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My very special lady, Catherine, and I returned from a lovely getaway to Sequoia National Park a few weeks ago. It was a wonderful getaway full of hiking and sex. My next door neighbor, Denise, joined us for a few days as well. It was the first time these two sexy ladies met, although they knew a lot about each other from stories I related to them. They hit it off right away and shared several days of intense pleasure with me and by themselves. I lost count of the number of orgasms Catherine enjoyed. It was well over twenty-five for the week.

Catherine and I are about to celebrate the one-year anniversary of our first meeting. We are laying in bed reminiscing about that first encounter at a 5K walking event. She just blessed me with her famous triple-threat blowjob where she squeezes my shaft and balls at the same time she sucks my cock as far into her mouth as possible. The super suction of her mouth usually has me shooting a large load of cum within minutes. She never fails to satisfy me.

These days, one of my favorite positions is laying between her spread legs with my head on her thigh and face just inches from her sweet pussy. My fingers stroke her full outer lips which are silky smooth from regular waxing appointments. She keeps a narrow triangle of dark brown pubic hair on her mons. Over the past several months, she has let her triangle grow out to a fluffy bush of soft curls. I love to slide my palm through her hair and twist her curls around my fingers. I’ll grab her bush and gently fluff her hair as I play with her nether region. I never fail to get her pink inner labia wet with her desire. I’ll slide my fingers through her delicate flesh and then taste her sweet juices.

Our intimate conversation is also taking place after I ate her pussy and sent her to an amazing climax. Her legs were spread as I kissed my way down to her soft curls. I used the flat surface of my tongue to lick up and around her triangle. I extended my licking to her inner thighs as Catherine spread her legs wider. I licked each crease that separates her thighs from her smooth outer lips. I found my intended target and inhaled the sweet aroma of her cunt. I licked her meaty lips several times before my tongue reached the flaps of her inner labia. Catherine took a deep breath when I separated her inner folds and entered her center core. Catherine’s juices flowed as her orgasm overtook her body.

Catherine teases me about using my Fleshlight all the time whenever we are apart. I let her know that I will give up my sex toy when she gives up her vibrators. That makes her laugh. Catherine has a beautiful pair of Double-D boobs with crimson red nipples that seem to be constantly erect. Her tits were the second thing that caught my eye when we first met. Her sparkling blue eyes being the first. Or, was it the other way around. Anyway, we are laying in bed, enjoying the afterglow of our recent orgasms. I massage her full breasts and tweak her nipples while she holds my seven-inch cock. I tell her a story about one incident with my Fleshlight that took place while I was still working. I’m retired now, however, for twenty years before I retired, I traveled all around the Western US for a major grocery chain. My job was to maintain and update our computer systems.

I often traveled with a favorite co-worker, Charlene. She handled the telecom duties. We made a good team as we traveled together for over a decade. Charlene is happily married, in her 50s and looks forward to retirement in the coming years. Aside from her husband, we spent more time together than with any other person, ever. Charlene is my dream girl. She stands five foot four with blue eyes, shoulder length wavy auburn hair and an electric smile. She has a pair of incredibly large, round breasts that sit high and proud. They are balanced by her generous bubble butt on the lower end. Her overall appearance always kept me in a state of semi arousal whenever we were together, which was most of the time.

We finally consummated our friendship on my very last job assignment in Phoenix, Arizona. Up until that trip, Charlene would constantly wind me up with her teasing and sexual innuendos while we dined together or went sightseeing. During the working hours, we were always professional and very businesslike. However, I would fantasise about what she was wearing under her business attire. I always wondered what her nipples were like; their color, texture and size. My fantasising about Charlene’s tits fuelled many masturbation sessions on the road. Which brings me to the story about my Fleshlight.

Charlene and I were in Eugene, Oregon converting a small store to an all digital environment. We were on-site all day Friday and half day on Saturday. Charlene was all business at work on Friday. When we met up for dinner, she had changed from Ms. Jeckel to Ms. Hyde. It was the first time I saw her in her red dress. The same dress she took to Phoenix. It’s a shimmering raspberry, the exact colour güvenilir bahis of her nipples. The bodice has lace straps that cradle her breasts and shows off incredible cleavage. When you look closely, you can see her nipples through the lace. The skirt flows from the bodice over her wide ass and ends just halfway down her thighs. She mentioned that she was a little chilly because she was not wearing any panties. Needless to say, I had a raging hard-on all through dinner.

