Mother and Son Incest, Swing Club Ch. 01

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The official formation of the MSISC, Mother & Son Incest, Swing Club.

It all started innocently, well, not so innocently for 22-year-old Jason and his 44-year-old mother, Jennifer. While his mother slept, he had some sexy fun with her sleeping body. Unbeknownst to her, without her even suspecting, a perfect plan of incestuous groping, seduction, and chicanery, a son sexually abused his mother while she’s asleep.

Author’s Warning:

Do not try this at home. Since I’m a mother myself, I can’t stress this strong enough. It’s wrong to take sexual advantage of your mother after she’s taken a sleeping pill. It’s wrong to touch and feel your mother where no son should ever touch and feel his mother when she’s helpless to stop you. It’s wrong to have sex, incestuous sex, with your mother while she’s in such a deep, sleep state. It’s wrong to allow your mother to give you a forced, sleeping hand job just as it’s wrong to allow your mother to give you a forced, sleeping blowjob.

‘Oh, my God,’ thought Jason while in a panic. ‘I ejaculated a huge load of cum in my mother’s mouth. I didn’t mean to do it. I meant to pull out before I did but I was to sexually excited. It just happened. Now, what do I do? She’ll know I had sex with her while she was sleeping. She’ll think me an incestuous pervert. She’ll fear to be alone with me. What do I do now?’

For those holy rollers, straight laced, Bible thumping, born-again Christians, and church going, moral men who’d never have sex with their mothers, and who’d take offense of a son having sex with his mother, I posted my disclaimer just for you. As this story has explicit mother and son sex, this is your chance to leave this story and read another story, perhaps, a non-erotic one. I’ll wait until you all leave. Are they gone? Good. Let’s continue, shall we?

“God damn it. They left their Jesus saves bumper stickers behind. I can’t put that on my car. That will nullify my The Devil Made Me Do It bumper sticker.”

For those readers who enjoy reading about mother having sex with her son and/or about a son having sex with his mother, trust me, you’re going to like this story. Relax, get comfortable, unzip yourself, pull out your cock, and pleasure yourself. This is a multiple chapter, true story not only about mothers having sex with not only their own sons but also with their friends’ sons, too. Incestuous sex doesn’t get any better than this. Who better to have sex with than with your mother and with her two best friends?

Even though incestuous sex between blood, related relatives is forbidden and illicit, what two consenting adults do behind closed, bedroom doors is none of anyone’s business. Not only does this writer embrace the idea of incestuous sex between consenting adults but also, this writer encourages more mature adults should have incestuous sex. As long as you are both agreeable to having incestuous sex, go ahead and allow Mom to blow you. Cum in her mouth if she’ll allow you. Fuck your mother. Trust me, she’ll thank you for it later.

# # #

“Thank you, Jason for fucking me,” said Jennifer. “I haven’t had a sexual orgasm like that in a very, long time.”

She gave her son a loving kiss while holding his cheeks in her hands. Jason returned her kiss with a long, wet kiss with his French kiss. Soon, with him touching and feeling her naked body everywhere a son should never feel his naked mother, mother and son were making out as if they were teenagers on prom night.

“You’re welcome, Mother. It was my sexual pleasure to fuck you hard and fast,” said her son. “I’m glad I could make you cum.”

There is nothing more sexually exciting than having sex with your mother. Go ahead. Fuck your mother. I dare you. Have her blow you. I double dare you. Cum in her mouth.


Jason looked at his mother with sexual excitement.

“Yes, Jason. What is it?”

He reached out his hand and fondled her big, naked breast while pulling, turning, twisting, fingering, and sucking on her emerging nipple.

“Would you mind blowing me? I need to cum in your beautiful mouth,” said Jason staring up at her while sliding a slow finger across her red, full lips.

Jennifer smiled at her son while moving to her knees. In the way that he stared down at her, she stared up at him. She took his cock in her hand and slowly stroked him while kissing and licking his cock.

“Of course, I’ll blow you. After the fucking and sexual orgasm you gave me, it would be my sexual pleasure to suck you. Only, save some cum to give me a cum bath. I love it when you cum all over my face and across my naked breasts,” said Jennifer.

