Moving Closer and Closer Ch. 03

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All participants in the sex are over 18. This is a fantasy dealing with sexual matters between a step father and daughter. If the topic offends you, move along. This is my fantasy and there are no unwanted pregnancies or STD’s in my world. Thanks for the feedback. I am looking forward to your comments on this chapter. And, please vote.


I was going home that night with no anxieties, no feelings of trepidation, everything positive in my world. During the day, I had spoken with my daughter Kim and knew she was happy with the events of last night. Her mother was still away and I could expect more of the same tonight. Kim’s last words to me on our last phone call were, “Daddy, I love your cock!”

I had given the kids their choice of fast food for dinner. Consulting with her brother, she told me they wanted pizza. I asked her to call in the order to our regular, neighborhood shop and I would pick it up on the way home.

In the shop, I was greeted by Kim’s best friend, Tracey. We exchanged some pleasantries while she rang up the order and made change for my cash. I said goodbye knowing I would see her soon. She only lived a few doors away from us and was a frequent visitor.

Once home, I called the kids for dinner. Since I was in a hurry to start tonight’s activities with my daughter, I ran upstairs to get changed. I came back down in my furry robe and boxers to find the kids were already prepared for movie night. Both had their sleeping attire on as well. Mike was in his boxers and a t-shirt. Kim was wearing her long sleeping shirt and I assumed panties.

We crammed pizza into our mouths and cleaned up when we were done. All of us rushed downstairs and took our normal seats with Mike in the lazy boy chair and Kim was sitting in the middle of the couch with her logs tucked underneath her. I sat at the end of the couch with my legs out on the ottoman.

The opening credits of the movie had just started when Mike’s phone began to ring upstairs. He asked me to pause it and said he would be right back.

I don’t think he could have reached his room before Kim was sitting on my lap, arms around my neck, and we were making out. There was no doubting the passion we were experiencing. French kisses, licking tongue, and nibbling teeth, we were all in.

For the first time in our experiences, I reached for my daughter’s breasts and started caressing them. God, they were so firm! She still had her t-shirt covering them but it wasn’t detracting from my enjoyment. I tickled her nipples and pinched them.

Soon, we heard Mike thundering back down the stairs and we jumped apart. “Thanks, Dad,” he gushed. “It was Dave about tomorrow.”

I started the first movie playing again. Kim spread out on the couch and put her head on my lap. I was too excited to hold back so I pulled the blanket over her and with my right arm under it, I was soon palming her ass. Although I was getting familiar with the feel of it, it wasn’t losing any of its appeal. Firm and taut, my hand wandered from cheek to cheek without stopping.

Fortunately the basement windows were on the shadowy side of the house. So it was relatively dark downstairs and we kept the lights off to add to the darkness. As long as we made no drastic moves to grab Mike’s attention we were safe to play.

As usual, I rubbed Kim’s ass and squeezed gently. I ran my nails up her back and started, for the first time, to use my nails on the side of my daughter’s breasts. She was letting out extremely soft moans that I could barely hear. Contentedness I thought. We seemed content to conduct our evening activities in silence.

Breasts to ass and back again. I was slowly exploring her skin. She sat up briefly and pulled her shirt up. The adjustment allowed my arm more flexibility to move. When my hand encountered the side of Kim’s tit, this time II was able to reach around and cup her boob. My hand was filled with her breast and I had caught her nipple between my ring and index finger. I was squeezing her tit and her nipple.

Trailing my hand down her back to the top of her ass, I was able to verify she didn’t have panties on. I was pretty sure from the start but it was nice to verify it. My finger pushed into the cleft between her cheeks and down to her rear pucker. I went up and down the crack toying with her asshole.

So focused on her ass, I almost jumped when Kim’s hand touched my cock. Already semi hard, it jumped to a full erection almost immediately. Gently, she pulled it towards the cheek resting on my lap. She rubbed it against herself.

The fucking doorbell rang! It startled all three of us since we were all engrossed in what we were doing. I saw that the movie had reached a softcore sex scene and Mike’s total focus was on the screen. It was getting late for visitors so I went up to answer the door. Mike pressed pause on the movie.

I guess I wasn’t too surprised to find Tracey at the door. She had a couple of carryout dishes in her arms. “Surprise!” she said. There were some leftovers at the store so I brought you and Mike eve gelen escort some spaghetti and meatballs. What’s Kim doing?”

