More than Kissing Cousins

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The summer of 2003 was possibly the greatest summer of my life for two reasons: I had just graduated from high school, and I got to repeatedly have sex with two of the most attractive women I have ever known: my cousins Kristen and Regina.

Kristen was seven years my senior, and was a total Midwestern tomboy. She drove a 4×4 Ford pickup, smoked Marlboro Lights, and was a perfect picture of corn-fed beauty. She stood 5′-8″ tall, had wavy, dirty blonde hair that fell mid-way down her back, and had deep green eyes you could lose yourself in. She was neither skinny nor chubby, with a tight ass, and an amazing set of 34C breasts, which she was never afraid to flaunt. Although attractive, Kristen never had much luck with the country boys, mostly I believe because she was a brash, competitive and strong-willed woman who lived her life by the credo that “Well behaved women rarely make history.”

Regina was a cosmopolitan city girl, who grew up in the suburbs. She was two years older than me, but we had always been close due the fact that we lived only a few miles apart while growing up. Throughout the years, I had watched her blossom into a stunning, sexy beauty. Regina stood 5′-4″ tall, and had long, straight brown hair that hung just above her shapely bottom. In recent years, she had taken to dying her hair black, which complemented her pale complexion quite well. Regina had a build quite similar to Kristen’s, but had much larger breasts: 34DD. Unlike Kristen, Regina was slightly embarrassed by her huge bust, and she dressed quite conservatively to hide her splendid rack.

At 18 years old, I was still a virgin – and not happy about it. I had dated several girls in my classes, and had done some fooling around: fingering, fondling, and receiving several blowjobs, but I had never been able to close the deal. I was a fairly unremarkable looking man, standing 5′-10″ tall and being about 20 pounds overweight, with short brown hair, blue eyes and glasses. I was a good student, receiving As and Bs in my classes, and had been labeled a “nerd” very early in my high school career. As a result, I couldn’t wait for high school to end and for college to begin. It was my chance to get a fresh start in a new place, with new women.

It was June, and I was preparing for my big move to Iowa to attend Iowa State University. I would actually be moving into a new apartment near campus with Kristen, who worked as a bartender in a local college bar. I was excited, nervous and sad all at the same time. I had never moved before, and I knew I would desperately miss my family and friends.

My move date was scheduled for the week after the July 4th weekend, and to celebrate, Regina had scheduled an Independence Day/going away party for me. We would meet at my Aunt and Uncle’s house, which was situated on several acres of land and featured a large swimming pool. Everyone would be there: my family, friends, and Regina’s friends from college.

The day of the party, I decided to drive myself, as I had received a text from Regina to be prepared to spend the night. I thought this to be a strange request, but being that I was going to be leaving in a few days, I figured the young adults at the party would be carrying on longer than my parents, aunt and uncle would be.

I pulled up to my cousin’s house about 30 minutes early, and was greeted by Regina, who looked even more beautiful than normal. She had cut her long black hair, and it now hung about shoulder length, or would have hung if she had not put it up in pigtails. She was dressed in the least conservative outfit I had ever seen her wear: a pair of blue athletic shorts, and a red bikini top covered with a white tank top. I was taken aback by her attire, more specifically how she had her huge breasts on display.

Regina took my overnight bag up to her room, and together we put the final touches on everything needed for the party. I couldn’t help but stare at Regina’s body as we worked, and I felt a bulge begin to form in my shorts, and it took every ounce of restraint and self-control to keep from pitching a tent. I knew it was going to be a rough night if she was going to be prancing around in that outfit all night.

The party seemed like a blur to me, with my family and former classmates wishing me well. We ate, we swam in the giant pool, but I could never completely pull my attention away from Regina, especially when she took her tank top and shorts off in the pool. Her huge breasts floated in the water, and she made it a habit of staying around me all night, occasionally brushing her massive mammaries across my arms and back as she swam.

As night fell, we all got out of the pool, and made our way to the house’s large front lawn, to watch the town’s fireworks display. Of course, Regina chose to sit next to me on a big beach towel, and she had neglected to put her tank top and shorts back on. We had placed our towel towards the back corner of the yard, away from beylikdüzü anal yapan escort the other guests, which included our parents. As the fireworks went off in the night sky, I felt a hand begin to rub my cock through my swim trunks.

