Mr. French – Biology

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“Mr French?” the call came from the classroom, startling him from his reverie. He brought his focus back to see Jessica with her arm in the air. He stood and went over to her, trying as always not to think about how attractive she was.

His senior biology class was small. There were only 8 students and he felt incredibly lucky to have Jessica as part of it. She was a unique person. Stunning, she modelled but was determined to complete her education rather than drop it. Tall and lithe with an elfin face, one smile from her would send a room full of schoolboys (and a few teachers) into paroxysms of unrequited lust. When she walked down the school hall, puddles of drool formed before the boys and more than one set of dagger-eyes were directed at her by jealous girls. He doubted that she was even aware of what a flick of her long dark hair could do to a boy.

The fact that she was genuinely nice saved her from being the subject of jealous attacks. She wasn’t part of the cheerleader clique or the ‘fashionable girls’ but seemed to float happily between all groups, confident enough in who she was that she didn’t need anyone else to define her.

“What’s up Jessica?” he asked as he came close to her desk. He desperately tried not to look down her blouse. She had leaned forward and probably should have had another button done up. He caught a glimpse of white cotton cupping her pert little tits. They weren’t large, but he imagined they were perfect. She sat back as he came to a stop in front of her desk, taking the view away and saving him from the impossible distraction.

“I don’t get this,” she said, waving her hand vaguely at the book.

“What don’t you get Jessica?”

“All of it. Biology. I mean I get the macro stuff, the bits you can see and touch and stuff, but all this micro stuff? It doesn’t make sense.”

“Well all you need to do for now is learn the names. Don’t worry too much about ‘getting it’. We can work on that later. If you at least know the names and what things look like we can help you later with how it all fits together to work.”

Jessica sighed heavily. She clearly wasn’t convinced.

“Look, if you want some extra help, you can always come and see me at the end of the day.”

“Ok, thanks Mr. French.”

Jack walked back to his desk, wondering whether he had really been of any help. He couldn’t spend the whole lesson bringing her up to speed. They’d covered a lot of the material she was struggling with the week before but Jessica had been on a modelling assignment. Usually she’d fit it in around schoolwork but this shoot hadn’t been able to be moved. Apparently it was lucrative enough for her to put off the schoolwork. On the up side, at least she cared enough to want to learn it. It was unusual to see her in such a flustered state over something so minor though. He’d noticed with Jessica that as a result of the modelling, she was usually very self- assured. When she knew what she wanted, there wasn’t much that could stand in her way.


Jessica watched Mr. French walk away from her. He really had a nice butt. If there was one thing that Jessica had come to appreciate during her modelling, it was the look of older men. Everywhere she went she met older men. The ones that looked after themselves had a maturity to their bodies that the boys at school only showed signs of growing into. The boys at school were totally immature as well which didn’t help. The only problem with the men she met around the modelling gigs was that they tended to be pigs. They seemed to feel entitled to that because she was young she would just fall over at their feet and worship them. She was pretty, not dumb.

The more she watched Mr. French, the more she thought about him. He definitely kept in shape. She’d heard some of the other girls comment about it. Apparently Sara had seen him out cycling once. Some of the girls had cringed at the thought of seeing a teacher decked out in lycra but Sara had assured them that he filled it out very nicely, especially in the front!

Jessica kept watching as he returned to his desk, wondering if he filled his trousers out as well as he apparently filled the lycra. In the time that it took him to take his seat he didn’t reveal enough to give her a clue either way. She turned back to her books with a sigh, but a seed had been planted. She failed to focus and was glad when Mr. French finally stood back up and resumed teaching. The only problem was that she didn’t pay attention to what he was saying. She checked him out instead. She wondered how old he was. He looked old enough to be her father, though her father hadn’t kept in shape at all, so it might not be a fair comparison. Jessica pondered all sorts of things that were biology related but weren’t part of the course. She shifted her left hand down into her lap and pushed her school skirt between her legs. It trapped her hand between her thighs. She gently rocked against it.

By the time the class was over she was seriously turned on. She ataşehir escort hoped no one noticed how flushed she was. It was only on her way out the class that Mr. French reminded her that if she wanted some help to come and see him after school.


