Mistress Katheryn at the Cemetery

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Intuition, along with 1246 viewers, told me viewing “4play4two” was going to be the beginning of an adventure. It had taken hours to get a view of her webcam but the wait was worth it. She appeared in her bedroom dressed in a white robe tied at the waist. Her long curly red hair cascaded below her shoulders giving her an Ann Margaret. Her makeup could be called “sensuous whore”, a little too much but exactly right for this occasion. I was catching only the very end of her webcam performance as she lay back with the robe pulled wide exposing her beautiful milk white tits and rock hard nipples. Those succulent breasts were supported by a white shelf type bustier . The robe was also parted below her waist showing the same white of a perfectly shaved pussy above her white hose and garters.

With her head thrown back and mouth open she moved a very large dildo in an and out of her pink pussy. As she manipulated her rubber cock she kept teasing her audience with, “don’t you wish this were you, guys? Wouldn’t you like to have my cunt rather than your palms? Come on guys, give me some hot cum!” As the motions in and out of her pussy became faster her right hand fingers started massaging her clit. “Oh Gawd! Yesssssss! Fuck meeeeeee! Now! Ohhhhhhhhhh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk.” Her orgasms became convulsions accompanied by a long agonizing orgasmic screams and then the screen went back. I had to meet this woman.

During the several weeks of exchanging emails, phone calls, mutual private webcam masturbations and Happy Hour meetings we learned of our mutual knowledge and fascination with the harlots, witches and witchcraft of Salem, 1693. Finally she asked me to be her escort to the adults only OHHAC Halloween Party being held at a ranch Northwest of Austin.

“4play4two”, now know as Mistress Kathryn, had fantasized for years about her kinship to Anne Hale. Mistress Kathryn studied how Anne Hale and Mary Sibley had conspired and manipulated the men of Salem. They had used their sexuality as Fetish Mistresses for their own benefits. Mistress Kathryn had mastered the manipulation exploitation of souls. This Halloween güvenilir bahis was going to be, as she put it, her cumming out party.

Finding a complimentary costume would be a challenge. I wanted to make this a date Mistress would remember forever and repeat. At the costume shop the cute 20 year old with massive tits started picking my outfit. “When you came into the shop I pictured you as Jack Sparrow. Do you like playing pirates? Let’s see if I can make you look like Johnny Depp?”

First come the boots”, she drawled with a thick South Texas accent that could advance phone sex twenty years and handing me a pair of black leather pirate boots. “Now these,” she said as I piled on what appeared to be a black leather pants and a white ruffled shirt. “No jacket is needed but you need the red bandana and, of course, a long sword. Go try those on,” were her next instructions.

What emerged from the dressing room did draw comments. The South Texas Tits said, “I thought you looked like Johnny Depp when you walked in. “To the applause of some other clerks and customers I said, in a quiet voice, “Do you think my date will like it?”

“God yes, darlin'” was her only immediate reply.

Mistress Kathryn answered the door and the fantasies of our evening began to come true. Her beautiful red hair, now black and deep green, cascaded nearly fully exposed breasts. The thin blac material of her dress displayed clearly those hard sensitive nipples on perfect 34c breasts. Her left leg, confined in black fish net hose, shown through the high slit in the dress. Mistress seemed also impressed, staring at the mushroom head of a huge erection evident in my costume. She was pleased that she had this teasing effect.

“Temptresses and harlots do the unexpected. Tonight I wanted my sexuality obtainable. I see by your hard-on I am have the desired effect.”

During our ride Mistress’ flirtatious teasing became more intense. As I poured the second glass of champagne Mistress lifted her body from the seat, pulled her dress to her waist and slid her thin black lace thong down her thighs saying, türkçe bahis “Here, help me get rid of these.”

I kneeled before her and grasped the thin threads of material at her hips and slid the thong off her calves and heels. “I wore those all day, even shopping today, just for you. I hope you like them. I won’t be needing them tonight!” I pulled the fragrant silk to my mouth and nose, taking in the wonderful scents of a fully aroused woman and feeling her wetness on my lips.

“I brought you a present also,” producing a jewelry box and handing it to Mistress. Her laugh was both nasty and playful as she opened the box to find a thin long gold chain looped through a single inch and a half gold ring. Instinctively and knowingly, without hesitation, she placed the chain around her neck with the gold ring resting comfortably between her breasts in the ultimate cleavage. “I think we will be needing this,” she said.

At the party, Mistress was the hit of the night. Of course the playful show off constantly flashed some tit and pussy to any who wanted to enjoy her flirtations. All seemed to want too. When we dances close she would grind her pussy against my constant erection and when we danced a rock she was off flashing her audience.

About 11:15 I said, “Come on. We have to be somewhere!” To Mistress’ shock and the disappointment of other guests we whisked ourselves off to the porch and the waiting limousine.

Upon leaving the party and as the limo driver was holding the door, Mistress sat, looked up at the driver with her teasing eyes and lightly ran her fingertips across his hardening cock. With a slight flashing of her tits and the spreading of her knees, causing her pussy to be exposed, she said, “Don’t you wish these were yours tonight?”

“Oh my God, Yes ma’am,” was his only reply.

The limo driver knew the route and headed directly through the gates. As the moon moved from behind the clouds bathing the area in moonlight the clock approached midnight. Quickly, we moved across the grass. Once Mistress Kathryn realized the motionless figures surrounding her were cemetery güvenilir bahis siteleri headstones and not animate voyeurs, although she would not have cared much, she rushed headlong searching until she found the right headstone. Jumping up on it and facing me, Mistress pulled open her dress exposing he beautiful tits to me, the moonlight and C. Fredrick Krebs, on whom her ass was perched. As I stood there with my leather pants open she pulled the gold ring from the chain around her neck and shoved the cock ring down on my ranging member. “Fuck me with that monster, you bastard,” she yelled as she pulled the hem to her waist. “Put that cock in this wet cunt. I have wanted it all night.”

Without hesitation I rubbed the head up and down on her pussy lips, touching her throbbing clit and entered her wet cut with the thrust of the pirate. “Oh fuck, you feel so good,” I said as I buried my dark blue member deep in the pink folds of her pussy.

As we fucked in the moonlight, sweat pouring from our bodies, we hardly noticed the fading of the limo’s lights as it left the cemetery. Screams of “Fuck my cunt!” and “Grip my cock with that tight wet cunt!, were heard, only by us, through out the cemetery.

Mistress Kathryn came before me as she screamed, “Oh God, fuck me harder. Make my cunt come! Fuck mmmmmmeeeeeeeeee! Fuck mmmmmmmmmmmm eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Oh, fuckin’ Gawd! Fuck mmmmmmmmmm eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!.

As Mistress came, drenching my cock with her nectars, warming my cock with her wetness, I shoved deep into her cunt. The gold ring rubbing against her clit, my cock full depth in her, I exploded filling her with my white hot seed. “Oh, mother fuckin’ shit! Awwwwwwwwwwwwhhhh.”

As we both relaxed, still sweating and dripping cum we looked down to see C. Fredrick Krebs’ name dripping with our spilled juices. Laughing we both wondered if he ever got that kind of fucking from his dead bride, beside him. In our laughing, Mistress asked, “That was fuckin’ great but how the hell do we get home?’

“We can hardly hitchhike and I am sure there were no pockets in your dress for a cellphone. So, what do we do?”

“Who cares! We had a wonderful Halloween and Krebs enjoyed it too.”

Taking Mistress’ hand we started to walk in the moonlight toward the exit of the cemetery and the entrance to many new adventures.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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