Mrs. Asken’s Dilemma Ch. 05

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Thank you for all the positive and encouraging comments. I am grateful to all. I enjoy reading your comments and am inspired by your ideas for other stories. This genre is not for everyone and some have been quick to criticize. Perhaps they needed mothers who loved them as Janet loves Tom.


The weeks flew by and Tom gained strength and stamina every day. He had put back the weight he had lost and was every bit the handsome college man that Janet had hoped he would be. Her joy, however, was mixed with sorrow because she knew that the new school term was starting and he would be leaving her.

As they drove to Dr. Hamilton’s office, Janet broached the subject. “Tom, I know we have not talked in other than generalities, but the fall session will be starting and we need to contact the college about your enrollment.”

Tom had been expecting this conversation. Dreading it, actually. He had loved being home and being the object of his mother’s affection. He loved his mother. Literally, he had loved her in ways that no man had ever done. Their sexual and emotional relationship was deep and varied. They had crossed a barrier that most “proper” people would never have approached.

Yet, he had a dilemma. Did he leave the comfort of the familiar to continue his college career or did he continue playing house with his mother? He did not want to lose the precious feeling of intimacy they had developed. Nor did he want to limit himself to this relationship forever.

Fortunately, they had arrived at Dr. Hamilton’s office before either of them had to do much more talking. “We’ll continue later, Tom. Ready to see the doctor, sweetie?” Janet tried to put a good face on and smiled weakly at her handsome boy.

“Sure, Mom. We really do need to think things through.” Tom reached over and squeezed his mother’s thigh. He looked into her eyes and felt himself leaning closer, his mouth opened, expecting to kiss her full on the lips. Janet hesitated for a second worried that the parking lot may be too public. She gave in as he drew close enough for her to smell his skin. She loved the way her son’s skin smelled. She loved the gentle scratching of his beard on her own skin. Janet opened her mouth to receive his insistent tongue. She sighed gently at the familiar feeling it aroused in her.

Tom slid his right hand over her thigh and drew it up to her breast. The satin blouse yielded to his touch and he felt her nipple stiffen under his palm. He liked the way her nipples got erect at the slightest touch. She was his woman, now, and he could call out of her any number or responses to his sexual intentions.

Janet pushed him back gently. “We need to see the doctor, Tom. Come on, honey. We don’t want to be late.” She smoothed her blouse, but could not flatten her nipple on command. It minded its own business.

Tom relaxed and moved away. They held each others’ gaze before opening the door. “I love you, Mom. I’ll never leave you.”

“Let’s talk about this later, honey. We have to see Dr. Hamilton now.” She turned to open the door. Tom followed suit and they walked toward the building side by side, if a little too close.

Janet’s nipples remained erect. Tom was happy to see them so. He knew his effect was a lasting one. ??They checked in and waited only a few minutes when his name was called.

“Mr. Asken? Mr. Asken?” The male paramedic looked at the only two people in the waiting room: Tom and his mother. Janet got up as Tom did and the paramedic shot her a quizzical look. Tom intervened.

“My mom is a nurse. She is the one who has all the records for my recovery. She needs to come in. I lost a lot of my memory from the trek.” Tom sounded so authoritative the paramedic seemed embarrassed. As they passed, the paramedic, holding the door for them, noticed Janet’s tits, the shimmer of the satin blouse inviting long looks. He noted the erect nipples straining against the bra beneath. To himself, he wondered what it would be like to lock onto to them. He was jealous of Tom and he didn’t even know why.

Janet had changed in the 14 weeks of Tom’s recuperation. No longer the timid and worried mouse who first consulted Dr. Hamilton about Tom’s morning erections. Janet was assured now, more confident. It was a sure, but gentle sort of confidence, like she was well-loved. Dr. Hamilton saw her self-assurance grow with each visit. He chalked it up to Tom’s improvement and her relief.

When Dr. Hamilton entered the room, he was surprised to see the muscular man sitting on the exam table. Tom was so much changed Dr. Hamilton had to stop in his tracks. ??”Tom, my boy, I can’t believe it. I never would have thought I’d see such changes in one so weak. You look fantastic.”

“Good nursing, Doc.” Tom smiled.

“I’ll say. We need to bottle that kind of nursing and give to all our patients.”

“Well, it has a lot of mother’s love in the recipe. I never would have made it without her.” Tom looked over at his mom lovingly. Dr. Hamilton halkalı ucuz escort followed his gaze.

