Mother’s Helping Hand Ch. 20

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The usual disclaimers apply, the story contains incest and sexual scenes so if you are likely to be offended by this please don’t read any further.??The characters are over 18, the persons and events described are entirely fictional. The author reserves all rights to the story and its reproduction with the exception of Literotica.??All feedback is appreciated and if you like the story, please rate it in the comments section.


“Oh Bobby, you finished inside me.”

“Sorry mom. I guessed it was ok, I mean, with the, err, pill and all?”

“Well let’s hope it works. I’ll be back in a moment.”

She gently pushed him away and went to the bathroom to clean herself up. No matter how many times he came, he seemed to fill her to overflowing. As she sat on the toilet she pushed, and felt his cum running out of her.

When she was confident she had pushed most of it out, she returned to the balcony to find Bobby reclined on a lounger, his cock mercifully soft for once. She leant over him to kiss him gently; and he opened his eyes, taking in the sight of her big heavy tits hanging down, and reaching out to squeeze them. She allowed him to play with her boobs for a few moments, before standing and removing them from his reach.

“I think that’s enough.”

“Awww, I was having fun.” His cock had begun to show signs of life; and Alison noticed he was already swelling again.

“I can see; but I want to spend some time outside the room while we’re here.”

He reluctantly agreed that it would be nice to have a little down time to recover. Much as he could fuck all day. His dick was starting to ache a little from his exertions.

They strolled out through the resort, Bobby not bothering with shorts, and Alison just wearing her bikini bottoms, partly to preserve her modesty, and partly because she’d put a tampon in, to soak up the residue of Bobby’s sperm that seemed to be dribbling out of her forever.

They walked through the plaza admiring the various stores. Bobby noticed that a few of them were opening up now. They noticed a fetish shop with a variety of implements, including handcuffs hanging up outside, and stopped to look at some of the devices.

“Say, check these out Alison. They’re fur lined.”

He pointed out some handcuffs with leopard print fur on them.

“Well, I suppose they might help to keep your hands under control!” She smiled.

“Goodness, what’s this?” she said, indicating a device with various metal rings held together with a leather strap.

“That’s called the Gates of Hell.”

They looked round to see a pretty brunette with a wristband, indicating she was the shop assistant. She was wearing a leather miniskirt, and had black pasties over her nipples, but was otherwise naked. She had small perky breasts and a gothic look to her. She seemed vaguely familiar; but Bobby couldn’t quite place her.

“Gates of Hell? That sounds rather frightening.”

“Oh, don’t worry. It’s only hell for the man. For us girls, it can be a lot of fun.”

Bobby could see Alison was looking interested. and thought her freaky side was getting freakier all the time. All the same, if it was going to lead to more fun and games. he was willing to go along with it. The goth girl leant up to pull down the device, and showed it to Alison.

“Well, the guy’s balls go through this ring, the biggest one, and then you put his cock through as well.”

“Isn’t that painful?”

“Well a little, but then that’s the point. Obviously, he has to be soft to get him through the ring.”

“What are the other rings for?”

“Well those go round just his cock. Each one is a bit smaller, so they get tighter. Again, he needs to be soft to get it on.”

“Yes, I can see. What happens then?”

“Well then you can have fun with him. When he gets hard, the rings will dig into his cock. So the more turned on he gets, the more it hurts.”

“Oh my!”

Bobby could see Alison was clearly getting very interested. Shit!? He wondered if she was thinking of putting that thing on him. The thought of his mom handcuffing him, and using him as her sex toy seemed pretty hot. He could feel his cock rising at the thought.

“It gets better!” The goth girl was excited, and clearly seemed to be speaking from experience. “Because the rings stop the blood from escaping, once he gets hard he stays that way for as long as you want. What’s more, it makes it pretty much impossible for him to cum, so you can basically tease him forever; and he just keeps getting harder and hornier, but can’t cum.”

“That sounds, um, rather painful.”

“Well that’s why they call it the Gates of Hell. Some guys say it’s the most exciting thing they’ve ever done, though. And the rings feel amazing for us, if you know what I mean?”

“Oh, I see!” Alison blushed.

“Looks like your boyfriend likes the idea.”

Alison looked round to see what the girl was talking about, and could see Bobby’s cock was once again at full mast.

The girl held the device next to Bobby’s cock, the rings looking impossibly small in comparison.

“Hmmm, I think you halkalı bdsm escort definitely need the 7 ring version.”

The girl took the device and disappeared into the shop, returning a few seconds later with a bigger version of the same device.

“This is the one I’d recommend. It’s the same, but the rings are bigger and there’s more of them.”

