Mother and Daughter Fantasy

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My fantasy begins with me visiting my Mum, who is 59 and who lives alone. I visit often and this one is no different to any other, we have coffee and chat upon the normal things of life, my kids, my job, my husband’s, job etc.

Anyway mid way through the morning I need the loo and go to the bathroom. Whilst sitting on the toilet I notice a pair of black lacy panties drying on the bathroom radiator and feel a strange tingle within me. These are obviously my Mum’s panties and very nice they are to and I have a sudden mental picture of my Mum wearing them and nothing else. Before I realise it, I have slipped my hand between my legs and start to gently rub my pussy as I finish my pee. Suddenly I have to shake myself and pull myself together, telling myself I am perverted for thinking of my Mum in that way. However I can’t stop thinking about it and when I go back into the lounge I can’t help wondering what my Mum has got on under her clothes. As our conversation continues I find myself looking at my Mum in a whole new way. Her breasts are much larger than mine and I try and trace the outline of her nipples through her blouse and bra and when she gets up to go to the kitchen I can’t help but look at her lovely arse and imagine it inside those lacy panties.

As I do all this I feel myself getting wetter and wetter down below and know that I am going to have to relieve myself. I thus make my excuses again and rush to the bathroom, however on my way I stop at Mum’s bedroom where I know her dirty linen basket is. I have a quick look and there on the top is a pair of red lacy panties which my Mum had obviously worn the day before, I take them to the bathroom with me.

I then sit on the toilet and lift my Mum’s panties to my face, smelling the aroma of her pussy on the gusset of her knickers. With my other hand I reach down and start to slowly rub my pussy, slipping a finger into me to tease my clit. I then start to kiss and lick the gusset of my Mum’s panties, tasting the juices that have leaked from her cunt the day before.

I am so engrossed with my masturbation that I don’t hear my Mum asking if I am okay from outside the bathroom door. The door then opens and my Mum comes in “Allison dear are you okay?” So there I am, one hand between my legs fingering myself, the other holding her panties to my face.

” Oh I am so sorry dear, I thought you weren’t feeling very well,” my Mum blurts out and rushes out of the bathroom.

Naturally I don’t know what to do with myself. Here I am a 40 year old woman who has been caught masturbating by her own Mum, but at the same time I am really turned on by the halkalı bdsm escort whole thing. So I go back to the lounge to explain and be honest. My Mum is sitting there and I firstly apologise and say “Look Mum I can’t really tell you why I have been doing what you saw me doing but I was just overcome with passion for you and had to relieve myself. I know my thoughts are wrong and I am sorry but my thoughts ran away with me and I couldn’t stop myself.”

“But I am your Mum,” she says “Do you really feel like that when you are with me?”

“This is the first time, honest, it was because I saw your panties in the bathroom and it turned me on to think of you wearing sexy panties like that,” I reply.

“Do you like other women?” she asks.

“Well I often masturbate about one or two of my friends, but I have never done anything, it just so happens that in this case it is you my Mum who is turning me on.”

“You’re a naughty girl,” she says and makes it sound so horny.

I feel a real deep tingle inside as she says those words, knowing that I really want to be Mummy’s naughty girl.

“So you play with yourself a lot, do you, why, doesn’t Andrew fulfil your needs?” she asks

“No, we have a great sex life, in fact he likes to watch me masturbate,” I tell her feeling really horny that I am having this conversation with my Mum.

My Mum then smiles and says “If you want to play with yourself, why don’t you do it in front of me then?”

The thought of masturbating whilst my Mum watched would have horrified me yesterday but now all I want to do is rip off my clothes and let my own Mum watch me play with my tits and pussy.

So there in her lounge I undo my blouse and pull it off + my skirt, my bra and panties and for the first time in nearly 30 years I stand in front of my Mum naked. My Mum’s eyes open wide and she tells me how nice I look. I sit down on the sofa opposite her and start to stroke my pussy with 1 hand and fondle my right breast with my left hand. My eyes are focussed on hers as she watches her daughter enjoying her own body.

“You’ve got nice tits,” my Mum tells me.

“I wish they were as big as yours,” is my reply.

As I open my pussy up, my Mums eyes focus in on my juicy cunt and I watch as her own hand slips down between her legs and she starts to rub herself through her trousers.

“Your panties are lovely Mum, can I go and get them and put them on,” I ask.

