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Michelle — 3/25/07

1st Draft

I’d been working at St. Mary’s for a little over a year and had laughed at all of the expected comments my buddies from college and friends in general made about Catholic school girls. In reality it wasn’t all that different from the work I had done as a student teacher at the public schools, except it paid better and there was a definitive lack of guns and knives hidden in the student’s backpacks. The worst thing I had seen so far was a toss up between two pretty lame fights (hair-pulling really isn’t a formal fighting technique..) and girls that got busted every week for smoking in the bathroom.

Being a senior social studies teacher I think the level of interest from the average student was around zero to negative one hundred. (Truthfully, who cares what caused the Teapot Dome scandal in the 1920’s?) I was pretty used to the girls paying more attention to the view of the quad outside or the cell phones they supposedly didn’t have then to my lectures. That’s why when the new year started I was a bit surprised to find a new student in the class who seemed interested in AP American history and actually participated in class willingly as opposed to me having to drag an answer out of her.

I’d been exposed by this point to quite a few girls who flaunted their looks and bodies one way or another in an attempt to rebel against the strict rules of the school. A skirt shortened too much here, a blouse unbuttoned too far there, obvious thongs, things along those lines. Michelle (the new senior) certainly did none of these things. She was striking without having to resort to any sort of played up style. She had shoulder length dark brown hair usually kept in a pony tail, striking hazel eyes, a petite maybe 5’4″ athletic frame and a great smile. The smile and eyes, in that order, were the first things I noticed as soon as she entered the room.

She was smart, great looking, and had an intelligent sense of humor. Michelle stayed after a few times for help on some reports and I enjoyed the time teaching someone who actually cared about the subject. History can certainly be fun if taken with the right attitude, one that she seemed to have.

One of the times she stayed back for a few minutes after an exam just to clarify some questions she had. As she turned to leave she knocked over some papers on the edge of my desk with her backpack. She started apologizing and quickly bent down to start picking up the papers and I moved around the table to help her coming onto the same side of the desk behind her. To my surprise a very sexy thong was peeking out the back of her skirt and disappearing down a very nice looking cleft, her shirt having been caught up a bit and her skirt pulled down some due to her position. She looked up as I stood there and my face turned red as I attempted to cover up the obvious fact that I had been staring. She smiled a little then tamped down the papers in a neat pile and stood, placing them back on my desk. I made some weak attempt to cover up but she acted as if nothing had transpired, apologized again then walked out of the room, flashing me a smile as she turned the corner.

I sat back on my desk and berated myself for being an idiot, and letting something as silly as a thong break my composure.

Over the next few weeks I thought a lot more about her. During every class I ended up wondering what she was wearing beneath her school uniform. It was curious how attractive the thought of a pretty girl wearing something sexy beneath a plain uniform was. If she wore thongs did that mean anything about her personality? Was she hiding other facets of herself? Not that wearing a thong makes a girl a slut or even means she thinks of it as sexy, it could just be more comfortable I suppose. But it made me think. Made me think about what SHE thought of it. Does she dress in the morning and admire herself in the mirror, pulling her bra and thong on, then skirt and blouse? Does she like the feel of the soft material against her skin; did she smile and think about what effect it would have on guys?

Michelle acted as if she never caught me staring down her backside and seemed normal as the school year wore on. After Spring Break classes resumed and I noticed that she had a very nice tan. I mentioned it in an envious tone (since I did NOT go to some sunny place on break) and she said that her parents gave her a trip to Florida for her birthday which fell on the day after Spring break started. Interesting information I thought, then went on with the class. Afterwards she stayed behind a bit and approached my desk, text book in hand. She laid the book down so it faced me and pushed it a bit towards where I sat and started to ask some questions about the material. She leaned her elbows on the desk and bent a bit at the waist as I answered her, giving me a full view down the neck of her blouse. It actually took me a second or so to realize this so when my eyes focused and I unconsciously followed the line down her güvenilir bahis tanned skin to a nice view of her breasts barely being contained by a light lacy bra I ended up stammering for a second. I tried to recover and made a point to look her right in the eye after that, but she obviously had noticed. For a second I was mortified that she would be insulted or report me or something along those lines, but all she did was stand up, give me one of her beautiful smiles and walk out of the room.

