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I am Robert, aged 18. I have already had a story written about me when my married neighbour introduced me to pleasures of sex. (see My Wife and our Neighbours son – by Fantasyboy).

I had just started work at a local company. I worked in the office where there was also an 18 year old girl with large tits. Her name was Katie. All the other men flirted with her and she seemed to enjoy all the attention she got.

It was the night of the firm’s Christmas party held in a local hotel. Almost all the employees and their wives and husbands were there. I was introduced to my bosses wife, Maureen and couldn’t take my eyes off her. She wore a dress that was really a series of vertical straps that barely concealed her body. Half of her tits were on show and she obviously wasn’t wearing a bra. The bottom half of the dress had two very long slits either side and as she walked she exposed a huge amount of her legs. She looked very sexy, she was attractive with nice make up. She also smoked, which I found very sexy. When I was at school it seemed that all the young girls that had sex also smoked, so I started associating smoking with sex.

The young girl in the office was there, she had a low cut dress on that showed the tops of her tits. I had only been there a few minutes and was already feeling very horny. I stood talking to her when she lit a cigarette. I loved the look as she inhaled deeply and then blew the smoke straight out through her lovely red lips. I had a terrible thought – I imagined her cigarette clasped between her lips was my cock and the exhaled smoke was my cum. Oh God, I had a hard on already.

Soon we were told dinner was about to be served. All the seats had place names. I looked for my mine and sat down. Katie started walking towards me, I hoped she was sitting next to me. Alas she wasn’t, she was on the other side of the table and a couple of places along. She was still smoking, I watched her as she finished her cigarette. I saw my boss and his wife looking at the table names. I was delighted when Maureen sat down opposite me. She smiled and asked if I was enjoying myself. As we ate I had trouble taking my eyes off Maureen’s body. The thin straps barely concealed her nipples. I found myself staring at them and I’m sure Maureen caught me looking.

When the meal finished, both Maureen and Katie lit cigarettes. I loved the way Maureen smoked. As she inhaled a small amount of smoke slipped out of her mouth and she then inhaled it up her nose. I don’t know why but I found it very sexy. I watched Katie and Maureen alternately. Maureen knew I was watching her as she stared at me as she inhaled and exhaled each time. I had to remain seated as I had a huge hard on all the time.

Soon the music started and people got up and danced. I sat and watched until Maureen reached out her hand and pulled me onto the dance floor. It was very crowded and I liked the way we got pushed together at times. We danced to one of those typical party records, where everyone knows the words and ends up singing along as loudly as they can. When the music stopped the DJ played a slow record. I went to walk back to my seat when Maureen grabbed my arm and said, ‘Don’t think you’re finished yet.’ She put both her arms round my neck and pulled me close to her. I felt her tits press against my chest. She started rubbing her upper body against mine. Oh no, I felt myself getting hard. I tried to ease the bottom part of my body away from her, but she felt me do so and moved one of her arms from my neck and put it on my bottom and pulled me tight against her. I felt myself getting even harder. Maureen could feel it too and I was amazed when she started rubbing herself against my erection. She held me closer and breathed against my neck. I loved the smell of her perfume.

The dance floor was so crowded that no one could see what we were doing. Suddenly Maureen took one of my arms and slipped my hand inside her dress onto one of her tits. She whispered, ‘See how hard you’ve made my nipples, play with them for me’. She pulled my crotch tighter against her as I stroked her erect nipples. I thought I was going to cum in my trousers. Maureen’s breathing got heavier as I tweaked her nipples. She said, ‘Harder, squeeze them harder, I love it, Oh its lovely, I feel so sexy, I can feel your hard cock against my pussy. I want your cock in my pussy. I haven’t got any knickers on and I am so wet. I want you to fuck me. Do you want to fuck me or would you like me suck you off and make you cum in my mouth’. I couldn’t believe what she was saying. Here was my bosses wife saying she wanted me to fuck her.

The rest of the record played and I carried on playing with her nipples. She said, ‘The other one, play with both of them. She had one arm round my neck and the other was pulling my cock against her, while both my hands were inside her dress playing with her nipples. Thank goodness the place was crowded. The record finished and the DJ played another party record. Maureen took my beylikdüzü ucuz escort hand and led me off the dance floor. Suddenly we were walking in the opposite direction to where we were sitting. I said, ‘Where are we going’. She replied, ‘Back to my room where you are going to fuck me’. I was stunned. ‘What if your husband finds out, he is my boss, he’ll kill me’, I replied. Maureen said, ‘As long as I suck his cock later he won’t mind’.

