Longing for Chelsea Pt. 03

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Author’s note: To my loyal – and new – readers, thanks again for the votes and comments. Love getting your feedback. This story works better if you’ve read the first two parts. Probably a couple more to come. And for those who feel part two ended too soon – I only have so much time to write and I feel it’s better to post shorter segments regularly than longer ones less often. Hope you enjoy this latest instalment.


Chelsea Collins watched in awe as her husband’s stepmother lowered her face to Chelsea’s right breast and captured it in her mouth. Chelsea had never felt anything so exquisite. Her pulse raced and adrenaline shot through her body, waking pleasure centres she never knew existed. She moaned loudly as her mother-in-law suckled her tender flesh. Chelsea’s nipple responded to Mary Morgan’s lips and tongue – growing even harder at the warm wet suction. She closed her eyes to savour the moment and felt sparks of pleasure igniting her other nipple, her clitoris and the rapidly swelling lips of her sex.

But the small part of Chelsea’s brain not given over to sexual sensation raced with conflicting thoughts. This was wrong. This was taboo. But, oh lord, it was fantastic. This was the kind of pleasure Chelsea had long suspected was missing from her life. And words she could never express tumbled through her mind. Passionate words – dirty words – words that made her sex grow even more moist and drip into her panties.

Almost of their own volition Chelsea’s hands moved to the back of Mary’s head pressing the older woman’s beautiful face harder against Chelsea’s hungry flesh. Then she cried out as she felt Mary’s teeth on the tender tip of her breast – teeth that teased and gently bit, and then drew out her nipple, stretching it before letting it snap back.

For her part, Mary Morgan was enraptured by the taste and feel of Chelsea’s firm breast flesh. She surrendered the nipple reluctantly and pulled her head back to gaze on the youthful mounds of flesh before her. The skin of Chelsea’s taut A-cup breasts was flawless and her small coral-pink nipples were perfectly formed – the right one now glistening with a drop of saliva. Mary’s own body was blazing with sexual heat. Her heart was hammering with erotic anticipation – her own nipples were aching for attention and she felt the lips of her cunt swelling with wanton need. But Mary was content to wait. She had dreamed of this moment for so long. She couldn’t believe she was actually taking command of her daughter-in-law’s tight body – and she focussed all of her attention on bringing sexual satisfaction to her step-son’s young bride.

Mary glanced up to the see the smoky lust reflected in Chelsea’s eyes then moved her head to claimed the young woman’s other supple tit. Again Chelsea felt an electric tide of pleasure wash through her body as Mary poker oyna claimed her straining left nipple. She wanted this so badly. And she wanted so much more. She wanted to satisfy every secret, dirty fantasy she had ever entertained – the fantasies that made her cry in frustration while her vicar husband snored beside her – the fantasies that triggered equal parts of guilt and erotic excitement in her ripe, yearning body.

Emboldened by desire, Chelsea moved her hands from Mary’s head and reached down to feel for the soft cushions of her mother in law’s tits which had spilled from her towelling bath robe and now hung down, full and heavy. She let instinct guide her hands as they squeezed the nipples – so much bigger than her own – and was gratified to hear a moan escape from the lips sucking eagerly at her left breast.

And suddenly Mary was kissing her again, and Chelsea surrendered to the sensations of soft lips and melting tongues. Mary broke the kiss to ask in a voice trembling with lust: “When will David be back?”

Chelsea felt a flash of shame and guilt at the mention of her husband’s name but didn’t hesitate to reply: “Not till after lunch. He’s visiting one of the farms.”

“Do you need to be anywhere else this morning?” Chelsea shook her head.

Mary’s eyes blazed with wicked intensity: “Ooooh, so we have all morning to continue our … lessons?” Chelsea swallowed hard at the implications of these words but her body vibrated with excitement as she locked her eyes on Mary’s and nodded.

After another brief but deep French kiss Mary took Chelsea’s hand and led her into the guest bedroom. She positioned Chelsea with her back to the bed and fixed her own dark brown eyes on Chelsea’s deep blue pools.

“Do you trust me?” she asked and saw doubt flicker in Chelsea’s eyes before the young woman’s whispered reply.


Naked lust gleamed in Mary’s eyes as she stepped forward and peeled the colourful kimono-robe off Chelsea’s shoulders, letting it drop behind to pool at her feet. Now Chelsea stood before Mary – trembling slightly – in only her virginal, white – and now very damp – cotton panties. Mary allowed her gaze to wander over the nubile young body. Chelsea’s skin retained something of its summer tan and Mary was charmed by the chaste pale bikini outlines at her boobs. No topless sunbathing here mused Mary. Her daughter-in-law’s body was all that she expected it to be: slender and lithe with a smooth flat tummy, prominent hip bones and slim, well-toned legs. Mary knelt in front of Chelsea and slid her palms up the outside of the young woman’s thighs. She gently squeezed her hips before using her fingers to slide the white panties down Chelsea’s legs. She lifted Chelsea’s feet to shed the panties then gazed up to the ultimate prize.

