Mom Pegs Son with Pet’s Help

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Hiya folk, this one gets into the action right of the bat. If you like a build-up of sexual tension then this won’t be for you. Leave a comment or sent some feedback, always appreciated. Enjoy!


“Babe c’mon, what are you doing?” Jake’s voice was shaking. He had never seen this side of his girlfriend before. The blonde bombshell straddled his torso, her bosom still restrained by her ice blue bra, hovering above his chin.

“Relax sweetie, you’re gonna love it I promise,” she cooed softly as she affixed Jake’s wrists to the bedposts, having already done the same with his ankles.

“Brooke, my mom can come home any minute now, she never calls when she leaves work,” Jake pleaded.

“Don’t worry Jake, you can untie these yourself but ya gotta know how,” Brookes golden hair formed a curtain around their faces as she leaned down to run her tongue along Jakes jawline. Moving to his chin where she could lift her head and slip into his moaning mouth. Jake could feel the blood fill his cock and with that came reduced brain function. He forgot his mother returning from her parkour class, being the tutor, she was always held behind. He forgot that the garage door wasn’t working so she would have to park on the street and walk to the house.

Instead he was lost in the deep kiss, his tongue darting and dancing with Brookes. Then her head lifted and she pulled her way up until her silky panties were resting on his wanting lips. He took his cue and began gently but firmly mouthing on her sex, feeling it quickly saturate with her arousal. Slowly her hips lifted as she stood up, he looked at her in awe as he saw her toned legs lift to the heavens where her slender hips nipped in, giving her ass a marvellous shape. Her hands moved to her hips as she slid the wet panties down to her ankles. Stepping out of them she stayed low and traced the fabric up Jakes body to his lips, pressing until he allowed her to gag him.

She stood up to admire his form and also to give him a view of her now naked pussy. She smiled at him and he tried his best to smile back, a door slammed and they both snapped to the closed bedroom door.

“Jake! I’m home, we had conditioning tonight so I’m gonna need you to help me stretch and cool down.” Jake’s mom, whom he was accustomed to calling by her first name Adele, made her way up the stairs. Jakes room was first in the hall and a panicking Brooke raced to the walk-in wardrobe to hide. Leaving Jake naked, tied to the bed with a pair of wet panties in his mouth as his mother walked in.

“Christ Jake!” His mother exclaimed, “what the hell have you gotten yourself into now?”

Jake couldn’t speak, not only for the panties stuffed in his maw but also the shock of having his mom find him in such a position…with a hard on. He watched as she walked up to the bed, her pace slow like a prowling panther. Her lean but curvaceous form, well built from her years as a parkour instructor and practitioner moving through the dim bedroom. She stepped to the head of the bed and tugged on the bindings.

“Well from the looks of these knots you did this yourself, you kinky boy!” She whispered, “and are these my new panties!” She asked, cupping his chin and looking into his mouth. “I had no idea you were so freaky Jake, well your old mom can play this game too.” With a seductive laugh his mom turned and peeled her yoga pants from her legs giving her son a view of her bubble butt. Her panties then followed as Adele stalked closer to the bed, she straddled Jake in much the same manner as Brooke who was still hiding, watching with smile.

Adele moaned softly as she felt her sons naked heat. “You’re such a strong boy, so talented with a good head on your shoulders. It hurts to think of any other girl getting you, but I guess every mother has to deal with that.”

Brooke stood in the wardrobe motionless, the plan was working and her mistress had gotten what she’d asked for. For a brief moment, she wondered if Jake would work it all out after Adele told him they were her panties. Adele had given them to Brooke for this very night. However now all Brooke would have to do is wait for Adele to give her the agreed signal and the fun would really begin. Brooke’s hand found its way between her legs to stoke the fire that built as she watched her boyfriend helpless on the bed, while her Mistress had her fun.

“But for now,” Adele continued, “I think I’ll have my fun. I know you’ve been staring at me when we train together. I’ve enjoyed the tease but enough is enough, I can only take so much teasing when you walk around with that log between your legs. Why don’t you show mommy how you make a girl cum?” Without another word Adele gripped the headboard with one hand, removed her panties from Jake’s mouth with the other and pressed her mound into her sons mouth before he could protest.