We soon got to her room and Maureen unlocked the door. As soon as we got inside she closed the door and kissed me tightly on the lips. Her tongue eased into my mouth. I felt her hands untie my belt and she slipped my trousers and underpants down. She knelt down on the floor and grabbed my cock. It was fully erect as it had been for the past half hour. I know it’s about 9 inches when hard and Maureen said, ‘Oh my god, its wonderful’.

I felt her moist lips and tongue engulf my cock. It was heaven and took me back to the first time I was sucked off by my neighbour and only lasted a few minutes before I shot my hot cum into her mouth. Maureen sucked me for a few minutes then said it was her turn.

She lay on the bed and pulled the straps of her dress apart and exposed her erect nipples and then pulled her dress up and showed me her pussy. She was right it was wet, it was very wet. ‘Lick my pussy, stick your tongue inside me, she pleaded with me. I did as she said. She was so wet and I loved the smell of her pussy juices. I felt my face getting wetter as she pulled me tigher against her. I reached up and grabbed her tits. her nipples were very hard and she groaned as I squeezed and pinched them. Suddenly she called out, ‘Oh fuck me, I’m cumming’. She released my face and pulled me up her. My erect cock easily found its way inside her dripping wet pussy.

She kissed me on the lips and obviously tasted her own pussy juices. I fucked her slowly at first but she wanted it rough and hard and in only a few seconds she was calling out with pleasure as her orgasm swept through her body. ‘Cum in me,’ she said, ‘it’s Ok I won’t get pregnant’. I speeded up as she clamped her legs around my waist. Seconds later I was pumping my hot seed deep inside my bosses wifes soaking wet cunt. It was heaven.

We lay and recovered. Maureen lit a cigarette and said, ‘I know it turns you on watching me smoking, you also like watching Katie smoke as well, don’t you’. I agreed with her. I watched with fascination as she inhaled and then sexily blew a long plume of blue smoke through her red lips. Maureen asked me if I had fucked Katie. I told her I hadn’t but I would like to.

Maureen then shocked me again when she said, ‘I’d like a threesome with both of you, would you like me to arrange it.’ I had already had a threesome with my neighbour and her husband and really enjoyed it. I told Maureen I’d love to but I’d also like to have sex with her again. ‘Oh don’t worry about that, it’s going to happen lots of time, I want to taste that lovely cum of yours, I want it pumped deep into my mouth and let it swash around my mouth. I’m going to suck you off and make you cum in my mouth while I smoke’ she said.

She took my hand and put it between her legs and said, ‘Feel how your cum is seeping out of my pussy, soon it’ll be running down my stockings, I’m not going to wash it off, I’m going to enjoy the feel of it running down my legs for the rest of the party and only you and I will know about it. It’s our secret.’

We went back to the party and I was a little worried when my boss started talking to Maureen. I was afraid he had asked her what she was doing. But I knew everything was OK when she looked over and smiled at me. The rest of the evening was good fun and at one time I saw Maureen in deep conversation with Katie. I wondered what they were talking about. Then they turned and faced me and both lit cigarettes and it was as if they both wanted me to watch them as they both took it turns to smoke and made sure I was watching them in turn.

The party eventually finished and I was pleasantly surprised when Katie kissed me goodnight with a full kiss on the lips and said, ‘I’ve had a very interesting chat with Maureen, I’m definitely up for it’. I went to kiss Maureen and she pushed her body against mine and said, ‘When I suck my husband off tonight I’m going to imagine it’s your cum that pumps inside my mouth. When you have a wank next imagine it’s my hand wrapped round your cock and pumping that hot spunk all over your hands’. I did indeed wank many times over the next few days and each time I imagined myself sometimes just with Maureen but also many times in a threesome with Maureen and Katie.

I waited patiently for Maureen to contact me. She had my mobile number and after a few days I thought she must have changed her mind. We weren’t back at work yet after the Christmas break so hadn’t had any contact with Katie. Eventually Maureen phoned me and asked me to meet her beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort the next day. I was very excited and wanked myself off just thinking about her. I arrived early and waited anxiously. After a few minutes Maureen’s car appeared. She stopped and I got in. I was surprised to see Katie sitting in the back. We chatted about our Christmas break and Maureen drove to a nearby pub.

