Man’s Best Friend Ch. 07

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“Hey I’m up here,” I waved, Kate looked up;

“It feels amazing baby but come up here; I need to talk to you.

“Yer still soft William, is something wrong?”

“No, No… well maybe, I need to clear some things up you is all.”

“You’re angry,” Kate whispered.

“No, not angry – more like concerned, it’s important to me that you understand, relationships are a 2 way street.

“A thought A had been, A’m trying to please ye – are ye not pleased William?”

“No I’m not exactly pleased, I’m feeling like a bit of an object here, kinda like a means to play out your fantasy.”

“That’s not true,” Kate whispered, looking somewhat vulnerable. A want to make ye happy, A want to…”

You don’t have to prove anything to me, I interjected, I need you just to be Kate, my Kate, not clatty Goth whore Kate, Russian girl Kate or young tattooed girl Kate.”

“Look, I lied, I’ve seen that film, and I know what you were about to do, and I also know it wasn’t about me, it was about you fantasizing about sucking a shitty cock. You wanted to play that fantasy out, which is okay as long as you remember one thing, this is real, and so am I.

Kate blew out a sigh, A’m a little new to this, so A’m not exactly sure what yer on about.”

I wanted her so bad, but it was important for me to let her know she was well beyond a simple fetish;

“Hey, I’m lucky, I’ve felt love for another before, so I know what it is, and I have no doubt what it is when it hits me again; can you honestly say the same?”

A thoughtful scowl appeared on Kate’s face,

“No, A cannae, A’m… A know A love being with ye; and A know A don’t want you to leave, an A know A’m scared to death that ye will. Boot all these feelings mashed together – A cannae tell ye honestly, what it means, guess A’m bit of a mess in that regard;

I took her shit covered hand, in other regards too, I quipped, trying to lighten the mood;

“Hey no need to be upset, your answer was perfect Kate, it was honest, so you’re not as messed up as you think you are, I didn’t and can’t expect anymore than that.”

Kate, looked down,

“We’ve been through so much, an’ we’ve learned a lot about each other, why these questions now William, things seemed to be coming along fine, so why now?”

“I’m sorry Kate, it took me some time to process my true feelings for you, and in a way, we have been having a good time playing with each other and don’t get me wrong, it’s fun, and titillating and very interesting but… well let me put it this way;

“Last night when we played the couples scenario, you know when you…”

“A know,” Kate interrupted,

“Ya well what was running through your mind? Was it more just a ‘this is something I wanted to try’ kinda thing, or was it this is what I want to show my man how much… hmm, hard to explain, so I’m going to tell you how I felt.”

“I felt closer to you than ever, I felt privileged, I mean to think you were willing to do that, with me, it’s a very intimate thing, to me it was a show of love and great devotion, something that only us – as a couple could understand. Today I realized that, it’s not a game, and it may not be as deep rooted as far as meaning to you, you know what I mean?”

“Kate nodded, A know, an’ ye’d be right, A was horny – A had the opportunity, so A took it… to say A did it primarily out of affection, well it joost wasn’t, that… A’m sorry.”

I gave her a well needed hug.

“No need. Ok then, I understand, it makes sense, I appreciate your honesty.”

Kate pulled away,

“What do you mean it’s OK, it’s not Okay, it’s, A wish A…

“It’s OK, you’ve helped me open my eyes, you made me wait, take it slow, be civil remember? It gave me time to think, I don’t want to take advantage, I don’t want it to be a game, you were right all along, I’m not a shit eater, I mean in the sense that it gives me only sexual pleasure. I’ll try to explain, Shannon, was my only previous experience, forced as you pointed out, you suggested it didn’t count, but I know it did count as it still meant something precious to me. I remember now; I remember why I couldn’t remember how it felt, how it smelled, and how it tasted, I only remember that I wanted it, but I thought I loved her, so I only lked it because it came from deep inside her.”

Kate took my hand, it’s only a token William, it’s not a feeling, ye can’t compare that the degree of affection one has fer another from it. A mean, you would have loved her had she not shit in yer mouth – Ya? Would ye have stopped loving her? You see it’s not a substitute, Love is either there or not.”

“Exactly, my point – Wouldn’t you want to know that a so personal intimacy like that should be only done exclusively with someone you love. It’s not just a token, couples start holding hands, then move on from there based on the depth of feelings they have for one another, the acts of hugging, kissing are all tokens… I mean a lot of people wait for marriage to consummate, because for them it’s güvenilir bahis the most effective way to express their deepest Love and devotion for each other. And here we are; I’ve been thinking nothing else but wanting you inside of me, but today I fully understand why, and it’s not to confirm a curiosity, or provide a cheap thrill for me to blow my load to.”

