Mother’s Therapy Ch. 03

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Diane Maven sat in her car, parked into the confined space just behind her office. She had meant to leave early, but instead found herself staring out of the window at the pouring rain. Her thoughts were preoccupied with her son, Josh. How had this happened?

Yesterday she had stormed into his room, dressed in far too short a skirt to do what? Reassert her authority? She tried to break down the sequence of events once more in her mind. Josh had suffered from depression for much of his teenage life. Naturally concerned, Diane had tried many different therapies, but was still resistant to the idea of the stronger anti-depressants. She didn’t need her son hooked on drugs. As a last resort she had tried a therapist called Dr Carmen Monroe, who had some most unusual solutions.

Dr Monroe had convinced Diane that Josh was obsessed with her, that he had fetishes for her high heels, her nylons, her legs, his own mother. It was so absurd Diane had thought, but Dr Monroe had convinced her that a smart way to bring her son out of his depressive moods was to show off to him, give him what he needed.

Amazingly, it had worked. Josh’s mood had brightened and well… he was looking at her, a lot. Then there were the evenings where Diane would stand, ear pressed against his bedroom door, listening to him masturbate. The mother shivered at the thought. Half with guilt at spying on her own boy, but then half with illicit thoughts as he would slap his cock with such ferocity, masturbating until he came with satisfied, deep moans. She knew he was thinking about her.

But then again, was he? Dr Monroe herself was a glamorous looking blonde, older than Diane, but still very sexy. Josh had gone for his own private therapy session there and had come back obviously flustered, not wanting to talk about it. Diane’s imagination had run riot, had the Doctor seduced her son? She had been angry, she had to reassert her authority, she had to know the therapy was about her being his focus, not some blonde with a PhD!

Diane looked into the rain of the car park. She was supposed to call Dr Monroe tonight, she was going to do it from home, but now she was here, she might as well have the call in the car. Diane shrugged off her black jacket and loosened her white blouse. She looked down. The skirt she was wearing was the same one she had accosted Josh in. Her legs were sheathed in fine tan stockings. She knew the looks she had got from some of the other ladies in her office, but as she had explained she had an important client meeting and wanted to dress up. She had gone out earlier that day and instead ended up buying a pair of seamed stockings – so much for seeing a client! She slipped off her black pumps and flexed her toes. Why was she tingling? She shivered. Diane just needed ten minutes to collect herself beylikdüzü escort before talking to the therapist…

Dr Carmen Monroe was already on the telephone. The door to her office was locked, the rain battered her windows. She leaned back in her chair, her long legs, sheathed in her Oroblu Bas Chic stockings and Louboutin fuck me heels, she carefully slid the small silver vibrator around and inside her slick pussy. She cradled her mobile against her shoulder and listened to the young man at the other end.

“OK, I’m inside her bedroom,” said Josh.

“Very good, boy, very good indeed…” Carmen purred into her phone. “Go to your Mum’s underwear drawer and find a pair of her panties. Do not do anything until I allow it. Understand?”

“Yes, Dr.”

“Now… go to her wardobe. Find one of her high heels, preferably with a hole in the end you can slide your cock through…”

She heard Josh rummaging in his Mum’s wardrobe.

“She has some black peep toe heels, Italian, Forzieri.”

Carmen smiled as she quickly brought the shoes he described on her computer. “Very good, Josh. They sound lovely and soft. Carefully insert your cock into the peep hole and hold it there. Do not move it, until I say!” Not only was Carmen an expert therapist, but also an experienced domme, a technique she had perfected on her own Son and other boys. Young men were her play things, they kept life interesting.

“Now, Josh, I want you to lie back on your Mother’s bed, the bed you belong in and wait.”

Sliding the silver vibrator inside her a little further, Carmen looked at her office telephone. Right on cue it began to ring. Putting the mobile down she picked up the other receiver.

“Hello? Oh yes, hello, Diane. Give me just a second and I’ll just put these papers away.”

Carmen put the concerned Mother on mute and then returned to her mobile.

“Did you hear that? I am about to speak to your Mother. I will put her on speaker phone and you will listen. You may stroke yourself with her high heel as you do so. I know you will moan, boy, so insert your Mother’s panties into your mouth as you wank. Do it now… Good. A shame your Mother hasn’t actually made it home, but this will do. Wank it well for me, boy. No cumming until I say so.”

The Doctor switched back to the other phone and put it on speaker.

“Hello, Diane? Sorry about that, needless admin. I take it you want to speak about, Josh?”

Diane began to ask Carmen about how Josh was doing. Carmen told her he was making excellent progress. “In fact I’m surprised you haven’t noticed it at home.”

“Well I did, the other night, after his session with you. He seemed evasive. Up until that point he’d been happy and well… as you know… looking at beylikdüzü eve gelen escort me a lot.”

