Little Lies Ch. 02

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As Christy slipped into the cab she knew that this was wrong but she couldn’t deny the rush she had felt in the bar when with one kiss Chad had silenced her and awakened a fire deep inside her loins. She wasn’t going to be satisfied until she knew just what he had to offer her even if it was for one night.

Her hand crept up his thigh until as the cab pulled away, she reached over and grabbed his cock. She was normally so timid and quiet and shy about sex that she couldn’t believe her own actions her body seemed to be on an autopilot as she found his cock pulsing in her hand through his trousers.

“Chad . . . ” she began, “I don’t know what’s going to happen but whatever does it’s only for tonight. We won’t mention it again. Ok?”

“Christy just shut up,” Chad replied, “I’m an adult, you’re an adult and we both know that while the circumstances are wrong the passion we feel right here and now are right. So yes, come tomorrow morning or afternoon if you leave that soon we will let it end there.”

Christy blushed as she listened to Chad she wanted to reveal a bit more to him and decided to get it all out now while she could. Maybe to tease him more or maybe so that when they got to his house she wouldn’t have to use her mouth to speak.

“Chad, you do know that nearly every woman in our office and in our company thinks you’re pretty damn hot don’t you? Well I’m telling you they do and we all have wondered for a long time just how hung you were and if you would be good in bed. Too bad I won’t be able to share with them just what is going to happen tonight.”

Chad smiled over at Christy and then got an idea, if she was as horny as he figured she was right now she might go for what he was about to propose. “So you want to see how hung I am, is that it?” he teased. “Well..” He began to unzip his pants as he pulled her hand away for a moment, “why don’t you take a closer look.”

With a mischievous gleam in her eye Christy went for it and lowered her head out of the driver’s view and pulled Chad out of his silk boxers and right to the opening inside his trousers. She licked her lips at the sight of his manhood. Throbbing, hard and leaking pre-cum inches away from her face was his eight in cock. She couldn’t deny the watering in her mouth and she lowered her lips bostancı escort to the opening in his trousers and gave his cock a long lick. Her tongue wrapped around the shaft as she closed her lips around the now exposed head and began to suck softly. She had refused time and time again to go down on her boyfriend on a regular basis but tonight she was ready for just about anything and feeling aggressive to boot. She slowly bobbed her head and rubbed his shaft before pulling up and away and tucking him back inside.

“That’s just a preview of what I’m going to do once we get to your house Chad,” she cooed.

Chad’s prick throbbed in his pants and had they been in his own car he would have been painting her tonsils right then but he could wait the few more minutes it would take to get to his house before finding out just how exciting this sweet little girl could be. He couldn’t help but think of her as a younger coed because of her normal demeanor. She was usually so quiet and shy that even her grinding against him in the club surprised him when he found out whom she was.

Christy began to wiggle in her seat, she could feel her panties damp in the crotch sliding up between the wet lips of her sex as she slid back into the seat. Chad’s big strong hand had slipped up beneath her skirt as the cab neared his home. His fingers were playing over the satin material and rubbing it into her as he pressed down hard against her clit and rubbed it fast. His lips were against her neck and he was whispering in a low growl into her ear what he was going to do with her when he got her in the doors to his home.

“Just wait Christy. I’m going to rip those little panties off you as soon as the door’s closed and then push your face down on the steps. The minute they’re off I’m going to lift your skirt over that hot little ass of yours and begin to lick and tongue fuck you from behind while I slap your ass with one hand and then with the other I’ll be beginning fingering you. Have you ever felt all three sensations at once?” he asked her.

“N.. No, I haven’t,” she whimpered, “but I think I’m game tonight.”

