Mary/Marcy Pt. 02

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I am Mary. I am 43 years old married to a former college football star who has let himself go physically while I maintain a slim figure If I dress right, I can pass for much younger. We have a son, Mike.

It’s been nearly two years since Mike left for a college halfway across the country. Needless to say, I miss him. As much as I hate to say it, I miss his cock almost as much as I miss him. We spent a few months fucking regularly. Well, technically it was not us, but was our role play personas, Mark and Marcy. I had felt that if we approached it by pretending to be other people, then I wasn’t really having sex with my son.

Of course, it didn’t work. I knew full well who it was. I suppose it did give some plausible deniability to the affair.

This whole thing started out with my husband’s limp dick. It is not his fault. We tried all the tricks to get a suitable solution including the blue pills. And for a time, I was okay with oral and toys. Big Ed, my husband, did what he could and I thought I was content. Until one fateful night.

Ed was doing a great job of eating my pussy. Maybe a little too good. As I was starting to orgasm, I cried out something that would radically change things.

“I need you to fuck me.”

That was it. Seemingly innocuous. Ed, took it differently.

“So you do miss getting fucked, don’t you?”

It would have been so easy just to deny it. But I made the mistake of saying yes.

He was like a dog with a new toy.


“What do you mean?”

“Who do you want to fuck you. Surely you have someone in mind. Someone from work? One of my friends?”

“No, I don’t have anyone in mind.”

With slight variations, that was all he talked about in bed. He was not angry, just persistent. But then something changed. He actually started to encourage me to find someone to satisfy me. I kept saying no, though I was warming up to the idea. It had been over 20 years since I had been with anyone other than Ed. Perhaps it was time.

We rocked along for awhile. There was a good bit of tension between us. Then it all came to a head after my son, Mike’s 18 birthday party.

As usual, Ed was the life of the party, telling jokes and drinking. And, as usual , I avoided him.

It was a very small party. When it was over Ed was very drunk. In our bedroom, he immediately started the same old line of wanting me the ‘find someone.’

I don’t what I was thinking, but a name popped out of my mouth. “Mike.”

“What about him?”


“You can’t be serious. Your son? No.”

“I beg your pardon, you wanted me to pick someone and I did.”

“But he is our son.”

“Think about it. He is handsome, no disease, he undoubtedly will want too. And he’s now legal.”


“It’s my body and I say yes.”

After a heated argument he realized it wasn’t an argument he could win. We then set the ground rules. First Mike had to agree to it. We would role play as other people, so we would be able to deny that I had slept with my son. Lame, I know but at the time it made sense. It was fun to play Marcy. An older, slutty cheating married woman.

Everything went according to plan and we had several sessions of hot sex. But it had to end at least for awhile, until he got out of college. Even then he would likely move to another, bigger town.

I was okay without a surrogate for awhile, but eventually I got the same old craving. And Ed was again prompting me to find someone. That brought up the same old question of Who? When? How? What and Why were self answering.

Co-workers were not an option, and neither were friends. I didn’t want the drama that might cause.

I remembered a call I had gotten from Mike from an unfamiliar number. I asked him about it and he said to hang on to it, it might come in handy when he’s not around. I put it into my contacts list, almost forgetting about it.

I called it one evening after Ed had went to bed. I was feeling horny and even talking to a stranger sounded appealing. I was calling blind. It surely was a friend of Mike so it wouldn’t be a total stranger. Unless someone else now had that number.

A deep voice answered the phone. “Hello”

“Hello, this güvenilir bahis is going to sound crazy. but your number was in my contacts and I wanted to see who it belonged to before I deleted it. My, uhh, nephew might have put it there. Do you know Mike Green?”

“Yes, I haven’t seen him in a while, but I do know him. We went to school together in high school. My name is Dave.”

“That’s cool. Then I might have seen you sometime.”

“Probably at a pool party. Always a lot of his friends there. I usually wore a yellow bikini with a lime pattern.”

“I do remember you. I certainly remember the bikini.”

“Thanks, I think.”

“So you are Mike’s aunt?”

“Yes, I just got divorced and I’m staying with my brother Ed, Mike’s dad. Before you ask, my ex-husband and Mary, Mike’s mom ran off together. Mike is off at school. So it is just the two of us in a big house. Say, did Mike ever mention his Aunt Marcy?”

“I don’t think so. He didn’t talk a lot.

“No he doesn’t.”

“I’m glad I decided to check this number before deleting it. I needed to talk to someone tonight. That is, if you have time.”

“I always have time for good looking women.”

We talked into morning hours. He seemed like an intelligent young man and if I remembered him correctly, he was pretty cute as well. I told him that I had had a miserable marriage and was ready to have fun. He said he worked a lot and as a result he was not seeing anyone. We decided to meet on Friday at a popular restaurant.

I was nervous in the days leading up to my “date,” I decided dress a little on the flirty side. I went with a low cut tee-shirt with a mid-thigh length tight skirt.