I looked over at Regina, and she smiled, all the while continuing to rub my now hardening dick through my shorts. Without saying a word, she pulled my rock hard penis from my swim trunks, and wrapped her lips around my shaft. I couldn’t believe what was happening, but her mouth worked over my tool with such expert precision, that I was powerless to stop her. My mind was swimming, thinking about how wrong it was to let my 1st cousin suck my cock. Growing up, we had always been close – it was her who showed me the first breasts and vagina I ever saw – but I felt this somehow crossed a line.

My thoughts were interrupted by a tightening in my balls. I had the urge to cum, and Regina’s mouth had taken my past the point of no return. I grunted, and Regina felt my already stiff cock stiffen just a little bit more, as I flooded her mouth with what felt like must have been a gallon of hot semen. Regina never lost a beat, bobbing her head and swallowing every drop of cum I ejaculated. I was spent and speechless, but Regina swallowed the last bit of sperm, looked at me and said: “If you liked that, you’ll really enjoy the rest of the weekend!”

Around 11:30, the rest of the party guests left, my aunt and uncle went off to bed, and Regina and I continued to lounge around in the pool. After a few minutes, and when she saw the light go out in her parent’s bedroom, Regina led me by the hand back upstairs to her room. We sat on the bed, and she asked me to remove my swim trunks, as she took off her bikini. The thought of seeing my cousin naked brought my cock back to standing at attention. Seeing this, Regina quipped “I appreciate the attention, but we have to shower and get the chlorine from the pool off of us first.” With that, she wrapped her hand around my erection, stood up, and led me to the shower.

We got into the shower, and Regina handed me a bar of soap, and told me to wash her. Of course I lathered up my hands and immediately began to wash and fondle her DDs. They were huge and soft, and the attention I gave them made her large, light pink nipples quite hard. The attention must have aroused other things, as she began to moan lightly. She took the soap from the dish, lathered up her hands, and began to stroke my cock.

The warmth and slipperiness of the water, soap, and her hands felt amazing. She pumped my thick cock with her hands, as I sucked her rock hard nipples. I took my hands from her breasts, and ventured further south, expecting to encounter resistance as I began to separate the lips of her pussy. Instead, she took her free hand, and took my hand directly to her clit. “Rub my clit, right here” is what she said, and I was in no position to disobey orders. In short order, I felt her vagina moisten further, her breathing become rapid and shallow, and her grip on my cock tighten.

Regina arched her back, and squeezed my hand tightly with her thighs as she climaxed. The sight, sound and smell of her orgasm, coupled with the death grip on my dick was enough to drive me over the edge, and I came, shooting thick ropes of semen onto Regina’s stomach and mound.

She let go of both my hand and cock, and we stood looking at each other, panting with our hearts racing. We stayed that way for a slightly awkward couple of seconds before embracing and locking into a very passionate kiss.

Quietly, we finished our shower, dried off and headed back into the bedroom, completely nude. Regina laid on her back on the bed, with her legs spread, gently rubbing her very pink and swollen pussy. She looked at me and said “Go get a condom, and I’ll let you commit incest with me.” I was terrified. I never expected any of this to happen, and as a result, I didn’t bring any condoms with me. I told her about my lack of protection, and she thought for a second before saying “Well it’s late and nothing’s open out here, but I’m too horny to not have sex, so I guess you’ll have to bareback me, and we’ll get the morning after pill tomorrow.”

With that, I stroked my cock hard, walked to the bed and gently placed my dick between the soaking wet lips of her pussy. I took a deep breath, and confessed “Regina, I’ve never done this before, so I apologize in advance if this sucks for you.” She replied “You’ve already cum twice tonight, so you’ll last plenty long, plus I’m so horny, just putting it inside of me will probably make me cum.” After those words of encouragement, I pushed forward and buried my 7″ cock in her.

The feeling was amazing: warm, wet, with a texture like velvet, orders of magnitude better than my hand and the fleshlight sex toy I had purchased to prepare myself for this very moment. I remained still, and beylikdüzü balıketli escort felt her body adjust to my length and girth. Regina giggled “You feel larger in me, than you looked outside of me.” With that, I began to thrust my manhood back and forth inside her.

