Mom Trains Her Son Ch. 07

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As they lay on the bed after their showers, both lovers were tired from all the fun they had tonight. But, it was Buddy’s hand now that slowly moved over his mother’s body. Louise didn’t move. With her arms over her eyes she just laid on her back and sighed as she rested. Her big breasts lay over the top of the sheet which cover her from her belly button down. Seeing them there in all their glory, they just couldn’t be denied by her son. Buddy moved his hand towards the left one.

Sliding it gently up her rib cage to cup it he moaned from the thrill of it all. Her son squeezed it gently and lifted it up as he rolled towards her and moved closer to his mother’s body. She shivered as she felt his warm breath move towards over her breasts and on top of the nipple.

Bud’s lips and tongue circling the nipple at first and then he slowly moved his lips down covering it all as he began to suck on it gently nursing it. Mom smiled as her son nursed on her nipple. “Oh baby I’m so tired. Don’t you ever get enough?” She asked him.

He didn’t answer her, Bud always hungered for his mother’s tits. They were like a drug to him. Since he was old enough to know what they were, he tried to see them whenever he could. He would pass her ion the hallway and accidently rub against them. At night as he masturbated his dream, his sexual fantasy always included his mother’s body but especially her big tits.

She used her body to train her boy, her tits were the first thing she had shown him. Once Buddy had seen those beautiful tits and those large red nipples he was a slave to them. She knew he would do just about anything for her if he got the chance to see them, hold them, suck on them feel her up!

Then once she allowed him to touch them, Bud always wanted to touch and to suck on them. He always went after her tits first since they had been playing this sexual game.

She loved the idea of him so eagerly servicing her. It was like he almost worshiped her tits.

As long as he could hold them in his hands or place his mouth on one of those nipples he was in heaven.

Actually his mother could cum from them being loved properly. She had told him that once that if he loved them properly she would have an orgasm. “It had only happened three times in her life.” She said to him.

But, they had been to involved with training him to fuck and suck her pussy for him to try and make her cum this way.

It was late and Bud was exhausted too from all the sex he had with mom tonight. But seeing those big beautiful breasts exposed and so close to him, he had to touch them, suck them, love them. He just couldn’t keep his hands off of them if they were there lie now in full view, so close.

Just watching them rise and fall with her breathing, Bud knew he just had to hold her tit again. He had to just suck that dark hard nipple again. “So very beautiful”, he was thinking as he sucked on one nipple and looked across her chest to the other one. He reached over and ataköy anal yapan escort cupped her right tit as he sucked on her left one.

Louise laid there letting her boy play with her breast. She was tired but her son’s mouth felt so nice on her nipple and she knew how much he loved them that she couldn’t tell him know. Besides, she felt he deserved a sort of reward for sucking her pussy so good in the shower a few minutes ago. She had to admit Buddy was getting much better at all the things she had taught him, so far. Especially eating her pussy.

Bud was getting so much better at their sexual play, and God she loved her pussy licked. Her baby boy would spend as long as she wanted between her open thighs loving her cunt trying to please her. Not like some of the men in her life who would lick her a few seconds and then want to fuck. NO Buddy wanted to please her as long as she wanted it. He would lick and finger and suck her pussy only to please her and make her cum.

Louise had to admit Buddy was a good lover. He never came up and out from between her legs until she pulled him out. All he wanted to do was please his mom! And she loved that about him, so if he wanted to play with her tits for a while so be it.

So Louise just laid there with arms still over her eyes as Bud nursed on her tit loving them. It actually began to feel really nice. He lifted his lips off her nipple only a second to whispered in her ear: “I love your mom. I love you so much.”

She smiled but didn’t move. Her son’s mouth went back to her tit. This time Bud began to kissed all around the nipple and flicked his tongue back and forth over it. His mouth covered it again and sucked it in. ‘Mummm baby that feels so nice.” She told him

Then Bud used his tongue to flick just the tip of the nipple back and forth while he held it in his mouth. He sucked around the nipple and used his teeth to pull on it. Not to hard but not to soft, either, no, Bud was practicing what he had learned from mom. He was doing a very good job.

Louise had taught him how to stimulate a woman’s body, just working on her tits and nipples at first. She laid there letting him work on her. “Practice makes perfect.” She said to herself and she smiled.

Still with her arm over her eyes, Louise knew her boy was doing everything she had taught him about sucking tits and pleasing a lady. With her arms up over her face it made her tits rise up too. They looked even bigger and fuller to Buddy. With her arms over her head, the nipple stood up high and proud right in the middle of the breast ready for his mouth and tongue.

Buddy kept working on her left tit but had to move over her body to capture the other nipple in his mouth. As he did his thigh moved between her legs. He bent his knee a little and it was now just touching his mother’s pussy. He laid on her and again sucked that nipple up into his mouth before he bit it and pulled on it gently. Then he ataköy bdsm escort released it and licked all around it and over it. before moving to the other one again. “Perfect bay. You’re doing that perfect.” Mom said softly.