I squeezed her tight,

“That’s why I’m telling you now, If you want us to direct our own movie, I think the foundation – for me anyway – starts there. You’re much more than a cheap thrill to me, and I think it’s important to me to feel that you’re on the same script. I just needed you to know that.”

“An’ you don’t feel that A’m…”

“I didn’t say that, but what I do know is that you don’t know which isn’t wrong or bad – It’s just not ready – maybe you’re not ready.”

“I want te Love ye William, but how does one know fer sure?”

“Some people say it will just hit you, and when it does you will know. It doesn’t have to happen all at once; as a matter of fact it’s to happen as quickly as it has for me, that’s what makes it a little uncomfortable.”

“Yer a complicated Mahn, William, but A see some wisdom in what ye say, I did feel something, but through it all I can’t say for certain whether it be lust or Love.”

“And that’s Okay, I think I’m right on this, trust me there was nothing I want more, but if we eventually get on the same script it won’t be some weak cheap thrill B movie type of thing… you know what I mean?”

“An’ if it never comes and if A never can know for sure, then what?”

I smiled, and stroked her hair,

“It must be hard for you to separate lust from love, being free to explore the human connection that you denied yourself for so long, versus the deep love you could actually feel for the person himself.”

Kate paused, her eyes glistened with regret;

“Yer may be right, A’m not exactly sure what te do about it though, A can’t change the past. but A also can’t deny that I love to play with ye, A like it William, an’ I really like not being alone… Ye need to know that no man has broken through the wall A’ve built around masell, what that means – honestly A don’t know.

“It means you trust me, which is very important.”

“Aye I do, implicitly, that’s a jump fer me, an’ A know A have a deep affection fer ye” Kate managed a weak smile.

Deep affection, well close enough! I thought laying back down on the deck;

“Agreed, a big jump Kate, I guess that will be have to be enough for now. I just wanted you to know is how feel about you. Experienced or not I need to have you right now, I want you in my own way, for my own reasons; It means more to me than playing out something that turned me on as I watched.”

A believe ye love me an’ I would be happy… well what now?

“I don’t want it touched by anything else, I want to put my lips around your ass and I want you to give everything left inside of you directly into me, don’t stop until yer completely empty – I man if you’re still up to it.”

“Of course A am, yer ma special man, an’ I have something special to give ye.”

Kate turned and spread her shit filled crack over me and gently sat over me, her soft shit gloriously squeezed from between fat cheeks hovered over my face, I tongued through the mess and found her puffy anus, then went in on her, lightly licking at her ass, her poo felt godly warm against my tongue, I gently explored every crease and crevice around her pucker, mining out the smooth poo with every lick.

“Oh baby it feels so good, that’s right lick it sweetie. Kate cooed, “Are ye ready for more, guid boy, open up when yer ready.”

I opened my mouth, and Kate slowly pushed out a thin semi-soft log, it was much smoother and viscous than her first one, it tasted much different too, much sharper and way stronger. I gently sucked it into my mouth, the taste was more intrusive than her harder stool, but I loved the natural peanut butter texture and consistency that steadily enveloped my mouth. I rolled her pasty grime into my teeth with my tongue, then pressed the mass into the roof and storing it in my cheeks.

“Mmmm, Mmmm baby, so good!” I moaned, I stuck out my tongue to catch more Kate kept it coming until I was jammed full, I tapped her ass and mumbled, Kate stooped and turned her head with a huge smile on her face.

“Ye like yer clatty whores shit ya? Mmmm smells good an’ harsh, guid boy, take it all, chew it up yer whores poo, that’s it nice and slow.”

Kate moved her ass over so that she could watch me as I fully ingested her foul crap, her essence overwhelmingly sensuous as it enveloped me. She grunted as she pushed her ring through my parted lips again filling me with the creamy feces that had fermented deep inside of her. At last, She was emptying a full load in my mouth. Her strongly bitter taste overwhelmed me, but as it broke down I could barely taste anything but earthy sweetness. Now I wanted more, and hungrily fed on it and quickly swallowed türkçe bahis it down as quickly as I could. Now, there was little time to savour the smell, taste and texture, more importantly I relished in the closeness – feeling as if we were one, nothing was more rewarding. I greedily swallowed her down, feeding on her becoming easier as her stool softened enough to glide down my throat, soon it was all but a thick liquid gruel. Kate giggled and momentarily pulled away, sensing that the remainder to come was nothing but acrid and runny diarrhea.