The sudden compliment made Janet flush and her nipples, which had calmed down, suddenly lurched outward again. Janet made no attempt to hide them. She had become proud of her body and not the least worried at how it reacted. Being naked with Tom and making love to him had taught her to enjoy her physical reactions.

Dr. Hamilton stared at her nipples awkwardly. Janet was an otherwise plain-looking woman. Somehow, even plain women can become beautiful if they let their nipples show. He thought to himself, “Why women today go for those football pads they call bras these days, I will never understand.”

Janet recognized that her breasts were getting Dr. Hamilton’s attention and she sat a little higher in the side chair. “Oh, Tom is just being kind, Doctor. All I did was follow your advice. I remember it very clearly. ‘Just let Tom’s body tell you what it needed.’ And that is what I did. Whatever I saw Tom’s body needed, I gave him.” She did not even notice the innuendo she had revealed.

Dr. Hamilton caught it. “Well it was good advice, I suppose. He looks great. Let’s just do an exam and make sure we can close this case out.” He excused Mrs. Asken, but Tom insisted she stay.

?”Doc, Mom has seen me naked and in bad shape. I want her to be here when you pronounce me all better. I am not embarrassed to be naked in front of my mom. She saved my life.”

Dr. Hamilton shook his head wondering what else may have happened in the course of Tom’s recovery. “Suit yourself, young man.”

Janet was silent but watched eagerly as Tom undressed. He got back on the table and paper sheet crinkled as he scooted himself up. He lay there completely exposed. His cock was half-full, the way Janet loved. He smiled over at her. When Dr. Hamilton turned away, Tom, fondled himself and gave her a better view of the head. It was pointed at her, the slit at the end of his cock like a snake’s eye looking at her.

Dr. Hamilton examined Tom from toes to temple, palpating him and listening. He seemed fine. “One last thing. Sorry to do it to you, but we need to check the prostate. If you will get on your hands and knees, Tom, I’ll make this as quick as possible.”

Tom obeyed and as he was positioned ready for Dr. Hamilton’s finger, Tom liked knowing his mother was watching. His balls hung low and his cock filled a bit more. He spread his knees and waited for Dr. Hamilton’s probing finger.

There it was. Tom felt the lubricant on his anus. It felt good. He leaned back slightly against the pressure of Dr. Hamilton’s probing. Ahh…. Then Dr. Hamilton inserted his finger firmly. First one knuckle, then another. His fist hit Tom’s ass and slowly withdrew. Tom felt the doctor run his digit over his prostate. Then he rolled his hand feeling Tom’s insides.

“Tom, I am going to check you for a hernia while you are in the position. Bear with me.”

With that slight warning, Dr. Hamilton grasped Tom’s balls and cock in his hand and squeezed. With the other hand he began to finger fuck Tom’s ass. Tom liked it, but liked even more the fact his mother was watching. Dr. Hamilton stroked Tom’s cock several times with his bare hand and then felt his balls again, rolling them between his fingers.

Tom liked the sensation and quipped, “Dr. Hamilton, I don’t know if I should send you flowers tomorrow, or you should send them to me.”

Dr. Hamilton laughed. He had felt up the young stud and gotten away with it under the pretense of a physical exam. His own cock was hard. He liked having Mrs. Asken as an audience while he finger-raped her son. Later he would masturbate thinking of Tom’s cock. He would imagine himself sucking on it from below and working his finger in Tom’s ass. Then, he imagined, as Tom ejaculated, he would mash his prostate and Tom would dump a spectacular load in his mouth.

Dr. Hamilton finished his exam and removed his glove. “You can get dressed now. Assuming, you want to.” His sarcasm was only slightly covered by a chortle.

Tom did get dressed and waited with his mother for the verdict. All systems were fine and he was cleared to return to college.

It was good news and bad news for Janet. Her boy was alright. She had brought him out of the wilderness and back to full strength. But it was bad news since he would be leaving her and returning to school.

On the way home, she talked to Tom about it. He looked ahead as he drove.

“I am going to miss you, Tom. What we have is so rare and so special. I have grown so accustomed to having you around the house, that I don’t know what I am going to do without you.” Janet began to cry.