I didn’t tell Ed about it. I wanted to wait and see if there was anything to tell.

“Dave? I am so glad you showed up. I was beginning to worry that you wouldn’t”

He was looking me over with a hungry gleam in his eye.

“I would not have missed this for anything. I need to thank good ol’ Mike for putting my number on your phone.”

“I’ll agree. I think he wanted me to call it. Either way I am glad I did.”

“Did you husband have mental illness? Because he must have been crazy to let you go!”

“I haven’t heard that one yet.”

“I have a million of them, just give me time,”

We ate and then went to a quiet little bar nearby. David had recently turned 21.

We found our way to the tiny dance floor. Someone had feed the jukebox with all slow songs. Dave was about Ed’s height, but much thinner. Our bodies melded together. Before long his hands started to roam freely over my body. I gave a half-hearted effort to stop him. I gave up, letting him run his hands over my ass. He squeezed my ass cheeks, pulling them apart slightly. That excited me as did the whistles from the beer soaked patrons. My body was responding to the young hunk.

As we left the bar, I was primed and ready. However, I didn’t want to be a one night stand. Plus I really needed to prepare Ed first. Dave didn’t push it either. But as I dropped him at his car at the restaurant, I pulled around to the back.

“I want to go home with you, but not tonight,” I managed to say between passionate kisses in the front seat of my car.

“I understand.”

“Thank you. It will be worth it when it happens.”

“How about next Friday? We can have a real date. Nice restaurant, dancing and…”

“We will just have to see about the ‘and.'”

“Good, I will pick you up at 8:00.”

“I will be ready. My brother will probably answer the door. So don’t worry about him. God I need a night like that.”

“Glad to help out. I think I need it too.”


I was excited to be going on my first real date in a long time. Of course, I told Ed about it, though I left out the fact that my date was our son’s age. Since Dave would be picking me up at our house, well, I guess that would be evident then.

I took the day off to prepare for the night. I started out with a manicure and a hair styling. Followed by a trip to Victoria’s Secret to buy some new sexy panties. When I got home, I took a bath, shaved my legs. I shaved my pussy as well. I didn’t want to spoil the look of the new panties.

Along with the undies, I had picked up some sheer türkçe bahis stockings and a garter belt. I opted not to wear a bra. I had a hot little black dress that I wore on special occasions. This was special.

I applied my makeup carefully. I wanted a look that said ‘classy’ but at the same time said ‘slut.’

I went downstairs a few minutes before Dave was to pick me up. I knew this dress was one of Ed’s favorites.

“Now Ed. I want to prepare you for later. I plan to bring my date home and fuck him all night if he is able. I don’t want you to interfere and, for goodness sake don’t let on that we are married. You can listen at the door if you want, but you may not need to be that close. If he is as good as I think he is, I will be loud.”

“I got it. This is all for you, so enjoy.”

“I plan to. It has been too long.”

“Damn, seeing you in that dress brings back memories.”

“For me too, for me too.”

I lifted the hem up far enough for Ed to see the new panties. He always loved seeing me in my undies. He didn’t have much time to enjoy the view as the doorbell rang. I quickly lowered my dress.

Ed reluctantly answered the door. If he was shocked to see a such a young man, he did not show it.

“My sister is ready. Would you like a drink, or do I need to check your ID?”

“No thank you I am fine”

“Wow, Sis, you do like them young.”

I ignored him and turned my attention to my date. I was wearing four inch heels but still had to stretch up to give him a welcome kiss. He reached around to give me a hug. I hoped Ed was enjoying the show. It was for his benefit after all.

“We will be back later, don’t wait up. Bye, big Brother.”

We enjoyed a nice meal, and went to a classier place to have a drink and dance. This time Dave wasted no time in letting his hands explore my body. We did try to keep it clean.

We could not wait to get to the car. My dress rode up a few inches when I slid onto the seat. I didn’t bother to adjust it, giving Dave a peek at my stocking tops and a sliver of bare thigh above. He seemed to enjoy the view. I broke the ice.

“You know it will be a whole lot more comfortable in my room.”

He brought his lips to mine. He was a wonderful kisser. He was getting me wet as his tongue entered my mouth. He rubbed my breasts over my dress, then worked his way down to my lap. This was getting serious fast. But I didn’t want to stop just yet. As his hand found its way under the hem of my dress, my own hand was wrapping around the bulge in his pants.

“Oh my god, you are huge.”

“It gets bigger. Keep rubbing.

He slipped two fingers into my sopping cunt. I had a small orgasm. Dave started to unzip his pants. I stopped him.

“Not here. Let’s go to my house!”

“What about your brother?”

“He won’t be a problem. He may be asleep by now, anyway.”

“Okay, if you say so.”

“As long as you satisfy me he should be happy. He is tired of hearing me complaining about needing some dick.”