“Oh, my, A’m so sorry William, must be from the whiskey.”

I took a moment, somewhat surprised that I had had no inclination to cough or gag, I wanted her fecal stew to wash down the stickiness pasting my mouth and throat, I prodded her to finish with moans of celestial delight. Everything about it was salaciously foul, I pulled her back down into me wrapping my lips around her sweet hole probing my tongue deep into her, begging her to finish, wanting the deepest of her inner-most filth inside of me.

Kate moaned loudly and pushed and squeezed out a steady watery rill of watery shit, the lumpy texture was gross, definitely the runs. I forced myself to open my throat trying fast-track it down away from my angered taste – buds. It tasted just so bad, but she was offering it to me, and I craved it deep inside of me. I sucked on her more-so motivated only by the unique depravity of eating her inner self. I wanted to please her by willingly ingesting her loving rot, to gulp it down without hesitation. I placed my lips over her blossomed hole, desperate catch her all, her ring extended and contracted, lovingly expelling squirt after squirt of liquid waste, she was not kidding saying she was full!

Kate let out a squeal of approval hearing me gulp her down, then flared her anus wide, a hard lump cutely peaked out, I sucked it in, and chewed, finally having the time to feel all her marvellously sinewy textures break down over my tongue, before rolling in some saliva and swallowing all down.

“Mmmm oh baby, you’re beautiful” I moaned.

Kate became electric as I continued pressing my tongue into her. I madly swirled around her flaring anus hoping her flow would continue for eternity.

She moaned and pushed again, squirting the last of her deepest fluids into me until all was consumed. I didn’t care about how oily foul it was, all I cared about was that I willingly took her in, I wanted to be full of Kate, I wanted my stomach to bulge with her inner textures. She evacuated everything she had to give, and yet I was still wanting more. Moaning in wanton distress, I roughly pried her wide open, her ass crack, so long and cavernous, begged my tongue to funnel deep into her and feed on the soft shit wedged between. It was a big and difficult job, but no match for my now primitive lust.

Kate was moaning and cooing patiently as I cleaned her. My face massaged provocatively with her smelly slime causing mixed with my own heat, her fleshy ass left a sour and cheesy scent that intoxicated me beyond comprehension. Her inner essence totally surrounded me like an exotic perfume, mercilessly attacking me, begging me to continue on. I continued swabbing at her delicious crack until all that was left was what dried to my face. I didn’t want to stop but physically I was unable to continue, my tongue and jaw cramped to a halt, all of her she was now inside me, exactly where I wanted her to be. I sucked over her swollen sphincter keeping it still in my mouth for a moment relishing it’s turgid elegance, my cock was aching from the marathon of supporting it’s stiffness, I felt light headed, in a dream , the rest of the world was nothing but a muffled haze.

She must’ve been tired too, having held an open squat for over 30 minutes, studying my cock harden and twitch as I devoured her. She stood up her legs shaking and weak, then turned, shooting me an odd smile as she glimpsed at my shit covered face;

“Mah turn Okay?” She spread my legs, not waiting for an answer;

“So smelly an’ dirty,” she whispered looking square at me, obviously turned on. She bent over and ran her tongue over my belly then sucked in a good portion of her stale shit, lifting up her head making sure I saw her savoring it before greedily gulping it down. She took my dirty cock into her mouth and hungrily throatin it until it was clean, pausing only to scoop up more of her poo from my belly to keep my cock good and dirty.

She began vigorously jacking me off rubbing her feces deep into my shaft and over my engorged head, Kate began breathing hard as she jacked me harder and faster. She instinctively surmised that my cock was close to blowing as it pulsed in her hand;

“Oooo ya, baby, cum all over meh shit, Oooh YES!”

Her podgy cream hued thighs bulged through the holes torn in her hose, her dark mascara smeared into her shit stained lips, God she was perfect! I pictured making love to her, I wanted her crucifix to sway between her pointy tits in witness, I wanted it to swing güvenilir bahis siteleri wildly as my cock lovingly, entered her wet sloppy hole. I could take no more!

“You’re going to make me CUM.” I warned, then immediately released the thick load over her hand. Kate went down on my cock as if it was life or death wanting to catch the last of ropes of my ejaculate in her mouth.

