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My boyfriend Scott and I decide to go to Atlantis for this year V-Day weekend. After the first couple days, I had to admit I’d done my share of gazing myself. A lot of hot bodies, both men and women, and know that it caught the eyes of all who visit. Taking that into consideration, I dropped my concern regarding my exposure.

“Can I help you?” I heard an employee ask.

“I was just looking at your amenities,” I said with a smile. He smiled back and nodded as he backed away to the front desk area.

“Let me know if I can be of any help,” he said with a foreign accent.

His eyes were roaming my long tanned legs as I continued to look at the brochures. Being a young woman I’d gone outside my relationship a few times, and seeing his interest in me did generate some consideration. After all I was lonely, physically lonely.

I saw a hotel brochure that mentioned they offer an ‘In-Room’ massage – $185.00.

Suddenly, Scott yelled across the lobby, “He’s here, let’s go!”

I grabbed our gear and headed for the entrance passing by fountains of perfumed water that filled the lobby with an everlasting scent. As we passed through the doors we were met by a blast of heat that sent us into a daze. Our eyes glazed from the humidity blurring our vision momentarily.

From my left I could see two girls coming our way. Seeing their beautiful bodies I took in a deep breath as a wave of pheromones breezed past as they made their way down the sidewalk. Something about the scent of a woman.

The ride to the boat was short and steaming hot as the car lacked air conditioning. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead. Our eyes filled with un-familiar sites and sounds as we made our way down the torrential road.

As we exited the cab, we could see what appeared to be about a 45-foot pontoon boat with a live band aboard. The Calypso was its name and as we boarded we were met by a friendly staff. Scott wanted to soak up some rays, so he and I went to the second floor of the boat where we found some lounge chairs and a bar.

Scott and I were enjoying a close conversation as the boat began to set sail. He sat down on the end of my lounger and I rested my legs across his lap as we ordered our drinks. Scott had a big smile on his face and was commenting on how nice I looked in the bikini. His hands caressed my calves as we chatted.

It had been a long time since he had touched me, and I was enjoying his attention. As I sat there he seemed to have a lust for my legs as he continued to compliment me.

“So smooth,” he said as he brushed my legs.

“Scott, there are people around,” I said and began to blush.

“It’s ok, we’re on vacation,” he said.

I noticed his eyes went to something behind me, to my left, as he continued to caress my legs. I heard a few chairs sliding and as I peered over my shoulder I saw a young couple, perhaps in their mid 20’s, sitting on loungers nearby. We continued to chat, enjoying the view of the seas.

I wondered how long he would persist in massaging my legs, knowing there were people watching and nearby. Scott wasn’t much into public displays of affection, so I was intrigued. His voice got softer as his hands began to roam my lower thighs now. I glanced over my shoulder to see how many were there observing. It seemed the bar was crowded and active and our only risk was the couple next to us.

Although Scott was wearing his sunglasses, I could see his attention was focused elsewhere. He continued to rub my thighs and then raised my left leg. He rested it on his lap and began to caress my inner thigh.

“Scott, what are you doing?” I whispered quietly.

“Relax,” he said.

The fact that people were watching caused some concern for me. I had never known Scott to be so public in his acts of affection. I decided to comply and slowly opened my legs a little further. Across Scott’s face came a big smile as he gazed over my shoulder to the couple behind us. I saw him nod to one of them as his hand began to get higher and higher on my thighs.

As I glanced over my shoulder I could see that the guy was paying close attention to Scott’s hands and had a rather lustful stare upon his face. I acted as if not to notice and returned my attention to Scott. I was growing excited thinking that Scott was doing this’ knowing he’s so reserved, and enjoying having others watch.

“What’s gotten into you this morning?” I asked with a smile.

“You look delicious,” he said as he caressed my thighs.

His hands felt so enticing, different than usual. I looked over towards the stairwell to ensure Keith wasn’t around. As I turned away I saw Scott stick his tongue out in a sexual way and as I turned back towards him he retracted it quickly. He looked at me again and smiled.

“We’re interested if you are,” we heard from a male voice behind us.

