Mindy Fucks Ch. 04

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“You are such a hot little slut,” I groaned to Allison as she sensuously sucked my cock back into her mouth. Her tongue swirled and her mouth suctioned hard on the shaft as her cheeks hollowed with effort. She swallowed hard twice, sucking my cock into her throat before pulling me from her mouth. My cock dripped spit and pre-cum as she stroked me with her small hand, rubbing the shaft against the side of her face, bumping the head against her lips and nose.

Her hand felt so good and tight stroking the hard flesh of my cock. I couldn’t last. My groin tightened and chemical-electric sparks of sexual lightning raced up my back. “Fuck baby, I’m going to cum,” I yelped, just as the seed in my nuts boiled up. My cock bucked hard and a thick rope of cum sprayed out across Allison’s face.

“Oh yeah, baby,” she said, grinning and stroking me harder, “Give it to me. Give me that hot cum all over my face.” My cock jerked again and again, each time splashing white juice across Allison’s cheeks and forehead. Her mouth open, she caught as much as she could. Her hand never stopped jerking and milking me for more. She was smiling at the offering I had made to her sexuality. It dripped down her cheeks and onto her swollen tits. Her face was glazed with my cream.

I stood above her, my back to the mast, my body glowing with sexual heat and the warm sun on my face. The boat swayed gently in the water as the auto-pilot kept us steadily on course. My beautiful wife on her knees in front of me, my stiff cock in her hand, my cum decorating her gorgeous face. “Life is a miracle,” I thought to myself, “Happy, happy, happy.”

The last shocks of my jetting passed through my body as Allison milked me for everything she could get. Her tongue swirled again and again around the head, sucking the last droplets of semen from me then she let go and stood up in front of me. I reached out with my hand, tilted her face up towards me, amazed all over again to see the deep, abiding love in this woman’s eyes. Then I kissed her full cum covered lips. She melted into me. Her tanned, toned, naked body converged with mine as my lips and her’s softly joined, our tongues dancing, flicking together. The wetness of my cum between us, the taste and smell of it, added to both our pleasure in the moment.

I broke the kiss, stepped around her then pushed Allison to the mast. I extended her arms, placed her hands against the mast and bent her over at the waist. It was my turn now. I lowered myself to my knees behind her, thrilled at the beauty of her ass and the swollen wet pussy peeking from between the slight hollow of her thighs. Allison spread her legs slightly, moaning passionately as I leaned forward to bury my tongue in her pussy. Her weight shifted back as she strove to get my tongue deeper into herself and to rub her wetness all over my face. She tasted mad sexy. Her juice was tantalizingly dripping down her inner thighs. I pointed my tongue and drove it into the tight ring of her ass eliciting a cry of pure pleasure from her. I laved my tongue across the swollen lips of her pussy and gave loving attention to the hard nub of her clit.

Lifting my hand, I slipped two fingers deep into her wet box, twirling them and pumping while my tongue continued to dance within and all over her folds. I sucked hard on her clit and her moans became intense. I’ve always loved the sound of Allison’s love moans. The most erotic sounds I’ve ever heard. Her legs were shaking as she neared climax. My fingers were buried deeply, twisting. My hands and face were covered with her cream. She gasped, she pushed back as my tongue danced hard on her clit, my lips sucking on the little glans and she came. Her cum splashed against my face and down my throat. I tasted the silky, smooth essence of her, loving it. Her moans were music and her shaking body danced her joy.

Afterwards, our bodies glowing with the joy of what had just happened, we laid ourselves out on a blanket on the smooth deck, enjoying the sun and the salt air, laughing and talking, kissing each other the way lover’s are supposed to kiss each other.

Below us, asleep in her cabin bunk, our daughter Mindy tossed and turned, her body adjusting to the rhythm of the sea. For three days she had been out, sea sick beyond comprehension, the worst case I’d ever seen, and drugged to sleep so that her body would adjust without her being conscious of its misery. Sea sickness was something I had expected. She had just finished her senior year in high school and hadn’t spent much time on the boat for over a year. Too busy studying, teasing boys, hanging out with her friends, playing soccer and field ankara escort hockey, volunteering and, oh yeah, sucking and fucking every hot, willing, hard cock she came across, 69ing a bevy of her buxom little friends, coaxing good grades from her teachers with her sexual favors and fucking both her parents several times a week.