“Isn’t it rather dangerous? I mean, what happens when you want to take it off?”

“Oh just have some ice handy. Put some cubes on him; and once he goes down a little, you can slip the rings off one at a time and he’ll be fine. It’s just a bit painful for an hour or two afterwards.”

“I see.”

Bobby could see Alison looking at the device and his dick; and he couldn’t help but twitch in excitement at the thought of his mom putting it on him.

“Wanna try it?”

“Um, well, I’m not sure, I mean…”

“I’m game if you are.”

Alison was clearly tempted but felt doing something like this, with her son… it seemed to be so wrong.

“Trust me, it’s a lot of fun,” the Goth girl smiled at Alison.

“Um, well, I suppose…”

Suddenly a man’s voice interrupted her thoughts. “Hi Ellie, wassup? Oh shit, man, looks like you are!”

Alison glanced round to see the source of the voice, and saw herself looking at a tall black man with sunglasses and a bag over his shoulder. He was otherwise naked, apart from some flip flops; and Alison couldn’t help glancing at his cock, which was huge even though it was soft.

“You must be the white dude everyone keeps talking about with the big dick. I’m Nathan.”

“Oh hi.” Bobby was aware that Nathan was looking at his dick, and felt a little weird at having another guy staring at his cock, even if it was more in professional admiration.

“Man, I think you are almost as big as me.”

Alison felt a slight flush of jealousy at the implied put down, and before she could stop herself blurted out: “From where I’m standing I’d say it looks quite a big bigger.”

“Well you ain’t seen mine when it’s angry yet.”

Nathan turned to Alison and regarded her properly for the first time.

“I heard about you as well. Wow, man, they didn’t exaggerate either.” He eyed her up and down, focusing especially on her breasts. Alison was acutely aware of her near nakedness, and felt like covering herself with her hands, but resisted the urge, standing with her hands by her side as Nathan admired her body.

“Well you are all kinds of fine, aren’t you? I can see why you’re walking around with a hard on, man!” Nathan smiled at Bobby.

“Don’t mind Nathan, he’s a sweetie really. He’s just had his pride dented because he’s got a rival this year.”

As Bobby regarded Ellie, he remembered where he’d seen her before. She was the brunette he’d seen riding Nathan’s dick by the fountain on the first day. Nathan noticed the Gates of Hell in Ellie’s hand and remarked “You’re not tryin’ to sell that damn thing to these people, are you? Shit, I let her put it on me one time; and it felt like my dick was in a vice.”

“Well you have to admit it did look sexy.”

“I don’t know about that. I know you had me tied up and desperate to cum for a whole afternoon.”

“I didn’t hear you complaining at the time. You said it was the best orgasm you ever had.”

“Well after getting that thing off, it was a relief, that’s for sure; but yeah, I guess it was pretty intense. Just make sure you keep some ice handy, that’s all.”

“I already told them. So what do you think? I’ll do you a special on the handcuffs if you like?”

“Sure, let’s go for it!” Bobby felt like he wasn’t going to be outdone by Nathan; and getting tied up by his mom seemed pretty hot. Bobby gave Ellie their room number; and she bagged their items for them.

“Wow, you two are in the bridal suite? Congratulations!” Nathan flashed a brilliant smile at Bobby, and took another opportunity to admire Alison’s generous charms. Bobby felt a twinge of jealously, and couldn’t help noticing Nathan’s cock seemed to have grown by an inch or two while he was admiring Alison.

“Hey! You two finally met!!” a voice called.

Bobby looked round to see Pam and Cyn walking over to join them.

“The two giant cocks of Bacchus finally meet!” Cynthia laughed. “Hey Nathan, how are you doing?”

She put her arms around him and stood on tip toes to give him a kiss.

“I’m always good when I see you two.”

“Hi Nathan.” Pamela joined him from the other side and kissed him on the cheek.

“Hi Baby!”

“So Nathan, when are you going to let me do a cast of this big old dick of yours?” Cynthia hefted his still flaccid cock in her hand, bouncing it in her palm to emphasise its weight.

“I told you, when you two agree to a threesome.”

“Aww Nathan, I told you we don’t fuck guys. Unless you’ve been immortalised in rubber that is.”

“I’ll suck your cock for you Nathan,” cooed Pamela, looking up at him with doe eyes and running her fingers over his chest. “You know we dykes really know how to use our tongues. You’ve not had a proper halkalı elit escort blowjob ’till you’ve had a lesbian suck your cock.”