Tom reached over had grasped Janet’s thigh. She rolled slightly toward him and let his fingers slide between her legs. Her cotton skirt was cool to his touch, but her skin beneath was warm. He let his fingers slide upward until the edge of his palm rested against her mound. She halkalı üniversiteli escort opened her legs slightly.

Janet was not actually intending to get frisky, she just wanted her son’s touch to calm her. He massaged her pussy as he spoke.

“Mom, I will never leave you. I’m just going away or for classes. I’ll be home every weekend and then there are school breaks. What am I going to do with three and a half years of college?”

“Yes, I know, dear. It’s just that I am going to miss you so. Do you promise to come home often?”

“Of course, I will. You’re my girl. Now, don’t spoil what was good news. Let’s enjoy ourselves.” Tom was chipper as he drove them along.

“Hey, where are we going? This isn’t the way home,” Janet protested.

“A little surprise for you. For us,” Tom added.

After a bit, he pulled in to La Belle, a French restaurant they liked. Janet was pleased and let him get the car door and then the café door for her. He announced their reservations and they were taken to a table overlooking the park.

Dinner was ordered and they sipped their wine munching on the bread. Playfully, Janet rubbed her foot up and down along Tom’s leg as he sat across from her. The long tablecloth hid everything from view. No one was watching anyway, but it added to her feeling of naughtiness. She was flirting with her son, after all. The more she rubbed him, the more she imagined herself being taken by the strong man sitting across from her.

Tom broke the reverie by reaching in his jacket pocket are removing a gift box. He extended his hand across the table to her. She slipped her fingers into his palm. Then he pushed the box toward her.

“What is this, Tom? A present for me? How did you…” She was confused. When did he have time to shop for her? How could he pay for something? It looked like a jewelry box.

“Open it. Just open it,” he instructed.

It was a pearl necklace about 22″ long. Janet gasped when she took it out. It was lovely. She shot him a look of concern.

“Remember how that outdoor magazine asked me about my trekking accident? Well, they bought my story and paid me for it. So, I had the money to get the pearls and I did a little shopping on line. See? You don’t know me all that well, after all, do you?” He teased.

Janet slipped it around her neck. It hung gracefully and lay against her breast curving over her slim collar bones. She looked at Tom to see if he were pleased as well.

“Perfect,” he said. “Every time you wear them, say to yourself, ‘My son gave me a lovely peal necklace.'”

Tom was pleased with himself. He intended the double meaning. He also intended to give her a different sort of pearl necklace later.

“It will be a great way to remember all you have done for me, Mom. Thank you. Let’s make this night a celebration of my recovery and our discovery.”??He sounded so grown up, Janet thought. She toyed with the necklace all through the meal, looking down at it hanging just above her small cleavage.

Tom told her it looked great with her outfit. “It will look good with whatever you wear or don’t wear.” He winked at her. Janet raised her leg to remove her shoe and then slid it up Tom’s leg. She rested the ball of her foot on his crotch. He responded by getting hard for her. When Janet felt his arousal, she rubbed her foot in circles. It was just enough to keep him erect without bringing him off.

They prated through dinner and dessert. Tom paid cash for the meal and escorted his mother out. The waiter watched the couple leave noticing the $50 tip first and then the way the young man grabbed the woman’s ass as they left. “Some lucky cougar got herself a boy toy,” he mused.

Janet leaned over toward Tom as he drove home. She fondled her son’s dick through his clothes. “I want this cock in my mouth, my little boy. Will you give Mommy this nice hard cock?” she purred.

Tom smiled down at her. He liked the way the peal necklace dangled. “You can play with it all night long. You might even get another pearl necklace.”

“Mmmm… I’d like that very much.” Janet looked up and licked her lips.

When they pulled into the garage, Janet popped out and announced she was getting in the shower. Tom closed up the garage and went into the kitchen to pour a drink for himself.

He was flipping through channels, sipping his soda when his mother walked in wearing a white cotton gown. It was sheer enough he could make out her form beneath. She paused at the window. Light from the streetlight illuminated her from the side. The soft light of the table lamp did the rest. She was wearing the necklace.

She stood there with the gown parted down to her naval. Tom could not see her breasts except for the edges closest to her sternum. She looked sad or maybe tender. Tom decided, it was an innocent look. She stood there looking at him for a minute or two not moving.

