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Debbie had spent the whole day pampering herself. After waking up late, she lazily shopped the stiles at the mall, choosing a tight top that showed off her ample cleavage and a new skirt that slid over her shapely ass. Expensive new 4 inch peep-toe heels completed the look. A 3 o’clock appointment at Clipz, her favorite salon, would make sure her hair and nails were perfect. She felt good, about as good as she knew she looked.

She hurried home to get dinner on the table for Tom. Tom would be home by 6, and he didn’t like to wait long to eat. She made sure not to splatter any of the spaghetti sauce, and was just plating the parmagian when she heard his truck pull into the drive. With one last quick look in the mirror, she went to the door to greet him.

Debbie opened the door for him, and took his coat. She pecked him lightly on the cheek. “Hi honey! How was your day?”

“Don’t even ask. What’s for dinner?” He grumbled, without really noticing her, heading for the table.

She flipped her hair over her shoulder. She followed behind him, the click click click of her heels beating a staccato in the hall.

Tom sat in his seat, eyes down, thumbing through the mail. Debbie made small talk at him, while she busied herself with the meal. Setting the steaming plate in front of him, careful to avoid the bills, Tom finally moved his eyes up. His gaze traveled the path from the nails, to her perfumed wrist, jumping to her small waist, to the swing of her large breasts. He looked at her red lips, and bold make-up, well styled hair- and his eyes were hard. She met his icy stare and swallowed.

“Going out?” He snarled.

Trying to keep her voice light, Debbie replied, “No, I just had a bit of a me-day. I thought you’d like it? I had my hair done at Clipz, you know how much I like the stylist there, and the top I found at…”

“I don’t care where you fucking found it, how the hell did you pay for it bitch!” he snapped, cutting her nervous ramble off.

Debbie blinked a few times and hung her head. After a tense minute, Tom slapped his palm on the table, making the plates and Debbie jump. “Answer me!” he shouted.

Quietly, more at the table than Tom, Debbie whispered, “I used the credit card.”

“Oh that’s just fucking great Deb. Fucking GREAT! You see these?” He yelled, shaking the bills at her. “Do you see these, you stupid bitch?! These are called bills. I work all fucking day, busting my ass, so I can come home to a wife who can’t even fucking cook- all dolled up like a fucking whore. If you spent half the time on my dinner as you did your fat ass, I might have a decent meal for a change!” At this Tom swept his arm across the table, and food and plates crashed to the floor.

“Tom, I, I, I’m sorry, I can take them back, let me go take them off, I’ll take them back, they weren’t that much, I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking.” Debbie stammered, as Tom pushed out of his seat and advanced on her.

“Damn right you weren’t fucking thinking- you couldn’t, you only got half a brain.” He grabbed her chin and forced her to look up at him. Tears glistened in her eyes. His hand swiftly moved into her hair and yanked at the back of her head. “How you gonna take this back huh? You paid the damn salon for this bullshit.”

Debbie swallowed and blinked, not sure what to say. She güvenilir bahis tried to shake her head but Tom’s grip was too tight. He brought his mouth close to hers, and she felt the spit angrily fly from his mouth.

“You can’t can you, stupid bitch? Didn’t think of that, did you? Fucking whore. My wife is a fucking WHORE! Well you know what? I gotta pay for this goddamn shit, I’m gonna get my money’s worth. You wanna dress like a fucking whore? I’ll treat you like a whore then.” Tom grabbed Debbie by the arm and yanked her towards him. His fingers bit painfully into the soft flesh. She started to cry real tears then, protesting, trying to pull from his tight grasp. He pushed her ahead of him down the hall, into the bathroom, and flung her towards the shower. The high heels made her slip, and she twisted to her knees. He slammed the door behind him, and turned towards her.

