Lunch and a Hot Tub

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It was a warm spring day with low humidity, but very sunny and with a light breeze, enough to where you could hear the leaves on the trees rustling. It is a perfect day to get naked and jump into the hot tub outside after a tough workout. My friend’s house had a secluded back yard so it was easy to be out there naked without drawing attention. Before that, my lady friend and I decided to relax and have a nice lunch and talk a bit. She was really into yoga but did a variety of exercise to stay in shape, so she had a very fit body and strong core. There was no telling that this woman was just over ten years by senior, but she was very hot. Beautiful face, smile and eyes, along with a contagious laugh. I’m an average athletic male with muscular legs, pretty proportionate but outweighing my female counterpart significantly, making it easy to vary our positioning and try some new stuff. It’s a healthy lunch with some fresh vegetables and lean protein and some low music playing in the background. Although it did take her some time to make it, because I kept going up to her while she was at the counter and would start kissing her from behind and rubbing up against her, causing her to grab the back of my head or rub my cock from the outside of my clothes.

After finally finishing lunch, we made our way out to her back patio and to her hot tub. As we got closer we started taking our clothes off, taking our time to get into the tub, it is slippery you know. It feels good to be free with those jets massaging tight muscles and everything just hanging out! To see her güvenilir bahis breasts just floating freely and out there just took my breath away! We are seated across from each other as we just sit back and relax. I have my head back and eyes closed as the jets massage my back and parts of my thighs. I feel something sliding up my leg to my crotch, she is reaching over with her feet and playing with my cock and balls as I look up briefly to see her smiling seductively and I just smile and lay my head back down and enjoy it. When my cock really starts to harden, I make my way over to her, kissing her lips and breasts as they peek out over the water and she massages my cock as my lips start making their way around both sides of her neck. She starts caressing my body, moving her hands from my hips to my chest and playing with my nipples then slowly back down to my inner thighs and cock. As I start to stand up straight, she kisses my abdomen slowly moving to my lower abdomen and on either side of my cock, using her hand to steady it as she licks it up and down until finally putting it into her mouth. I put my hands out to the side of the tub to steady myself as she sucks and strokes my penis with a passion that says she really wants it inside her, actually moaning as she continues to suck and stroke me.

She grabs my arm to pull me down towards her as she reclines back on the tub’s bench, grabbing my cock when I’m close enough and directs it into her pussy with a loud moan. Her legs are wrapped around me and her arms are above her head as she grabs the top of the türkçe bahis hot tub, while my hands are outside of hers. I’m trying not to pump her too hard because the water would keep splashing in her face, but I do vary the speeds a little just for fun, her face keeping the same passionate expression throughout. She takes her hands and starts massaging my chest and says she wants to suck my cock some more, lightly pushing my chest so I can back up and give her room to start sucking and stroking my cock. She has the best cadence of sucking and stroking that makes it feel real good until I decide to return the favor, having her slide back up so she is sitting on the side of the tub.

As I kiss her inner thigh, I work my way in to her clit, licking and sucking it until I stick my tongue between her pussy lips, licking rapidly as I pleasure her clit with my thumb and she has one hand on my head. I move her legs over my shoulders and pick her up enough so I am kneeling in the water on the bench and her shoulders leaning on the side of the tub as I continue to lick her pussy as she begins to moan louder. I stop only a moment to ask if she wants my cock inside her, continuing again until she says, “yes, I want to feel you inside me!” She slides down to the bench as I have her bent over, grabbing the side of the tub as I penetrate her juicy pussy from behind, pounding her hard. She starts moaning loudly and continually expressing to fuck her harder and continues saying, “yes, yes, ahh, that’s so good!” I keep right on pounding as the water splashes around until she says güvenilir bahis siteleri she wants to be on top riding me as she looks into my eyes. So I slow down then let her up as I recline on the bench and she climbs on, slowly guiding my hard cock deep into her pussy.

She starts moving her hips slowly as she begins to ride my rod, leaning back slightly as her lean abdominals become more evident the more she moves her hips. It kind of makes it hard to caress her breasts but I still try while also enjoying them bouncing up and down and hear her joyful, passionate moans. She keeps asking me if I like it and if it feels good, between her moaning and telling me how much she likes it, and of course I give her nice short answers something along the line of “yes!” As she rides me harder and harder, and boobs bouncing, I tell her I’m about to cum right before she tells me and we cum together, both bodies gyrating with ecstasy and she leans forward onto me. Wrapping her arms around me as I keep moving my hips, trying to work all of the cum out while inside her, she’s holding me tight kissing my lips and neck.

We both get out and lie in the sun to dry off, but as we are lying there she starts to caress my body, licking, and playfully biting my nipples as she began to fondle my balls and cock. As my cock starts to get hard, she continues to kiss my lips, neck and chest while teasing y nipples and she begins to stroke my cock. She pulls one leg over top of nine to allow me to pleasure her pussy with one hand as she jerks me off faster and faster, while still teasing my nipples, until cum explodes out of my cock and she moans from her own orgasm. Gently, she rubs the cum around my abdomen, kissing it and the tip of my penis, then just lies there half on me as the sun sets on the horizon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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