When I woke up I was soooo hungry, hungry and horny. I think I’d been sleeping, off and on, for about three days. I’m not sure. It was all a haze. I remembered having such a perfect day as we started from the marina and when we cleared all the breakwaters and got into the open ocean I was thrilled. The air was filled with diving, whirling, soaring gulls. The boat danced across the three foot swells, rising and falling as the wind pushed us aggressively towards open seas. I had made my way up to the front of the boat so that the wind would splash my hot bikini clad body with the spray of each wave we cut through.

I was up there for hours until, finally, as the sun fell low in the sky, I began to get chilled and made my way to the cockpit to dry off, hang with my parents and soak up the last rays of the sun. We sat in our deck chairs, laughing and talking as Daddy guided the boat out to sea, occasionally making slight adjustments to the rigging to tighten a luffing sail.

Shortly, he asked me to take the wheel, went down into the cabin and came back with three ice-cold beers. He handed one to me, one to Mom and took a sip of his own, sitting down in a deck chair to relax. I was so happy. What marvelous, sexy, cool parents I have. The sun felt good on my back and shoulders.

I had just finished my beer when I first began to notice a funny feeling coming over me. I was starting to feel dizzy and my stomach was beginning to feel gross. I felt mildly queasy for a half hour or so and then it hit me like a train. I lurched to the side of the boat, dangerously abandoning the wheel, and I chucked everything I had in me right into the green swells. Yuck! It just kept happening, again and again and again. By the time I was finished I was just gagging dry heaves and choking. Fuck! I mean FUCK! It was sooo gross. All I could taste and smell was puke.

Mommy was stroking my back and wiping my face with a wet cloth. Before I knew what had happened I kind of sagged into her and then Daddy was there lifting me up with his strong arms, carrying me down into the cabin and forward into my bunk. Mommy wiped me down and helped me get my clothes off while Daddy slipped a sea sickness pill into my mouth and helped me wash it down with cold water. I remember Mom tucking me into the bunk, warm blankets covering my shivering body, the cool cloth wiping my face and her hand brushing my hair back from my forehead. Then I fell into a hard, dark sleep.

I guess that during the course of the next three days Mom or Dad were taking care of me, helping me get to the head, feeding me chicken soup and keeping me dosed with sea sickness pills. Later Mommy said she thought maybe I had a virus on top of the sea sickness because she’d never seen anyone react so badly to the sea. I don’t know. I just don’t remember a thing about it.

What I do remember is waking up at the end of three days feeling perfectly fine, perfectly healthy, hungry and extremely horny.

Thanks to Mom and Dad I was clean. My hair smelled fine and soft. I don’t know how. They must have washed it along the way. I got out of my bunk, made my way into the galley and found some pasta salad in the refrigerator. I was ravenous and ate directly from the container, shoveling down the food which tasted fresh and fine to me.

Hunger sated I began noticing the hunger down under. Good God, I couldn’t remember the last time I’d ever been that horny. Maybe the first time my girlfriend Jill ate my pussy? Maybe the first time Mr. Sanders forced me to suck his cock after math class? Nah! The last time I was this horny was on my birthday when Mommy and Daddy fucked me silly on the island. Tasted Mommy’s pussy for the first time that night. Got Daddy’s cock up my ass and got to take a nice hot cum shower with Mommy at the end of it all. Yummy, definitely that was the hottest

My pussy was creaming and I needed to give it some attention.

I trotted back into my bunk ripping off my clothes as I went. By the time I climbed back into my bed, I was down to a pair of lace boy shorts. My nipples were hard as pebbles. Using my foot I closed the closet door and saw my reflection in the full length mirror there. Just the effect I was looking for. Fuck, yeah! Hot teenage girl ready to fuck herself retarded. I was lying down escort ankara on my bunk, my back arching up so I could get a good view of my creaming pussy just barely hidden underneath the lace of my sexy panties. Thank you Mommy, you obviously kept me nice and shaved during my blackout. Hmmmm, my nipples were hard, hard, hard and I pinched them harder, feeling the hot jolt of pleasure pinching them sent down to my juicing cunt.

