.

“Happy Valentine’s Day boys,” She said.

She looked spectacular…she was radiant…

Lisa came in wearing lingerie, a black bustier type lingerie that pushed her tits up and clearly visible. The bustier had a short black train behind it. Her g-string was a sheer black nylon’s that clearly showed her swollen pussy lips.

Her breasts were adorned with jewelry that fit over her erect nipples, making her nipples look even larger.

She had a thin gold chain around her waist and a necklace that clearly had a gold cock and balls hanging down.

She even wore long black gloves up to her elbows to make her look more alluring.

I never saw her looking more beautiful.

Vern started taking all sorts of pictures and Lisa let him take whatever pictures he wanted, face and all.

When Vern was finished, Vern and I stood up and touched every part of her body, peeling off her clothes, one by one until she only had on her g-string.

Lisa removed her g-string and slipped it into her wet cunt, soaking it. She then pulled it out and gave it to Vern as her Valentine’s Day gift to him from her.

I thought Vern was going to shoot his load right then but he didn’t.

Lisa told me and Vern to give her a show. She sat in the chair with a camera and Vern and I got on the bed. We started playing with each other’s cock and balls then I slipped my mouth over Vern’s hard cock and sucked it.

Lisa told us to do 69. Vern and I got into position with me on top. We continued sucking and then I felt Lisa behind me. She started playing with my ass hole. First, just touching it then licking around it and then I felt her tongue slip in.

After a few minutes teasing my ass, she told Vern to fuck my ass.

I staid on all fours as Vern got behind me. Lisa lubed up Vern’s cock and he lined up his cock to my hole.

Lisa was now in front of me, kissing me as Vern’s cock started its journey.

I bolted a bit when I felt his cock stretching my hole. Lisa kept kissing me and telling me that she loved me and that she wanted to see his cock in my ass.

Little by little and after several stops, Vern finally got his cock in my ass. I could feel his balls against me.

Lisa moved underneath me and was directly unde my cock and balls and could easily see Vern fucking my ass.

As Vern was fucking my ass, Lisa was sucking my cock.

I started pushing my ass back to Vern’s thrusts. I told them I was going to cum as Vern said the same thing.

A few more thrusts and Vern shot his load into my ass. I could feel each spurt of cum. Then, I came in Lisa’s mouth, filling it up.

I lay on the bed spent, cum oozing out my ass and from my cock.

I fell asleep after that.

I don’t know what happened after that but I woke up around 3:00 a.m. with a hard cock.

I saw Lisa’s arms wrapped around Vern and I could even see dried cum on her tits so I figured that he shot his load on her tits before going to sleep.

In any case, I had to pee. As I headed to the bathroom, I heard a voice. It was Lisa asking if I needed anything.

I asked her if she would hold my cock as I peed. She smiled and reached her hand to my shaft. In a couple of seconds, my pee flowed as my love was holding my cock.

I wasn’t done when Lisa knelt down and started sucking my cock.

She was surprised when I was able to continue by peeing more into her mouth.

She never flinched or took my cock out. She just sucked it all up.

I told her I had to pee some more. She opened her mouth wide and I aimed my pee right into her mouth and emptied my bladder and watched as she drank it all down.

After I finished, we kissed and I tasted my own salty pee for the first time.

Lisa got turned on and told me she had to pee as well. I knelt in front of her pee hole and opened my mouth. I put a suction like grasp on her to make sure I got it all.

I watched as Lisa let out a flood of pee. Every drop went into my mouth as I swallowed it all.

After that, Lisa said she loved the new experience and wanted more. I asked her if she would do that for Vern and Ray and she said yes.

We quietly went back to bed and cuddled and kissed, tasting our own pee.

I woke up around 8:00 a.m. It was Valentine’s Day.

I went into the kitchen and started to make coffee. Eventually, Lisa and Vern joined me.

We all wished a Happy Valentine’s Day and kissed and hugged. I gave Lisa a couple of cards and Vern gave her ümraniye escort bayan a card and flowers.

At breakfast I reminded them that Lisa would be going home tomorrow so we would have to make the most of today and tonight. They agreed as we finished breakfast.