Jason continued touching, feeling, and fondling his mother’s big, naked breasts while fingering her erect nipples as she stroked his prick and sucked his prick. Jennifer stroked her son faster and harder while sucking him deeper. Then, when he was ready to cum, he put a gentle hand behind his mother’s brunette, pretty head, moved her head forward beylikdüzü escort and humped her mouth and fucked her face before unloading his warm, oozy cum in her warm, wet mouth.

“Thank you, Mom, for sucking me,” said Jason. “You’re such and incredible cocksucker.”

As soon as she removed her son’s stiff prick from her mouth, as if removing a cork from a shaken Champagne bottle, he exploded a second load of cum all over her face and across her naked breasts. Jennifer gave her son a sexy smile and a naughty look. She wiped his cum from her face with her fingers and moved them to her mouth to suck her son’s cum from her long, manicured fingers.

“I love the taste of your cum, especially in the morning,” she said. “The best thing we ever did was to start this mother and son, incest, swing club. I can’t wait to attend our first meeting.”

# # #

As long as we don’t make our female relatives pregnant, perhaps, we’d have a better world, a saner world, and a safer world if we loved those who we loved and lusted over and who loved and lusted over us. Just as a mother wouldn’t want to be impregnated by her son, a son wouldn’t want to be saddled with a baby with birth defects. Unless your mother is on the pill or can no longer give birth, it’s best to use a condom when making love and or fucking.

Trust me, your mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousins, grandmother, and/or grandfather may want to have incestuous sex with you as much as you want to have incestuous sex with them. You never know until you ask. You may be shocked that your aunts, cousins, and grandmother is as much of an incestuous whore as your mother.

“Grandma, would you mind if I touched and felt you everywhere while stripping you naked,” asked Jason of Jennifer’s 66-year-old mother?

Jason’s grandmother giggled like a school girl on her first date.

“Sure. That would be sexy fun. I haven’t had anyone take a sexual interest in me since your grandfather died years ago,” she said allowing her grandson to feel her ample breasts while unbuttoning her blouse.

We’re all human. We all have the same sexual needs and desires. Moreover, with your blood, related relatives from the same family tree and with them having similar genetic makeups, odds are in your favor that they’d want to have incestuous sex as much as you want to have incestuous sex with them.

Seriously and honestly. Who better to make love to and have sex with than with members of your family? Honestly and sexually excitedly, there’s no one we’d rather see naked and have sex with their naked bodies than with our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. Don’t believe me? Think about it. How many times have you masturbated while thinking of seeing one relative or the other relative naked while having sex with them?

“Am I right?”

With the world a crazy place, instead of going out to bars and clubs, drinking to an excess, spending all your money, especially when you have a reason to stay home, why not stay home? Instead of having sex with strangers, instead of being raped, beaten, robbed, and murdered, why not have sex with those you love and with those who love you? Why not have sex with those who you are sexually attracted to and with those who are sexually attracted to you, too?

“Hey, I may be on to something. Incestuous sex may be the new age and the latest rage. With all of us having an unlimited supply of willing females, why not have sex with your mother, sisters, aunts, cousins, grandmothers?”

According to psychology research, the Westermarck effect, and to dating narcissism syndrome, we are attracted to people who not only look like our parents but also, we are sexually attracted to people who look like us. That makes sense, since our parents are the first people we see and who we’re the most dependent upon in life. Further, sexually attracted to people who look like us, we’re attracted to familiarity, such as in the way our siblings and our other relatives look.

“Wow, not only does his wife look like his mother, but she’s the spitting image of his sister,” said Jason of his friend.

Think about it. Even though you’d never have sex with your mother or with your sister, you spend your dating life looking for that special someone, a woman who looks like your mother and/or your sister. As shocking as it’s true, we’re all prone to having incestuous thoughts and feelings by the partners we choose.

# # #

“So,” said Brian to Steve. “What did you do last night? Did you go clubbing?”

Steve gave his friend a big, shit eating grin.

“Nah, I stayed home and had sex with my mother,” said Jason.

Brain looked at his friend in awe with his mouth gaping open.

“What? Seriously? You had sex with Jennifer, your mother?”

As if he had sex with the most beautiful and sexiest woman in the world, Jason gave his friend a proud smile.