Damn, I thought to myself, you do have a hot bod. My abs were tight, my legs well defined as they lifted the weight of myself off the mattress. What a nice set of tits I’ve got. I massaged them, grabbing, kneading, pinching, pulling. Using my hand I pushed a tit towards my face, straining and craning my neck to try and touch the nipple with my tongue. Almost, almost, damn, wish I had bigger ones. There. That felt good. A wet tongue on a hard nipple.

Ok, ok, juice is dripping down my ass now. I lowered my pelvis back to the mattress and slid my hands lower. Too hot to handle, couldn’t wait. I ran my hand straight into my panties, loving the feeling of my soft shaven pussy beneath my fingers. Two fingers right into my wet cunt. Ohhhhhhh, fuck yeah! My head was thrashing back and forth, my pussy clenching tight on my fingers, sloppy sounds of wet pussy getting jammed. I loved it. My second hand found its way down into my panties too. I began pinching and rubbing my clit. I was on the brink. Two fingers fucking myself hard, two fingers rubbing my clit. Juicy sounds, a flashing behind my eyes. Fuck, I’m cumming. Ahhh, ahhhhh, ahhhhh, ohhhhhh. I love the sounds of my moans. My pussy contracted so hard it actually hurt my fingers but I rode it out, jamming those digits in hard and rubbing my clit to get every last bit of pleasure out of it. My nipples were just tingling. I slowly began coming to earth. Twisting, turning on the bed, I slipped my fingers from my hot pussy and brought them to my mouth so I could suck the cream off them. I taste good too.

First orgasm over, keep working it. I looked at myself in the mirror. My nipples were hard as stones. My pussy was dripping juice and my body was covered with a fine sheen of perspiration. I was glowing. My hair was wild, the skin of my upper chest flushed and red, my cheeks rosy, my full lips pouting and kissable. If only I had a twin, I thought to myself, I could suck her pussy dry then strap my vibrator to her hips and ride myself hard on that spike. How hot would that be? Fucking my wet pussy on a strap on while tweaking the nipples of a hot wet girl who looks just like me! I’d just love making out with me. French kissing such a sweet mouth, scissoring my wet puss against my wet puss, clits French kissing too. Sharing a long, flexible double dildo, my ass grinding back and looking over my shoulder to see myself grinding back with an equal measure of pure lust. I was creaming again at the thought. Wait! Did I mention dildo? I have one of those.

I scrambled up out of my bunk. For a moment I stood up in front of the mirror. Standing close, I rubbed my nipples against the equally beautiful nipples of my ephemeral twin. Thanks for the lovely fuck, I said to my own image, fuck you again soon. Kiss.

Reaching into the drawer beneath the closet my hand quickly closed around one of my favorite dildoes, a nice eight incher with realistic veining and a plum shaped head. This one always reminds me of Jilly’s brother Bobby and every time I’m reminded of Bobby I’m reminded of the night I personally made the first introduction of his extremely hard cock to her extremely wet cunt and then how I sucked his cum from her freshly fucked pussy while he plowed my ass hard. Yow!

Really, really, really excited now. Sucking the dildo like a cocksickle, I crawled back onto the bunk on my hands and knees. I lowered my chest to the sheets and raised my hot little ass into the air. I snaked one hand underneath myself to rub my clit, with the other I pulled the dildo from my mouth and then reaching under with that hand as well touched the head to the wet folds of my labia. I let it linger for a moment, a brief moment, an eternity, and then I sank all eight inches of it into my hot center. I moaned, I came hard, and then, my wet fingers circling, rubbing, pinching my clit, I pulled it slowly back out and drove it home again and again and again.