Bobby could see Nathan’s dick extending in Cynthia’s hand. It was now so big that Pamela could run her hand down his belly and encircle it as well, both girls’ small white fingers struggling to encircle the giant black cock that was now at full erection. Even Bobbie had to admit to being impressed with its size, the skin growing shiny as it became taut, and the veins standing out on it.

“See Nathan, you know you want to. It’d be a shame to deprive the women of the world of the chance to try this big dick.”

“I’m happy for them to try it, I’d just rather it’s the real thing!”

“Aw Nathan, us dykes like to have a big dick too. We’ve been using Bobby’s lately, the rubber version that is.”

Cynthia reached out and stroked Bobby’s cock with one hand, while playing with Nathan’s with the other.

“I wonder which of you two is the biggest?” She compared them in her hands.

“Nathan’s is longer,” Ellie remarked, looking a little jealous at the attention he was getting from Cynthia and Pam.

“Yeah, but I think Bobbie’s is a little thicker,” mused Cynthia, measuring the cocks with her fingers.”

“Well it’s not just the size, it’s what you can do with it, and how long you can do it for,” chimed in Alison, feeling a peculiar mix of jealousy and pride over the comparisons being made between her son’s cock and Nathan’s.

“Oh well, Nathan’s definitely the champion in that department,” remarked Ellie. “He can go for hours without cumming if he wants.”

“It goes with the job.” shrugged Nathan.

“Job?” queried Alison.

“I work as an exotic dancer back home. Sometimes when I perform at the bachelorette parties, there are girls queueing up to suck my dick. Gotta be able to satisfy them all without losin’ it. Sometimes I do 2 or 3 parties in a night and I got the biggest pair o’ blue balls you ever seen.”

“And he does have some big balls,” remarked Ellie, lifting his heavy low hanging gonads in her hand, “and they make a LOT of cum.”

Nathan was looking pretty pleased with himself. Now he had 2 girls stroking his cock, and another playing with his balls.

“Well I think Bobby might have you beat on that one, Nathan,” replied Cyn. “Bobby’s like old faithful when he cums. I thought it was going to come out my ears in New York.”

“You blew him?” queried Nathan. “I didn’t think you did dick.”

“Well Pammy was ill so I had to do double duty and help with fluffing,” Cyn hastily explained.

Alison and Bobby knew that wasn’t quite true, but didn’t bother to correct her.

“Hey, you know, we should have a contest between you two!” Cynthia changed the subject. “Like a battle of the cocks! See who has the longest staying power and who cums the most. And us girls get to be the judges. Whadya say?”

“Hmmmm, sounds pretty good to me. Having my dick sucked for a night is always a pretty good option,” smiled Nathan.

Bobby had to admit the idea was a turn on, a gladiatorial battle of the cocks; and getting his dick sucked by a bunch of girls sounded good.

“Hell yeah! Why don’t you all come up to our room tomorrow night?”

Alison shot Bobby a killer look which he missed.

“Yeah, let’s do it!” Smiled Nathan. “May the best dick win!” he laughed.

“Woohoo, battle of the cocks!” laughed Cyn, giving each dick a squeeze. “We’ll be there at 8! Don’t start without us!”

“Wouldn’t be the same without you,” smiled Nathan.

“Ok, well, gotta run!”

Cyn skipped off with Pam hand in hand; and Alison cleared her throat.

“Yes, well, we should be getting along as well.”

“Ok, see you tomorrow night!” smiled Nathan.

Alison didn’t answer, but just walked off with Bobby following, his dick swinging about as he jogged to keep up.

“Mmmmo… Alison, are you angry?”

“Angry? Why? Because you invite a bunch of strangers up to our room to have an orgy?”

“Err, well, it’s just a party.”

“A party where all those girls will be taking turns sucking on your penis!”

“Errr, well, I don’t know that’s exactly what we agreed.” Although, Bobby had to admit, the idea of a bunch of girls competing to make him cum, didn’t exactly sound like a bad way to spend the night.

“It certainly sounded like it to me, all because of some juvenile contest about the size of your manhood.”

“C’mon Alison, it was just a bit of fun. I mean, if I back out now, it’ll look like I’m afraid of losing.”

“Well we couldn’t have that, could we!”

“Jeezus! What is wrong with you!!??” Bobby snapped at her.

“Me?” Alison looked surprised at his anger.

“You planned this holiday, you knew it was for swingers; and there’d be a ton of girls here. And then every time I look at anyone, or we have some fun, you get on some big guilt trip about it.”

“Bobby I…”

“I mean, what do you want from me? You told me this all has to end; and I need to meet other girls. But when I do, you start laying this whole halkalı escort jealousy trip on me!”


“Well what do you call it? Complaining about other girls?”