I let her in and relieved her of her burden before she could drop it. Tracey was such a klutz with a limited attention span that everyone referred to her as Spacey Tracey. Pointing downstairs I called Mike up to get his gift. Tony at the restaurant was well known for his pasta dishes and neither Mike nor I hesitated to dive into the free food.

Even with the kitchen TV on and us eating, we could still hear the girls tittering and giggling in the basement. Finished with our meals, Mike said he was tired and going to his room. I went downstairs to hear Kim telling Tracey no about something. “What are you saying no to, Kim?” I asked. “Oh, Tracey wants to go out. I don’t feel like it.”

Tracey had taken my seat on the couch so I took the lazy boy chair. Leaving the movie on pause, I started surfing the regular channels looking for something to grab my attention. I found a drama I liked that was just starting. The three of us started watching it.

It was eleven o’clock when the show ended. Usually I would walk Tracey home even though it was just a few houses away and we lived in a safe neighbourhood. But, I was hesitant tonight to be pulled away from my daughter. I went back to channel surfing and ignoring Tracey’s pointed looks.

Finally, Kim asked me to walk Tracey home. I agreed and said I would go get changed. A few minutes later, I was waiting for Tracey to come upstairs. She was no longer in a hurry to leave so I growled at the two girls to end their chat.

Outside, walking down the driveway, Spacey went into full klutz mode. As far as I could tell, she tripped over her own feet. She fell to the ground scraping her knees. I pulled Tracey to her feet, she started crying. I put my arms around her and shushed her like I did when my kids were younger. She leaned against me without warning and I took two steps backward still holding onto her.

I didn’t realize we were in full view from the livingroom window. I didn’t realize Kim was standing there watching us. I didn’t realize Tracey was going to give me a kiss on the lips for taking care of her.

I put my arm around her and we crossed in front of the house in plain view. Tracey was leaning on me while I supported her leaving my arm around her. I didn’t see Kim scowling at us as we walked away.

I was able to walk Tracey home with no further mishaps. She gave me a thank you hug and I left. Minutes later, I was standing in front of an obviously angry daughter.

Kim was standing on the second stair to the upper floor. Her hands on her hips, her eyes glaring at me, and her tits standing straight out. Oh my gawd, this girl was just so sexy.

I smiled at her as I walked towards her. Kim blurted out, “What the fuck! What were you thinking?”

I was flabbergasted to say the least. My mind fumbled with an appropriate response and replied with the most intelligent word I could. “Huh?” I said.

That didn’t seem to be the response she was looking for. I didn’t know what else to say. Why was she objecting to what had gone on between us? It wasn’t a shock to her. We had actually discussed our planned activities before I even got home. I remembered how she had told me, her daddy, that she loved my cock.

“I saw you and Tracey,” Kim growled at me.

“What? I just walked her home. You told me to do it.”

I would have thought my confusion was evident to her. Tracey? Not our activities? What was up with that?

Kim blasted out, “You were kissing her! I saw you!”

Ahhh, I thought to myself. Not our activities. The little green monster, jealousy, was rearing its ugly head. Kim thought her daddy was making out with her best friend.

“Calm down,” I said. “It’s not what you’re thinking. Tracey tripped over her feet in the driveway and fell to the pavement. I helped her up.”

“I saw you kissing her,” my daughter retorted.

“When I helped her up, she had scraped her knees badly. She lost her balance checking out the injuries and fell against me.”

“You took advantage of her, you bastard!”

“No, honey. When she regained her balance, she gave me a kiss.”

“Likely story”, said Kim. “You were trying to make out with my best friend!” I could still make out the disbelief in her eyes. The very hurt look on her face. Without saying another word, she spun around and stormed up the remaining stairs and into her room, slamming the door behind her. Fortunately, Mike always slept with his headphones on so the noise didn’t wake him up.

Nothing had changed by morning. I was at the kitchen table drinking my coffee and watching one of the morning news shows on the kitchen TV when Kim came down. Obviously still angry, my daughter was glaring at me.

“Good morning, baby” I said.

Kim just stormed past me to the coffee pot for her own morning starter. There was no response. She sat down at the table with her own cup and seemed to be engrossed fatih escort in the news show as well. Her head seemed to be on a swivel as she looked at the TV, then glared at me, then the TV, then me. All of this was wordlessly.

I began to feel very uncomfortable. I couldn’t deal with Kim’s anger. I said, “I’m going to work.” I got up and left.