Carmen smiled, the jealous streak in this woman was unmistakable. She cared about her Son, deeply, on a level that most Mothers didn’t ever register. It got better. Diane had reacted, she had dressed sexily to get her Son’s attention back.

“How do think Josh felt, seeing you like that?”

“He started… he started masturbating.”

Carmen purred. Josh moaned through his Mum’s panties at the news she had heard him wanking.

“Mmm a wonderful feeling, isn’t it, Diane? To know that your own son desires you.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“Diane, what I’m going to tell you is now in strictest confidence, however I am sure I can trust you. The fact is I know this therapy works because I used it on, well, on my own boy, Steven.”

Carmen let the words sink in.

“You… you did what?”

“When Steven got to be eighteen, I knew I wanted to help him. He was listless, his father’s fault, but he had such potential, he just needed the encouragement. So I helped him, had him hooked on my heels and then initiated him to a little game whereby Mummy was in charge and he had to please me. The better his grades got, the shorter my skirts did, the higher my heels became. When he got his place at Cambridge, I took him away for a week. We fucked every way you could think of. It was his reward, the pussy he craved. He had to work hard, but the prize, well as you can imagine, my hot cunt for him to thrust in and out of. He’s a lawyer now, pulling in a decent salary, with a decent wife. Not that he doesn’t miss Mummy of course, I still make sure we play our games every few months. I have so many conferences to attend and his work takes him all over the country… We find plenty of time to play Mother and Servant…” Carmen paused, listening the little gasps and moans coming from both phone calls. “Diane, are you fingering yourself now?”


Diane’s skirt was bunched up around her thighs, her fingers were massaging her clit. The rain continued to clatter on top of the car.

“Good. I now think you’re beginning to realise the potential of what you have here. You can turn your son into the man he should be, but you should also get the love that you need. It feels good to be desired, doesn’t it, Diane? Knowing your son, loves wanking his long, thick cock over your body. So dangerous, so taboo and yet so wonderfully erotic, is it not?”

Carmen increased the speed on her toy. She held back a moan as it began to buzz against her clit.

“Y-yes,” Diane moaned down the phone.

“You’re doing the right thing you know, Diane. I never regret seducing my son. He was a lot happier for it and beylikdüzü masöz escort you will be too. You need to let doubt go, Diane. Indulge yourself, let your desires rule for once. Enjoy him, enjoy his body. You want him don’t you?”

“I… I…”

“Diane, you WANT him, you WANT your son!”

The authority in Carmen’s voice was unshakable, Diane’s head swam. “Y-yes, Doctor… I want my son…”

“You want his cock inside you, you want to make him your fuck-toy, fill your pussy, live your desires!”

The orgasm was growing inside Diane, her fingers flicked over her clit, she rubbed it in circles, her head back against the car seat. Carmen’s voice was so intense, piercing every part of her body.

“Cum now, Diane, cum thinking about your Son, do it now!” Carmen quickly hit mute and picked up the mobile. “Now, Josh, you cum too, cum now!”

Josh shook the leather high heel up and down along his cock, it didn’t take much. His cock spluttered as he moaned into his Mum’s panties, groaning as the white semen slid down the black leather.

In her office chair Carmen pushed the vibrator all the way in, it was so hot, so depraved having the Mother and Son cum on her say so. Her hand moved faster pushing and pulling the toy in and out, wishing it was her own son’s cock filling her up. She gritted her teeth as her own orgasm ripped inside her, she tilted forward in the chair riding the silver vibrator, one hand holding it in, the other pushing against her desk.

“There, there, good boy,” said Carmen. “Go and clean up, Mummy will be home soon. Email me your thoughts later.” She put down the mobile, shutting off the call. She went back to the office phone.

“Now then, Diane, you listen to me…”

An hour or so later, Josh heard his Mother come in and head straight upstairs to her bedroom. Looking up at the clock he realised it was his turn to make dinner. His cock ached and he had spent the last thirty minutes composing an email to Dr Monroe. Switching off his monitor, he headed down to the kitchen.

Josh had started to make chilli and was chopping onion when his Mum walked in. She was still wearing the same skirt she had done when she had stormed into his room the other night. Her top though, a black, ribbed sleeveless halter top, showed off her breasts pleasingly. His eyes quickly travelled down and he nearly had a heart attack. On his Mum’s feet were the Forzieri peep toe heels, he had spunked over earlier. That one shoe still had a tiny damp patch he could make out on the light coloured part of the leather. Josh’s cock instantly hardened. To compliment the sexy shoes, Diane was wearing the seamed stockings she had brought earlier that day, making her legs look very beautiful and shiny.

“Hello, darling,” said Diane and walked over to him. She wrapped her arms around him, held him tight and kissed him on the cheek.

“H-hi, Mum.” He hugged her back.

“Look, I’m sorry about the other night and I spoke to Dr Monroe and she says you’re making excellent progress, in fact,” she squeezed both his arms and grinned at him. “She thinks it’s time to start the next stage of your therapy.”

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