Jack wondered if she would show. He sat in his office; the noise of the school had quickly diminished as the students ran for the freedom of home, the staff left to prepare for the following day. He thought back to the glance down Jessica’s blouse. It caused a stirring in his pants just as there was a knock on the doorframe. He looked up to see Jessica. She stood framed in the doorway like a schoolgirl goddess.

“Is it ok if I come in for some help Mr. French?”

Porn scenes fluttered through his mind before he could banish them and he had to cough and clear his throat before he affirmed that it was.

Jessica strolled in and dumped her bag beside the chair on the other side of his desk. She sat casually and pulled out her book; opening it to the chapter they were studying. Jack started to talk her through the parts that she had missed the week before. He slowly explained and re-explained how everything came together and banished wrong thoughts from his mind.

He sighed when Jessica giggled at him. He’d said ‘Come together’ and was surprised that it had even triggered a reaction. At least she had the good grace to blush when he stopped and looked quizzically at her. He had to work hard not to lose focus at that point.

“What I really don’t get is this little thing,” Jessica said, pointing to something small in the book. Jack asked her to pass the book across. Jessica slid it across his desk, and turned it so that it was the right way up. Jessica stood up and leaned over the desk to point to it and her blouse fell away from her chest as she did so. Jack couldn’t help himself. He looked. It was a perfect view down the front of her blouse. He saw the curve of her breasts, the white cotton of her bra … enough to cause his cock to stiffen in response. It was only with an effort of will that he dragged his attention back to the book.

The cleaner started up the floor polisher in the hall and the noise assaulted Jack and Jessica within the small office. Jack stood up and went and closed the door to give them enough silence to be able to think again.

“Now which bit was it?” he asked as he sat again. He looked up to Jessica and she met his gaze. He was way too conscious of the state of her blouse as she bent forward again.

“This thing, she said tapping it. I can’t work out how it relates to what’s written. It doesn’t seem to be mentioned.”

Jack looked closer and laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Jessica asked.

Jack opened the top drawer of his desk and took out an eraser. He scrubbed out the squiggle that had been causing such consternation.

“That, Jessica, is graffiti,” he laughed.

“Oh for fuck’s sake!’ Jessica said.

“Language Jessica,” he admonished her, surprised at the outburst.

“Oops, sorry. This is biology though and so its part of the subject.”

“Er, what? You lost me there.”

“Fucking,” Jessica laughed then immediately apologised.

“Right, well I think I’d best ignore that,” Jack smiled at her.

He returned to the explanation of the subject. He noted that Jessica paid attention and began to grasp the concepts. After a good half hour though, the temperature in the room had risen significantly.

“Man its hot in here,” Jessica said. Jack’s eyes were drawn to the movement of her fingers as they toyed with the highest button on her blouse. When she slipped the button through the eyelet and released it, he wasn’t quite sure where to look. It revealed the slightest glimpse of her bra. He wanted more but knew that he shouldn’t. His cock hardened. He wrenched himself back to reality and quickly stood up. He opened the door again, allowing the air to flow.

“Sorry, it gets that way if its closed for too long, the air-conditioning never seems quite right.

“That’s ok. I guess I should be getting home anyway. Thanks so much for the help Mr. French, I feel so much better about it now.”

“Any time at all Jessica.” He stood up to escort her from his office, working hard not to stare at her perfect young body even as he thought he caught her sneaking a glance at his crotch. He dismissed it as she packed her bag and headed out the door. As she smiled and said goodbye he definitely saw her glance down at his crotch.

At least he thought that was what he saw. Had she really checked out his junk? He tried not to think about it. When he was home alone later that night, it was much harder not to think about the possibility that the hottest student he’d ever had might have stared at his package. He told himself that even if she had, that didn’t mean she wanted anything other than help with her biology.

