Madrid Ch. 04

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On the following Saturday, I called in at the supermarket near my apartment to buy the things I needed. I’d decided to cook something simple that could be kept warm and served when required, spaghetti bolognese for the main course with mackerel in white wine as a starter, followed by cheese. I also bought some fruit, another bottle of Glen Morangie, some cognac and two bottles of Moët et Chandon champagne, one for before the meal and the other later.

When I got back home, I started cooking immediately and had the sauce ready by seven. I then prepared the mackerel on two plates which I put in the fridge, and set the table for two with a candle in the top of an old wine bottle, and put some flowers I’d also bought at the side of the table for scent and atmosphere. I then went to relax in a hot bath, and thought what she could be bringing to surprise me.

The cooling water woke me, and I quickly showered before brushing my teeth, shaving and liberally sprinkling aftershave all over. By the time I’d dressed, it was just after eight-thirty, so I filled a bowl with ice cubes, took a bottle of champagne from the fridge and set it on the coffee table with two glasses. I decided not to open the champagne, just in case she was late and it went flat. So I sat down and started to read the latest edition of Spanish Penthouse that I’d also got from the supermarket.

Just before nine, there was a soft knock at the door. I jumped up, put the magazine on the coffee table and went to let her in. There was Esmeralda, holding two bottles of wine, and next to her was another gorgeous girl who, from the mane of red hair, I recognised to be Pilar.

Esmeralda laughed at the look on my face and made the formal introductions. Instead of accepting the hand that I held out to her, Pilar stepped forward, kissed me on both cheeks and said, in English, that she was pleased to meet me at last after hearing so much about me from Esmeralda.

With that she gave me a bottle of Spanish champagne that I hadn’t notice and walked into the flat. Esmeralda gave me a proper kiss, and asked if I liked my surprise. When I said that Pilar was lovely, Esmeralda hugged me and we walked arm in arm into the apartment.

Having taken their coats, opened the champagne and poured them each a glass, I had to get another for myself. While I was in the kitchen, I put the new bottle of champagne in the fridge. Esmeralda came in and said that the table looked lovely and gave me a kiss for the flowers. She then opened a drawer and took out a third set of cutlery, and another wine glass from the cupboard.

I went back into the living room, poured myself a glass of champagne and sat in the easy chair opposite these two stunning girls who were on the settee. Esmeralda was wearing the same outfit as when I first met her, and Pilar was wearing a white blouse, unbuttoned tantalisingly low, a long black skirt with buttons up the front, and boots. We spoke about general things for a few minutes until I asked Pilar if she had been working long at the bar. She said that she didn’t actually work there, but just did the occasional threesome when Esmeralda asked her, and Esmeralda said that she only asked her to go with her for special clients.

I decided that, rather than continue along this line, we should eat, so I refilled their drinks and went into the kitchen. I took the starters from the fridge and split the two plates into three, put the bolognese sauce on to warm up and started the water for the spaghetti. We decided to finish the first bottle of champagne with the starter and sat at the table.

Typical students I thought, they ate as though this was the first meal for a week. I served the main course which we ate with fresh crusty bread and a bottle of cariñena that Esmeralda had brought with her. The second bottle was almost empty by the time we’d finished the cheese, and we all had a mellow glow. The girls cleared away and filled the dish-washer while I made coffee.

When I took it in to them, Esmeralda was sitting on one end of the settee, with Pilar in the middle. I poured the last of the champagne and asked if I should get another out of the fridge. No, not yet, Esmeralda said, come and sit here. I sat next to Pilar, and Esmeralda raised her glass in a toast. To us she said, all three of us replied Pilar in English, as we downed the last of our glasses.

Esmeralda leaned across, put one hand behind my head and kissed me while Pilar put her arms around both of us. I could taste the champagne on Esmeralda’s tongue as she rolled it round my mouth, and I reached across to feel her breasts through her clothes. I felt her nipples hardening, and she put her hand over mine and squeezed. Then she took my hand from her breast and placed it on Pilar’s breast who, by this time, was nuzzling against the side güvenilir bahis of our faces. Esmeralda then used the hand at the back of my head to remove my mouth from hers and slowly turn me towards Pilar’s waiting lips.