“Oh that’s right, see? You are a whore, you know what you gotta do.” Tom towered over her, and Debbie cowered at the sight of him. He grabbed her by the hair again and directed her face towards his zipper. “Suck it.” was all he ordered. Fingers trembling, she undid the zipper and his raging cock jutted out. He was hard as stone and more than ready. A few drops of pre-cum had left a wet circle on his boxers. Gingerly she wet the large head. He had such a fat cock. Decent length, but very thick. She hated sucking it because it stretched the corners of her mouth and hurt. He knew this, but obviously did not care tonight. She tongued slowly the length, trying to buy some time. But she had none.

“C’mon, bitch! I want that fucking cock deep in your throat.” Debbie took the head into her mouth. It was so large she almost gagged with it just resting on her tongue. Suddenly, Tom grabbed her hair with two clenching fists and forced his cock as far as he could. It hit the back of her throat and she gagged. He pumped into her again, and again, shouting at her to open up. She gagged violently and couldn’t catch her breath, her eyes streamed tears, and she choked repeatedly. She began to see stars, but just then Tom pulled his cock from her throat. He gripped her by her arms and pulled her to her feet.

“Not so nice to be a whore, is it?” Tom demanded. “You just wait, I’m just getting started with you.” Debbie moaned at the thought, and pleaded with Tom. She had only done this all to look nice for him!

Tom moved his hands to her tits and twisted. She cast her eyes down, so as not to look in his face as he began to slap each breast. He wasn’t hurting her enough though, he wanted more. He pulled the shirt roughly over her head, smearing her mascara as he did. She gasped when he looked down at the dark streak.

“Shouldn’t of fucking done that.” He growled. “You are so fucking stupid. Guess there’s no returning that now huh?” Debbie could only whimper in reply. He dropped the top and grabbed her bra-straps. In one quick yank, he had flipped the bra down onto her belly and the straps down her arms, pinning them to her sides. He grabbed at her D’s, thumb and forefinger plucking at the nipples. His mouth found one, and his teeth cruelly bit down. Debbie couldn’t help but yelp. Tom pulled off and slapped her tit instead. Hard stinging slaps, one after another onto each breast. When Debbie tried to pull away from him, he used the bra to türkçe bahis pull her close to him. Mouth at her ear, he stuffed one hand into her skirt and found her panty-less.

“FUCKING WHORE!” he bellowed, his anger renewed, as he stuffed two thick fingers deep into her pussy. “You couldn’t even put any panties on, you wanted every man to smell you. You just couldn’t wait to get fucked. Dirty whore. You like this don’t you? Don’t you!? See, you’re so wet already.” His fingers worked inside of her, slick with her wetness. But he was hard and fast and his palm crushing her clit hurt. A third finger was too tight, but he forced it in, and she cried out against his shoulder.

“I paid for my whore, I’m gonna get what’s coming to me.” His voice full of contempt. He pulled his fingers from her pussy suddenly and brought them up to her face. He wiped them under her nose and across her lips, as she tried to wriggle free. He pushed her skirt up over her hips and turned her towards the wall this time, over the toilet. He kicked her legs apart and drove his cock to the hilt in one thrust. She screamed in surprise and pain, the fat head of his cock distending her pussy too fast. She was wet, but not ready for all of him, all at once. He gripped her hips and slid all the way out slowly, only to ram his cock balls deep inside her again. He pushed against her, grabbing her tits, his cock thumping inside her, too big, too deep, too much. Debbie sobbed and hung her head, her palms flat against the wall.

“That’s right, take it all. You know you want this fat cock. Dirty whore, couldn’t wait for me to fill you up.” He began to pump into her fast now, using her hips to pull her back onto him, driving the length of his shaft as far as he could go, as deep as he could go with every thrust. He paused to smack her ass. He liked the way her tits swung when he did, so he smacked her again, and again. She yelled with each whack, trying to catch her breath, choking on her sobs. He spread her ass cheeks wide and watched as his cock slammed in and out of her.

“Oh that’s right, you little whore, you can take all of that fat fucking cock, no problem, can’t you? You like it. You want it. Bad. Tell me how bad you need it. I can tell, you’re getting wetter. Feel that sloppy girl-cum? See how easy it is for this thick dick to just slide right in? Fucking cunt.”