We ordered some wine and sat down. Needless to say both Maureen and Katie started smoking and they knew I was watching them. Maureen said, ‘Now, we all know why we are here, this is what I’ve got in mind, just listen and tell me if you’re still interested. As you know I’m old enough to be your mother and I’d like to pretend I am. I want you, my son and daughter to catch their mummy playing with her vibrators and then join and fuck their mummy. I want to watch my son and daughter fuck each other and then let mummy join in. I want us to all have fun, enjoy each other sexually with nothing out of bounds, what do you think?

I agreed straight away and it took Katie only a few seconds longer. I said, ‘I can’t wait, when can we do it’. Maureen said, ‘I’ll book a hotel room later today and lets do it tomorrow, the sooner the better as I’m feeling very randy’. We left and jumped into Maureens car. We dropped Katie off first and arranged for Maureen to pick her up at noon the following day. Maureen said, ‘Mummy expects you to wear your sexiest clothing and underwear tomorrow’. We both kissed Katie passionately as she got out of the car.

Maureen then said to me, ‘I want you to fuck me now, Mummy needs fucking straight away’. She reached over and stroked my cock through my trousers. I was very horny and ready to do what she wanted. Maureen started driving into the countryside. She opened her legs and said, ‘Feel how wet Mummy’s pussy is. Mummy wants her son’s big cock inside her pussy, Oh, its so wet, put your fingers inside Mummy’s pussy’. My fingers found her pussy and she was right, it was soaking wet. I slipped 2 fingers inside easily. She was driving with one hand and the other was playing with my cock. She had undone the zip and taken it out. She had trouble watching the road as she kept looking down at my cock. She kept saying, ‘Oh mummy can’t wait to feel her son’s big cock inside her, mummy wants to taste her son’s cum’. I could feel her getting even wetter. I started rubbing her clit. I knew she was going to cum soon. I had to stop for a moment.

Suddenly Maureen pulled off the road and into a secluded wooded area. As soon as the car stopped she undid her seat belt and said, ‘Can you cum twice’. I told her I could. She said, ‘Right mummy is going to suck you off and you’re going to cum in mummy’s mouth and then you are going to fuck mummy’s cunt.’ Maureen, or should I say mummy leaned over me and took my cock deep inside her mouth and started sucking it. The feeling was sensational as mummy sucked it harder and harder. Her hands rubbed my balls at the same time. I pulled up mummy’s jumper and played with her nipples. Needless to say she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were hard and erect and the more I pinched, the more mummy liked it. It was only a short while before I knew I was going to cum. I said, ‘ Oh mummy, I’m going to cum soon, I know I’m going to cum in mummy’s mouth, oh muumy, it’s heaven, oh mummy, suck it, suck my cock, oh yes, oh mummy, it’s cumming NOW.’ Mummy continued sucking as I pumped shot after shot of hot cum deep inside her mouth. She kept her mouth clamped tight around my throbbing cock as my cum shot into her mouth.

Eventually she sat up. I could see my cum dribbling out of her mouth. She leaned over and kissed me and I could taste my own cum. She turned round to face me and straddled her legs either side of me. Her skirt was up around her waist and her jumper was pushed up above her tits. I was soon hard again and she lowered herself down onto my cock. She said, ‘Mummy can feel your hot, wet, hard cock inside her pussy. Mummy wants to cum so much’. She started riding up and down on my cock. She raised herself up to the tip and then quickly plunged down making sure my cock went as deeply as possible inside her. She took my hands and said, ‘Play with mummy’s tits, squeeze mummy’s nipples as hard you can’. I pinched them and pulled them. The harder I did it the more she liked it. She was riding up and down as fast as she could now. She called out, ‘Mummy’s cumming, oh, its wonderful, oh yes, mummy’s CUMMING.’ Her body shook with pleasure, her nipples seemed even harder. I thought she had finished but she carried on riding up and down on my stiff cock.

‘Mummy wants to cum again’, she managed to say as she gasped for breath. Her second and third orgasms followed almost immediately. Her mouth was hanging open and my own cum was continuously trickling out over lips and as she felt this she licked it back inside her mouth.

As her last orgasm subsided she beyoğlu escort said, ‘Mummy wants you to cum inside her cunt, mummy wants to feel her son’s spunk deep inside her.’ I knew I could cum at any time and with just a few quick movements from mummy’s soaking wet cunt I was soon pumping my hot cum deep inside her. As we both sat still and recovered I saw my cum dribbling out of her mouth. This time she kissed me and I loved the taste of her saliva and my cum.