This was a dream come true, all my life I’d fantasised about a situation like this. It had even entered into love making sessions with my wife, Yvette when we’d increased our passion by talking about it, but we’d never taken the crucial step towards actually doing anything about it. And while in Madrid, many were the times I’d wanked while reading or watching videos about such events.

Esmeralda now put her tongue in my ear as Pilar sucked my tongue deep into her mouth, then forced her own back into mine. I slipped my hand inside Pilar’s blouse and bra to find her hard nipple, and she moaned as I rolled and squeezed it. Esmeralda began undoing the buttons down the front of Pilar’s blouse, pulled it out of her skirt and slipped it off her shoulders. I moved my lips down to Pilar’s neck and, as I started kissing the tops of her swelling breasts, saw that Esmeralda had now started to open the buttons of Pilar’s skirt.

I continued kissing down to Pilar’s belly then, getting off the settee and kneeling between her open thighs, kissed lower until my tongue was tasting her wetness through her filmy panties while Pilar held my head so that she could rub herself against me. I saw that Esmeralda had removed Pilar’s bra. She had good tits, larger than Esmeralda’s, and my hands went to them, rolling and squeezing them together.

Meanwhile, Esmeralda was quickly stripping off her clothes, and sat across Pilar’s belly so that she could suck her tits. I had to move my hands back down again and, as I did, I pulled the sides of Pilar’s panties down. She lifted herself up so that I could remove them altogether, then slid further down on the settee so that her backside was just at the edge of the cushion.

What a sight I was presented with. Both of them had their legs wide apart, and I was able to compare their most private parts, one covered with soft black hair, the other sparsely covered with a red down. Both sets of pussy lips were excited, slightly puffed out and glistening. Esmeralda’s were dark, as was her little arse hole, which seemed to be the same colour as her nipples, whereas Pilar had a little pink rosebud.

I kissed Esmeralda’s buttocks, and then nuzzled between them, lapping the juices flowing from her pussy. I slipped lower towards Pilar’s waiting pussy. She tasted sweet as I licked and sucked her lips and she groaned as I pushed my tongue into her. Esmeralda was also groaning as my forehead was rubbing against her clit.

I brought my hands round and tried to put my thumb into one of them and my fingers into the other. But this didn’t work as they were bucking and writhing so much, so I used one hand for each, trying to finger fuck them both while rubbing my thumbs over their clits. Both girls were close to coming and Pilar gripped the cheeks of Esmeralda’s arse and pulled them apart. I kissed her squeezing fingers and then slipped between them to touch the tip of my tongue against Esmeralda’s waiting pussy. She squealed at this, and pushed herself back so that I was able to replace my fingers with my tongue and roll it round.

Both of them seemed to go over the brink together, as I felt their cunt muscles tense against my fingers and tongue, and then they went limp. But, as I leaned back, I could see that they were gently nibbling each others lips and tongues, so I continued the actions of my hands as they each rose to a second climax.

While they recovered, I went into the kitchen and brought out another bottle of champagne. They’d rolled onto their sides on the settee and were a complete jumble of arms and legs. The pop of the cork woke them, and they turned to watch me refill their glasses. While we all drank, Pilar congratulated me for being even better than Esmeralda had said. And Esmeralda replied that, when they had recovered, it would be my turn for having been so patient.

When we’d finished our glasses, Esmeralda and Pilar moved each side of me and started to slowly take off my clothes. As each button was undone, and as each part of my skin uncovered, they kissed and nibbled me. Pilar got on her knees to remove my trousers and pulled my pants over my straining prick while Esmeralda sucked on my nipples. Pilar licked the pre-come from the end of my prick and licked down its length. As she came up again, I tried to push it between her lips, but she laughed and said later.