It was hard to focus at work that day. It was a good thing I didn’t have any clients scheduled. I was getting angrier. My feelings were hurt. Sounds strange but there seemed to be no dealing with it.

Of all the things my daughter could be pissed off at me about. I was already missing the things we had done together. They didn’t anger my daughter. It was a kiss from her friend that did it. How could Kim think I would risk our relationship by kissing her friend. It was an innocent kiss and Tracey kissed me.

I couldn’t deal with her anger. After a while of thinking it all over, I came to realize I was so in love with my daughter, that it was more than the sexual feelings. It was her and I just being in love.

My cell phone rang and it was Kim. Oh shit. I answered the phone somewhat hesitantly.

“Daddy”, said Kim.

“Yes”, I answered.

“I spoke to Tracey at lunchtime…”

Again, I answered with a yes.

“She told me what happened last night.”

I didn’t seem to be capable of saying anything but yes.

“She said she gave you a kiss on the cheek to thank you for helping her up. She admitted she sort of fell against you and got the corner of your mouth”.

Another yes.

“Daddy, I’m so sorry I doubted you. I just thought, because of what we have been doing, that you wanted any young girl.”

Words seemed to have finally found me. “Kim”, I said, “our relationship is so much more than sexual. I truly love you from the bottom of my hurt and wouldn’t want to see you hurt. Especially not by me”.

“I know, Daddy”, she answered me. “And, I love you so much. I think that’s what bothered me so much. I thought you were cheating on me.”

“Absolutely not, baby. I wouldn’t cheat on you. I don’t even have sex with your mother anymore.”

“You don’t?” she asked in an incredulous tone of voice.

“No, baby”, I said. “You are the love of my life. Even without the sex, I would still love you with all my heart.”

Choking back a sob, Kim said, “Oh daaadeee.”

“My babeee,” I said.

Kim replied, “I’m so sorry I doubted you, Daddy. I’ll show you how sorry I am tonight.

Instant hardon. I needed to say something more to her. “Kim, we have a very strange relationship. But, I want you to know that we can go back to a regular Daddy and daughter relationship.”

There was a pause before my daughter said, “Like nothing sexual?”

“Yes,” I said. “Nothing sexual. I just want you in my life under any terms.”

Another pause on her end. “Daddy, I love you so much. And I love the things we do together.”

I had to ask the question. “Are you sure, honey? I’ll love you just as much if we don’t do those things anymore.”

“Daddy,” my daughter started. “I love you and these things just bring us closer.” I didn’t know how to answer.

Kim continued. “It’s beginning to feel like we’re married or something.”

I tried to splutter out something and settled with “Me too, my love.”

“Oh Daddy,” she cooed at me. “And, I love your cock too.”

“You…you…do?” I replied.

My daughter paused for a moment. “Yes, Daddy. I love your cock so much. Every time we’re together, I love it more. I like feeling it get harder in my hands. I love it shooting your cum out at me. I’m even enjoying the taste of your cum.”

“Oh, baby, you are making me feel terrific,” I said to my daughter.

“And, Daddy,” she continued, “I want you to fuck me so much. I like that we’re going slowly but I want to feel your cock sliding into my pussy. I’m a virgin, Daddy, darling, and I want your cock to be the first one fucking me.”

“Kim, baby, I’m going to be dreaming of fucking you but I want to make love to you too. There is a difference, you know.”

“I didn’t know, Daddy but I want to feel the difference.”

I let out a huge sigh.

“You need to teach me how to fuck you and how to make love to you. Oh, Daddy, and I want to learn how to suck your cock too. I want it all!” Kim blurted out.

“Baby, you will. Slowly but surely, you will learn and experience it all.”

“I love you so much, Daddy. Will you come home to me soon? Mike’s not here and Mum called to say she wouldn’t be back until tomorrow.”

“I’m on my way, Baby.” We said our goodbyes and I gathered my stuff up, ready to leave when I realized my prick was hard as rock. I couldn’t go out past the secretarial pool without someone noticing. I sat back in my chair and tried to think of things other than my hardon slipping into my daughter’s pussy.

It took quite a while for my prick to soften.

When I arrived home, Mike was home and Kim was making dinner. It was one of my favourites halkalı anal yapan escort and one of her specialties. I gave Mike a clap on the shoulder as I passed him and then leaned into Kim who was stirring the pot.

My daughter looked up to make sure her brother was out of site. She cocked her ass up and rotated it against my crotch. I leaned forward grinding on one of the most alluring asses in the world.