Jessica was having her own naughty thoughts at home. She was daydreaming about her teacher. kadıköy escort bayan She’d caught him looking down her blouse and it turned her on. She wondered what would happen if she let him catch a glance up her skirt. She lay on her bed fantasised about him having come to stand and look over her shoulder to help her with her schoolwork. Would he be look down her top? What if he leaned in to her and she felt his rock hard cock pressed against her back? Imagine if she turned around and ran her fingers over it! She slipped a hand under her skirt and into her panties. She kept her pussy free of hair and her lips were slick with pleasure. She teased at her clit and swirled her finger around it as she imagined Mr. French’s cock in her mouth.

“Oh, Mr. French!” she moaned aloud and her fantasy helped her to bring herself to orgasm. It was only after that that she started to wonder how she was going to get through the next class with him. He wouldn’t know what she’d done but she would. She hoped that she wouldn’t be in a permanent blush.


“Good morning class,” Mr. French said as he entered the classroom and moved to his desk. He had dressed in fitted khaki trousers with a dark Ralph Lauren shirt and couldn’t help but feel the eyes of the class on him as he drew their attention.

Jack turned and surveyed the class, making sure that the full complement of students was there for the day. Only Brian Madding desk was empty. He checked the notes on his desk and confirmed that the absence had been reported as illness via the front office.

He hadn’t consciously of chosen to stand in front of Jessica’s desk, but he realised that that was what he’d done. She’d sat in the front row, close to the middle. Even so, when he assessed his position, he’d drifted toward her desk rather than stand right in the centre like he normally would. As he started teaching for the day he worked his way back toward his usual position. It was an act of will to share his attention around the classroom and not stare at Jessica the whole time.


Jessica struggled to concentrate through the lesson. Her mind seized on seemingly small things and turned them dirty. She’d never had this problem with a teacher before and wasn’t sure how to overcome it. She was almost relieved when Mr. French finally sat down and assigned them some work. At least he was no longer a distraction at the front of the class. Unfortunately when it came to the assigned task, she had little idea of what it was that she was supposed to be doing. Fortunately Julie had sat next to her and she was able to find out via a whispered conversation.

“Jessica, enough talking please,” Mr. French admonished her. She nearly jumped out of her skin.

“Yes Sir, sorry Sir,” she said, her face coloured with a blush.


Jack returned his attention to his desk. Later in the lesson, he looked up and surveyed the class, a routine control response developed over his years as a teacher. As his gaze passed over Jessica he saw her suck her pen slowly and purposefully into her mouth. He nearly coughed as he watched her. She slid it in and out of her mouth and he couldn’t help but think that she’d done so deliberately. She was giving the pen a blow-job. Jack tried not to let his jaw drop open in disbelief. She looked straight at him.

As a teacher, he didn’t want it to be true. He wanted it to be a corruption of innocence invented by his mind, but the red-blooded male in him enjoyed the way that she swirled her tongue around the tip and then licked slowly and carefully along the full length of the pen. It was far from a corruption of his mind. He quickly turned away.

Jack knew that he should pull Jessica aside and let her know that her behaviour was unacceptable, but he was worried that if he were left alone with her that he wouldn’t be able to. He was worried that he might find cause to do something that he shouldn’t. He thought about the cliché of the teacher that took his naughty student over his knee and spanked her. He had to adjust his pants. He was conscious that it would only take one wrong move to end his career.

Over the course of the rest of the week, Jack tried to avoid situations that would put him at risk where Jessica was concerned. Fate seemed to push them together though. The most significant one occurred in the hallway. It was just before the end of the lunch break and the hall was crowded with students waiting to get into classrooms. Jack threaded his way through the crowd and hadn’t seen her. He said hello to Lucy who had been stood next to, but blocked his view of Jessica who had quickly turned. He collided with her. As he apologised profusely, she put her palm against his chest and was pushed up against him.

“Careful there Jessica,” he said, his hands going to her waist to steady her.

He was suddenly conscious of her hips beneath his hands. He could feel the heat of her palm through his shirt. When he moved away he was sure that escort maltepe he heard her sigh.


Jessica extricated herself from an uncomfortable conversation with Lucy about how sexy Mr. French was when the bell rang and summoned them to class. She learned nothing in the next lesson as she explored her fascination with her biology teacher. She actually started to plot ways to tease him and wondered if she could ever get him to go so far as to kiss her (or perhaps more).

