Moving in with Daddy Ch. 04

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Alex and Jessica are enjoying their vacation in St. Lucia and can’t believe it’s coming to an end so soon. With two days left on the Island, they wanted to make sure they experienced as much as they could. So far their days were spent horseback riding on the beautiful beach and enjoying a wonderful picnic lunch, taking a 90-minute boat trip to Martinique where they did some sightseeing, shopping, sampled local cuisine, some snorkeling, and of course made love as much as possible.

The day before, a guide took them through the Edmund Forest Reserve where they got to experience the beauty of tropical flowers, massive trees, and animal life. Many fascinating trails brought them to amazing cascading waterfalls and refreshing pools that they took great joy in playing in.

“What’s the plan for today Daddy?” Jessica asked as they were wrapped in each other’s arms after making love first thing in the morning.

“Well, after breakfast, we’ve got a couples massage, right here in our room. Then I thought we could go to Soufrière, and take a walk through the botanical gardens, and visit the drive-in volcano.” He smiled at Jessica. “And I have a surprise for tonight.”

“Oh Daddy, a massage is a great idea. I’ve been overworking so many muscles with all of our activities,” she winked at him.

Alex laughed and pulled Jessica in closer for a passionate kiss.”Ok, Babygirl, go hop in the shower and I’ll call down for some room service.”

Jessica jumped out of bed and slowly walked toward the bathroom, her ample behind bouncing as she went. Jessica knew how much Daddy liked to look at her bottom and watch it wiggle. At the doorway, she turned her head over her shoulder to make sure Daddy was watching and of course, he was, how could he not. That ass was made to watch, to love. Daddy had so many plans for that ass that night and he hoped Jessica was up to the task.

The massage was fantastic for both of them and very much needed. Jessica had been right, they overworked so many muscles with all their activities that it was very much needed. They had a light lunch afterward and got ready to go explore in Soufrière.

Jessica was so excited about visiting all the places she read about when she did a school project on St. Lucia when she was in middle school. She remembered telling her parents how much she wanted to visit the Caribbean island when she grew up. The fact that Daddy listened and remembered all of the things that brought her excitement from many years ago filled her with so much love.

Alex could see how much this trip was agreeing with both of them. It would be hard to go back to the small college town they lived in and keep their growing relationship behind closed doors. They could be free to touch, kiss and hold each other out in public while there, no one cared or even looked at them.

When they got back to the room, Jessica looked up at Alex and said, “Sooo, Daddy, about that surprise?” Jessica looked so beautiful, her hair lightened in color and her skin was glowing from spending so much time in the sun. Her eyes were so bright and smiles came easily to her stunningly beautiful face. Alex’s often struggled for air at the sight of her beauty.

“Come here baby, I want to ask you something.” Together they walked over to the wooden swing that was near the plunge pool in their suite. Holding her hand, he asked her, “Baby, have you ever tried butt play before?”

Jessica was speechless for a few seconds, her heart raced, and a blush came to her cheeks. Then shyly said, “No Daddy, but the thought of trying it is very intriguing to me. Is this your surprise? You want to try some ass play?”

Alex loved when his little girl bravely spoke so dirty to him. “Only if you’re comfortable with it Babygirl. I don’t want to do anything to hurt you or scare you. And it’s not the only surprise I have for tonight.”

“Daddy, I trust you, and I want to love you in all ways possible.” She reaches up and touches his face. “I love you with all of my mind, heart, and body. And I want to show that to you.”

“I love you too Baby Girl, more than anything. And I’d hurt myself before I’d ever hurt you.” He looked into her eyes, hoping she could see the sincerity in what he was saying. “Ok, well the plan for tonight then…” Alex rose from the swing and walked over to the closet and pulls out a black garment bag and what looks similar to his shaving bag.

He makes his way back over to Jessica. He placed the two items down on a nearby table, unzipped the garment bag and pulls out a beautiful pale pink and silver sequin dress. Then he reached into the bottom of the bag and pulled out a pair of silver shoes with shiny trim and 4-inch heels. They were the most gorgeous things halkalı bdsm escort she had ever seen.