I turned my head to the couple next to us. She was a young, beautiful brunette, about 24, with a handsome husband or boyfriend, same age I assumed, and I quickly güvenilir bahis noticed that she was in a rather provocative position on the lounger. With a quick glance I could see her legs were spread and her hands close by. Her legs were beautiful and well tanned, looking so tasty. I smiled at them and I turned to Scott and noticed he was looking at me very lustfully.

“Interested?” I heard from her soft voice behind me.

As I turned I noticed she had pulled her bathing suit to the side, exposing her pussy, and licked her lips in a very seductive manner. I couldn’t help but to stare for a moment in disbelief. Scott acted very nervous and began to squirm a bit. I smiled and turned towards Scott and whispered; “Is that an offer?”

“You have great legs,” I heard her husband say, and she added, “very much so.”

“We are here to explore,” she said.

My heart was pumping as I stammered for a response, but just wasn’t prepared for such a request. I looked at Scott and raised my eyebrows quickly and licked my lips in a flirtatious manner and giggled.

Scott and I were at a loss for words at that point. I had never been offered sex in such a manner and especially not in front of my husband. It wasn’t long until we arrived at the island, but didn’t stop Scott from taking in the views from the exposed girl to my left, and as I got up from the lounger I gave one last glance to see her beautiful spread and couldn’t help but to notice the large bulge in her hubby’s shorts, and in Scott’s. I gave them a nervous but genuine smile as we made our way to the stairwell.

Prior to disembarking the boat, my legs were weak and I was drenched with juices after having experienced such a sexual invitation. Scott was aware of my bi-experiences in the past when I was growing up; there were few secrets. Seeing that girl’s beautiful tan legs spread in such an manner reminded me of Allison from years ago. Seeing such an invitation reminded me of my own days of exploration.

Scott was close by. Feeling his hand on my ass, I moved ahead of him in the line.

“Somebody is very horny,” I said to Scott as I hugged him closely talking about the couple and their appetite. “Can you believe that?” I said to Scott.

“Some people have a different view of sexuality than others I suppose,” said Scott as he giggled nervously, but I could tell he was very aroused.

“Did you enjoy the view she was providing?” I asked Scott.

“They were doing that long before they said anything,” he said. “When they sat down next to us their eyes were all over your body, Nisa,” said Scott. “And his hands were all over her.”

“Oh my god, really?” I said. “Is that why you were looking over my shoulder?” I asked.

He just giggled and said, “It was hard to overlook.” We both just giggled and continued up the boat ramp and onto the island.

We spent the day on the island but my mind was somewhere else. I couldn’t seem to focus on anything but sex. Seeing all those hot bodies running around everywhere didn’t help matters either. I was nestled in a semi-private hammock that embraced me as it wrapped around my oiled body. My tanned legs glistening in the sun looked so enticing from the sunlight angles and shading.

I knew Scott were far down the beach, which gave me a moment to myself. My mind raced with flashbacks about Allison and our sleepouts in the past. The lust we had for each other and all that we experienced together. My legs slithering in oils felt so sensual as they glided together. Overwhelmed with desire, I slid my hand under my bikini and slowly started touching myself. There didn’t seem to be anyone in my area so I continued to pleasure myself.

My pussy was drenched, almost sloshing with every stroke of my fingers. I entered a state of mind where I was content with what I was doing and persisted on. The hammock swayed ever so slowly as I drove my fingers in deep. Licking them clean I re-inserted them and continued to masturbate, hoping to achieve an orgasm before anyone had noticed.

My thoughts were of that couple on the boat and their sexual fortitude. Her legs spread wide, enticing our sexual desires. My fingers were buried deep in me; all 3 of them twisting my juices around like a blender. Such a wet, warm, inviting place to shove some fingers. Taking my index finger, I began to roll over my G-spot, which made my toes curl immediately.

Moments later I shuddered with an incredible orgasm and I quietly yelped in ecstasy as my body quivered in satisfaction. My body went limp as I embraced the hammock’s integrity to support me, relaxing myself completely back into its fold. I lay there breathless with an everlasting grin upon my face as I covertly licked my fingers clean.

I stretched to retrieve my drink and as I reached over I saw an older man lying next to my hammock, perhaps 8-10 feet away, holding a cigarette. “Bet you’re thirsty for a drink now,” he said in a whisper.