Regina began to quietly moan and hiss as I tenderly made love to her – her gigantic breasts jiggling up and down with each thrust. After a few minutes, she asked me to remove my cock, so we could change positions. She flipped over and got down on all fours, pointing her curvy ass in the air. She gave it a wiggle, and I positioned myself behind her, and penetrated her once again. I buried myself balls deep, and reached under her body to fondle her breasts, which looked even larger while hanging.

After what felt like hours of fucking my cousin doggy-style (though it must have only been a few minutes), I felt that familiar tightening in my balls. I told Regina I needed to cum, and she replied: “Cum inside me baby, fill your big cousin’s pussy with your hot seed.” With that, I unleashed a torrent of sperm that quickly filled her womb. Knowing that her cousin had just inseminated her drove Regina over the cliff, and she rode out a leg-shaking orgasm with my cock still inside her.

Exhausted and limp, she fell forward onto her pillow, pulling my cock out of her now well-fucked pussy. I watched as a river of my semen flowed from her pink hole onto her sheets. Regina flipped back onto her back, while I went to the bathroom to retrieve a washcloth to help clean her up. Regina took the washcloth, and proceeded to push my cum out of her pussy. “We need to get that pill in the morning, because I think this is enough cum to make triplets!”

Fully exhausted from the night’s exploits, we fell asleep naked in each other’s arms. We woke at around 10:00 that morning, with my morning wood poking Regina just above her belly button. Regina woke, and noticing my erection exclaimed “Does this thing ever go down?” while stroking it with her hand. “I’ll get it down” she said, climbing on top of me, and guiding my cock into her pussy. She was wet, and slippery, as not all of my cum had leaked out of her from our earlier escapades. She road me until we both orgasmed, and I filled her with a fresh load of cum.

With that we showered, dressed and headed out to the nearest pharmacy. Two days later, I was on the road, driving halfway across the country to begin my classes at Iowa State.

It took fourteen hours, but I finally arrived at Kristen’s two bedroom apartment a few miles from campus. I hadn’t even closed my driver’s door when I heard Kristen bouncing down the stairs exclaiming “You made it, that’s damn near record time!” in her thick Midwestern drawl. I shut the door and turned, and was immediately in her embrace.

I got my things, and stumbled up the stairs to the apartment. I was a strange combination of tired from driving and wired from the countless energy drinks I consumed while on my crusade to the heartland. Kristen showed me around the apartment, where my room was, etc. and I was off to bed.

I lay in bed, exhausted, but the caffeine wouldn’t let me sleep. It was nice to not be moving, but at the same time I was too jittery to catch any Zzzzs. My thoughts turned to Kristen, who looked quite intoxicating in her outfit of cutoff jean shorts, and a grey tank top, with no bra. Her tight C cups were very perky, and her nipples had been hard, poking out through the thin fabric of her shirt. My mind then turned to her scent, a mixture of perfume and Marlboro lights. Not usually a good scent, but it was undeniably sexy on her. I found my hand wrapped around my solid shaft, rubbing out a good load thinking about Kristen in the next room, and I finally drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I woke, showered and ventured out into the living room, anxious to look at my new surroundings. Kristen was already up and dressed, and I decided we should head out the the local Waffle House for breakfast, and then drive around town and campus, where I would be starting summer semester classes in the coming weeks.

After we ate and toured around town, we headed back to the apartment. I sat on the couch, and Kristen sat down right next to me. She put her arm around me and laid her head on my shoulder saying “I’m so glad you decided to stay with me while you’re in school, it’s been awfully lonely since I moved out on my own.”

We stayed cuddled for a few hours on the couch watching TV, and at some time Kristen had fallen asleep on me. The combination of having her close, and the seductive smell of her hair had stirred a little something in my pants. I shifted my body slightly to conceal my hardening erection, but this only served to wake Kristen from her nap.

Kristen lifted her head, and her eyes must have fallen directly on the bulge in my pants, because she giggled and said “That beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş better have happened because you dosed off too!” I blushed and lied, saying I must have fallen asleep. She bought it and went out on the patio for a quick cigarette.

I took this opportunity to head to the bathroom and quickly masturbate my erection away. I thought about her beauty, her scent and the fact that her perky breast was resting on my arm the whole time we were on the couch. Thinking about her hard nipple and the firmness of her boob was enough to have my cock spurting in short order.