“I want you to wear these tonight, Sweetie,” Alex says as he handed the items to his daughter.

Jessica took the items from her father as he turned and reached into the garment bag again and pulled out a pair of panties, they were the same pink color as the dress, the front panel almost sheer, and the back…well there was no back. Two straps run up to meet the front at the hip and the top of them had the cutest little light pink ribbon bow. They looked positively sinful and Jessica couldn’t wait to put them on for her father. “Why don’t you go get ready, and I have a couple more surprises for you when you are done,” he said to her.

Jessica jumped up and ran for the bathroom. She had a quick shower, styled her hair in soft beach waves and did her makeup. She slid the panties up her soft legs and turned to look at the beautiful panties on her in the mirror. She turned her ass toward the mirror and smiled. The little bow was a touch of innocence on the otherwise lewd undergarment. She slid her feet into the delicate shoes and buckled the little clasps. She picked up the dress and slid it over her head. The front of the stunning dress had a deep plunge neckline and tiny spaghetti straps. She was very pleased with how she looked and decided it was time to show her Daddy.

The color looked amazing against Jessica’s sun-kissed skin and again, Alex found it difficult to breathe, his little girl was such a knockout. Jessica was amazed at how handsome her father looked in his black suit, white shirt, and pink tie. The tie color matched the dress he bought for her. In his hand, he held the small bag that he had taken out of the closet when got the garment bag.

“What’s in there Daddy?” Jessica asked with raised eyebrows. Curiosity was getting the better of her and she wanted to know what else Daddy had in store for her.

Coming to his senses, Alex opened the bag. He pulls out two gifts, wrapped in shiny gift wrap. One was long, rectangular-shaped, and the other was a medium-sized cube shape. “Which one would you like, Babygirl?” He says with a smirk on his face as he places the bag down. He held out his hands, a box in each, outstretched toward Jessica.

She thought about it for a minute then chose the long, rectangular box. He puts the other box down next to the small bag, stepped closer to Jessica and handed her the box. She ripped the pretty gift wrap and lifted the lid of the box. Nestled inside is a shiny silver chain with a small heart-shaped pendant on it that read Daddy’s Girl.

Jessica loved it and told Alex so. She turned around and lifted her hair as her father put it on her neck for her. The pendant lay flat in her chest just above her large breasts. Jessica dropped her hair and turned to kiss her father.

“I love it, Daddy. It’s so beautiful. Thank you so much!”

“You’re very welcome Sweetheart,” he said, both looking at each other with so much love. After a few moments, he says “Are you ready for the other gift?” There is a look in his eyes that said he was unsure if his daughter would like this second gift.

“Ready when you are Daddy,” she said. Alex took Jessica’s hand and walked over to the table where he placed the items. He picked up the box and bag and led her to the nearby sofa. Together they sat, side by side.

Alex looks into Jessica’s eyes, “If you don’t like this gift, it’s not a big deal. I won’t be offended in the least. I just want you to tell me the truth. Communication is very important if you want to continue with this.” Alex handed the box to his offspring.

Nervous now, Jessica slowly lifts the corners of the gift wrap. Once all the paper is off, she opens the lid and peeks inside the box. There is a black bag that is tied shut. She lifts it out of the box, feels the slight weight to the object. Curiosity got the best of her, she opened the bag and pull out a strange-looking object. Its stainless steel had a smooth surface. The tip was narrow and expanded as it moved down toward the base where there were a thin neck and a flat jeweled bottom. The jewel happened to match the same pink color in the dress she wore. It was about 3 ½ inches high, and slightly over an inch in diameter at the widest part.

Jessica was staring at the object, turning it around and examining it. Alex’s deep voice startled her when he said, “This is an anal trainer or butt plug. Its meant to stretch your rectum for pleasure. You don’t have to use this if you don’t want to sweetheart.”

Jessica looked into Alex’s eyes and said nervously, “I want to try Daddy. Like I told you earlier, I want to love you halkalı elit escort with all of my body. If this will help to allow that, I really want to try. How do I do this?”

Alex cups Jessica’s cheeks in his hand and kisses her softly on the lips. “Do you trust me, Baby?”

