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This is one of those stories that you just know couldn’t be true. And if it hadn’t happened to me, I’d think the same thing. I like to receive massages, who doesn’t. And I like giving massages, particularly to attractive women. It’s an open invitation to touch her all over, see her nude, very relaxed and generally quite happy.

As I said I do enjoy receive massages and tend to get one whenever I can. There have been several masseuses that I’ve been very attracted to, but there hadn’t been the slightest sign of anything less than professional interest. However, a number of years ago I went to see a new masseuse, we’ll call her A. She was a little different than a lot of massage therapists I had been to. Just in the fact that she was a lot friendlier and seemed to be unafraid to share information about her personal life. So we talked while she was giving me a massage and it was very pleasant.

I should describe what she looked like. She was in her mid to late 30’s, dirty blonde hair, about 5’7″ maybe

20. She had great legs, small breasts, maybe an A cup. You wouldn’t call her gorgeous, but she could turn me on. After about 4 visits I decided that I was going to have sex with her, that I was going to seduce her. And the best way that I could see doing that was to show interest in massage. I started asking how she had learned, what got her interested in doin g it, etc.. Then I güvenilir bahis ended up suggesting that maybe we could start trading massages, both as a way for me to get free massages and as a way to learn how to give better massages. I’m also thinking that that would be one step closer to fucking her.

We traded massages a couple of times with nothing much happening. But finally it started. I was a little over half way done with the massage and she was now on her back. A single sheet covered her body up to just above her nipples. Though massaging her the sheet ended up migrating to just below her nipples. And what nice nipples they were. A deep reddish brown in color, her areola just a bit bigger than a quarter. The nipples themselves were quite big, over a quarter inch in diameter and at least half and inch long. When I noticed them sticking up above the sheet I apologized for exposing her. She said it was ok, didn’t appear uncomfortable at all. Then I asked if she wanted me to move the sheet back up and she replied that it didn’t matter. Well, I wasn’t going to cover her back up if I didn’t have to that’s for sure. I told her I liked her nipples while still massaging her and working my way up. I asked her if they were sensitive. She said yes. Then I asked if she minded if I licked them. She said no. So I bent down and took her right nipple in my mouth. Sucking on it while slowly swirling türkçe bahis my tongue around it. While I was doing this I took her other nipple in my hand and started lightly pinching it. I heard a soft moan from her indicating she was liking what was going on. I then started kissing her and my hands started roaming around her body initially on top of the sheet but very quickly under it and then the sheet came off entirely. Her pussy was completely shaved, which I love. While this was going on she was rubbing my back and ass with her hand. I then kissed my way down her body until I was finally between her legs and I took the first sweet taste of her pussy. She was quite wet by this time and tasted great. After a minute of this I stood up and took off my clothes. I was extremely hard, extremely horny and wanted her very badly. I then bent back down and started licking her pussy again. Now using first one then two fingers inside of her, curled upward and stroking her g-spot while I licked her clit.

It didn’t take her long to cum from this and once she was done she pushed me back on the table and took my cock into her mouth. I should describe myself a bit. I’m 5’8″, dark brown hair and brown eyes. My cock is, well, a bit more exceptional than the rest of me. At 6″ long it’s not above average, but it is quite thick. A full 6″ in circumference. Most women are filled up very well with it. I also güvenilir bahis siteleri have a Prince Albert piercing. Something that makes sex, well, interesting. As she was sucking my cock she would play with my ring with her tongue, flicking it back and forth, pulling on it with her lips. Basically putting me in heaven. Pretty soon, though, I’d had enough of that and wanted to feel my cock inside her. I pushed her back on the table and she spread her legs. What a great thing to see, a woman spread out in front of you, wanting you to fuck her. I leaned over her, kissing her, grinding my cock against her pussy, she was still pretty wet, so I slid around pretty good. Then I positioned myself at the opening of her pussy and slowly pushed in until I was in all the way. I stopped, just reveling in the sensation of her tight pussy holding me. Then I started fucking her, oh, it felt so good. That day I found out that having sex on a masseuse table is a very good thing. It’s padded and allows for a variety of positions and activities. I think I fucked her for 20 or 30 minutes, missionary, her on top, from behind, before I was ready to cum. She had come once or twice again during this time. My cock was swelling up and I just couldn’t help myself and I started cumming, filling her pussy.

Then afterwards we laid on the table and just relaxed, cuddled a bit and let our heartrates slow back down to normal. Well by this now it was about time for her next appointment to come in, so I got dressed and left. This wasn’t the last time we had some fun in her office. I did find out later that she didn’t like to wear a bra or panties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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