They took me into the bathroom and filled the bath. I got in and they followed, one in front and the other behind me. Taking the Badedas, they washed me all over, and then told me to lie back and watch as they washed each other. What a sight, these two türkçe bahis nubile Spanish girls really put on a show at the other end of the bath. Most of the time they had their mouths pressed together as they washed each other’s fronts.

Then one of them bent over with her rear towards me as the other washed her buttocks and thighs, and I could see soapy fingers slipping in and out of the other’s pussy and arse. After this they changed over to show me the same view of the other girl.

When they got out of the bath and had dried themselves, one took the talc and liberally sprinkled it all over the other and then gently rubbed it in. They reversed the process and then told me to get out of the bath. They dried me carefully all over, paying particular attention to all my cracks and creases but, instead of putting talc on me there, asked me to go into the bedroom. They pulled back the duvet, told me to lie down on my front in the middle of the bed and pulled open my legs.

They knelt each side of me, with one knee either side my legs and sank down so that I could feel their inner heat on the backs of my thighs. Covering me with talc, they started massaging my back, each one mirroring what the other was doing. It was bliss, especially when they started to kneed and pull apart my buttocks so that they could play with my sensitive inner thighs and balls. One of them gently ran a finger, scarcely touching the skin, from between my balls up to my arse and down again. This was repeated several times, but on each occasion the finger lingered a little at my entrance and pressed.

They turned me over and repeated the talc and massage. As they rocked against my thighs, I could feel that they were leaving little trails of dampness as their pussies leaked with excitement. My prick was rock hard again as they moved themselves down my legs and started to kiss and suck my nipples. When they’d finished there, they went lower still and took turns at rolling their tongues round and into my navel. Lower still they went, and laughed as they took some of my pubic hairs between their lips and gently pulled.

They were now grinding their pubic bones against my shins and were getting wetter as their mouths closed each side of my shaft. I could feel their tongues rubbing between their lips as they worked along its length, but so far they had avoided the tip. Then, for the first time, they stopped working in unison.

One of them, I was past caring which by now, licked the underside of my prick from just below the head, down to my balls. The other got off my leg and, without taking her lips from the tip of my prick, turned into the classic soixante-neuf position, with her thighs each side of my head. Then she slowly fucked my prick with her mouth, sucking and rolling it round her tongue before pushing it deep in her throat.

The other girl took one of my balls in her mouth and pushed my legs upwards and further apart so that they were each side of the head that was working so enthusiastically on my prick. She released that testicle and drew the other into her mouth for a moment and then started licking the backs of my thighs. She pushed my knees back against my chest and licked in a circular fashion, round and round, all the time getting closer to my arse.

I pushed my prick faster into the willing mouth, and could feel her saliva running down onto my balls and belly. I moaned as I felt that I was about to come. The tongue had now stopped circling, and I felt its tip just touching the entrance to my rear hole. This drove me over the edge and I gasped as I erupted. One mouth was now sucking hard at my prick to get all the come and the other surrounded my arse as the tongue pushed as deep as it could into me.

At this point, I must have passed out, for the next thing I knew was waking up with the covers over me and a girl in the crook of each arm. As they felt me stir, they turned their heads towards me and the three of us enjoyed a mutual kiss. One of them released herself from our embrace, I could see it was Pilar, and went out of the bedroom. Esmeralda asked if I had enjoyed myself and I could only reply that it had probably been the most erotic night of my life. Pilar returned with the rest of the champagne and the copy of Penthouse that I’d left on the coffee table. We sat in bed, me in the middle, and drank while we looked at the magazine.

When we’d finished, Pilar calmly announced that she wanted to be fucked. Esmeralda agreed with her, but said that she would make her ready for me. She started by kissing Pilar passionately on the lips, working down to her hardening nipples and then pushed her on to her back and nuzzled between her open thighs. The noise of her slurping as she sucked and licked at Pilar’s pussy made me hard again, and I tried to push her out of the way. But Pilar güvenilir bahis siteleri rolled out from beneath her and turned round to present me with I backside.

