Mother’s Friend Ch. 04

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Unfortunately, Nancy had planned some family activities for her and Ron on Friday evening so he wasn’t able to see Sandy. They met Ron’s aunt and uncle for dinner and then went over to their house afterward to continue the visit.

Ron liked them well enough and he enjoyed the evening, but where he really wanted to be was with Sandy or Pam. What had happened the previous night had been wilder than anything he could have imagined and, during lulls in the conversation, he often found his mind wandering back to the lustful images of Pam and his mom together or of Sandy and their short but intense fuck after seeing their two moms together.

The previous night also caused Ron to think a little differently about his mom. He found himself watching her a little more out of the corner of his eye as he still tried to come to grips with the idea that his mom was and had been involved in a lesbian relationship with Pam. He wondered briefly what other secrets she might be keeping.

As the night wore on Ron realized another very unexpected consequence of the previous night. On several occasions he caught himself trying to steal glimpses down his mom’s top as he bent over or found himself watching her ass as she walked by. He realized that he had been doing it for a while before he was really aware of it and was shocked by the idea that he was viewing his mom like that.

Still, as she sat a few feet away from him with her back turned slightly toward him he couldn’t help but notice that her top clung to the outline of her tit in a remarkably sexy way. She turned back quickly and almost caught him staring at her, but Ron managed to quickly look away. He tried to be calm but he could feel his face redden with the embarrassment of nearly getting caught.

On the drive home Ron sat quietly next to his mom and wrestled with his own feelings and thoughts. There was no denying the fact that he had been nearly caught staring lustfully at his own mom. On the one hand he knew it was wrong to feel that way, but after seeing her with Pam the night before he could see her in a whole new light. Part of him could now see her as something other than his mom and could see her now more as simply a good-looking older woman. This part of him definitely felt a strong lust toward the woman sitting next to him.

The idea that he had witnessed her acting out one of his most common fantasies also served excite him and make him wonder what other kinky things she had or might be willing to do. The other thing that Ron couldn’t shake was the idea that she had talked dirty with Pam about him and Sandy. The mere idea of Sandy joining Pam and Nancy in bed made Ron’s cock grow hard very quickly, but the thing that really struck him was how his mom had talked about him being with Pam. Had it been something she just said without thinking, or did a part of her think about him sexually? Probably prior to last night he would have been very uncomfortable with that thought, but now a part of him mulled that concept and he felt a slight twinge of excitement.

“You OK Ron?” Nancy asked.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, sure,” Ron stammered.

“You’ve been awfully quiet,” she said, “is there something on your mind?”

“No,” he lied, “sorry. I guess I must just be tired.”

They made small talk the rest of the way home. They got home a little after midnight and Ron debated whether to go to bed or watch some TV. He decided to watch some TV and changed into his pajamas before heading to the living room as Nancy took a long shower. To his surprise he heard her walking down the stairs toward the living room after her shower. He had expected her to just go off to bed, but instead she joined him in the living room a few moments later.

She was dressed in her satin pajamas that she always wore to sleep. With a couple of quick glances Ron noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra and that her tits swayed seductively under her top. She was a tall woman at nearly 5′ 10″. She wasn’t a zealot about working out but she did take long walks regularly and had managed to keep herself in pretty good shape. He knew that she was probably a little heavier than what she should be, but she carried herself well and still looked very good for her age.

They hung out for a while with him watching TV and her reading a magazine before she finally put the magazine down and said goodnight. He watched her ass as she walked away and felt a little guilty for staring at her like a sex object. After all, this was his own kartal escort bayan mom.

He flipped channels for a while after she left but soon grew bored and decided to go to bed himself. He shut off the lights and went up to his room. As he lay under the covers his mind again replayed some of the things he had seen the previous night. He thought about Sandy’s coy answer to his questioning her about doing it with another woman and began to fantasize about joining in with her and another woman as they fucked. Then an idea occurred to him that he hadn’t thought about before. He thought about watching Sandy fuck her own mother and then about joining the two women that he had been fucking this week as all three of them began to make love to each other.

The very idea of Sandy fucking Pam sent chills down his back and he began stroking his hard cock under the covers. He again envisioned himself joining them and stroked himself until he started cumming. Soon afterward he relaxed back into his pillow and feel asleep.

It was late in the morning the next day when the phone rang and Nancy answered it. She said hello happily and began to chat away with the person on the other end of the line. Ron listened as she and the other person made plans to go out to dinner and then come over to their house to watch a video afterward.

“Who was that?” Ron asked as she hung up the phone.

“It was Pam,” she answered, “we’ve been wanting to see this movie for a while and it finally came out on video. I thought the two of us might as well make a date out of it and get some dinner.”

Ron’s mind raced with sexy thoughts at the idea of how their “date” might end up. Nancy paused and must have noticed something about his expression because she asked, “Is that OK with you? If you wanted to do something together I could cancel.”