“The best beylikdüzü eve gelen escort sex I ever had, my Mom gave me the best blowjob I ever had,” said Steve. “I love cumming in her mouth. I loved watching her swallow my cum while she stares up at me with her big, beautiful, brown eyes,” said dreamy eyed as if he was recalling his mother blowing him. “Then, something that has become part of our lovemaking, she always insists that I save some cum to give her a cum bath.”

Brian stared at his friend with shock mixed with sexual excitement.

“Lucky bastard. I’d have sex with my mother if she looked like your mother,” said Brian. “Only, I’d have to put a bag over my mom’s head to have sex with her. She’s a double bagger, in case the first bag breaks.”

Jason gave his friend an understanding nod.

“Your mother may not be the best-looking woman in the world but she certainly has a great body. Once the lights our out, I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers,” said Jason. “She has huge tits and a round, shapely ass. I’d do your mother,” said Jason pausing to study his friend before extending an invitation. “As if so happens, my Mom and I are starting a mother and son incest, swing club. Do you think your mother would be interested in joining us?”

Brian looked at his friend with sexual excitement.

“A mother and son incest, swing club?” Brian looked at his friend stunned. “Would your mother allow me to have sex with her?”

Jason laughed.

“Of course,” he said. “As long as you’re a member of our mother and son incest, swing club, you may have sex with anyone who’d want to have sex with you. Our only rules are no means no and the other party must agree to want to have consensual sex with you. And there’s no man on man gay sex. Women on women lesbian sex is not only permissible but also encouraged,” said Jason with a dirty laugh.

Brian returned Jason’s dirty laugh with his dirty laugh.

“I’d love to watch my mother lick a pussy as much as I’d love to watch her suck a cock,” said Brian.

# # #

Author’s Note:

This is a true story of a mother and her adult son having forbidden, incestuous sex as told to me by the son for me to write such a realistic account of what really happened. Proud that he had sex with his mother and prouder that she agreed to have sex with him, he wanted me to tell his story for all to read. Two separate and distinct things that were important enough for him to impart, he wanted the world to know that not only did he love his mother but also, he had incestuous sex with her.

Unembarrassed, unashamed, and without a modicum of remorse, he was proud that his mother sexually wanted him as much as he sexually wanted her. Just as there is nothing wrong with an adult son having consensual sex with his mother, there is nothing wrong with an adult mother having consensual sex with her son. Just as there is nothing better than the love of a mother for a son, there is nothing better than the love of a son for a mother. Then, when incestuous sex is mixed in the equation, something loving and sexually exciting turns beautiful.

“Let the fireworks begin, shall we?”

# # #

Something he thought he’d never do, Jason sexually abused his mother, Jennifer, for months without her knowing. Unlike his friends who were sexually attracted to their mothers and to his mother, as well, he was never sexually attracted to his mother and/or to his friends’ mothers. Having more respect for his friends’ mothers than they had for their own mothers, he never sexually lusted over them until now. It wasn’t until he had sex with his mother that he understood the sexual attraction and the incestuous connection that mothers had over their sons.

Yet, in the way that his friends talked about and lusted over having sex with their mothers, unbeknownst to the horny, young men, their mothers talked about and lusted over having sex with their sons. In the way that his friends talked about and lusted over having sex with their friends’ mothers, unbeknownst to the horny, young men, their friends’ mothers talked about and lusted over having sex with their sons’ friends. Too good to be true, sons sexually wanting mothers and mothers sexually wanting sons, was all true and the reason for a mothers and sons incest swing, club.

If only the sons knew that their mothers sexually wanted them as much as they sexually wanted their mothers, what would they do? If only they knew that the mothers of their friends sexually wanted them as much as they sexually wanted them too, what would they say? If only the mothers knew that their sons sexually wanted them as much as they sexually wanted their sons, what would they do? If only they knew that their sons’ friends sexually wanted them as much as they wanted them too, what would they say?

Then, something inside him changed, on the same page with his friends, now he wanted to have sex with his beylikdüzü masöz escort mother as much as he wanted to have sex with their mothers. Now, he wanted to watch his friends having sex with his mother as much as he wanted his friends watch him having sex with their mothers. As long as his mother was willing to have sex with him and with his friends, and his friends’ mothers were willing to have sex with him and with their sons, they could start their own private, swinging, mothers and sons incestuous, sex club.