Similar things started to happen on a more regular basis with her. She would brush up against me accidently, pressing the side of her breast against my arm, the warm feeling lingering for seconds afterwards, or showing a bit more leg then normal in class, flashing a thong accidently, or giving me another cleavage show on occasion. Needless to say I was having “impure” thoughts very quickly, to the point that a few times in class I ended up having to sit behind my desk and talk as opposed to standing as is usually my style.

Final exams arrived and with them half days as students took one or two exams and then were able to leave campus and study for the next day’s exams. The Social Studies exam took place on the final slot of the final day of exams, which annoyed me to no end since it meant I had to stick around later on a Friday than I was really looking forward to. During the exam I ended up watching Michelle much of the time, how she moved her hands while she wrote, the way she scrunched up her nose when she was thinking about a question, how she crossed and uncrossed her well toned and tanned legs. I also wondered what she was wearing underneath the uniform, what her tan lines looked like, and even as far as if she curls her toes when she has an orgasm or if she is loud in bed.

As she handed in her papers she looked a bit downtrodden, then she left with some of her friends. I took the stack of tests and headed to my small office in the now nearly deserted wing of the school.

I thumped the papers down on my desk then sat down, putting my feet up while I avoided doing much of anything for a few minutes. I didn’t have to grade the tests now, really I just needed to waste some time to appear to have put in a day’s work then go home and relax. I started to think about Michelle and my cock slowly got hard as I thought about her long legs and sexy body. I messaged my crotch a bit, enjoying the tabooness of the thoughts and actions in my office. Just as I was contemplating pulling it out for a quick jerk there came a knock at my door. Quickly I put my feet down and attempted to think about baseball or something else completely not arousing, allowing a few seconds to go by.

“Come in” I said leaning forward, shuffling some papers meaninglessly on my desk.

The door opened and Michelle stuck her head in, looking around a bit embarrassed.

“Hi, can I talk to you for a sec Mr. Kimball?”

“Certainly Michelle, come in take a seat.” Starting to stand I realized the mistake and instead motioned towards a chair pulled up to the other side of my desk for her to sit. She put her backpack down on the chair but remained standing, one eyebrow raising for just a second at my half sitting and standing stance.

“umm.. I think I really did badly on my exam. I just flaked out I think on some of the questions and I really was hoping to get a good grade on the test. Have you had a chance to look at them yet?” She looked at me with pleading eyes, half biting her lower lip.

My first impulse was to look around to see if anywhere was written the words “I never thought it would happen to me BUT..” I pointed bleakly to the pile of exams before me.

“Michelle, I’m sure you did fine, but I’ve not had a chance ..”

She interrupted me “Please you can tell me, I know you shouldn’t tell me until the grades are officially posted but I need to be able to prepare my parents if it’s bad. Please Mr. Kimball?”

A thought entered my mind. A very bad thought. I’d not yet even looked at any of the tests. I’m sure though that based on past exams she was just having a bit of performance anxiety, plus like every teacher I do tend to skew things a little one way or the other if I like someone. But..

“Well, to tell you the truth Michelle I’ve seen better work from you.” I said as I leaned back in my chair, crossing my arms and staring at her in my best “you disappointed me” pose.

She froze, her breathing coming just noticeably faster, her chest rising a bit more with each breath.

“How bad was it?” She breathed.

“Well I’ve not finished marking it and since it was all essay questions ” at this she gave a bit of a harrumph since everyone hates essay questions “there is always room for substantial partial credit on most questions, but I would say it will drag down your overall grade a fair amount.”

“umm.. okay. Is there any extra credit or bonus projects I can do to help bring it back up?” She took a step back then took a nervous step türkçe bahis forward again. I often gave out extra credit work if a student had bombed a test, though never on a final.

“I’m sorry Michelle, but I don’t do that for finals, once the grade is recorded that’s it.” I made a cutting motion with my right hand to emphasize the point.

She stepped back again, then bit her thumb for a second, then turned around and closed the door to my office the rest of the way.