Ron insisted he was fine and encouraged her to go out with Pam. A short while later as Nancy was out of the room he called Sandy on the phone and explained the call that her mom had just placed to his mom. “Great,” she said, “it looks like we’ll have my place all to ourselves.”

They made their own dinner plans but didn’t bother to discuss what to do after dinner. Ron hoped that their after dinner plans would consist of going back to Sandy’s place and fucking for the rest of the night.

The rest of the Saturday passed comfortably for Ron as he and his mom spent the day relaxing around the house and running a few errands. They both knew he had to go back to college the next day and tried to make the most out of this last day of their visit. In the late afternoon they each started getting ready for their dates that night.

At one point Nancy asked him who he was going out with and Ron thought he noticed a slight smile on her face when he said it was Sandy. His mind immediately raced back to the other night and of her talking with Pam about Sandy. He wondered if she might be thinking similar thoughts now.

Ron arrived at Sandy’s right on time and they went out and enjoyed a nice dinner together. As he had hoped, after dinner Sandy suggested going back to her house. Once there they sat on the couch in front of the TV and flipped channels. Before too long they began to softly caress each other through their clothes and kiss each other tenderly. The tender kisses eventually became more wanton and their tongues began moving back and forth together.

As they continued Sandy parted their kiss briefly and whispered, “What do you suppose our mom’s are doing?” Ron merely gave a short, knowing laugh as they continued kissing. They soon started to strip off each other’s clothes as their kissing and fondling intensified.

After he had her naked Ron caressed her tits and began to play with her stiffening nipples. Sandy moaned and then said, “Do you think your mom is teasing my mom’s tits like this?”

The very idea made Ron moan and lower his head to Sandy’s tit where he swirled his tongue around her nipple. Sandy groaned and ran her hands all over his naked back as he moved back and forth between her tits. “Do you wish you could watch them fuck again?” she asked.

“Yes,” Ron whispered as he returned to teasing her tits for many more long minutes. She finally pulled him away and lowered down to his lap as Ron sat up straight on the couch. With a loud groan Ron felt her lips on his hard cock as she began to give him a slow, teasing blowjob. She used her lips and tongue to tease him for a while longer escort maltepe and Ron thought he might cum in her mouth.

Instead, Sandy sat up and then moved over him. She put her knees on either side of his legs and lowered her pussy to his hard cock. She let him slide inside her and then started to fuck him slowly as he wrapped his hands around to her ass and began to tease her tits again with his mouth.

She continued to slowly fuck him for a while longer before she whispered, “Have you been thinking about me and Amy touching each other?” She looked down at him with a wicked smile as she waited for his answer.

His mind immediately ran back to her confession of a couple of nights ago to having kissed Amy and them playing with each other’s tits. He had, in fact, been thinking of it often since then and he answered, “Yes.”

She smiled a little bigger and began to fuck him a little faster. “You’d love to watch me with another woman, wouldn’t you?” she teased.

“Yes,” Ron quickly answered. The pace of their fuck gradually increased and soon they were both so overcome with their building passions that neither spoke. After a while longer Ron groaned and started to cum inside her. When Sandy felt his cum she pushed him all the way inside her and held him there tightly for just a few more seconds before she too started to cum.

They finished their mutual orgasm and she leaned forward into his arms as they sat together and recovered from their efforts. She eventually moved off his lap and they sat next to each other on the couch kissing and fondling one another.

After a while they moved up to her bedroom and continued to softly kiss and caress each other. It didn’t take too long for the touches and kisses to become more urgent. As Ron was lying flat on his back with Sandy leaning over him slowly stroking his semi-hard cock she whispered, “Tell me what you want me to do to her.”

Ron looked her straight in her eyes and immediately noticed a definite gleam of lust in her eyes. “She’s getting into this idea,” Ron gleefully thought to himself. He began telling her in graphic detail how he wanted to watch them suck each other’s tits until their nipples were hard. He said he would want to watch her lay the other woman down on her back as she spread her legs widely apart. He would then watch as Sandy lowered her head between the other woman’s legs and lick her pussy.

Ron had started to caress her tits as he slowly described what he would want to see. She continued fondling his cock and now had it almost fully erect. When he described her licking the other woman’s pussy she groaned. “Did you taste Amy’s pussy?” he asked.

“No,” she whispered softly.

“Did you touch her pussy?” he asked.

“No,” she answered, “she touched mine for a moment but we stopped before it went any farther.”

He could definitely feel her nipples growing hard talking about this and could sense the lust building in her voice. He asked one more question. “Do you want to taste another woman’s pussy?”

“Yes,” she immediately answered before falling on top of Ron and meeting him in a wild kiss. This soon progressed to more with him sucking and caressing her tits for a long while before she pushed him onto his back and began sucking his cock. His previous orgasm that night left him with better control and she wildly sucked his cock as he excitedly watched.