Debbie was wet now. She was also sore. His cock drilled a tattoo into the very center of her frame, her tits were pulled and twisted by his rough fingers. “Please” she whispered hoarsely.

“Please? Please! I’ll fucking please you alright. You know what would have pleased me? To not have a wife who would put me in the fucking poor-house! Please.” He thrust into her one last time, and pulled out, with a wet squelching noise. His cock bobbed before him, but he grabbed the back of her head and pulled her to upright. Her legs were weak from the bent position, but he only shuffled her sideways to the sink.

“Look at yourself! Don’t think you look so fucking hot now do you?” her eyes were rimmed with smudged mascara, and black streaks ran down to her chin. She was puffy from all the crying and her lips were bruising from the face fucking. A thin whitish crust had formed to one side of her nose, the cum he had wiped there drying.

“I want you to watch this,” he snarled güvenilir bahis siteleri at their reflection. He reached up to the shelf and pulled down a small jar. He took out a large gob and smeared it on the tip of his cock. “If I have to pay for a fucking whore, I’m gonna get the one thing I’m always denied.” realizing what he was about to do, Debbie struggled in earnest. He wrapped one arm tight around her, and used the other to guide his cock between her ass crack.

“Please, no, please, no, Tom, please” she pleaded. Debbie knew his cock was too thick, they had tried anal before, but it was way too painful. She just couldn’t get past that big head! She was scared he would break her.

Tom grinned an evil grin and moved the tip of his cock against her puckered asshole. With a shove, half the head pressed into her backdoor. Debbie screamed again, and tried to pull out of Tom’s grasp. He held her tighter and thrust up again, this time forcing his head into her bowels. Debbie’s mouth opened in a silent “o” it hurt too much even to scream. Her eyes popped wide and a few sharp intakes of breath were the only sound to be heard. Then Tom began to move his cock again. Short little pumps inched his cock into her, wrenching her ass wide, too wide, as Debbie’s open mouthed barks echoed in the small room. Every move tore her apart. Everything hurt. Tom grabbed her hips once he had the full length of his member inside her, ordering her to hold onto the sink. She tried to hold herself up, but the pain was so intense and he was so deep. He slid in and out of her, grunting as he did. Tom forced her eyes back up to the mirror.

“See, you can take my cock in your ass. Dirty whore, you love it. Feels so fucking good. What a lovely tight little virgin ass. All. Fucking. Mine.” Debbie just wished him to cum. She was wet with her juices, her ass sticky from the lube Tom had used. A trickle of blood seeped down her thigh. She panted and moaned, hoping he must be close. Every tiny in or out of his cock achingly stretched her ass wider still, and her clit throbbed in time with his thrusts. He seemed to guess how wet she must be, and reached under clumsily to her soaked pussy, fumbling the tips of three fat fingers inside of her. Incredibly tight with his cock filling her ass and his fingers wriggling into her pussy- Debbie knew she must be a gaping mess.

Finally, after what seemed forever, Tom’s fingers bit into her hips and jerked her ass against him. His cock buried in her ass he came, great throbbing spurts. He pulsed inside her ass and fell against her, mashing her against the sink. His cock shrank and slipped out of her aching ass, plopping a slop of cum onto the tile. He stepped away from her and used the hand towel to wipe his face and dry off his cock. Debbie sank to her knees at the sink, covering her face with her hands, too drained to cry any longer. Tom finished with the towel and chucked it at her head, sniggering, “Clean yourself up- you’re a mess.” Before he opened the door and walked out of the bathroom.

The next morning, Debbie examined her body in the mirror before her shower. Her lips were still puffy, and a shadow ran near the corner of her mouth. Finger shaped bruises marked her arms, and light purple welts splotched her breasts and ass. Her pussy was tender to the touch, and her ass was painful with each step. She couldn’t make a single move without a reminder of last night. Debbie grabbed her cell and dialed a number she knew by heart. But as soon as she heard “Good Morning, this is Clipz, how can I help you?” Debbie smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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