“Hey, I’m going out”, yelled my son.

“Dinner’s in an hour”, his sister yelled back. “Don’t be late.” Mike always took orders from his big sister as if she were the mother in their relationship. Kim had always taken care of him but more now that their mother was so seldomly home.

The screen door slammed and a distant voice could be heard yelling okay.

Without any hesitation, Kim turned the pot on the stove to a lower temperature. Turning around, she put her arms around me and said, “Let’s go upstairs, Daddy.” My daughter took my hand and led me up the stairs and into my room.

We both sat on the edge of the bed facing each other. Slowly we moved closer together and we started to make out. Feeling our tongues wrestling turned me on so much. We would only break apart to kiss and tongue each other’s neck. Kim nibbling on her daddy’s ear lobe was an incredible turn on.

My hand reached down to feel those gorgeous breasts of hers. I had my daughter’s tits fully in hand. Kim had a top and bra on but I still felt them, caressing her tits through the clothing. It wasn’t long before I could feel my daughter’s nipples growing hard in my grasp.

Kim was murmuring into my mouth around our kisses. She was obviously enjoying her daddy’s attention to her boobs. I was enjoying their weight and their fullness.

I was pretty oblivious to anything in the room except for what I was doing and Kim’s moaning. I almost jumped when my daughter dropped a hand that landed on my prick. She began to rub it, caress my balls through my pants, and stroke my cock feeling it becoming firmer and harder as she continued.

We must have lost track of time. Lost in our pleasures, we were interrupted by my son calling upstairs. “Where’s dinner?” he yelled up. “I’m hungry.”

Kim reacted more quickly than I. “It’s ready. I’ll be right down.” Spoiled brat that he was, he seemed to walk away murmuring something to himself.

“What were you doing?” he asked Kim as she went downstairs.

“Homework”, she said.

“Did Dad go out?”

Our two bedrooms were side by each so Mike didn’t realize Kim had not been in her own room. “In the bathroom, I guess,” she said.

“Daddy, dinner’s ready.”

“Be right there,” I replied as I finished my delayed changing of clothes. Wearing loose fitting sweat pants and my work shirt hanging out, I hoped Mike didn’t notice the outline of my softening prick when I entered the kitchen. He finished setting the table and turned on the kitchen TV while his sister served up our meals.

We exchanged news of the day teasing each other while Judge Judy droned on in the background. The meal was great and I complimented Kim on her cooking prowess. Nudging Mike and nodding at his sister, he also thanked her. He was slow but he loved Kim’s sweet and sour ribs over rice as much as I did.

He went upstairs to do his homework while Kim and I cleaned up the kitchen. I filled the dishwasher while she washed out the two pots. When I was finished with my chore, I stepped over to her and rubbed Kim’s ass through her jeans, also leaning in to give her a kiss on the back of her neck. She squealed and shrugged her shoulders at my actions.

As I walked out of the room, I saw Tracey standing at the screen door reaching for the doorbell. Looking up when she saw me, she smiled and walked in. We exchanged greetings and I asked her how her knees were today. She said fine. I told her Kim was in the kitchen and I walked downstairs to watch the evening news.

With the TV on, I could hardly hear the two girls upstairs. The occasional giggle sifted through to me. I was happy that the girls had mended the gap between them overnight. They were best friends and, truth be told, I liked watching Tracey’s figure when she was around. She and Kim looked much alike, very similar figures, but nothing close in the face. Kim was beautiful and Tracey was more a Plain Jane with a rocking body.

“I’ll just tell, Daddy,” I heard. Kim came down the stairs and right up to me. “I’m going up to Tracey’s. I’ll call you to walk me back.” Then she leaned over me and gave me a deep, passionate, French kiss. My daughter grabbed my wang and said she wouldn’t be long. I had a hardon when my daughter left.

I watched her climb the stairs. My daughter’s ass was rippling with every step she took. I realized how good a kisser Kim was. I was curious where she had gotten the experience. There hadn’t been a lot of boys around her but I never gave it much thought. Thinking that would be good teasing material I would ask her about it sometime.

Later that evening, we were walking home when Kim blurted out, “Daddy, do you enjoy doing it Greek style?”

This was a question I had never imagined hearing from my daughter. My head swiveled around checking to see if anyone could have overheard the bewildering question. Since we were in front of our house, I avoided answering her until we were inside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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