Chelsea’s small neat pussy was barely canlı poker oyna hidden beneath a soft brush of almost transparent hair. Mary’s eyes blazed again when she saw the soft gleam of moisture already beading the lips. She wanted so badly to feed on that pearly nectar but again restrained her own needs. She rose and stepped forward again to hold Chelsea’s chin in one hand. She leaned in to kiss the beautiful young face – on the forehead, on each closed eyelid, on the tip of the nose, the lips, then along the jawline to the side of the neck, where she lingered to suck on the clear flesh. Then she dipped her head to place a softy kiss on each nipple before pushing Chelsea back to lie on the bed with her legs dangling over the edge.

Mary’s pulse raced with renewed lust at the sight of her young daughter-in-law, lying naked and vulnerable before her. She saw Chelsea’s eyes follow every move as she undid the sash of her own bathrobe and let it slide off her shoulders, leaving her proud, lush, matronly body naked to Chelsea’s avid gaze. Then Mary climbed onto the bed and knelt beside Chelsea. She took Chelsea’s hands and raised them above her head, making her girlish breasts flatten and almost disappear. Then Mary allowed her own hands to roam at will over her daughter-in-law’s smooth flesh. She kneaded her shoulders, squeezed her nipples, let her nails rake lightly over the clear flesh of Chelsea’s belly – making her suck in her tummy and lift her hips. Mary trailed light caresses down her arms and thighs but deliberately avoided the tempting rise of her mons. Finally, Mary straddled Chelsea’s hips, letting her own dripping pussy lips press onto Mary’s pubis – and leaned forward to let her breasts caress Chelsea’s body, rolling her shoulders so that her large, bullet-hard nipples touched and flicked the sharp points of Chelsea’s own excited beads.

Throughout this erotic massage Chelsea felt powerless to do anything but allow her mother-in-law to excite every part of her body. Still, guilt vied with lust for supremacy in Chelsea’s reeling mind, but her own moans and the excitement coursing through her body left her in no doubt of what she really wanted. What she needed. What she hungered for.

Finally, Mary eased off the bed and smiled down at Chelsea. She grabbed the two pillows from the head of the bed and propped them under Chelsea’s shoulders and head. She grinned at the puzzled expression on Chelsea’s face, bent to kiss her lips and said: “I want to be able to see your face.”

Then she knelt on the floor in front of Chelsea and gently parted the young woman’s legs. She lifted Chelsea’s feet to rest her heels on the edge of the bed and forced her knees as wide apart as they would go. Chelsea gasped in embarrassment – and lust – as her vagina was fully exposed to the older woman. For her part, Mary gazed in internet casino wonder at the perfect pussy before her. She had dreamed so long of this moment that she wanted to savour every sensation: the sight of Chelsea’s flat tummy, taut breasts and beautiful face; the exciting view of the trim slit of Chelsea’s tiny quim; the sounds of Chelsea’s excited breathing; the heady scent of Chelsea’s excitement; the feel of Chelsea’s velvet skin as she ran her palms down the insides of her daughter-in-law’s thighs. Then finally, she used her thumbs to part the delicate petals of Chelsea’s flower and, with their eyes locked, she dipped her head to taste the sweet nectar of Chelsea’s silken cunt.

An almost violent pleasure shot through Chelsea’s body at the touch of Mary’s tongue and she jack-knifed for a second or two before settling back on her elbows to watch Mary’s loving assault on her trembling flesh. Mary let just the tip of her tongue tease and taste the slick young pussy – delighting in the moans and laboured breathing coming from Chelsea’s throat. She alternately licked and sucked gently on the outer lips before flattening her tongue and pressing inward to gather the abundant nectar inside Chelsea’s tender quim. She licked the inner lips and pressed her face closer till she was slowly but repeatedly tongue-fucking her daughter-in-law. Chelsea gasped and raised her hips trying to increase the pleasure – desperately seeking release from the tumult of pent up arousal that was making her head spin and her heart thrash in her chest.

Involuntary words spilled from her lips: “Ohhhh yesssss. Oh my God … oh Mary… oh please yes – yess – yessssss.”

Mary applied her lips and tongue skilfully to build that heavenly torture in Chelsea. Then, when she the young woman’s pleas turned to desperate whimpers, Mary transferred her attention to Chelsea’s delicate clit and used the pointed tip of her tongue to unsheathe the tiny bud and flick it repeatedly. The reaction was immediate and immense. Chelsea’s bottom lifted off the bed and she howled like a wild animal as the first powerful orgasm of her life exploded deep in her streaming pussy. Mary held onto Chelsea’s thighs, drilling her tongue mercilessly onto her sexual nerve centre – prolonging the climax for Chelsea and causing her own body to pulsate with a spontaneous orgasm. Chelsea continued to cry out as wave after wave of pleasure convulsed her body. She gyrated against Mary’s persistent tongue till finally she collapsed trembling onto her back and Mary lifted her glistening face from her daughter-in-law’s still pulsating cunt.

Mary vibrated – glowed – with pleasure at what she had done for the beautiful young woman and she knew this was only the beginning. There was so much more she could teach her – so much more pleasure she could take herself from Chelsea’s delectable body.

As she lay catching her breath, with one wet cheek on Chelsea’s tummy, she heard her phone ‘ping’ on the bedside table. She raised her head and saw that it was message from Janet Deane.

To be continued.

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