Love on an Isolated Road

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We spent the day playing in the snow,. It was the start of winter and there was a light dusting on the ground to play in. The cold, crisp mountain air awoke our senses as we took the breathtaking scenery. My wife and I were recently married and spending some alone time together was the perfect way to start our new lives together. We were cheeky in our playing; using any opportunity to touch and feel each other and we wished our week away could last forever. Suddenly clouds began to loom over the top of the mountain and the wind picked up, we knew it was time to start heading back to our cabin and the warmth of the bed. Heading back though I wanted to keep exploring the mountains and enjoy the beautiful scenery with my wife. We loved long drives together, and the combination of the mountain roads and ominous weather brought out our adventuress side. Driving the winding roads I kept glancing across at my beautiful wife and placed my hand on her thigh. With every escort kartal corner I found myself moving my hand further up and closer between her legs. Overwhelmed with desire I wanted her, I wanted to kiss her, to feel her body against mine, listen to her pant and moan and the more I though about it the more I wanted it.

I felt myself harden as the thought of her raced through my mind, I pulled over on a isolated corner, stopped the car, undid my seatbelt and kissed my wife deeply and passionately. I felt my wife’s hands on the back of my neck pulling me in close as we kissed more deeply, my hand was feeling its way under her pants as I made my way down to her pussy. I felt the heat on my hand and rubbed the outside as I heard her moan and then pulled apart her pussy lips and placed my finger on her raised clit.

I rubbed her clit as we kissed and ran our hands along each other, feeling animalistic desire to make love. The wind buffeted maltepe escort the car and the driving sleet sprayed across the windscreen as I held my wife’s wet pussy in my hand wanting so badly to be inside of her. She ran her hand under my pants and grabbed my hard cock groaning and pleading for more as she bit my bottom lip. I rubbed harder and harder on her erect clit wanting nothing more than to bury my face between her soft pussy lips and feel, taste and smell her. I quickened as she pulled me close and bit my ear and moaned as her breaths became quicker and quicker until she climaxed screaming, body shaking and pussy pulsating in my hand. We held each other close and she looked at me with a glint in her eye and said ‘I want you inside of me, get in the back’

I hurriedly opened my car do as a blast of cold air hit me and jumped in the back where she jumped on top of me and we pulled down our pants. The car filled with the intoxicating pendik escort bayan and erotic aroma of her pussy, and she leant down and started licking the tip of my hard cock, the sight of beads of her saliva and my precum almost too much to bear. I desperately wanted to be inside of her and she sat on top of me and positioned my cock in front of her pussy, I could feel its heat all over my wet head and then buried it deep inside of her. We held each other close with each stroke, feeling her silky hot pussy on my cock was heavenly and I just wanted to be deeper and deeper inside of her as we kissed deeply and writhed our bodies against each other, not caring if anyone drove past or saw us.

I was getting close, I grabbed onto her beautiful ass feeling every beautiful womanly curve as I kept thrusting deeper and then held her close as wave upon wave of cum flowed into her and wishing the feeling would never end. We held each other close and kissed and enjoyed the perfect moment. Slowly we returned to our seats, and held hands, not wanting to let each other go. I started up the engine as a car came down the road. We laughed and pulled away., it was out naughty secret on a mountain road, and one we would never forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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