His mother’s warm juices entered his mouth flipping a switch and he immediately began to map out his moms’ honeypot with his tongue. Following the folds and crevices, güvenilir bahis listening for her moans and feeling the shake in her legs. He pulled on his bonds, wanting to feel Adele’s hot body, he felt more than heard her laugh at his struggle. He wanted to make her struggle so he redoubled his efforts, focusing on his moms’ clit. He sucked it into his mouth, entrapping it with his lips where he could relentlessly attack it with his tongue, shaking his head to allow more movement.

Adele bucked and grasped her sons thick head of hair as the waves of ecstasy pulsed through her in time with her son’s ministrations. Her thighs began to quiver and she could feel the most intense orgasm of her life building. Her moans got louder and she totally forgot about her sub hiding in the wardrobe as instructed. The sexual energy that her son was summoning finally boiled over and she screamed.

“Fuck! Oh fuck yes Jake you beautiful motherfucker.” As the waves began to subside, Adele leaned against the wall, her sons head still trapped between her thighs. She giggled at her choice of words. The giggle caused her pussy to rub against her son exciting her all over again. She was lost in the moment and began to grind herself on her son’s tongue.

This time she remembered who else was present, Adele looked towards the wardrobe and nodded. Silently, Brooke stepped out of the wardrobe and crept towards the foot of the bed. Adeles erotic movements on Jakes face masked any disturbance Jake would have felt in the mattress as Brooke climbed onto the bed.

Brooke had been waiting for this, ever since she felt Jakes mouth on her pussy after tying him up she had been soaking and desperate for his cock. But after seeing her Mistress have so much fun she wanted to appreciate the moment. Creeping forward between her boyfriend’s legs, Brooke wrapped her slender fingers around his cock feeling him twitch and moan despite having his mouth full. This spurred her on and she slowly started pumping his rigid cock under strict instructions from her Mistress not to suck his cock

“Ah Mom” the first coherent words since this all began fell from Jakes lips.

“Ah ah! Didn’t I teach you not to talk with your mouth full,” Adele reprimanded her son, emphasising her words by pulling his hair and thus his head further into her dripping pussy. “And besides, that wasn’t me,” she said with another giggle.

Jake couldn’t comprehend what was happening, he could feel a hand stroking his cock but he was sure both of his moms’ hands were gripping the headboard. The only explanation he could come up with was Brooke, but that didn’t make sense. Why would she reveal herself? And why was his mom not freaking out?

“Focus son, you’ll get answers soon but for now make mommy cum,” Adele reassured Jake sensing his attention drift from the task at tongue. Jake realised he was in no position to make any argument and so he continued to enjoy this fantasy-cum-true moment. His tongue curled and flicked at Adeles sensitive clit, he alternated between slow, broad tongue strokes and quick, serpentine movements. He remembered to show the outer folds some attention too, and was rewarded with a mouthful of his mom’s nectar, a scream of pleasure and fingers tightening in his hair.

“Wow! Munch, you never mentioned my son was such a fine lover. I feel bad keeping him to myself, why don’t you come up here and ride my sons face?” Adele asked using Brooke’s pet name knowing it would turn her on even more.

Brooke switched positions with her Mistress, embarrassed at having her pet name used in front of Jake but too turned on to care. Besides she technically she still had some power in the room, with Jake tied to the bed as he was.

“Yeah, c’mere Munch!” Jake said with a smile as Brooke squatted. She huffed and sat, roughly on his face and he made a “mmhm” noise that sent chills up her spine.

“Even tied to a bed, being used like a fuck toy you still have the nerve to mock me. Well you have your fun where you can, because we’ve still to get to the main event.” Brooke’s voice was dark and knowing, Jake wondered what she meant but his wonder was interrupted by his mother.

“Munch! Don’t be giving anything away.” Adele chastised her sub who immediately apologised. Adele had moved to stretch across the bed on her stomach, her sons marvellous cock rose before her like a mountain waiting to be climbed.

Adele gripped Jakes cock in one hand, holding it away she leaned in to tenderly lick his jewels. She heard him moan from beneath Brooke and laughed. “Does my son like having his balls licked huh?” The last word was said around one of said balls currently being sucked into Adeles warm, wet and eager mouth. “But I bet you’d prefer me to gulp this monster down my throat,” she accused, “I bet you want to shoot your hot cum all over my face.”

As Adele spoke she traced her fingers over Jake’s engorged member. Swirling her index finger over the sensitive head, using his precum to facilitate her teasing. Adele türkçe bahis leaned forward further, lifting his cock to breath on it causing Jake to twitch and his hips to buck. “Mmmmmm,” Adele spoke around Jake’s cock as she pressed her tongue to his frenulum. “But before any of that, you have to give me something that I so desperately want.”