What did I ever do to deserve such a perfect husband, I asked myself as I slipped from the cockpit into the cabin, heading to the master suite to take a much deserved nap. I paused briefly in the galley thinking that I should check on Mindy but then I heard a moan from her cabin and knew that not ankara escort bayan only had she finally recovered but she was herself again in every way. My second thought was, maybe I should join her. My lovely little daughter has such a sweet pussy and a completely perverted imagination. We raised her right, my husband and I.

I hesitated for a moment, but then, chuckling shook my head and turned towards my own cabin. My husbands lovely tongue fuck had momentarily stemmed the fire that normally burns in my tight little nympho cunt. Sleep first and then we could have a nice family fuck all night long.

I slept wonderfully, soothed by the sound of the water against the hull and the gentle rocking of the boat progressing on course. I fell into dreams, remarkable, ecstatic dreams filled with color and grandeur. Then, perhaps subconsciously influenced by my brief awareness of my daughters horny love cries, my dreams began to become more and more overtly erotic.

In my dream I was kneeling in a lush green meadow, a disgraced queen in a flowing emerald gown. My hands were manacled and chained. Before me was a stump with a small scarlet pillow on the ground in front of it. Next to the stump was a long and terribly sharp sword. I was on the verge of a punishment for having been too indiscrete taking my queenly pleasures with young knights and ladies-in-waiting while my king managed the affairs of state. I was surrounded by official looking men and crying women. One man held a scroll in his hand. On a small rise just ahead, overlooking the scene, sat my husband, the king, on a throne covered with soft furs.

The man with the scroll began to read. “We find thee, Queen, guilty of the offense of adultery. Evidence there is of sexual congress between thee and knights of the realm, ladies-in-waiting, squires and stallions of the stable. For these crimes against your King, you are sentenced to death. Hence you will be laid across yonder stump and beheaded.” I shudder, my guilt is discovered. They grab me by the elbow, stand me up and lead me forward. My fear is unsustainable.

They drag me forward to the stump. Two maids step forward and begin removing my dress. I am to be naked for the punishment. Tears of remorse and sorrow fall down my face. The girls are quick and my body is quickly exposed before the court. My king frowns down at me, then makes a hand gesture and the royal executioner steps forward towards me. Roughly he pulls my hands behind my back and with a silk cord efficiently binds my arms at the elbows. Grabbing the back of my neck, he forces me down on my knees onto the scarlet pillow in front of the stump. As he works behind me, I can feel the tumescence of his cock, stiff inside his pants, rubbing against the back of my head. He pushes me forward until my head is laid across the stump, my ass in the air. The movement is so familiar to me, I’ve been in this position thousand of times, but this time instead of a lover’s cock in my cunt or ass, I’ll feel the executioner’s sword as it bites my neck. Still, something about the vulnerability of the moment turns me on. My pussy is moist and getting wetter by the moment.

The moment lingers. I can feel the executioner’s presence behind me, a fell shadow. Tears stream from my eyes. I look up towards my king one last time and I see that he too is disrobed, nestled on his throne amongst the furs while an equally naked young beauty, one of my personal maids in waiting, lounges between his spread legs sucking his very hard cock into her wet mouth. He is smiling at me and then he nods. He has just given the executioner permission to proceed. I squeal and tense, but instead of the sword biting down on my neck, I feel the unexpected and sudden thrust of an extremely hard cock into my extremely wet cunt. What an electric feeling. In an instant I arch my back and my head snaps up flinging my long hair over my back and a moan of unexpected pleasure slips from my lips as a spurting, stomach churning, nipple hardening orgasm leaves me shaking and yelping like an epileptic with tourettes.

The man fucking me now grabs my hair and twisting it into his fist pulls me back harder onto his cock. I am cumming with every thrust as he drives harder and harder into me. In front of me, the maid sucking on the king’s massive cock has now been joined by the Princess, our daughter, and they are taking turns sucking the crown between hot seconds of them both tonguing and stroking the shaft. The king is turned on beyond the point where he can hold out for long. I have seen the look on his face too many times to mistake it and suddenly, just as I thought, a fountain of his sperm wells from the shaft, cascading onto the faces of the beauties before him. I feel my own cum spurting around the cock plugging my hole as my husband’s pearly white essence cascades onto the faces of our daughter and the lovely little maid.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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