I lay back in my hammock, my heart racing. “Oh my god,” I thought. “He was laying türkçe bahis there the whole time? Was he watching me the whole time? What is going on around here?” These thoughts raced through my mind. We got approached so forwardly from a young couple and now I was caught pleasuring myself when I thought I was alone. I had never observed so much sexual energy and had certainly never felt its power over me in such a manner.

I lay there motionless, waiting for him to leave, my chest rising from my hard breathing as I tried to slow its pace. My breasts, half exposed, gleamed in the oils and shone from sunlight. Beads of sweat rolled down my cleavage like tiny rivers in a race.

Perhaps fifteen minutes had passed before I realized he left the area. I let out a gasp of relief and quickly reached for my water and took an enormous drink.

A few hours had passed when I saw the couple from the boat walking along the beach. My eyes locked onto them as they strolled along the sands. Both were very attractive and extremely enticing. I could see them stopping to chat with others when I knew what their real intentions were. “What an erotic thought,” I thought as I pondered what their evening might entail.

Knowing this island seemed to be obsessed with lust, it was only a matter of time before they would find what they were seeking, I was sure of it.

“WOW,” I thought. “How arousing that must be for them and how sexual they must be.”

I know Scott would never entertain that idea, however, I did notice his excitement seeing that couple next to us as it made me equally intrigued. I couldn’t imagine us switching partners and all but we did enjoy the interaction and the view she provided.

By 5 pm we found ourselves back in the hotel room, showering off the saltwater and suntan oils, preparing for dinner.

While in the shower my mind continued to fantasize about what I had seen that day, and found it hard to keep my hands from exploring myself once again. Somewhere I found the energy to complete my cleansing and dressed for dinner.

Scott and I began talking about the couple on the boat in the sitting area of the room. I could tell Scott was still very aroused by the view he had and the offer that was made available.

“Perhaps we’ll see them again before this vacation is over,” I said.

Scott leaned forward and gave me a deeper kiss than I’m used to and caressed my legs. We continued to touch each other as I begged for his attention for too long.

“You are so affectionate this weekend, Scott,” I said.

He just smiled and kept playing with my bronzed legs. His hands moved ever so slowly across them as he stared into my eyes.

During the meal Scott was grinning at me from across the table but didn’t hint what it was. I just assumed it was still the lingering thoughts from the day, but something told me it wasn’t. I didn’t give it any more thought and began to enjoy my fresh seafood dinner.

As we walked out of the dining area, we observed the young couple from the boat, now dressed elegantly, and as we passed them, she crossed her legs ever so seductively as we shared a smile with a wave.

Her legs were mesmerizing and her sexuality was overflowing. I managed to block them out of my mind as we made our way back to the room, but couldn’t help finding myself terribly aroused.

Sharing a room has its downfalls, and Scott and I were again suffering its consequences that evening.

When morning arrived Scott had plans to go parasailing, something I had no interest in at all. Height is something I don’t enjoy so they were on their own. By 8 am I felt a soft kiss on my cheek and the sound of the hotel door closing with a clink. They were gone for the day.

I sat up in the bed and attempted to stretch with a hot cup of joe fermenting the room. The curtains were open wide and the sounds and smells of the beach and waves filled the room. I stood and walked over to the table and enjoyed my first cup of coffee.

My mind began to ponder what I was going to do today. Scott were going to be gone until 5pm.

Thoughts ran through my mind regarding that couple we keep seeing and how enticing they were. I knew that I wouldn’t meet a couple by myself, nor was that my method of operation, but did find them very attractive.

As I stood in the window, below me were the same bikini clad and muscled bodies that seemed to wander the landscape searching for their next rendezvous. I could see the ladies lined up along side the pool in the loungers, suntanning their flesh, while all around were the guys drooling over their presence. As I watched the pool area my left hand was twisting my nipple as I became aroused from the memories of yesterday and all the exposed flesh in my midst.

“The massage!” I remembered seeing the brochure as I quickly turned.

I retrieved the amenities guide from the desk and began thumbing through it. I had never thought about getting a massage before in my life. Its reputation was rather sketchy güvenilir bahis siteleri and couldn’t imagine letting someone touch my body other than Scott. As I thumbed through the services I located it once again: ‘In room massage – $185.00.’