“Of course Daddy! I know you would never do anything to hurt me.” Jessica replied.

“Ok then,” he said, “I want you to lift your dress and lay across my lap. I am going to put some lubricant on your little butthole. I will work rub it in and around your hole before I introduce the plug. You will tell me when you feel comfortable enough to try that next step, ok?”

Jessica nodded and rose from the sofa. Alex reached inside the bag and pulled out a bottle of lube as Jessica turned her gorgeous ass toward him. She shimmied the dress up over her wide hips and Alex got to see her amazing ass framed in the very sexy panties he bought her. Jesica looked down over her shoulder at her father’s face and smiled. She knew he would love how her behind would look in the sexy panties. Alex lifted his hand to caress the soft, supple skin that was on display. He was so looking forward to owning his little girl’s ass, his erection was tenting his pants.

Jessica turned and lay across her father’s lap. Alex continued to fondle her round rump, digging his fingers deep into the cheeks of her ass, massaging them. Jessica moaned, “That feels so good Daddy!” Leaning forward, Alex kisses both cheeks as he continues to massage them.

He did this for a few minutes, helping Jessica relax and get ready for the next step. He tells her when he is going to put some lubricant on her hole with his finger. Jessica feels his big digit rubbing against her puckered hole. She moans as she enjoys the feeling of his finger moving around her virgin asshole. Alex squirts some more lube between her cheeks and tells her he is going to try inserting his finger a little bit this time but she has to stay relaxed so it doesn’t hurt.

Slowly Alex inserts the tip of his finger into Jessica’s tight tunnel. He feels her tense up slightly, with his other hand he caresses her ass cheeks and whispers, “Relax Baby, it’ll make it easier for you.”

Jessica relaxes as she gets used to the tip of his finger. He slides hit completely out, then inserts it again, going a little deeper. He keeps this up, gently sliding his finger in and out, going a little deeper each time he slides into her ass. Jessica can’t believe how good this feels and tells Alex how good it feels.

“Think you are ready for another finger Baby?” He asked her. She turns her head to see him and nods. He covered both fingers in more lube and gradually entered her tight ring. He starts slow as he did with one finger, going deeper with each thrust of his fingers.

Jessica loves the feeling of being stretched as his fingers lovingly fuck her ass. As the speed of his fingers pumping in and out increased, so did Jessica’s moans. “Oh Daddy, that feels so good! Please keep going!”

Alex keeps pumping his fingers in and out of his little girl’s behind, loving the sounds she is making, and the feeling of her tight ring clamped on his fingers. “So Baby, when you are ready, I’m going to replace my fingers with your new accessory. And then we are going out for a romantic sunset cruise,” he explained to her. “When we come back here, I’m going to replace the plug with my very eager cock. I’m going to make you feel so good, Babygirl.”

Jessica’s heart raced with excitement. She was enjoying this new taboo act, and couldn’t wait to experience more of it. Her pussy was dripping with excitement, she was eager for what Alex explained would happen. “I’m ready when you are Daddy!”

Alex picked up the stainless steel plug and covered the bulb with lube. He placed the tip at her opening, the coolness of the object felt nice against Jessica’s overheated skin. She felt her hole widen to take the plug, Alex pushed it in until her ass closed around the short neck at the base. “Fuck that looks so good Babygirl, the pink in the jewel looks so good against the color of your skin. How does it feel little one?” Alex asked.

“MMM Daddy, I feel so full. It feels heavy and so nice at the same time. I feel so naughty,” she smiled up at him.

“Time to go now Honey,” he said as he helped her up and pulled her dress back down. He brings her into his arms and gently kisses her.

Hand in hand, the two of them go to enjoy their evening on the sunset cruise. Jessica loves the feeling of the plug in her ass and can’t wait to get back to the room, she was so horny for Alex. If the rigid plug felt so good, her father’s cock was going to be heavenly.

The halkalı escort sunset was the most beautiful thing Jessica had ever seen, and Jessica was the most glorious thing Alex had ever seen. He has been semi-hard all evening, the thought of Jessica walking around and sitting with the placeholder he slid in her was driving him mad. He hoped that his little girl would enjoy his cock pumping in and out of her as much as she enjoyed his fingers.