I asked Vern if he called Ray and he said he did and that he would not be able to come over.

When we cleaned up, we headed out to the hot tub. The sun was already hot and the temperature was going to climb.

The water was nice and warm and the jetted water hit all the right spots.

Vern said that he put together some video and an online album of the photos and videos he took and asked if we wanted to see them.

Lisa and I quickly said yes and Vern disappeared to get everything. In a few minutes he set up his stuff and we started watching our own home porno movie.

Lisa commented that she liked the angles and closeups of Vern’s cock sliding in and out her cunt.

I told them that I thought Lisa looked great in every shot, especially the shots of her big nipples.

The photos were exceptionally good.

Vern asked Lisa if he could post some of the videos and her still pictures.

Surprising enough, Lisa told him he could post whatever he wanted, face and all as long as she got credit under her name. Vern agreed.

By the end of the show, we were all turned on and I suggested we dry off and head inside.

Lisa said she had to pee. I asked Vern if she could pee in the backyard. He said she could as long as he could video it. Lisa looked at him with a smirk and told him ok.

Then Vern got ready and Lisa stood straight up with legs spread and let out a stream of her golden liquid as Vern got some good close up video.

When she finished, I went over and licked her pee hole dry.

We then went inside.

I told Lisa to get on the bed and masturbate as Vern and I would jerk off at the same time.

Lisa got in the middle and started playing with herself as Vern and I started jerking off.

As we were jerking off, we watched Lisa, her eyes closed, her fingers in her cunt and then rubbing her swollen clit.

We slowed down as Lisa picked up her action and was now rubbing her clit furiously. Her hips coming off the bed. Her fingers rubbing harder and faster.

Suddenly, Lisa started moaning out loud, “Oh God, yes, yes, I am going to fucking cum…Oh God.”

Then her body trembled. She shook from head to toe. Juices spurted out her cunt all over her legs and onto the bed. She must have had a dozen or so orgasms and when they started to subside, she started rubbing herself again, faster and harder until she just yelled out that she couldn’t stop cumming…and orgasm after orgasm took over.

It was at least 15 minutes before we could calm her down. It was some sight to see.

It wasn’t long before she fell off to sleep.

Vern and I went outside and took the sun and relaxed. After awhile, we went into the hot tub.

As we talked, our hands naturally found a cock to play with. It wasn’t long before we continued where we left off inside.

I told Vern I was going to cum. I stood up and shot my load over the edge of the hot tub. Vern followed.

For the next couple of hours the two of us relaxed.

After a long sleep, Lisa joined us.

She then jumped into the pool and the two of us followed.

I asked her if she was ok and she smiled and said she felt terrific now.

We all played in the pool but it was getting late and we decided to go in. Vern said he had ordered food to be delivered.

Food finally came and we all had our fill. We cleaned up, took a bottle of wine, some glasses and went outside.

The night was calm but the bugs came out so we went back inside.

Lisa excused herself and in about 30 minutes came out wearing a red lingerie outfit that pushed her tits completely out of her outfit. Her tits were adorned with different nipple jewelry with her nipples in the middle of the openings making her erect nipples look even bigger.

She wore the necklace with the gold cock and balls and red gloves up to her elbows. Her sheer red g-string emphasized her smooth pussy.

She looked even better than last night.

Lisa smiled and said, “Guys, I know you want to fuck, so let’s do it one at a time. I am not going anywhere and we have all night. So, you guys decide what order you want to do it. It makes no difference to me. I just want as much cock as you guys can give me. After we finish one on one, you can all join me.”

She then went into the bedroom while we decided on the order of who would fuck her.

After a short discussion, I told Vern he should go first and then me. We agreed and Vern left to join Lisa.

Now, since I wasn’t in the bedroom all the time, I can only tell you what Lisa told me. From this point on, this story will be a blend of her relaying information and what I know happened…

As Vern entered, Lisa moved over on the bed and told Vern to join her. As soon as he did, Lisa was all over him, kissing and kartal escort feeling him up. Her hand quickly found his hard cock and started playing with it gently.