Up to this point, we had not engaged in sex together, so after dinner, we made our way back to the hotel and to our separate rooms. Charlene kissed me goodnight as she pressed her hips into my turgid cock. I needed release, otherwise I was going to suffer a terrible case of blue balls.

I entered my room and headed straight for my Fleshlight. We were staying in a boutique hotel, not the usual chain. The room had a sturdy desk that I used to mount my Fleshlight. Fleshlight’s manufacturer recommends soaking the inner sleeve in hot water to create a more realistic experience, so I pulled out the silicon sheath and put it in a sink full of hot water. While the insert was warming up, I undressed and threw my clothes onto the couch. My cock was like steel after a night of Charlene’s teasing.

I drained the sink and put the inner sleeve back into the plastic casing. I pulled some duct tape from my utility bag and mounted my sex toy right onto the desk. It was the perfect height for my cock. I gathered my Tablet and some lube and was ready to blow a load. I set my Tablet on the table and searched for my favorite category of sex videos, ‘mature ladies with big boobs’. I watched a few short videos, one featured a well-endowed MILF fucked doggy style. Her tits hung down and swayed with each thrust by her lover.

I was ready. I applied a good amount of cherry flavored lube to my rigid cock and to the silicon opening. I lined my cock up and pushed my entire seven inches straight ahead. The tight grip was exactly what I was looking for. I slowly withdrew my shaft until the tip of my glans nearly popped out. I pushed in again and the Fleshlight adapted to my girth. I pulled back to see my cock shimmer with lube. I put my hands on my hips as I pushed in and pulled out.

The lube provided a smooth stroke as I queued up another video on my Tablet. This one showed a couple of D-cup mature ladies servicing one guy. He was on his back with one lady moving up and down his cock while the other sat on his face. They faced each other, kissed and played with their huge boobs. I fantasised that I was the guy and that Charlene, and a co-worker were working me over. The lucky guy licked a very wet pussy while his cock was buried deep in the other.

I watched the action on the screen as I pumped faster and faster into my latex glove. I imagined I was pumping into Charlene’s very wet cunt. My balls pressed against my sex toy as I felt my climax coming on. That familiar sensation at the root of my cock spiralled through my shaft to my over sensitive glans. My cock throbbed with every movement. I maintained a tight grip on the desk while I slid my shaft in and out. The duct tape held my Fleshlight in place as I pushed my hips and withdrew again. A sheen of sweat covered my body. I pumped my hips back and forth as I came close to loosing it all.

As I watched the scene on my Tablet, in my mind, I was whispering to Charlene, “Oh gawd, Charlene! Your pussy is so tight, so wet. I want to be deep inside of you forever. Cum with me Charlene, cum with me baby.”

The picture I created in my mind fuelled my passion and that familiar feeling was boiling over. I was close to coming and enjoying the sensations created with the friction of the Fleshlight. I so wanted to eat Charlene’s pussy, inhale her womanly scent and taste her sweetness. My tongue would slice through her labia lapping her juices and end by flicking her clit. My repeated licks would harden her little pink pearl and create endless spasms of joy. I imagined sucking her clit, sending her to rousing climax. I erupted in a powerful orgasm and unleashed several thick sticky ropes of cum, one after another. A huge amount of jizz was deposited into my fuck toy.

I looked back at my Tablet and watched the stud shoot several streams of cum onto both ladies. He covered their tits and nipples with his cream. The video ended with each lady lapping up his man juice from their boobs and sharing it with a kiss.

My hips continued to shake as I filled my Fleshlight full of fluid. My cock was super sensitive following my initial climax, however I continued to pump in and out until the last bit of cum dribbled from my tip. My cock softened, and I slid out of my Fleshlight. My shaft shined with the combination of lube and cum.

Unfortunately, the Fleshlight never cleans itself. I ripped off the duct tape and took it into the bathroom. I drained my cum from the sheath and some landed on my fingers. I raised them to my mouth türkçe bahis and licked them clean. I thoroughly cleaned the inner sleeve of silicon and placed it on the counter to dry. I grabbed a wash cloth, soaked it in warm water and cleaned my cock. My shaft was completely flaccid, but I was completely satisfied.