“Is there anything else I can help you with Michelle?”

She moved around to the side of my desk, and put one hand on the papers.

“Is there anything that I can do to get this grade up? Anything at all?” My heart nearly leapt out of my chest it was beating so fast. Did she really just say that?? Now what am I supposed to do I thought?

“I’m not sure I know what you mean, I just told you..”

While I talked she moved back to the door, and quietly locked it, then turned and walked to the side of the desk again.

“I’ve seen how you look at me Mr. Kimball.” She said in a low, playful voice.

“umm.. what?” was all I was able to muster.

“Don’t get me wrong, I like it.” She went on, tracing the line of buttons on her blouse with one finger while talking ” I know you like what you’ve seen so far, and I thought maybe if you saw some more that might help my exam?” She slowly unbuttoned the top button on her blouse, loosening her necktie and moving it to the side.

I rolled my chair back some, and then stared at her as she slowly unbuttoned her shirt further.

“I suppose it might help.” I watched greedily as she slowly undid the last button, and then peeled the shirt back, revealing first her tanned shoulders, and then shrugging the rest off to let it fall to the floor.

She arched her back then reached behind and undid her lacy bra, pulling it off too to fall to the floor. She stood before me now in a skirt, stockings, and nothing else, her perky breasts and erect nipples exposed. All I could do was stare. She ran her hands along the soft bottoms of the globes of her breasts, and then caressed her nipples before putting her hands on her hips.

“How do they look?”

“Perfect” I said, at which she shot me a smile and wiggled her shoulders back and forth a bit to make her breasts sway. “soo… does that help my grades?” “Well I must admit I think I may have been a bit harsh on grading the first question or two, I can probably go back and find some points. But it’s still not looking good.”

“oh” she pouted. She walked around the desk and stood not a foot away from me. Then she turned around and undid the hasp holding her skirt up. With a whisper of fabric her skirt fell to the floor revealing a very sexy red thong being worn beneath. She stood there letting me gaze at her back and ass, and then she slowly bent over and grabbed her ankles.

Her muscular legs flexed smoothly as she bent over and this left me with an awesome view of her ass, her pussy mound still covered by the thong and her asshole barely covered by the thin fabric. A few stray pubic hairs peaked out around the fabric as well. Absently I noticed that she must have worn a very small bikini when she was in Florida, because the tan lines were sharp and equally small. My left hand moved down and started to rub my cock through my pants slowly while I cleared my throat.

“Well that’s defiantly making me think I need to look at a number of the questions now. ” Not being able to withhold myself anymore I lightly touch her hip with my right hand. Small shivers ran through her body and she started to breathe a bit faster.

“It’s okay, keep going” she whispered, so I ran my hand from her hip down her buttocks and thigh, then back up to the small of her back. With my other hand I pulled back the fabric of the thong to one side and looked at her uncovered asshole and beautiful lips. She moaned a bit, then straightened up, turning around.

She quickly slipped out of the thong, and then with one hand squeezed the obvious bulge in my pants.

“I want an A Mr. Kimball” she said in a breathy voice “just tell me what to do.”

Not quite believing what was going on I pushed my chair back and stood, towering over her as she comes up to about my shoulders height wise. My first impulse was to have her suck my cock, but I was too worked up for something as simple as that. I needed to feel her pussy wrapped around my cock.

I leaned forward and holding her head in my hand give her a long, slow kiss that she passionately returned, pressing her naked body against mine, my cock pressing into her belly. I ran my hands down the length of her neck and back to the top of her tight ass then back up, savoring the feel of her skin. I turned her around then and told her to bend over my desk, which she did, laying her head on her hands and her ass turned up.

I pulled out my cock then and with one hand on her hip and with the other laid my cock between her cheeks, güvenilir bahis siteleri relishing the heat her silky smooth skin was giving off. Moving my hips slowly I stroked my dick in the wonderful cleft of her ass a few times, enjoying the feel.

“Do you like my ass Mr. Kimball? You seem to be taking your time.” She said coyly.