When they got back to their suite, they made quick work of removing each other’s clothes in between kissing and caressing newly exposed skin. The clothes are in a heap around them leaving Jessica in only her high heels. When she goes to remove them, Alex tells her to leave them on with a smirk on his face.

He takes her large breasts in his hands, massaging them, tweaking her nipples as he kisses his way from her lips down to the tip of globes. He sucks on her nipple, pulling on the other. Jessica moans. He glides his other hand down her body and around to her ass giving it a good squeeze.

Alex guides her over to the sofa and drapes her over the arm of it. He gets behind her, gets on his knees and begins to tongue her saturated pussy, the pink jewel of the plug winking at him. Jessica’s moans are getting louder, Alex slides a couple of fingers in her entrance. He pumps his fingers as he sucks and licks on her clit until her body begins to shake and quiver with a strong orgasm ripping through her.

Once she comes down from the high, Alex tells her he is going to remove the plug and fill her again with his thick cock. “You can tell me to stop at any point if it becomes too much for you or you aren’t enjoying it. Don’t do this just because you think its what I want. My goal is to make you feel as good as possible Baby,” he said.

Jessica took him at his word. “I trust you, Daddy,” she said.

Alex slowly removed the plug from her taut hole while placing soft kisses on her buttocks. Once the plug is completely out, Alex leans forward and licks her balloon knot. “Mmmm Baby. You ready for Daddy now?” he asked.

“Yes Daddy, I want you to fuck my virgin ass!” she replied.

Alex reached for the lube where he left it on the sofa from earlier. He applies more to her stunning asshole, then covers his thick cock in the slick fluid. He lines his hips up with hers as he steps up to take his place in her hot ass. He takes his cock in hand, slides it up and down her ass crack, letting her get used to the feel of him.

Gradually he pushes the head of his dick past her opening and holds still once its in. The buttplug loosened her up enough to allow his cock to glide in easily. Once he thought she was ready, he moved in another inch and stopped. “You ok Baby?” he asked.

“Yes Daddy, you feel so good. Please go deeper.” She whimpered.

Alex slid in another inch, Jessica moaned. He backed out to the tip of his prick, and slowly slid back in going a little deeper. Back and forth he went going deeper with every stroke into her body. Finally seated deep inside her, he said, “Still good baby?”

“Oh yes, Daddy. Please fuck my ass! Own it!” she practically yelled at him. Alex was eager to please so he grabbed her hips and began pounding in and out of her hot, tight ass.

He pounded her for quite a while, her moaning and pushing back to meet his thrusts. Her ass had never looked as good as it did at that moment with his greedy prick driving into her eager behind. Her cheeks jiggling when his hips slammed into her.

“Reach down and play with your clit Jess,” he instructed. “I’m going to pull out when I’m ready to cum, but that won’t be until you cum again.”

“No Daddy, I want you to cum in my ass, I want you to cum with me,” she insisted.

Not a man on earth was going to go against those wishes. Jessica’s hand made its way between her legs to play with her pussy as her father’s grip on her hips tightened. Their bodies crashed together, both of them grunting and moaning. Alex could feel his balls tightening,ready to coat Jessica’s insides.

“I’m almost there Baby, are you close?” he asked.

“Yes Daddy!” she yelled, “Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me! Oooooh, Daddy, yes, I’m cumming!”

Alex sped up and felt Jessica’s orgasm as it ripped through her. He couldn’t hold on any longer and felt the cum shoot out of his cock, coating Jessica’s insides. He felt her contracting ring milking every ounce of cum out of him. Alex had never cum as hard as he did that night.

Jessica was like a wet noodle when Alex finally slowly pulled out of her. He lifted her into his arms and lay her in their bed. Alex spooned his little girl, kissed her on the shoulder. “How do you feel Baby?”

“I feel well-loved Daddy. Thank you,” she said as she yawned.

“You are very welcome. And thank you for sharing that part of yourself with me,” Alex replied. He kissed her and said, “Now get some rest sweetheart.”

Jessica was asleep soon after that. Alex felt like the luckiest man on earth and with a smile on his face he went to sleep too.

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