When she paused he changed places with her and began to lick at her dripping wet pussy. He kept this up for a long while and could feel her passions building until she suddenly gasped and he felt her pussy contract around his tongue. She softly moaned through the rest of her orgasm as he continued teasing her with his tongue and lips.

Almost as soon as she stopped cumming she switched their positions again so he was flat on his back. This time she straddled him and lowered her pussy onto his hard cock. With a groan of combined lust and satisfaction he felt his cock easily slide into her. She began to ride him slowly, clearly in no hurry to bring about his orgasm.

He watched her riding him and when she noticed him staring she began to play with her tits to increase his excitement. She rode him slowly with a curious smile on her face as if she was hiding a secret. Finally she began to speak in a very soft voice and asked, “Do you want to watch me suck your mom’s pussy?”

Ron’s eyes opened wide and he looked up at her with a mild look of surprise. pendik escort He vividly remember his mom telling Pam that she wanted to have sex with Sandy and clearly that had stuck in Sandy’s mind also. As Ron looked at her without speaking Sandy added, “We already know she wants it. The whole time my mom was sucking her pussy the other night your mom was thinking about me.” Ron groaned at the thought. Sandy continued, “So, tell me, do you want to watch me suck your mom’s pussy?”

“Yes,” Ron answered as the idea of that scene floating through his mind. Sandy continued riding his cock slowly as she then spoke of fondling and then kissing his mom’s tits while he watched.

A nasty thought occurred to Ron as his excitement grew and he listened to her talk so explicitly about his own mom. When she paused he looked up at her and said, “I’d like to watch you fuck your mom.” He knew he was taking a chance with that comment, but he did remember Sandy referring to Pam as “hot” previously so he hoped he was onto something.

Sandy stopped fucking him and looked at him with a curious look on her face. It seemed a mixture of surprise and curiosity as he asked, “Would you fuck your mom for me?”

She was silent and still for a few more moments before she smiled wickedly and hissed, “Yessss.” Ron groaned at hearing this and at Sandy resuming their fuck. That thought lingered in the air for a few moments as Sandy rode his cock smoothly.

“I’ll bet your mom would love sucking your sweet pussy,” Ron whispered. Sandy closed her eyes and groaned at the idea. “Maybe my mom and your mom would fuck you together,” Ron added.

“No,” Sandy replied excitedly, “I’d want to fuck her while you fucked your mom.” It was now Ron’s turn to groan in response to her forbidden idea. Sandy immediately sensed something and continued describing how she and her mom would slowly explore and tease each other while Ron and his mom did the same.

“It’s probably been a long time since she’s felt a hard cock,” Sandy teased, “I bet she would love to have you inside her, fucking her. You want that, don’t you?”

“Yes,” the word escaped Ron’s mouth so quickly it surprised him. It was true that as Sandy described her lurid scene he was envisioning fucking her, but perhaps he didn’t realize even how much the idea excited him.

Sandy knew she had found something so she continued saying, “You want to fuck your mommy, don’t you? You want to feel her sweet pussy around your cock.” Sandy had now started to fuck Ron wildly and he knew he was getting close to cumming.

“Maybe you want her to suck your cock so you can cum in her mouth,” she continued. “Or I bet you would want to pull out and cum all over her face.”

Ron called out loudly as he started cumming with the vision of his cum coating his mom’s face in his mind. Sandy’s hands moved immediately to her clit and she started to wildly finger herself. The size and strength of his orgasm surprised him as Ron continued shooting load after load of cum inside her.

When he finally finished she sat still over him with his shrinking cock inside her as she played with herself. He started to play with her tits and hard nipples and began telling her how much he wanted to watch her fucking her mom. It didn’t take long before she had another loud orgasm as he pinched her tight nipples between his fingers.

They collapsed together on the bed and dozed off after a short while of kissing and touching. They were awakened a few hours later by the sound of Pam coming home. “Shit,” Ron said softly, “all of our clothes are still downstairs.”

“Relax,” Sandy calmly whispered, “she already knows we’ve been fucking so what’s the big deal.” They lay together quietly and listened as Pam gasped, “Oh my,” from the living room. They heard her walk upstairs and listened as the footsteps stopped outside of Sandy’s open bedroom door. Ron was surprised how long Pam stood there and wished he could see her reaction, but he and Sandy remained still as if they were sleeping.

Finally, Pam went into her bedroom and the house returned to silence soon. Once they were sure she was asleep they quietly got up and went downstairs. They put their clothes on and Sandy walked him out to his car. Once there they hugged and kissed each other deeply.

“When can I see you again?” Ron asked.

“I’ll let you know,” she answered, “but I’m thinking I can probably come visit you on campus in a couple of weeks.”

They kissed again and said goodnight before Ron returned to his house. He looked all around for signs of Pam fucking his mom but couldn’t see anything obvious. He went to bed thinking about what had been said between him and Sandy that night and surprised at how he reacted to some of the ideas.

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