She just nods, so I go back to the bathroom and slip her red panties on, feeling the nice lace fitting snugly over my arse. When I return halkalı elit escort to the lounge I find my Mum still sitting in her chair, but now she has taken everything off apart from her knickers which are white. He large 36D tits are hanging down and her nipples are erect and all I want to do is suck her lovely tits.

She is also just rubbing herself through her panties and I can see a little moist spot already developing.

I sit down opposite and we both play with ourselves in front of each other. I watch hungrily as my Mum eases her panties to oneside and slips a finger into herself, giving me a sight of her juicy cunt and well trimmed pubic hair. She then reaches down and grabs one of her tits, lifting it towards her lips as she bends down to lick her own nipple. I can’t take anymore and I get up and go over to her, kneeling in front of her I reach up and start to fondle her boobs. It is the first time I have ever felt another woman’s tit and it feels wonderful, nice and soft and heavy and as I run my thumb over her nipple, my Mum tenses in ecstasy.

“You are a naughty little girl,” she says again, “playing with Mummy like this.”

I tell her how wonderful she is and then move up to kiss her large white left breast. Running my tongue over it is amazing and feeling her hard nipple against my lips and tongue sends waves of shivers through my body. She holds my head against her as my kisses become more intense and as I start to suck her nipple, she lets out a loud moan.

” Lets go to bed,” she suggests and my Mum and I walk hand in hand to her bedroom.

We lay next to each other and both giggle at the same time as we look into each others eyes. My Mum then moves forward, her eyes half closed and I feel her lips gently brush mine. I respond letting my tongue just run over her lips, tasting her lipstick. Our kisses become more passionate and just as I would with my husband I pull her close and start to kiss her hungrily, mouths open, tongues entwining, feeling her large warm tits pressed against mine. My hand reaches down for her arse and I run my hand over the silkiness of her white panties, gently squeezing the cheeks of her bum.

“Suck my tits again, Ally darling,” she says, so I move down, covering my Mum’s right nipple with the whole of my mouth and sucking on it like crazy. At the same time I put my hand on the front of her knickers and start to rub her, easing my hand between her legs to feel my Mum’s cunt through her knickers. She is very wet and when I slip my fingers past the gusset and onto her naked body, she arches her back halkalı escort with excitement. For the first time I slip a finger into another woman, the fact that it is my own mother is even more wonderful. I move my finger around, finding her clitoris which I gently start to play with. As I do, I can feel her excitement rising and she yells out “You are a filthy little bitch playing with your Mum like this, but I love you all the same.”

I move further down the bed and ease her panties off as I do so, positioning myself between her legs. My husband loves to lick me and though I love it when he does I have often wondered what the fascination was. Now with my Mum’s pussy in front of me glistening wet, smelling heavenly I realise just how fantastic oral sex with a woman really is. I stick out my tongue and run it the entire length of my Mum’s crack, lapping up the juices that are seeping from her cunt. I then push my tongue in as far as it will go and continue to lick at my Mum, whilst she moans. After a few minutes I feel my Mum tense then shudder and my mouth is suddenly filled with her warm salty cum as she orgasms.

Having tasted my own cum on several occasions I am not surprised about how wonderful it tastes, but the fact it has come from another woman and the one who gave birth to me is enough to make me cum as well.

I move back up the bed and kiss my Mum, so she can taste herself and then instinctively I grab her hand and place it on my cunt so she can feel just how wet I am now. My Mum slips 2 fingers into me and tells me that her little girl has a lovely pussy. She continues to thrust her fingers in and out whilst we snog hungrily and as she does my juices begin to flow again.

“You are bad,” she says as we break away from our passionate kisses, “You have come all over your Mums hand.”

She then says “Do you mind if Mummy sucks her little girl’s boobs?”

I just tell her I am desperate for her to do that, so she moves down and I lay back as my Mum firstly licks my nipples, then sucks them really hard.

Mum does this for a while, before she goes down further and I feel her tongue lapping at my cunt. My excitement is such, that my body rakes with orgasm again and my Mum splutters as my cum flows from my cunt into her open mouth. But Mum doesn’t stop, she continues to lick me, pushing me onto my side just a bit so she can get to my arsehole with her tongue as well. As she forces her tongue into my arse, she pushes 3 fingers deep into my cunt and I am in total heaven as she brings me off again and again.

When I am completely exhausted we both lay together hugging each other. Maybe we both feel a bit guilty, but neither of us want to show it, so we just kiss and love each other, Mother and daughter in union together.

After that I go home but I know that our relationship will never be the same again and some more exciting things are bound to happen.

But that is another fantasy!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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