Midnight Desire Pt. 02

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A warm and wet golden shower cascaded over the faces and boobs of Marion and Brenda. John was the first to squirt. Upon completion, it was Bill’s turn to soak the women.

Then the girls exhibited their wet body’s by standing above the men, lying on the balcony in pools of piss. Marion’s golden shower found the men’s faces. Brenda concluded the evenings water sport entertainment by further saturating the men.

Night arrived and again the sport of exhibiting, pissing and orgasming was played out on Marion’s top floor apartment balcony. Now there were four players. Two men and two women were indulging in lascivious activities under the cover of darkness.

Brenda the landlady who started the erotic sport with Marion, had ceased participation when one of her tenants became her boyfriend. They broke up and now she has returned to late night fun and games with Marion as the girls did previously.

John is the new player. He lives with his wife below Marion. He complained to the landlady about piss dripping onto his balcony from the balcony above. Brenda held a meeting for John in Marion’s apartment where Marion unashamedly spoke up.

‘I host an exhibition, golden shower and masturbation show with Brenda and Bill after midnight.’ she explained, ‘We try to limit the noise to soft sighs and whimpers out of consideration for our neighbours. Brenda says there is no law against having sex in the building.’

He raised an eyebrow and smiled, ‘So that’s what it is. I’m an exhibitionist too and I would love to show my body and witness two lovely girls like you in action. I’m bi and would like to participate with Bill as well.’

Marion replied, ‘We are all bi or lesbian, so why don’t you join the three of us?’

John laughed. ‘My marriage is sexless and childless. How I could do with bursa escort some fun. My wife is away on most week nights. She travels around the country as a guest speaker.’

The ladies smiled then Marion announced. ‘You are in from tonight. I leave my front door unlocked at five to midnight for Brenda and Bill jumps over the wall between our balconies. Arrive no earlier or later.

Brenda added. ‘We meet for the sole purpose of exhibiting and getting off. So I think it appropriate you exhibit for us right here and now.’ John smiled and gladly obliged by dropping his pants to the floor.

Brenda inspected his manhood then the woman got down on her knees and softly sucked the outstanding mushroom head. ‘Mmm! Very nice!’

Offering it to Marion, she briefly sucked his bone. ‘Mmm! Very nice!’

Marion offered the new tool to her next door neighbour. Bill savoured a tantalising suck, ‘Mmm! Very nice!’

The meeting of complaint had reached a positive outcome.

For the second time right on midnight the foursome met in Marion’s apartment. The attractive naked ladies laid side-by-side on the deck chair to have their pretty faces and beautiful boobs golden showered. Then dutifully, the wet smiling women golden showered their male playmates.

Down on the urinated tiles, Bill 69ed Marion while John 69ed Brenda. The participants eagerly indulged in the spontaneous free sex. Then it was Brenda who 69ed Marion while John 69ed Bill. The players revelled in the decadence of their ‘pick your partner for sex’ adventure.

On the deck chair the piss scented ladies once again laid side-by-side, with legs draped over each other. The horny men stroked their big cocks then spurted ropes of cum over the women’s piss soaked faces.

The joyful slippery skin girls masturbated each bursa escort bayan other with four fingers and shared gorgeous orgasms while displaying their lesbianism to the guys. Freshly fucked and totally satisfied the foursome scampered into Marion’s apartment to shower together.

The following night saw the mutual masturbators in action yet again. This time three of them were standing naked around the deck chair. Marion made her stage entry by slowly strutting up to the voyeurs in a tiny string bikini. She laid on the deck chair, teasingly removing her pants and spreading her legs like a true exhibitionist.

The gorgeous woman became the centre of attention by masturbating for her admirers. She delighted in showing her perving audience just how she worked her pussy by circling one finger around her runny clit then around her parted pussy lips then plunging fingers with brightly painted nails in and out of her leaking cunt.

Writhing with growing pleasure she started cumming out of control with fingers feverishly working her clit, to the appreciation of her captivated onlookers.

Brenda took to the chair next and quickly began rocking her body upon waves of desire to cum over and over like the lady before her. Brenda was expertly using her body by inserting four fingers to urgently fuck herself in front of the perving spectators.

In the still of the night, you could hear the rhythmical slapping sounds of her sloppy wet hole being lustfully exploited. On and on she rode to explosive orgasm. Her body racked with total pleasure for her admirers to feast upon.

The boys were next in the chair. Bill enjoyed masturbating his big tool in front of John and the two solo fucked women. At the right moment they licked their lips and positioned their faces a few inches away from escort bursa the primed cock in hand. The man carefully distributed his spurting cum shots over waiting faces.

John was so horny and ready to blow a load when he laid on the deck chair as the ladies with runny cum faces moved in to smear fresh spunk over his shaft and balls. The big cum coated cock soon deposited one creamy sperm load after another onto welcoming faces. Proudly exhibiting their freshly fucked look, the foursome scampered into Marion’s apartment.

The next night Bill was silently sitting on his balcony about fifteen minutes before midnight while waiting to spring over the wall separating his and Marion’s balconies.

He noticed an apartment over the road still had lights on. Standing on the balcony stood a telescope pointing to Marion’s apartment. Bill took pictures of a lone guy on that distant balcony just before he turned his lights out. When Bill showed the photos to the girls they knew who it was.

‘That’s my ex boyfriend! And he was into photography!’ Marion exclaimed. ‘That dog has been photographing my masturbation den. But how could he see anything? We perform in the dark.’

Brenda proposed. ‘Let’s do our gig in the swimming pool complex, on the roof, just around the corner. That used to be the third top floor apartment before I converted it to the outdoor sauna pool area. The lights go out at 11pm every night.

Bill proposed. ‘Tomorrow night, fifteen minutes before midnight, let’s meet at Marion’s apartment to observe him, our apparent secret observer. Then at midnight we’ll get off beside the pool, where he can’t see.’

Next night they all sat dressed in the dark, waiting and watching the apartment block on the other side of the street.

‘That’s him! Marion quipped. ‘He caused me trouble before and will again if he gets the chance. I just know it.’

‘Then we must move.’ John advised.

Brenda announced. ‘From now the pool area is the masturbation den.’

‘Let’s go there now!’ Marion suggested.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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