She whispered to him, “I want to thank you for hosting me and Tony. And, you didn’t have to get a pool or hot tub either. I told Tony last year that you were special and I meant it. If it is ok with you, when I come back here, I would love to stay with you, again.”

Vern replied, “Lisa, you and Tony have been great guests. I don’t know of any person who would share each other with strangers like you two. I must tell you though that Tony and I get together every now and then for some sex and we enjoy each other’s company. I hope that isn’t an issue with you.”

As Lisa started jerking his cock a bit more steadily she said, “Vern, you two enjoy each other. Tony let’s me have as much cock as I want so why shouldn’t he. Also, I would love to spend a whole night with you, just us, fucking and sucking each other. I love your thick cock. Would you like that?”

Before Vern could utter another sound, Lisa had jerked Vern off to climax with his cum spurting up and all over his cock and balls and Lisa’s hand.

They laughed and Lisa went and licked him clean.

Vern said he would love to spend time alone with her too, but she was going home tomorrow.

She told him that she could change her flight if he was serious. All he had to do was ask Tony. He said he would.

After an hour with Lisa, he left and I was going to join Lisa.

Before I went in, Vern asked me if it would be possible for him to spend a day alone with Lisa. I told him that she was leaving tomorrow. Vern continued by saying that Lisa said she would change her flight if I agreed.

I thought about it and smiled as I said to Vern, “You have been terrific about hosting us and doing things for us. How could I say no? If you want Lisa alone for a night, you got her. I will tell her when I go in.”

It was now my turn. I saw Lisa on the bed, her thighs covered in cum. She had a big smile and waved me towards her.

I laid down alongside her and asked how she was doing. She just said everything was great.

She then asked if Vern spoke to me and I told her I did. I told her that she had my approval to spend a night with Vern. She kissed me and jumped up to change her flight.

We made love and I didn’t mind having sloppy thirds with my lover. I can never get enough of her.

After we finished, we both came out of the bedroom. Lisa went over to Vern and kissed him and told him she was his all day tomorrow.

That night Vern and I did everything possible men could do with a woman and she never said no.

In the morning we had breakfast. I staid until after breakfast and then got dressed and told Vern and Lisa to have a good time and I would be over tomorrow to pick up Lisa to take her to the airport.

I gave Lisa a hug and a kiss and told her to enjoy herself, then left.

Now, this part of the story was told to me by Lisa as I drove her to the airport…

Lisa told me…

After everyone left, I went to take a shower. I asked Vern to join me. We put the water on and as the hot water cascaded over my body, Vern started caressing me. I could feel his thick cock getting hard as it was pressed against my legs.

I turned and faced him. My hand reached down to his hard cock and I knelt in front of him, the water running over my back. I sucked his cock as he pushed my face forward and back, like he was fucking my face. It felt good. I looked up at him and he said he was going to cum. I sucked harder and felt his cum spurt into my mouth until he was dry.

I stood up and we kissed, a sensual kiss, as we exchanged his cum.

We finished and stepped out and we dried each other off, then headed to the bedroom.

We laid in bed, our bodies pressed together as one. We kissed and our tongues met and played together as our hands searched each other’s bodies for pleasure.

I rested my head on his chest and told him that I had a terrific time and was glad that we staid with him.

All the time, he just touched me ever so gently, touching my nipples and making them feel like they were going to explode from my breasts.

We fell asleep in the morning, my legs wrapped around his. We finally woke up around noon time.

I told him I had to pee. He laughed and asked if he could join me. I smiled and asked if he would like to go outside and he said yes.

We went outside and I asked him if he wanted to pee with me. He looked at me and said ok.

I stood up and had him face me. I told him to start peeing whenever he wanted. He held his cock and I could see his golden liquid starting to come. At the same time, my pee started flowing. I managed to aim my pee onto his cock and balls and then his pee hit me and we were now peeing on each other until we finished.

We laughed and kissed then went inside to shower again.

As we got out, I asked him if he liked golden showers. He said he enjoyed it with me and smiled.

The rest of the day was spent making love to Vern.

When it was time for dinner, we got dressed. I made sure I looked especially sexy. I left my bra off and wore no panties. I put on my nipple jewelry which could be seen under my sheet white blouse. I was going to be his slut for the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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