Jake was confused, he was tied to the bed and had literally no option but to let them do as they wished. What could he possibly have to give them? His confusion was alleviated when Brooke began to climax while riding his face. He could feel her fingers in his hair, her thighs against his cheeks and her hot pussy on his tongue. He matched his scooping motions with her rocking hips and before long those rhythmic waves turned into erratic spasms and Brooke called out, “Oh My Fucking God Jake,” and collapsed onto the headboard before rolling off of Jake to lie beside him, one hand lay stretched over his chest. Absent-mindedly her fingers began to trace random patterns.

Adele reached to the floor where Brook’s bag lay, just as they had planned. Lifting it to the bed she immediately found what she was looking for, a bottle of lube, a 5-inch purple dildo and a harness to which it could be attached. Jake’s eyes widened at the sight of them and he began to sweat even more.

“Mom, what are you planning to do with those?” Jake asked, his eyes pleading.

“Well, I think it’s time I let you in on a little secret,” Adele spoke softly, moving to lie on Jakes shoulder opposite Brooke. “I’m horny, like all the time but I refuse to bring any men into this house since your father left. Which is why I have a few pets to keep me going. Watch this!” Jake’s mom lifted her head to look across her son at Brooke and said, “Munch!” In much the same way a trainer tells a dog to speak. Like a puppet with its strings pulled, Brook sat up and crawled between Adeles legs curling her arms under Adele’s thighs, Brook’s tongue worked its magic. Jake could hear the wet sound of his girlfriend eating out his mom, despite the wrongness of the situation he longed to join his girlfriend and please his mom.

“I’m also very kinky, and as you’ve just shown me so are you. It took me a while to build up the courage to do all this, I hope you appreciate that. I just hoped that all the lingering looks I get from you whenever we train meant something more than just admiring my good form. It wasn’t until my pet here revealed some very saucy intel. You really should be careful about leaving porn tabs open on your computer. Especially ones about mom’s pegging sons.”

At the revelation of this information Jake looked away and flushed. He didn’t trust himself enough to speak so waited for his mom to continue. She didn’t and the sound of Brooke’s licking filled the room. “I’m sorry mom,” he said finally.

“Don’t be sorry!” Adele sat up and looked her son in the eye forcing Brooke to adjust herself, but she knew better than to stop until her Mistress told her to. “Never be ashamed of your fetishes, and to drill that into you that’s exactly what I’m going to do.” Adele winked at her son and kissed him. Jake froze until she kissed him again. this time he kissed back and felt his mother’s tongue probe his lips and then push into his mouth seeking out his. The taboo of kissing her son combined with Brooke’s expert tongue quickly had Adele panting into her son’s mouth, “well son, do you want mama to make you feel good?” Seeing the look of pure bliss on his mom’s face was too much and Jake couldn’t speak, but she needed an answer so he settled for a weak “mm hmm”.

“You heard him, Munch. Up you get and hand me that harness.” Adele spoke with authority and Brooke was quick to respond. Just as quickly Adeles experienced hands fitted the harness and got into position between her sons legs. “Go and untie his legs dear,” Adele asked Brook after pulling her in for a quick kiss. Then she looked to Jake, “I’m keeping your arms tied because you’re cute looking all helpless like that.”

Adele picked up the dildo and poured some lube on, spreading it with her hand as she gave the dildo a handjob. “Have you done anything like this or just watched it?” She asked her son.

Jake saw how relaxed his mother was and felt himself release some tension in his shoulders he didn’t know he was holding. “Just watched it,” he admitted.

“Well I’m gonna use plenty of lube, just tell me if it gets too painful. It will hurt but you’ll acclimatise quickly and then you’ll feel real good baby, I promise,” Adele spoke lovingly to her son.

If she was honest with herself she couldn’t wait to put the harness on and fuck her son. She was surprised when Brooke showed her the video Jake had been watching. Shocked because her son found it hot, and shocked that she found it hot. She decided in that moment of reflection to get a little black book and fill it with all the naughty ideas she and her son had. After all, she wanted many more nights like this one.

“Brooke, why don’t you take güvenilir bahis siteleri Jake’s mind off any worrying and suck that cock of his?” Adele asked, seeing Brooke stare at the 8-inch rod. Brooke dived on it without replying, taking it straight down her throat and gagging on it. Adele smiled at Brooks talented work before turning to her own task.