My hand was gliding up my legs as I began to read further. I was dressed in a camisole, which felt good against my sunburnt skin.

It seemed like a legitimate service and offered hot stones as well, which I’d heard is remarkable. I thought to myself, “This is a four-star hotel and I’m sure the massage is nothing to fear. Besides I’m sure I can request a female.” I began to ponder the idea.

I couldn’t imagine what the therapist must think as they massage all these bodies and the lust they must develop over time. I began to visualize myself lying on the massage table naked and knowing that some stranger was seeing me and massaging my body.

A flood of arousal overcame me instantly as I pictured it. Being 5’9″ and having long, sexy legs, I knew that my 20-year-old body was still in nice shape and appealing. I wanted to fill this day with something fun and the more I thought about it the more aroused I became.

I called the massage desk to schedule the massage. I asked about the service and they made me feel very comfortable in trying it.

I requested a female and they notified me that they were unavailable and that they were fully booked for the day. I asked if any cancellations were possible and they directed me to the front desk by phone for assistance.

I spoke with a man there and stated that today was my only chance for a massage and I was really hoping to partake. He seemed puzzled at first, but promised me he would see what he could do, and would call me back.

A few minutes later the phone rang with a 12 noon appointment available for me from the man I had talked to earlier, I couldn’t help but think he sounded familiar as he re-confirmed the time.

“Your massage therapist will be there at 12 noon ma’am,” he stated.

I politely thanked him for his effort and began to prepare for my massage experience.

I went to the bathroom and ran a hot bath. I lay in the bathtub shaving my legs, ever so slowly making sure to get every inch. My body began tingling from the erotic ideas I was pondering as I bathed.

“Do I wear panties and a bra?” I asked myself. “Perhaps they’ll just lay a towel over me and massage just my back and legs.” That would be good enough, being too nervous to generate any other thoughts.

As I lay there I began to roam my own body, trying to imagine some therapist doing the same thing. Firm long legs, round firm breasts, supple ass… how was this going to work, I thought.

I continued to touch myself in the bathtub, imagining my appointment that was just 30 minutes away now, ever so gently twisting my nipples. I was so ready to try this. I rose from the bathtub and quickly toweled off when I heard the knock at the door.

“Massage service,” I heard through the door.

“One minute please,” I yelled back.

“Oh my, was I really going to answer the door in my robe?,” I thought, my heart racing as I hurried to locate my bathrobe.

I tried to get partially dressed but the knock came again “Massage service,” I heard again.

Managing to get my camisole and robe on, I approached the door, ran my hands through my hair quickly and tied my robe shut. My heart was pounding. I thought, “What if Scott and Keith decide to return early?” I paused a few more seconds, wondering if I had the courage to do this.

I ran back into the bathroom, my eyes wide.

“Can you come in I’m running a little late,” I yelled back.

I heard the door open and the sound of some equipment banging the walls as they entered.

“I’ll be right out ok?” I yelled.

“No problem ma’am,” I heard and it was a male’s voice that spoke. I stared into the mirror in disbelief. I had firmly requested a female.

“Oh my god, am I going to let another man massage my body?” I thought. I stood in the bathroom wondering what I was going to do. A few moments later I heard his voice near the bathroom door.

“Take your time and when you’re ready, just ring the bell,” he said.

I heard the room door close and I stood in the silence in the bathroom, listening to my heart pounding through my chest. I had to relax as I wiped my forehead with a tissue and began to laugh at myself for doing this to myself.

I quietly opened the door and saw a massage table that was already setup. The scent of candles filled the air and vanilla was very warming to me. The room was dim and the candlelight on the white sheet looked really sensual, inviting. I walked around the table in anticipation and decided, it’s just a massage. “Relax!” I thought.

I shut off the bathroom light, which made the room even darker. “What am I doing?” I thought to myself. This felt inappropriate and yet I knew it was not, but it sure looked like a recipe for something rather intimate.

I crawled up onto the bed and placed my head in the ‘half-moon’ shaped pad at the top of the massage table. My heart was pounding and my mouth was as dry as sand. My hands were moist with sweat as I gripped the bed and reached for the bell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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