I sat playing with her nipples and my now relaxing cock still embedded inside mummy’s pussy. At last we were both satisfied. We sat talking in this position about tomorrow and what we hoped to get up to with Katie. I was shocked at some of things mummy wanted to do.

Shocked but excited. Maureen, sorry, mummy said she wanted a cigarette. She was still sitting on my cock. She reached over to her handbag and took one out and put it between her lips and lit it. Her face was only inches away from mine as I watched her inhale on the cigarette then she clamped her lips tight against mine as she exhaled directly into my mouth. I felt my cock getting hard again.

She said, ‘Tomorrow mummy is going to suck you off into her mouth while she smokes her cigarette and you’ll get the wonderful feeling of mummy’s hot breath and cigarette smoke on your cock and you can cum in mummy’s mouth while she has a mouthful of smoke’. We sat talking sexily about what we are going to do to each other and looked forward to tomorrow. Maureen drove me home and we both looked forward to tomorrow. I promised her I wouldn’t wank myself off today so that I would save my cum for her and Katie.

We all met as agreed. Both Maureen and Katie looked very sexy. Katie told us she hadn’t got any knickers on and her pussy was already very wet. Maureen drove us to hotel she had booked. Katie and I followed her into the reception and Maureen said to the receptionist, ‘I have booked a room for myself, and my son and daughter’. The receptionist gave us the key and we went and found our room. It was a huge room with 2 double beds with one wall covered with full length mirrors. Maureen said, ‘I want to pretend you are my son and daughter, you walk into the room and catch me playing with myself with my vibrators.

At first you are shocked but I persuade you to let me carry on and gradually it turns you both on and we end up by having a threesome. There’s nothing else planned lets see how it goes, although I know Robert is very keen for his sister and his mummy to suck him off while they are smoking. Katie and I went to the bar for a quick drink. We sat opposite each other at the bar. Katie lit a cigarette and I watched as she sexily smoked. She opened her legs and I could quite easily see she wasn’t wearing any knickers. Shortly afterwards we went back to the room. I had a key and let ourselves in.

The site we saw was staggering. Maureen was sitting on the bed leaning against the headboard. She was heavily made up with bright red lipstick on her nipples. Fixed to her nipples were 2 small vibrating clamps that pinched them tightly. She had a large vibrator embedded deep inside her pussy and another one that she was using on her clitoris. She was moaning loudly clearly enjoying the feelings she was giving herself.

Katie spoke first, ‘Mummy whatever are you doing’. Maureen replied, ‘Oh children, please forgive me, you shouldn’t have caught me like this, but it is such a wonderful feeling, I can’t resist doing it, please forgive me. I’m sorry, but I just can’t stop. I know its wrong but I’d like you to sit and watch mummy pleasuring herself, then you’ll realise why I’m doing it. Please, just let me carry on, please, just sit and watch me’.

Katie and I looked at each other and could see how much mummy was enjoying it. We both agreed she should carry on. We sat on either side of the bed as mummy started rubbing the vibrator against her clitoris again. The look on her face showed how much she was enjoying it. I was getting very turned on and could feel myself getting hard. I looked at Katie and she couldn’t take her eyes off mummy. I’m sure it was getting to her too.

Mummy was now thrusting the big black vibrator in and out of her pussy while rubbing the other one against her clit. Mummy said,’ Oh this is heaven, Katie I want to watch you play with your brothers cock. Take it out and let me watch you play with it.’ I stood up and quickly undressed. My cock stood out in front of me. Katie moved round to my side off the bed and immediately reached down for my cock and started slowly rubbing it. Mummy then said, ‘Robert, let me watch you play with your sisters tits’.

I lifted Katie’s jumper and exposed her large tits. Her nipples were already erect. Clearly my sister was getting turned on. Mummy was busy pleasuring herself while watching her son and daughter pleasure each other. She was obviously turned on by my cock as she had trouble taking her eyes off it. Suddenly she said, ‘I want to suck Robert’s cock, Katie, I want you to wank your brother off into mummy’s mouth’. I moved up level with mummy’s face. She turned to face my cock and opened her mouth. Katie eased it into her mothers mouth and started wanking me off. Mummy clamped her lips tightly round it while her daughter wanked it faster and faster. I watched as mummy pounded the vibrator against her clit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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