Just then the cab driver stopped outside his house and he quickly paid the driver and nudged Christy out of the car as she stepped out he playfully grabbed her ass. She neared his door and as she faced it he reached around her and began to grind his cock against her ass ümraniye escort bayan as he unlocked the door. Turning her around as he disengaged the lock he began to press her against the door. His hands ran up her skirt and he grabbed one side of her panties and looking deep into her eyes he ripped them away. His fingers immediately found her pussy sparsely covered by the little landing strip she had shaved there. He liked that her lips and surrounding area were bare that would make going down on her so much enjoyable for him.

Opening the door and flipping on the light over the stairwell he closed the door and locked it. Now he had one thing on his mind and in his sight and he knew that it was about to happen. He grabbed Christy by her skirt and pushed her down just as he said he would and began to push her skirt up over her rounded ass. As the skirt lifted, he let his hand fly through the air and swatted her ass hard. She gave a little moan and he knew that she must enjoy it for she was pushing her ass back at him with each swat. Raising her hips to meet each strike on her ass. He leaned down and began to run his tongue up the back of her thighs as he spread her legs with his free hand and began to rub her clit and wet little pussy lips as they glistened with her juices.

“Oh god Chad . . . I’m so wet,” she panted, “I’m yours tonight do with me what you will.”

Chad flattened his tongue and ran it up over her clit as he slipped his fingers inside her pussy. Turning his hand he found her g-spot almost immediately and began rubbing it hard with his fingers as he lapped at her clit and sucked in her outer lips and ran his tongue over them. He couldn’t believe the amount of juices that were leaking from her pussy and running down his fingers. His usually quiet but playful supervisor was now coating his fingers with her wetness as he tasted her sweet pussy and swatted her ass. It didn’t get a lot better than this.

“Chad, I want to go get more comfortable please,” she begged.

Chad stood her up and unzipped her skirt and pulled it off forcing her to walk up the stairs in only her blouse. He watched the little gap between her legs show itself off with each step. He began to imagine what she was going to feel like to be inside as they reached the top of the stairs. Once in the living room though she surprised him by shoving him down into his lounge chair and kartal escort walking over to his stereo. On a hunch she pushed the cd button on the stereo and then play and suddenly the new Usher cd began to play. She smiled to herself and thought that from now on the “Confessions” song would have new meaning whenever she heard it.

Slowly walking toward the chair he was sitting in Chris began to dance back and forth. She dropped her head down as she neared him and her long black hair flowed down covering her face. Then her hands went to his belt and she removed it and unsnapped his pants. Then slowly she began to tug at them without saying a word encouraging him to lift up so she could pull his trousers and boxers down in one motion. As the boxers came off, his cock sprang up hard and ready for attention. Christy was ready for more as she lowered her long tresses again and let the hair tickle his thighs as she opened her mouth and brought it around his erection. She had to stretch her mouth wide as she did this so that she got him 3/4 of the way in before she closed her lips around his cock.

Chad held his breath as Christy’s mouth closed around his shaft and she began to suck hard on his prick. He knew he had pre-cum leaking from the tip and as the girl began to bob her head her hands wrapped around the exposed portion of his cock and she began to jerk him up and down and with her other hand she reached down and squeezed his balls and rolled them around as she tugged the sack down making it tight. She lowered her lips even farther down on his shaft and took him deep into her throat as his hands found her head and began holding her as he thrust his hips to meet her lips.

Christy began to get even more turned on unexpectedly as she gave him a blowjob. She began to feel free, nasty and naughty and as she sucked on him she snaked her tongue out and ran it over his balls. She could feel his shaft growing thicker and throbbing wildly and despite her never having swallowed cum before she knew that was about to change.

Looking into Chad’s eyes she paused to tell him, “Cum in my mouth stud, nobody has ever done that.”

Chad gasped as he heard her reveal this little secret and as he felt her lips encircle him again he let his orgasm explode. Christy felt the cum spurt and hit the back of her throat and pulling some of his cock out of her mouth she bobbed up and down on his prick and swallowed each mouthful he gave her. As soon as he stopped shooting, she pulled him from her mouth and smiled wickedly at him. “We are going to do that again before I leave tomorrow evening.”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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