Louise sighed again loving how her son was pleasing her as he kept working on those tits. Moving from the right to the left and then back to the right again Bud never stopping his touching or squeezing with his hands. He also never stopped his licking or biting of the nipples. Bud had left suck marks all around her breasts. he had marked her. Louise was getting wet between her thighs and very excited.

Bud felt the coolness of her pussy juices on his knee. He knew he was doing a good job on his mother because the nipples grew hard, long and extremely thick.

“Just like my cock”; he was thinking. “Mom’s nipples get hard and long and thick, just like my cock does when I’m excited.”

He was having a wonderful time just using his mother’s tits for his enjoyment. He was sure his mom was most likely half asleep she hadn’t moved the entire time he had been loving her breasts.

So Bud was sort of surprised when he felt her place her hand on the back of his head pulling him down on her breast. Ls she did, she pushed her tit upward shoving more of her tit into her son’s wonderful mouth. “Suck baby.” She told him.

Louise was awake aright. She arched her back and pushing as much of her tit into her son’s mouth as she could get. Harder and harder she pushed as she held her boy’s head tightly.

Bud moved around more now and his knee was now pressing directly into her wet pussy and she was beginning to push back on it. Louise moaned and said: “Oh yes baby! Suck them! Keep sucking them, Buddy you’re going to make me cum. Suck my tits baby. And push your knee into my pussy. Love me Buddy I want to cum again. Suck! Suck!”

Buddy sucked and moved his knee so it was pushing a little harder into his mother open wet hole. At the same time he used both his hands to cup her big right breast and squeeze it. Using both hands made the nipple come up even higher. Bud again sucked it, this time harder and stronger.

Louise moaned again as she pushed back at his knee and began to hump gently against it. Bud kept on sucking and using his tongue to give his mother what she wanted. He could feel his mom begin to rotated her pelvis and hump harder, grinding her pussy on her son’s knee.

While it started out slowly it gained speed and soon Buddy’s mom was fucking her pussy on her son’s knee hard and fast. “Oh my God”, he said to himself, “She’s having an orgasm! Mom is cumming on my fucking leg”

Louise began to hump and grind her cunt on her son’s knee. Harder and faster until she arched her back and cried out: “Oh yes! Oh Buddy! I’m cumming, your making momma cum baby!”

Bud just kept working on her as he held his knee in place. He let her work and achieve her orgasm before he moved his 1 knee and she laid flat on his thigh now. His leg was still between his mother’s. “OH God Buddy it feels so good. Suck baby, suck!” She moaned into his ear as his mouth was still on her right tits.

As her son sucked on her tit, Louise began to rotate her hips so her pussy was once again making contact on her son’s thigh this time. She was using it to dry hump her cunt on him. Bud felt the wetness of her pussy this time as she worked it on his leg. He smiled knowing his mother was trying to cum again and he was helping.

Bud bent his knee a little moving his thigh up a little. This gave his mother the ability to contact her clit directly on it. She was humping faster now. Bud wondered if he should slide his arm down and use his hand to masturbate her pussy with it.

When his mother moaned he knew she needed more. With his mouth on his mom’s tit, and Louise’s hand holding it there against her nipple, Buddy decided he wanted to help her achieve even more satisfaction. He slowly moved a little and now his thigh was in direct contact with his mother pussy slit. He moved his other hand off her tit and slowly moved it down her body and over her pelvis so he could reach her pussy mount.

Bud lifted his body up just enough to allow his hand and fingers to move between their two bodies. Using his all of hand now he slid it between his knee and his mother’s soaking wet pussy. He cupped her cunt and held the entire thing in his hand. Mom grabbed him and held him as she went crazy fucking herself as he slowly inserted a finger into her well lubricated wet hole.

Louise arched up and cried out with a sort of animal sound. She pushed up so hard she lifted her body off the bed. Only her feet and head were still on the bed as she climaxed so hard she grunted and moaned and made those sounds you hear at night in cheap motel rooms with everyone fucking!

Louise held her orgasm as long as she could straining to hold it even longer. This time it was sensational, her son did her really good. Bud kept fingering her and squeezing her snatch as he knew she like that touch very much. He stroked her pussy like he petted the cat next door. Just stroking it and soothing it as his mother came down from one of the best orgasms she had ever had.

She pulled him up to her and wiped his face with her hands. He was covered with her cum. His face was glazed like a donut! She held him in her arms and kissed him gently telling him how good he had made her feel. They drifted asleep. It was about 3:30 AM.

In the morning mom was cooking breakfast while her son slept. She was looking out the window when she heard a sound behind her. When she turned her daughter Barbara was standing in the doorway. “Hi sweetie. I didn’t think you were home yet.” She said.

Barbara just stood there looking at her. Finally she walked into the room as she said: “I got home really late or should I say very early this morning mother. It was around 2AM!”

“Oh”, Louise said. “Guess you went right to bed.”

Barbara again didn’t say anything right away. She sat down and just looked at her mother. “Actually I watched Buddy masturbate you and finger fuck you to a bunch of orgasms mother. What the fuck?” She said it as she blushed and so did mom.

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