Janet slowly opened her gown and pulled it off her shoulders. It pulled haramidere escort against her biceps and she cupped her hands around her waist. Her breasts were completely exposed to his examination. The necklace hung in a perfect arc that mirrored the shape of her breasts. ??Her breasts were not large, perhaps a B cup. Her nipples, likewise, were small. In fact, she had no areola to speak of. Her tit-flesh ended in a hard dark red nipple. Age and gravity had conspired to pull Janet’s breasts down, flattening them slightly. Her nipples resisted the effects and turned upward in protest to the years. It gave her tits a perky look.

Tom feasted on the view. He loved to masturbate looking at women’s breasts. All kinds of breasts excited him. Now he had the chance to study a set close up and at leisure. ??What made this small event so special was the leisure. Their sex had previously been rushed or passionate with an end in mind, or it was measured to meet Tom’s strength. Tonight, he was across the threshold. Tonight he was a full-strength man again. The woman he had been fucking with abandon was standing in front of him demanding he see her as she was: More than a means of self-gratification. It’s what women want. He knew this at some level, but tonight he was experiencing it. Janet demanded it by her provocative, yet slow, come-on. “You have to see me, really see me,” she seemed to be implying.

He got hard as soon as she dropped the gown off her shoulders. When her tits came into view, his cock arched upward pushing away material striving toward the light. He undid his belt and pants, pulling them down to his knees. The cool air felt good on his balls and he pulled the sack adjusting its contents. He began to stroke himself openly.

Janet remained in the pose letting him examine her as she watched him work his cock. She loved seeing his cock get hard. It was so firm, the head so smooth. There was a patch of skin she had found just under his ball sack that was softer than anywhere else on his body. It was the size of a dime and she always searched for it when they had sex. ??She smiled as he stoked himself for her. She knew that she was the cause of her son’s erection. It was the same erection she had seen when he was an infant and was a little boy. But tonight it was a man’s erect cock she was looking at. A clear drop of fluid formed at the tip and she wanted to see Tom wipe it off and lick it. Sometimes, when she masturbated him she would collect the pre-cum and have him lick it from her fingers. Other times she would wipe it on her nipples and Tom would clean them with his hot tongue.

Tom caught his mother’s eye. “You look beautiful, Mom. You are so pretty. I like the way your tits… I mean breasts are shaped.”??”It’s okay, Tom, call them whatever you like. They’re yours, sweetheart. I like to know that you like seeing them. When you call them tits, I know you are being honest. And honestly, you like Mommy’s tits, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mom. Honestly, I do.”

“Do you like this as well?” Janet let her gown slip farther down catching it with her hands as it draped below her hips. Tom inhaled sharply. The light from the street light caught her pubic hair making it glow. It was thick and lustrous, shaved only on the sides making a wide landing strip for him to run his face over and fingers through.

Tom reached over and hit the power button on the remote. He wanted no distractions. Janet smiled her approval.

Her belly was flat and firm leading to her mound. Her hips were sharp and trim. Janet was a slim woman anyway, probably the result of years of worry. But she had been working out with Tom. Now she was fit, as well as trim. He studied the way the fullness of her hip curved down toward the junction of her legs. The tops of her thighs flowed evenly leading down to her knees. She held one foot in front of the other as a model poses. It accentuated the shapeliness of her form.

Tom, looked again at her bush. He worked his hand harder in appreciation of the sight. His mother was nearly nude, not five feet from him. He could smell her perfume and almost feel her heat. He wanted her.

Her neck was getting flushed. He knew her pussy would be getting wet as well. He knew her signs. She glowed from the slightest bit of perspiration.

“Oh, that is very nice. Mom. My cock is getting very hard looking at you. I could come in a second if you keep this up.” With four strokes he would have reached the point of no return.

“Not yet, sweetheart. Pace yourself. We have all night.” Janet was warm with her admonition.

She swiveled to the right and dropped her gown altogether. There in the glow of the table lamps and the light from the street, she stood before Tom completely uncovered. She was more naked tonight than she had been even in the shower because she was opening her soul as well as her body for Tom.

Janet took several steps to cross the distance between them He looked at her pussy as she approached. Her hips swayed casually. When she got to him, she spread her legs and straddled Tom’s own legs, pulling his together a bit. She wanted to sit on his hot and hard cock, but she had some other ideas first.

Tom looked up into her eyes. He paused at her breasts, admiring them and smiled into her face. He felt the smoothness of her inner thighs on his on legs. The heat from her pussy was palpable.

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