When the dildo was lubed enough, Adele poured some into her hand and pressed it to her son’s star. Gingerly, she probed with her index finger hearing a soft moan from Jake which could have been because Brooke held the tip of his cock in her mouth as she attacked it with her tongue. Pressing further, thankful her work required very short nails her finger slowly disappeared. When she was down to the second knuckle she turned her palm upwards and made a ‘come here’ motion which had an immediate effect.

“Ohh mom, that feels so good,” Jake breathed.

“That’s just the beginning baby,” Adele spoke quietly but Jake heard the smile in her voice.

“Brooke, come up here and let me at that pussy,” Jake said feeling more confident knowing that his girlfriend was so submissive.

Brooke looked to her Mistress with Jakes cock still in her mouth, when Adele nodded Brook walked her knees backwards to allow Jake access but still allow her to suckle on his manhood. Brooke was joined by her Mistress and they both licked at Jakes impressive member. Brook held the root while Adele bobbed her head, taking her son all the way down her throat. She held it there before swallowing and flexing the muscles of her throat while using her finger to massage Jake’s g-spot. Adele made slow circular motions with her finger until she could move it relatively freely. Then she got to her knees and fixed the dildo to the harness and pressed it to her son’s opening.

“Are you ready baby?” She asked, her voice filled with concern. As much as the idea of fucking her own son turned her on, she loved him as a son first and fore most.

“Fuck yeah,” he responded and even looked at his mother to wink.

Adele felt herself blush, and in an attempt to feel in power again she grabbed her pet by the hair and impaled Brook’s throat with Jake’s cock, causing her to gag and splutter.

“Did you enjoy that darling?” Adele had asked her son but got two responses as both Jake and Brooke breathed a heavy “fuck yeah.”

“Oh I just know I’m going to have so much fun with you two,” Adele said mostly to herself as she slowly entered her son. When she was all the way to the hilt she asked, “how do you feel son?”

“I love you mom,” was all Jake could say as his whole world turned on its head. He had never felt this level of pleasure before. He felt his mom’s cock in his ass and his own cock in the hot cheerleader’s throat wanting neither one of the sensations to end.

Instead they elevated as Adele pulled out until only the tip was still inside. On her way back in, Brooke matched her pace and slowly lowered her head taking in all of Jake’s cock. Together they found a rhythm. Jake was left helpless and moaning as the two most important women in the world to him double teamed him with a wet, sloppy blowjob and a nice, loving ass fuck.

Over the sound of his cock slapping Brooke in the back of the throat and her trying to breath around it not wanting to take it out of her mouth, Jake heard his mom. “Jake baby, I can’t believe we’re doing this. I love you so much, but I also wanna fuck you so bad. I hope you can forgive your mother for having such dirty thoughts. “

From under Brookes hips Adele heard her sons deep, rasping voice “I love you too mom, so fuck me harder.”

With a smile Adele granted her son’s request, setting her knees she drove her hips into her son, the strap on rubbing against her clit. Jake moaned loudly into Brooke’s slit while she in turn gagged on his throbbing cock. The room was filled with the slap of skin and the intense moans of ecstasy.

Adele grabbed her son’s hips and set to work pounding into him, he moaned louder causing Brook to moan as he continued to stir her honeypot with his tongue. Brooke formed a ring with her thumb and index finger around the base of Jake’s cock, making quick jerking motions as she used the roof of her mouth to stimulate the head.

“Oh god, Mom I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum so fucking hard,” Jake called out and almost immediately Brooke pulled away to sit up straight. Adele leaned forward and took the head of her son’s cock into her mouth. Luckily her occupation gave her amazing body discipline and she had no problems fucking her son in the ass while sucking him off. The faster she moved the more the strap-on worked her clit, she moaned with her mouth full of cock and the two of them came together.

“Ahh fuck, Mom!” Jake growled as his hips shook. Adele’s convulsions made the strap-on slip and slide over Jake’s g-spot. Streams of cum filled Adele’s mouth and she was determined to keep every last drop. She made a seal around her son’s cock and swallowed after every shot.

Brooke watched the mother and son share such a moment and was a little disappointed at not getting a mouthful of cum but knew that this was just the beginning. Instead she found her old spot in the crook of Jake’s arm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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