Saturday morning, we were back at work. Charlene asked me how my evening was. I told her it was a quiet night and I fell asleep early. She smiled and winked. I don’t think she believed me.

By noon we were finished with the digital conversions. Charlene didn’t have to stick around until Monday like I did. We went to lunch and then she departed for home. Before she left, she surprised me by kissing me on the lips and sliding her tongue into my mouth. She said she was looking forward to our trip to Phoenix. She was sure it would be life changing.

I headed back to the hotel for an afternoon siesta. When I walked into my bathroom, I realised I left my Fleshlight on the counter to dry. What I found made my cock twitch. The silicon sheath had been dried, powdered and put back into the black plastic container. A pair of green satin and lace panties were hanging on top, with a note scribbled on a napkin. The note was simple, I’ll be back for these in the morning. Enjoy. Your Maid, Erica.

My mind was officially blown. I picked up the panties and rubbed them against my cheek. The soft material felt nice. I sniffed the gusset and inhaled the womanly aroma. It was the sweet smell of pussy. Erica’s pussy.

As you would suspect, my brain was reeling. I tried to recall if I had seen the her in the hallway when I left for work. I wonder what she thought when she saw my Fleshlight on the sink? Obviously, she is intrigued. I’m happy we chose this hotel over the local Hampton Inn.

I was planning an afternoon nap, but my cock had other ideas. I couldn’t sleep with a throbbing dick and a head full of wonder. I put the emerald panties on the nightstand while I undressed. I didn’t bother closing the window shades since I was on the third floor and the chances of anyone spying on me were null. In no time my shorts were off, and I was lying prone on my king size bed, cock in hand. I didn’t need any lube, I had the Erica’s panties to stimulate my shaft. I wrapped the satin material around my cock and began to stroke. A mental picture of a hotel maid dressed in a sheer brassier and thong filled my head and kept my seven inches hard. I pictured her perfect breasts, hard nipples and inviting smile. I fantasised that she reached out and wrapped her hand around my shaft. My hand became her hand. She kneeled next to me and bent over, offering her tits to me.

I continued stroking my engorged cock. The tugging sensations of satin and lace were bliss. I closed my eyes and let my imagination run wild. Picking up where I left off, I nipped and kissed her erect nipples. I could almost hear her moan. My hands moved up and down her body slowly, enjoying the silky softness of her skin. She kneeled up and let me remove her thong. My fingers dipped into her pussy and I felt how wet she was; how hot she was. I ran my fingers up and down her slit, teasing her clit. I moved my fingers across her pearl. Her thighs began to quiver. I pressed harder making slow circles around her hard nub as it emerged from behind its hood. My maid begged for more stimulation. I spread her puffy folds and worked two fingers into her pussy. I felt her muscles clinching around my fingers as she came.

I was totally lost in my thoughts. My hand was a blur on my shaft and I knew I was going to cum soon. I tightened my grip around my pulsing shaft and erupted with a torrent of cum. Two or three thick ropes sperm launched from my cock straight up in the air and landed on the gusset of Erica’s panties. A few more spurts dribbled out onto my fingers as I continued to pump through a very satisfying orgasm. This one curled my toes, it was the release I needed. My cock began to soften. I brought the lingerie to my nose and inhaled. I love the sweet smell of my cum and I hope Erica will too. I dozed off to a picture of her breasts covered in my sperm. Oh, the possibilities.

I woke several hours later. It was dark outside and my stomach told me it was dinner time. Erica’s panties were still wrapped around my hand. The cum stains on the gusset were dry. I lifted her panties to my nose one more time and inhaled the sweet combination of our cum.

I didn’t want to get dressed to go out to dinner and settled for room service. I figured a quiet evening was needed to get ready for Erica. When dinner arrived, I turned on the television and relaxed. I don’t recall drifting off, but I must have slept through the night.

I woke up Sunday morning around 9:00 AM, when I heard a gentle knock on my door. I shook the cobwebs from my head and got out of bed in time to hear a second knock. This one a little more forceful. I grabbed a hotel robe from the closet to güvenilir bahis siteleri cover my morning wood and opened the door.