I could see the lips of her cunt were wet and open from Esmeralda’s probing tongue, and need no second invitation to get on my knees behind her. Esmeralda took hold of my prick and rubbed it against Pilar’s waiting pussy then, positioning it at the entrance, pushed me forwards with her other hand. Pilar’s muscles were as athletic as Esmeralda’s as they drew me into her steaming cunt, and I gripped the cheeks of her arse as I slowly fucked her.

Esmeralda rolled herself on her back and kissed Pilar, then edged her way down so that they could suck on each other’s nipples. She wriggled further down so that I could see Pilar’s head bend over her crutch, and I felt my balls slapping against Esmeralda’s forehead as she licked at Pilar’s clitoris.

I drove harder, deeper and faster as I felt myself coming. Pilar pushed back onto me and I felt Esmeralda’s hand squeeze my balls at the same time as she pushed a finger into my hole. We all seemed to climax together but, before my last spurt, I felt my prick being pulled out of Pilar and sucked into Esmeralda’s mouth so that she could enjoy the taste of my come mixed with the juices from Pilar’s sopping pussy.

The rest of the night was a blur of sexual ecstasy. I remember that at one stage, I had one sitting on my prick while the other was rubbing herself off against my face. As soon as I had climaxed, they reversed their positions, and I was treated to drinking my own come as it dripped out of the pussy that I was eagerly lapping, while the other licked the mixture of come and cunt juice from my wilting prick. Satiated, we all then fell asleep.

In the morning, I awoke first and looked at these two beauties on either side of me. I quietly got out of bed and went into the bathroom for a shower. Then I made pot of coffee and buck’s fizz and took it into the bedroom. I saw that the girls had moved together and had their arms and legs around each other, but still seemed to be asleep.

They awoke as I leaned over to kiss them, and invited me back into bed between them. We toasted each other as we drank the orange and champagne, to the previous night and many more of them. Then Esmeralda went into the bathroom and, after a few minutes, I heard the shower come on. Meanwhile, Pilar and I’d started kissing and stroking one another but, as I reached for her pussy, she said that she had to go to the bathroom first.

Esmeralda came back first and looked out of the window. It was pouring with rain and said that instead of going back to El Retiro, we’d have to stay in bed all morning. Pilar came back from her shower and jumped on to the bed, standing with her legs apart to keep her balance. Esmeralda walked towards her and put her arms around Pilar’s hips. She brushed her face against the Pilar’s pussy, and I could see as she stuck out her tongue and started to lick. Not to be left out, I got behind Pilar and started on backside.

I kissed her cheeks and the backs of her thighs, but couldn’t get between them as Esmeralda was in the way. So I pulled her down onto her knees and positioned Esmeralda next to her as I stood at the foot of the bed. They kissed and felt each other’s tits as I watched from behind them, and then saw their hands appear between their thighs. They stroked and pulled their pussy lips apart and, as they got wet, slipped their fingers into each other’s cunts.

I leaned forward and kissed first one and then the other. Sticking my tongue into the wet pussies and licking up to push into the entrance to their little bum holes. When they were both dripping, I stood up and repeated the movements with the tip of my hard prick. First one, and then the other until I was going full length into each pussy in turn.

Looking at my prick, I could see that it was glistening with their juices as it went into each of their waiting cunts, and I felt the pressure rising in me as I neared my climax. My prick seemed to get longer and thicker as I fucked their two pussies until finally it burst and I spurted deep into one and then pulled out and drove into the other as I spurted again.

Despite being close to it, I could tell that they hadn’t come yet, so I withdrew my now wilting prick and resumed work with my tongue and fingers. Licking one, while I finger fucked the other and then swapping over until they had both collapsed forward on to the bed. I fell between them and we all slept again.

The girls woke me, and I saw that they were both dressed. They declined my offer of breakfast at the café, saying that they both had a lot of homework to do. I gave them some money and asked when could we repeat the performance. Pilar said not for a couple of weeks, as she was going on a field trip the following weekend, but Esmeralda asked me to meet her at the bar on the following Friday. So I kissed them both, saw them out of the apartment, and went back to bed to get some much needed rest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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