“You are perfect” I manage to murmur, then I pulled back a bit and let my cock tip ride further down, pausing slightly as I brushed her sweet asshole, then dragged myself teasingly across her exposed pussy lips. She moaned some more and tried to push back onto me, but I wasn’t quite ready to fuck my perfect student yet.

“You want an A Michelle?” I asked. She twisted her hips trying to get my cock that teased her.

“Please Mr. Kimball, do what you want to me. I’ve been waiting all year for this.” Her eyes were half closed; she slipped on hand down and was playing with her nipples.

“You have to be quiet then Michelle, if you make a lot of noise I’m going to fail you. Do you understand?” she nodded.

“..and just fucking you will probably only get you a B honey, ” I teased her lips some more, rubbing my head between them and pressing lightly against her pussy hole which was already slick with her juices.

“I.. want.. an A” she said between breaths. My heart was pounding as I took her in with all my senses. Her toned smooth skin under my hands, her hot moist pussy against my cock, the beautiful mix of smells from her light perfume and her aroused pussy. I began to work my cock into her pussy then, feeding myself into her tight hole slowly with one hand, still holding her hip with the other.

“Oh my god yes” she whispered, pushing back against me. Her pussy was amazingly tight and almost unnaturally hot wrapped around my cock, causing my balls to tighten up almost immediately.

“For an A you need to beg me to cum inside you Michelle. Tell me that you want my cum inside your pussy.”

“Yesss.. Please Mr. Kimball, fill my tight cunt with your cum.” She panted. By this time I was buried to my balls inside the girl’s pussy, amazing tingles of pleasure engulfed my senses. I moved my other hand to her hip and slowly pulled nearly all the way out, then slide my slick shaft back balls deep again.

“mmmm yeah” she arched her back some and placed her forehead on her hands as I slowly stroked her, deep and long, enjoying every inch of her tight young body.

“Your cock feels so good Mr. Kimball, please just fuck me, use me however you want.” I picked up the pace some, stroking long and harder, watching my cock disappear completely then pull almost all the way out then slam back home. Every time she talked I nearly came, and she felt my cock swell every time I came close.

“Do you like it when I talk?” She whispered. I grunted in acknowledgement, too mesmerized by what was happening to formulate words.

“I want you to cum inside my pussy, I want to feel your hot thick cum fill me. I’m such a fucking slut and you knew it all along didn’t you?” she said, punctuated often by the power of my thrusts.

“Yess” I managed to say. I was coming close to the brink already, so I slowed my thrusts, pausing while buried deep inside her cunt. “I wanted to have you bent over my desk like this from the first day you walked into my class Michelle.”

“Well you have me now.” She whispered, trying to bite down on the purring noises she was making. “Use me like a fucktoy Mr. Kimball, I want it so bad.”

That was about all I could take. I was peripherally aware that there were still people in the building, though my office door had no windows, I DID have a student nearly naked bent over my desk with my cock in her. Not the best situation for a teacher to be caught in. She was legal, but it was still a loss of my job and career if caught. I needed to just use her as quickly as possible, fulfill my needs and blow my load.

I leaned forward over her back and kissed her shoulder and neck, then with one hand grabbed her pony tail and pulled her head up and back, my mouth next to her ear.

“I’m going to fuck you like the closet whore you are Michelle, then fill you with my load.” She writhed and moaned beneath me, coming up onto her elbows due to me pulling her hair back.

“Yesss.. Fuck me!”

Still holding her hair in my fist I started to pump her, her ass making a wet slapping noise with each deep thrust and forcing a closed mouth “unh” from her lips with each thrust as she tried to be quiet. Her pussy was drenched and my office smelled wonderful with her musky scent. With each thrust and pull out I used my other hand which grasped her small waist for leverage to fuck myself with her body, using her to satisfy my lusts.

I let go of her hair and ran one hand along the small of her back, then reach under and cupped her tits, playing with her nipples for a bit before returning the hand to her shoulder. I was getting very close, my strokes harder and louder, faster. Michelle was moaning almost constantly with small “yes”es sneaking out between gasps of pleasure. I grabbed her waist with both hands then and forcibly started to fuck myself with her body, slamming her back onto my cock with each thrust.

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