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Kisses wet, deep, fuel by love caused a swirling sensation to move from their mouth to groin. It had awakened a monster within that needed to be fed. Their hands started grasping at bits of clothing, gentle at first, but their needs make them hungry. The clothes must come off quickly. Once, puddle on the floor, the striped dress is dealt with; he sweeps her off her feet and onto the bed. Mouths still lock together, and hands pawing at each other, they lay side by side.

Suddenly, he unlocked lips with her and traces his lips down her jaw bone to the neck. She melted, feeling his breathing; she let out a soft moan as he nibbles her neck. His nibbles turn into a bite, melting into a kiss.

His fingers fall onto her body as he groped her, finding her breasts. Tweaking her nipples between his proper fingertips. Next, he takes her nipples in his mouth to suckle on, nibble, tease till they hard. She lets out a gasp.

With his right hand’s fingertips, ever so slightly, he begins to trace the invisible line down her center of the torso, from the bottom of her breast line, across her navel, and lastly, to the top of her pubic bone. He hesitated for a second, his fingers floating inches from her neatly trimmed pubic hair. Anticipation grows every minute; where will his fingers go next?

He briefly fluttered his fingertips across the top of her slit, the clitoris’ hood. Then, letting out a mischievous chuckle, he enjoys the view, which was looking down at her outstretch naked body, spread open before him as he kneeled between her long legs. She is glowing from the sexual tension. She looked beautiful, perfect, angelica.

He decided to add to the torment of his partner; eryaman rus escort as she tries to not wiggle too much. He was crouching over her pubic area, flicked her clitoris with the tip of his tongue, then swirls his tongue ever so briefly. Suddenly, as if it was never there, his tongue is gone. A quick hot blow of his breath on her clitoris is then applied. This made her groan deeply.

Zealously, he applied his tongue to the top of her pubic bone, and this time traces his tongue lightly backwards up that very same path he had taken his fingers. Finally, he stopped under her breasts, smiles and flicks his deep dark eyes up at her face; she is watching him intensely. He could tell; she tried to guess his plan. The thing was, he has no true plan, only to drive her wild.

He moved quickly, grabbing her left nipple with his teeth, flicking his tongue, just like he had done to her clit; he swirls his tongue in a swift motion. He chuckled as he released her nipple from his teeth. Still maintaining eye contact with her during this process, she dipped to the right nipple and repeated the same actions.

He drops the gazed and the nipple and moved into position, quivering over her body and the wet trail from her nipples and breast line to the pubic bone. Then, he took a deep breath in, and blew the hot air gently on her left nipple, chuckled, repeated on the right. One last inhales; oh how she was squirming and groaning; he followed the wet trail from breasts to the pubic bone in one quick swoop.

He looked up at her face; she glared at him in frustration. He rocked back on his knees between her spread legs once again. His fingers of his right hand begin to hover over ankara escort bayan her labia’s region. His left hand, strategically placed on her left thigh, slightly pressed down to prevent her wiggling too much.

He began to gently stroke her labia lips with soft fingertips. He gleefully explored this region, which he glided his fingers in circles, and worked his way to the clitoris. Once, touching her hood, he probed gently with his right thumb in a circular fashion. The speed picks up; her back arches, she wants to come; then he stopped suddenly. Not yet, my love, he whispered softly.

He guided his fingers back to her labia’s folds. This was when he probed with his fingers, reaching into her vagina. He used his index finger to stroke her and flicked her g-spot while he continued to softly rub her labia and clit with his other fingers on his right hand. This slow-motion allowed her to plateau for her first orgasm of the night, which he allowed.

Now the head games are over with. He looked up to her eyes, smiled, laughed mischievously, and then glances back to her groin. He stuck his middle finger inside with his index and focused solely on making her dripping wet.

This was when he picked up the paces, as he guided his fingers along, inside her vagina. He is finger banging her pussy with two fingers; she cannot but helped it; she rocked her clit up against his knuckles to reach the peak of her second orgasm. This caused her pussy to ooze from her juice.

He is not done yet! His penis thrashing for attention; not yet, tonight it all about her. He takes a look along her body, going slowly from where his hands are to her glowing face and sparkling elvankent escort bayan eyes. She looks heavenly as he worships her.

Lastly, he wanted to sample his goddess’ juices before he claimed her as his own.

He got into position and place his hand on either side of her inner thigh. His mouth is watering from the sheer thought of his tongue placed on her hot labia folds.

He controlled himself back a second longer and nibbles her thighs and marvels at the sight before him, savouring the moment before the meal. Finally, he cannot hold back and dived in, tongue first with gusto to her folds. He guided his tongue along her glisten slit towards her clitoris. He flicked, sucked, swirled and blew hot air onto her wet bits.

Her back arched, she whimper, her fingers desperately clawed at his back, and her legs trembled under the weight of his hands. She tasted like sweet nectar.

Suddenly, he came up for air and rocked back to his knees. His hands had slid up her legs, guided over her neither region and up her stomach toward her breasts. He gave them a good squeeze, which caused her to gasp. This is the moment he took his erect cock and began bearing his way into her.

The tension built with each moment like wildfire. As he pumped, in and out of her tight hole, in a perfect pattern, the need to reach that final orgasm grew stronger, bursting to summit the final crest. One last scream, one last grunt, one last thrust inward. They melted together in one final explosion of an orgasm.

He collapsed on top of her, momentarily just being one body bonded together, breathing in and out as one. Then with a last inhale, he then pushed off her and dropped to the right of her. Both panting heavily, just the two of them, they embraced each other, legs still tangled together. He stared lovely into her eyes, and with one final caress of her cheek with the tips of his finger, and peck on lips, they dozed off in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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