I was greeted by a beautiful woman wearing the same style robe with an angelic smile. I had to adjust my robe to make sure my cock did not poke out, as it became a lot harder seeing this lovely creature.

“Good morning, Rob. I’m Erica. It’s so nice to meet you. Are you going to invite me in?”

For a moment, I was frozen in my tracks. I was hypnotised by her presence. Erica is a gorgeous redhead with flawless, alabaster skin and sparkling green eyes. I was not ready for this vision. Once, I regained my composure, I reached out my hand to welcome her into my room. She stepped in and wrapped her arms around me, giving me the tightest hug, which I returned in kind. I could feel two very large and very firm mounds press into my chest.

We broke apart and I stepped aside, allowing Erica to come into the room, closing the door behind her. She looked around the room and saw the unmade bed and her green panties laying on the nightstand. She turned to me and we held hands while she gazed into my eyes.

“I love your choice of morning attire, very stylish. You look sexy good in our robe. I’m glad you’re making use of the amenities.”

Just then it hit me. I recognised Erica from somewhere else. I think she was behind the desk when Charlene and I checked in.

“Why thank you Erica, but you look so much more fetching in yours. We match, don’t we? I have to ask, didn’t you check-in my co-worker and me when we arrived Thursday evening?”

Erica smiled, “I guess I should explain. Yes, I did welcome you and Charlene to our hotel. You see, I am one of six owners of the hotel. It’s a small boutique hotel and the six of us run it and share all the duties that come with ownership. There are four ladies and two gentlemen. We provide every service to insure your stay is the ultimate experience.”

It took a few minutes for me to wrap my head around what she just said. This is not your run of the mill chain hotel. I led Erica over to the couch and we sat down. I need to hear more about this property. As we sat, the lower part of my robe opened, and I saw my seven inches standing erect, trying to get out. I readjusted myself and covered my throbbing cock for the time being. I wondered if Erica noticed.

“So, Erica, tell me a little bit more about your hotel and yourself. I’m amazed that you remember Charlene’s name?”

Erica explained that they take pride in knowing and remembering each guest’s name. It’s part of what sets them apart. She said the six owners share all the duties behind the desk, taking reservations, welcoming guests, doing the bookkeeping and ordering supplies. The ladies share the housekeeping and the men take care of the maintenance. She knows that sounds a bit sexist, but it is the most effective use of their skills. They are all in it to make the hotel successful.

Erica saw her emerald panties on the nightstand and reached over to grab them. She lifted them to her face and sniffed.

“Well Rob, aren’t you the naughty one. I smell the unmistakable aroma of a man’s cum. And there’s a small stain that wasn’t here when I left them for you. I’m glad you enjoyed my panties. I hope you had a nice orgasm.”

I’m not sure if I blushed, but I do remember my cock throbbing at this point. I wanted to throw Erica over onto the bed and ravish her. Instead, I let her take the lead. She offered her panties to me for a fragrant whiff. As I sniffed her undergarment, her other hand traveled down to my stiff shaft and wrapped her fingers around my cock.

“Mmm, it looks like I found a prize.”

Erica moved her hand slowly up and down my seven inches.

She continued talking, “I knew you had something good to offer when I found your Fleshlight in the bathroom. Most men hide their personal things from the maid. I thought, here is a gentleman who is secure in his sexuality. He doesn’t need to hide the fact that he masturbates in the privacy of his own room. But then again, I thought maybe he enjoyed the experience with another woman. I figured either way, I wanted to meet this man.”

Erica stroked my cock all the while she was speaking. I leaned back and spread my legs, offering her more room to maneuver. I undid my belt and the robe opened wider.

“I have to admit, I got a little wet thinking of the possibilities. I finished cleaning your room and then went back into the bathroom. I picked up the silicon insert and played with it a bit. I squeezed it and stuck my fingers into the opening. I imagined how your cock responded. The surface is so soft, I’m sure it feels good. I wanted to make sure, you knew I found your Fleshlight, so I put it back together and left you a little present. By then, my panties were quite damp, so I knew you would enjoy them?”

I was so ready to make love with this gorgeous woman. I leaned in and our lips met in a soft kiss. I pressed my lips against hers and stuck my tongue out to probe her mouth. She opened her mouth and met my tongue with hers. We mashed our faces together as she squeezed down on my shaft. Her hand was like a vice around my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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