“I just meant, of course, I want you to meet other girls, just not the sort here.”

“Well who do you think I’m going to meet here? This is a swingers’ club, not a convent!”

“I’m well aware of that!”

“So why come here? Why say it’s good for me to meet other girls? I thought that was the idea!”

Alison stopped and turned her back to Bobby. What could she say to him? He was right of course; and she knew it. Much as she said this had to stop, the thought of losing him, or sharing him with other women, made her terrified.

“I’m sorry Bobby. You’re right, I had no right,” she said quietly.

“Moo… Alison, it’s you I love. I always will.” He put his hands on her shoulders and gently stroked them, trying to avoid butting her with his erect cock at the same time.

“Oh Bobby!” she turned to him and embraced him, pushing her wonderful body up against his, trapping his iron hard erection against her belly as her boobs squashed against him. She felt his strong young body and his insistent erection pressing against her, and knew she wanted him desperately. She wanted to feel him inside her, filling her

“Let’s go upstairs,” she smiled at him and he didn’t need asking twice. Her look told him all he needed to know about what she had in mind. They hurried up to the room and fumbled their way to the bed, kissing and caressing each other as they went. She pulled him down on top of her between her legs, not wanting to waste any time, reaching down to guide him into her. Bobby couldn’t believe the change in her, how aggressive she suddenly was; and as he felt her fingers on his cock and then her warm pussy lips enveloping him, he slid slowly into her, feeling her tight wet pussy gripping his cock.

She pulled him into her, feeling his huge hard cock buried so deep inside her it hurt, and knew she never wanted to let him go. As she felt his heavy balls bouncing on her ass, she felt a tinge of fear.

“Bobby, remember what I said about not climaxing in me?”

“But I already did, and you took the pill, remember?”

“I know, but it’s not guaranteed; and well, Bobby, it doesn’t bear thinking about, if I was pregnant by my own son…I…”

He could see the thought was panicking her.

“Ok don’t worry, I won’t cum in you.”

He began thrusting in and out of her, her big tits swaying like Jell-O as she responded to his strokes. Neither of them was in the mood for slow tender love making. Their needs were urgent; and Bobby slammed his dick into her, feeling her gripping his arms harder as she responded to his movements.

“Oh God Bobby, it’s so deep!”

He didn’t speak, but continued to slam his dick into her, spearing her with the full length of his cock, burying himself again and again to the hilt, as he felt her grip grow tighter and her moans more passionate.

“Oh Gooooodddddd Bobbyyyyy, cummmiiiinnggggggg!!”

He felt her gripping him and her pussy convulsing; and he slowed his pace as she rode her orgasm, letting her come down gradually.

“Oh Bobby, you didn’t, did you? I mean…”

“No, I’m still good…”

“Oh, ok. I’m sorry. I know it must be difficult for you.”

“It’s ok. I understand.”

“I want to feel you cum inside me too; but I just can’t risk…”

“It’s ok…”

He began feeding his cock into her again, slowly at first, as a wicked seed began to grow in his mind.

“You know, there is a way I could finish inside you without you getting pregnant.”

“I know; but the pharmacy is closed today and I don’t know how reliable the pill is.”

“No, that’s not what I mean, I mean there is… another way.”

“Bobby I don’t underst… what, you mean… there? No!”

“Well I’m just saying, if you’re worried about a baby, that would solve the problem.”

“Bobby no! I don’t, I mean it’s not something I, well, I haven’t since your father… and besides, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t…you’re too big.”

His cock lurched inside at the admission she had tried it with his dad; and that she was considering his size.

“I’d take it slow…”

“Bobby no, please… don’t ask me to do that… just make love to me…”


He mentally sighed, “make love to you so you can cum as often as you want and I have to hold back.” Still, he was fucking her; and he guessed that wasn’t something he’d thought he’d ever do.

He continued ploughing into her, quickening his pace and feeling her respond more and more. She was really getting into it, reaching down to pull him into her by cupping his ass, even digging her nails in.

“Oh Gooooddd Bobbyyyy, don’t stop!”

There was no danger of that, he reflected, even if she wasn’t pulling him into her and urging him on, his dick felt like it was possessed. Alison began crying out, and went rigid as her orgasm tore through her. He continued ploughing into her as her pussy spasmed around his dick, as if it was trying to milk him. Shit, he could feel his cum rising, and fought to hold it back; but it was a losing battle. He pulled out of her pussy and held still, not even daring to touch his dick he was so close. He watched as his cock spasmed twice, and a single spurt of thick cum splashed out, landing on his mom’s pussy before his orgasm subsided.

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