As she considered wild hair-brained options after class, she decided that if she did pursue him, it would have to be outside the classroom. She needed to get him outside of school; somewhere where he was more relaxed and not under the scrutiny of the school administration, staff and students.

It would take research. Fortunately, although she didn’t particularly like research, she had plenty of connections. She decided to start with finding out where Mr. French lived. She could have followed him home, but knew there would be an easier way.

“Hey Lenny, how’s things?”

“Hi Jessica, pretty good thanks. How about you?”

“I’m really good. Thanks so much for the help with my computer last week.” “You know I don’t mind,” Lenny grinned at her.

“I have kind of a big favour to ask and I really need it to be kept totally private.

Do you think you might be able to help?” “It’s not illegal is it?’

“Um, well … not really?”

“Ok, I think you’d better tell me what you want me to do and I’ll decide if it’s stretching my boundaries or not.”

“Right, well regardless if you do it or not, you can’t ever tell anyone I asked, ok?” “Sure.”

“I want to know where Mr. French lives.”

“Oh that’s easy enough.”

“But I’d kind of like to know a bit more than that.” “Such as?”

“Maybe his favourite pubs and such?”

“Do I even want to know why?”

“I’m not going to do anything illegal or crazy, don’t worry about that.”

“Ok, well if you give me a couple of hours I should be able to give you what you need.”

“Thanks so much Lenny, that’s awesome. What do I owe you?”

“Well, money is always good, but there’s something else I’ve always wanted to ask you.”


Lenny blushed and Jessica wondered what on earth he was going to ask for. He was something of a computer genius and had helped Jessica plenty of times when she’d lost assignments or managed to crash her computer. He was classic geek, a bit acned, not particularly good looking and awkward. To date she’d repaid him for his efforts with signed modelling photos or cash. She had a feeling that this time he wanted to ask for something different.

“Um, well please don’t hate me for asking, but would you show me your tits?”


“I know, I’m sorry, I should never have asked.”

“Why did you?”



“Yeah, you’re the unattainable goddess. I mean if I weren’t good with computers you wouldn’t even know who I am. And now like, you’ve asked me to scratch up stuff on a teacher. I can’t think of any good reason that you’d need that. I mean you see him everyday, if it was something appropriate, surely you’d just ask him at school. So if I help you to do this, I thought maybe I’d get away with asking for something I shouldn’t.”

He hung his head.

“Lenny, I’ve given you photos of me in a bikini. I’m not going to show you my tits. I don’t have much worth looking at anyway.”

“Given I’ve never seen any other than in pictures or on TV, I bet they’re good enough for me.”

“I’m not going to show you my tits Lenny. I am going to kiss you though.” She laughed when Lenny nearly fell off his chair.


Jessica spun his chair so that he faced her. She leaned over him, rested her hands on the arms of the chair and pressed her lips against his. At first he just sat there. His lips didn’t move. Jessica would reflect later that she probably could have left it at that, but she knew that she was his first kiss. She wanted to be sure that he’d remember it. When he didn’t react quickly, she gently took his face in her hands and licked at his slow-to-respond lips. When they parted a little, she teased them further.

Slowly Lenny got it. When she felt the tip of his tongue touch hers, she welcomed it. She kissed him for a couple of minutes.

“There, is that payment enough?” she said when she’d straightened up again. She glanced down to his crotch, pleased to see that she’d brought him to full attention.

“Yes,” he gasped, eyes wide as he stared at her. “Remember, no one finds out.”

“Yeah,” he mumbled, lost to the world, “Whatever you need,”


Jessica carefully stepped out of the taxi having wiggled her way to the edge of the seat. It was a delicate move to have pulled off without flashing the line of people that waited to get into the pub. As she stood up, she pulled the hem of the bright orange dress back down over her butt, conscious of the fact that it didn’t go much further. She smoothed the material against her lithe frame and held out her hand to Lucy to help her from the cab.

“Really? Here? This is trendy?” Lucy asked, as she eyed the line of people waiting to get in. “It’s just a pub!”

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