‘A private, swinging, incestuous sex club for mothers and sons,’ thought Jason. ‘How hot would that be to have sex with not only my mother but also to have sex with my mother’s friends and my friends’ mothers too while they watched? How hot would that be for my friends to have sex with my mother and with their mothers while I watched. Wow! Be still my heart. Perhaps, later, we can expand the club to include brothers and sister, aunts and uncles, and cousins.’

In the way his friends talked about wishing they could have sex with their mothers and with his mother, reconsidering his thoughts about incestuous sex, they made him horny. Nonetheless, even then, he couldn’t imagine ever having sex with his mother. Unable to imagine seeing her without her clothes, he’d be so embarrassed if she saw him without his clothes. Yet, truth be told, every time he masturbated, his favorite person to masturbate over was his mother while imagining her naked and having sex with her.

He masturbated over sexually touching her and feeling her through her clothes while kissing her, French kissing her, and making out with her. He masturbated over slowly undressing his mother and stripping her naked while touching her and feeling her everywhere. He masturbated over licking and fingering her pussy, his mother’s cunt, and her slowly stroking his cock while sucking his prick. He masturbated over cumming in her mouth, his mother’s mouth, in her pussy and, giving her a cum bath. He imagined cumming all over her face and her naked breasts, his mother’s big tits.

‘I love you, Mom,’ he thought while continuing to stroke himself. ‘I want you, Mom,’ he thought while wishing it was his mother masturbating him.

Yet, something as forbidden as it was nasty, he could never have sex with his mother. How could he possibly have sex with his own mother? That’s so wrong. She was his mother and he was her son.

Besides, he was more sexually interested in women his own age. Moreover, if ever he had sex with his mother and someone found out that they had sex, incestuous sex, what would he say? He’d be so embarrassed. He’d feel so ashamed. He’d be so apologetically remorseful. He’d feel like such a pervert for people to know that he had incestuous sex with his mother and she had incestuous sex with him.

# # #

Ever since she divorced his father, and his Dad moved out, it was just him and his Mom. Oddly, enough, until his friends talked about wishing they could have sex with their mothers and with his mother, he never thought of his mother and/or their mothers in that incestuous, sexual way. He never thought about having sex with is mother. He never thought about having sex with the mothers of his friends. He never thought of his mother and/or his friends’ mothers as sexually available women.

He never thought about touching and feeling his mother where a son should never touch and feel his mother. He never thought about touching and feel his friends’ mothers. He never thought about stripping his mother naked and/or stripping his friends’ mothers naked and seeing all that he should never see of them. He never thought about fucking them and them sucking him. Now thinking more about what his mother and his friends’ mothers looked like in their bra and panties, topless, and naked, he masturbated over the forbidden thoughts of imagining having sex with them.

Yet, starting out progressively slow, he accidentally touched the side of his mother’s fully clothe breast when kissing her. Then, when he saw the side of his mother’s exposed, white bra from an unbuttoned button, he wondered about her breasts. When he saw the impressions of her nipples emerging through her sheer, sexy nightgown, he wondered about her naked tits. He wondered about her big, erect nipples.

When the wind blew up her short, flared skirt when walking behind her after parking the car on the way to the mall, and he saw her exposed, white panties, he thought about her naked ass. When going up behind her on the escalator and his mother bent at the waist to fix her shoe, he saw the back of his mother’s panty clad pussy. While waiting outside the curtained dressing room for his mother to try on clothes, with her mindlessly not closing the curtain all the way, he saw her in her bra and panties.

Horny now, he couldn’t remove the images of his mother’s exposed bra, her exposed panties, and her undressing in the dressing room while he watched. Yet, it wasn’t until his mother inadvertently flashed him up-skirt peeks of her panties and down-blouse views of her bra and cleavage that he sexually thought of her. Then, when she wore her short, low-cut, sheer, and sexy nightgown without having the modesty to wear a robe, she unknowingly flashed him up-nightgown peeks of her naked pussy and down-nightgown views of her naked breasts.

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