When we walked into the house, Ed was still up watching TV. I led Dave by the hand through the den on our way to the stairs.

“Ed, we are going upstairs. We will try to keep it quiet.” He could not miss seeing that my lipstick was smeared.

“Get as loud as you need, Sis. I can sleep through a tornado.”

“In that case, it may get loud.”

I led Dave to the guest room. It could easily pass for my own bedroom. Anyway I don’t think Dave was looking at the room decor.

“Well, Dave here we are. What do you say we pick up where we left off in the car? I believe you were unzipping your pants.”

As I sat on the side of the bed, he slowly stroked the front of his trousers. obviously wanting it hard when I first saw it. He had nothing to worry about. It was impressive soft or hard.

I had only been with two guys before I got married. None of the men that I had ever been with had came close to Dave in length and girth. When I saw it, I started to doubt whether I could fit it into my tight slit. My hand barely encircled it. He pulled the foreskin back, bringing the pink head into view. It was leaking precum. I licked up all of it and took the head into my mouth. That was all I could fit. A normal blowjob güvenilir bahis siteleri was out of the question, Besides. I wasn’t here for that — I was here to get fucked.

Whoever said that women are not attracted to big dicks was wrong. I wanted to feel this one deep in me.”

I stood up and Dave pulled the zipper on my dress down, I turned toward him and shrugged the garment down to my ankles. He hurried to get undressed. His cock looked like a flesh colored missile ready to launch. It was even more impressive without his clothes.

“I don’t think that is going to fit. I have never had one even close to that big!”

“Leave that to me. I won’t hurt you. At least I’ll try not to break anything.”

“I told my brother I wouldn’t be loud, but I have a feeling I will.”

“Are you sure you want to do this with him here? I don’t want to cause a problem,”

“Leave him for me to worry about. He might be listening at the door for all I know. He won’t be a problem, trust me.”

“Then get on the bed and we can make it squeak.”

First I tugged down the sheer panties. Dave was laying on his back with his cock sticking straight up. I laid beside him and stroked it, feeling how hard it was. I wondered how that much blood could fill up his dick without him passing out.

“You might want to try being on top at first. You can control things better.”

I straddled his mid-section. I started out by rubbing my pussy along the underside of his huge cock. I wanted to coat it with my juices before I tried any farther. Just the friction alone had me close to cumming.

Soon it was the moment of truth. I lifted my hips enough to line up the head with my horny hole. The cock head parted my pussy lips. I slowly lowered myself a fraction of an inch at a time. It was big but my hole was adjusting to the size. Once the head was in, I was able to speed up. Before long it was bottoming out.

Mindful of Ed, I hollered out, “GOD YOU ARE HUGE.”

Dave smiled at that and started bucking his hips driving his cock in and out of my stretched pussy. His hands grabbed my ass, pulling me tighter to his pelvis. I loved it. I could have rode him like this all night. He had other ideas and other positions to try.

He then repositioned me on to my hands and knees. He entered me from behind in one strong thrust.

“YES I LOVE IT DOGGY,” I yelped out. It was all I could do to keep from passing out from the pleasure.

After I had several small orgasms he leaned in and asked where I wanted him to cum.

“I want it in my pussy. I want you on top.”

I rolled over and spread my legs, offering my gaping pussy to him. He wasted no time in getting back inside me. He pounded me into the mattress, urgently trying to fill me with his seed.

I was soon rewarded with a warm feeling deep inside.


I knew that this would be a long night.


Ed was drinking his morning coffee when Dave and I came down.

“Morning, Sis. I take it you slept well?”

“Did not sleep at all. Dave here saw to that. And you don’t need to call me ‘Sis,’ anymore”

Both men seemed perplexed.

“Dave, I want to keep seeing you but when I tell you this — you may run. But, it will be too hard to keep up this act.”

I took a deep breath.

“I am not ‘Marcy.’ I am not Mike’s aunt. I am Mary, Mike’s mother and Ed’s wife.”

I let that soak in. Dave looked shocked. I suppose that finding out you had done all sorts of nasty sexual acts with your friend’s mom will do that. Ed was just bemused.

“Y-your Mike’s mom? And you two are mu-mu-married?”

“Yes and yes. Before you run away, let me say that the only reason I’m telling you this is because I want you to stay.”

“This is weird. I don’t know what to think.”

“Think about this hot little pussy. And don’t worry about Mike, he would not have given me your number if he minded you screwing his mom. And Ed doesn’t mind his hot little wife getting satisfaction with you.”

Ed nodded.

“Ed, do you mind giving us a little privacy this morning? I have to take Dave upstairs and convince him to stick around.

He did stick around for a while. Dave was free to come over anytime and he did, keeping me very happy. Even that good thing had to end. As was inevitable he met someone and went on with his life.

As for me, I will be okay. For a while anyway. Maybe my son, Mike, has more phone numbers for me.

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