“Mmmm, that was quick,” Kate cooed she throated my shaft deep until she gagged then pulled out, her drooling mouth sucked my shaft entirely clean, she even cleaned the remainder off my belly, leaving only a slick of clear saliva and my softened cock behind.

She got up to kiss me, tasting a mixture of her shit and my own spunk, didn’t deter me in the slightest, I just wanted her tongue in my mouth, she was all I ever wanted, I could not imagine being happier or with anybody else – ever.

After a long embrace, Kate began to giggle uncontrollably;

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

Kate waved her hand; then picked up her shitty panties and put them back on.

“A’m sorry William, but it’s yer face, is a howfin’ fankle, it’s all stuck in yer beard, an’ it joost occurred to meh that despite all… all we’ve been through, all our plannin’ we’re still only on a first name familiar. A joost find it funny is all.”

I also chuckled,

“No worries, I know where ye live, and the state my face is in, is your doing, I mean wow, certainly worth the wait.”;

“Aye was certainly a smorgasbord there, remind me to go easy on the Whiskey if we plan carrying on with this nonsense in the future. Come inside, let meh clean that ugly mug of yours, A’m thinking we both can use a drink.”

That was the understatement of the day, My mouth felt wretchedly over-stimulated, no doubt so did hers.

“Go lie down inside, I’ll fetch the basin…before A pee masell.” She shook her head, “If yer mother could see ye now, Ye’d be out on yer ear- permanently.”

I walked into a bedroom, and bee-lined it for the water pitcher, the cool water felt like heaven going down my soured throat. After downing the full glass I poured another, and one for Kate too, then sat against the head rail, basking in the afterglow of such a blissful and intimately depraved encounter, I was floating in a gothic dream, never wanting to wake up.

Kate came back in placing the basin onto the bed, a perma-grin frozen on her face,

“You look rather pleased, Kate, I take it you enjoyed yourself.” I prodded handing her the glass.”

Kate smiled and took a generous gulp then sat beside me, she wrung out the facecloth and gently started cleaning my face.

“Aye, very pleased, and gey happy William, how are ye feeling?”

“I feel great, Kate, better than great in fact.”

“Really well, that’s a surprise.” Her tongue stuck out as she continued her work at my beard;

“A was certain there would be some sort of bad reaction, are ye sure yer alright?”

“Course I’m sure, couldn’t feel better,” I exuberantly stated, rubbing my stomach and feeling rather proud of myself.

“Okay, well that’s guid A suppose, thought maybe, oh well – never mind.”

“You thought I couldn’t handle it didn’t you?”

“No to be honest, not after all that, A mean, well that was quite a feat, yer a bigger mahn than me, A mean, A’m not one fer face smearing, anywhere else, boot not on mah face, an’ that runny stuff no thank you!”

“Wow, yet another scruple”, I chided, who would have thought. I don’t mind you on my face, in fact I like it”

Kate scowled and tossed the cloth into the basin;

“This isn’t working, to the sink with ye then.”

She downed the last of her water and dragged me into the bathroom, she twisted on the squeaky taps ran her hand under, when the temperature was right she rinsed and soaped up the cloth and scrubbed my face with the finesse of a surgeon, late for surgery.

“Wow it really bothering you isn’t it, if it’s bothering you that much we can just hop into the tub.”

“No joost this, A’m sorry William, not exactly civil, being yer first time.”

She took a towel, and patted my face dry, then kissed me on the nose,

“There’s mah handsome mahn.”

“You shouldn’t feel sorry Kate, you gave me exactly what I wanted, I love you, and I’m totally ok with it.”

“A know,” she whispered wistfully, “A’ve joost developed a great respect fer ye, ye are a loyal and faithful dug, William, of that A have no doubt. The least I can do is clean ye up a little, joost a lil, if that’s alright.”

I pointed to her nipple, still covered with her dried pooh,

“I missed a spot,” and placed my lips over her breast and began to suck it clean.

“Mmmm, sooch a loyal clatty dug, ye noo, A would smear my face, boot only for ye, if ye wanted me too…” I gave her a peck on the cheek;

“Do you know what I would like to do? Let’s go for a walk over to my place, we can take the dogs, I have a pretty nice setup there for Petey and Shamus, big run, even a small wading pool if they get too hot feeling up to it. Now that we know each other, we can even hold hands along the way.” I suggested with a wink.

“A would love too, that would be cracking William, I’ll joost throw on somethin’ an’ we can go.”

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