When I went back into the living room, I saw that Kristen had returned, and was sitting on the couch with two beers in her hands. I sat beside her, and she handed me a beer as we continued to watch whatever was on local TV. I drank my beer slowly, but one beer for Kristen turned into five and then six. Slightly tipsy, Kristen leaned over and began to tongue and nibble on my earlobe. This had the effect of bringing my freshly flaccid cock back to attention. Kristen noticed and whispered “That’s better, I prefer it when you’re hard. I was only outside for a minute, and I know you went into the bathroom to jerk off. Did you jerk your cock thinking about me?” I nodded and blushed. She responded by taking off her shirt to reveal her firm perky breasts, topped with small puffy nipples. “Thinking about these I bet” she hissed, “Most boys seem to like them.”

Kristen threw her shirt in the corner, and walked over to me, grabbing my wrist and leading me into her bedroom. She pulled off my shirt, undid my belt, and slid my Levis to the floor. She dropped her Daisy Dukes, revealing that she had not been wearing any panties. She stared at my tighty-whiteys, and I knew she wanted me to remove them as well.

We were now both completely naked, and Kristen walked over to her dresser and returned with a small bottle of lube. “Know what this is?” she asked, and I nodded. “You ever been with a woman?” she asked, and once again I nodded. “Good, I don’t need no two pump chumps, it’s been awhile for me, and I need a good fucking.” Without hesitation, she put a quarter sized portion of lube in her hands and proceeded to spread it out on her tits.

Kristen then kneeled in between my legs, and placed her breasts around my cock, and began sliding them up and down. “Ever have a girl do this to ya?” she asked. “No” I replied, taking in just how good her 34Cs felt around my shaft. “Well, I’m gonna do a lot of things you’ve never had done to you before during our time together. It’s a win-win for us. I get the sexual satisfaction I need, and you get free rent. Plus, you’ll be able to concentrate on your classes, because all the pussy you could ever want or need is right here.”

She quickened her pace as she spoke, and in short order, my cock erupted with spurt after spurt of jizz, hitting Kristen under the chin and in her cleavage. “Damn cuz, do you cum like this all the time? That’s a damn impressive load!” I nodded and she smiled “That’s why I love 18 year olds, a seemingly endless reserve of sperm.” I laughed, noting that Kristen, herself was only 25 years old, and hardly an older lady. “I’m real experienced though, been doing this a long time…” I put my finger on her lips, not wanting to know exactly when my cousin lost her virginity.

I got up and got a couple of baby wipes from the bathroom, and began cleaning my spunk from her neck and chest. I also took the opportunity to feel those wondrous breasts that had just milked my balls dry. After thoroughly cleaning my cousin, she asked “You ready for round two?” I said yes, and got up from the bed to get the box of condoms I had bought on the road; I wasn’t about to be caught unprepared again after my experience with Regina. “Where you off to?” asked an exasperated Kristen. “Off to get us some protection” I answered over my shoulder. “We don’t need condoms, honey, cousin Kristen is on the pill!” she shouted into the hallway. “Come back in here and fuck your cousin like a good boy!”

Hearing her say this had caused my erection to return, and I turned around and headed back to her bedroom. I opened the door, and saw Kristen on all fours pointing her firm ass at me. I knew what to do, and I slid up behind her, and slid my cock into her, inch by inch. Kristen felt different than Regina. She was very wet, but not quite as tight, evidence of her sexual experience. I could begin to thrust immediately after entering her, as her body needed no time to adjust to my girth.

“Oh yes, honey, give me that cock!” Kristen exclaimed. “You’re quite a big boy, you’ve filled me all up.” I thrust into her wet sex for several minutes, until Kristen pulled herself forward, and my cock fell out of her. She spun around and took my cock in her mouth, tasting her own juices. “You ever fuck a girl in the ass?” Kristen asked. “No” I said while shaking my head. “Well that changes right now!” Kristen handed me the bottle of lube and instructed me to apply in generously to my cock and her asshole.

Fully lubed, I placed the head of my cock at the puckered entrance of her pink anus. “Do it baby” Kristen said, and I slowly began to push my 7″ into her willing ass. As I bottomed out in her ass, I wondered if all Midwestern women were this sexual, or if my family members were just depraved.

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