Muslim Widow – Hindu Divorcee Lez

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Hi all, its Ali here!

I’m back with a few more exciting memories with my widowed Muslim aunt, Sheen. This is an account of the time when my slutty Muslim widowed aunt Sheen had a threesome with me and her best friend, a Hindu divorcee.

A little background first…

About me –

I’m Ali. I’m fair-skinned, tall, standing over 5′ 10″ tall with a sharp-featured attractive face and straight, black hair that I usually wear long. I have a naturally athletic physique from being a soccer player since I was small.

About Aunty Sheen –

Aunty Sheen is the widow of my father’s eldest brother. She is short, dark and plump in the right places. Aunty Sheen is dark-skinned but with a completely hairless body. She is short, less than 5′ 6″ tall, and has brown eyes with dark, wavy hair. She has round features, with big brown eyes and a small nose over thin, severe lips. Aunty is voluptuous, with soft, round 44F-cup boobs crowned by large chocolate-colored areolas and thick, black nipples. She was in her late 40s back then, a mother of two, yet Sheen aunty retained a slim waist which ballooned out to wide, rounded hips. Aunty Sheen’s enormous and perfectly-round buttocks are her sexiest asset. I would never miss a chance to watch her lovely, large ass cheeks jiggle whenever she walked. Her thick, soft thighs gave way to round, shapely calves ending in a pair of small feet.

Aunty Sheen is the matriarch of our family. Normally, she is extremely strict and everyone in my extended family obeys her. She is usually dressed in a pair of loose salwar suits in the house and always wears a loose, dark Abaya and Hijab to cover herself. However, what the rest of the family does not know is that my severe, mature aunt hides a nymphomaniac inside.

Our Family –

Although I can’t reveal the name of my hometown I can tell you that it is one of the largest cities in central India. I come from a huge extended family of ultra-conservative Muslims. Our extended family consists of the families of my father and his seven real brothers. We are quite well off and own a large piece of property on the northern outskirts of our city. It is a huge, gated and walled compound with three 3-storied buildings. Every floor has spacious multi-bedroom apartments for a family. Although we are rich, we are strictly religious. The family follows the tenets of our religion rigidly. This means that interactions between members of opposite sex from outside the family was a strict no-no. The women of my house chose to wear the body-covering Abaya and a Hijab to cover their head and face. In simple words, we are a huge close-knit family. However, the strict atmosphere in the house caused some of my aunts and cousins to rebel and start discrete, illicit sexual relationships with me.

Our History –

Aunty Sheen had seduced me back in February of 2006. It was only a couple of weeks after her husband passed away. Since then, my horny, slutty Muslim aunt and I had fucked each other hundreds of times. Aunty Sheen is bold, confident and shameless whenever she is alone at home or away on a trip with me.

Sheen aunty is also one of the most open-minded persons I know and has helped me discover many of my kinks. This is an account of the times when my mature Muslim aunt and I had a weekend of threesome with Vandana, her divorcee Hindu bestie.


Aunty Sheen’s Surprising Revelation

(10AM – 2 PM Friday, April 2007)

This incident happened right after we attended Aunty Sheen’s best friend Vandana’s daughter’s wedding in Mumbai. My loyal readers will recall the incident from “Muslim Widow Aunt’s Anal Adventures – Chapter 2 – Wonderful Anal Quickie at the Wedding”.

Vandana Singh is dark, tall – over 5’8″ – big-boned with a pear-shaped body. Vandana has a broad face with large eyes and nose. She had full, thick lips through which are always covered in vivid shades of lipstick. She has normal, round 40C breasts with small, brown nipples. Her curvy waist flares out to a pair of huge, wide 60-inch hips. I love her thick, soft round butt immensely. She has stout but shapely legs and looks dominantly sexy because she usually wears fitting clothes on her tall, thick frame.

Vandana and Aunty Sheen are best friends. They’ve been close since they met in a missionary school back in their hometown. Vandana is a modern, independent Hindu woman who divorced her husband many years ago. She worked hard to raise her k**s and established her company. She now owns a successful marketing firm in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Co-incidentally, she would later on become my boss for a year. I had accepted as a copy writer in her advertising firm in my second year of college, back in 2009.

After a drunk and debauched time before, during and after the wedding, Aunty Sheen and I spent most of Thursday shopping. The rest of the time we spent fucking in the comfortable hotel in Vashi.

Initially, we had planned to return home on Thursday, the day after the wedding, but Vandana had pleaded topkapı escort with Aunty Sheen to stay a few days more with her because now that her daughter was married off, she would feel lonely at home. Aunty Sheen called my folks and told them about the change of plans. My parents readily agreed to the extension because they were happy as long as I helped my “poor, widowed aunt”, like they said.

Vandana offered Aunty Sheen and me to spend the weekend at her farmhouse in Lonavla. The new plan was to spend two days at the hill resort town then catch an afternoon flight home from Pune on Sunday.

Aunty Sheen and I were smoking cigarettes and packing the new clothes we had bought yesterday into our bags. We had planned to stay only for the wedding so we needed more clothes for the extra two days. Aunty Sheen had bought a couple of pairs of designer underwear, a white-colored see-through Sari with a matching blouse and a few lounge clothes. My mature aunt also bought a few pieces of lacy lingerie, just because I liked them. I bought a few shorts and sleeveless tees.

It was 10 AM on Friday of April 2007 when my aunt’s phone chirped with a call from Vandana. I watched her speak on her cell phone for a few seconds before ending the call.

I stared at her plump but curvy body once again. I had been staring at her sexy outfit ever since she came out of the shower dressed and ready to leave.

My middle-aged Muslim aunt looked stylish and sexy. Her white ensemble was a lovely contrast to her dark, smooth skin. Aunty Sheen wore a deep-neck, back-less white-colored blouse made of a see-through fabric. I could clearly see the white-colored push-up bra which made her dark, round boobs jut out on her chest. The tight blouse squished her large, soft breasts together and created a lovely, deep cleavage. I loved the way the low-waist Sari exposed her deep, dark navel and her dusky, rounded hips. The white-colored designer Sari was made of a similar see-through material and draped tightly around her fleshy figure. I felt aroused just by looking at my mature aunt’s plump 50-inch butt outlined by the sheer Sari. The matching white, platform heels made her look more like a middle-aged Indian cougar than a conservative Muslim widow.

“Let’s go, son. Vendy is here.” Aunty Sheen said, using the nickname for her BFF and grabbed her large, black handbag from the table.

“Sure.” I replied, snuffing out the half-finished cigarette in the ashtray on the coffee table.

I shook my head and grabbed our small bags before following Aunty Sheen out of the hotel room. I deliberately walked behind her and enjoyed the view of her large, round ass cheeks swaying with every step. Sheen aunty knew this and walked with an exaggerated swing to her wide hips.

“Hey, Vindy!” Aunty Sheen greeted her best friend at the reception counter.

“Hey Sheena! Hello, Ali. How are you?” Vandana greeted Aunty Sheen with a peck on the cheek before turning to me with a wide smile.

“Hello.” I greeted back politely, trying hard not to look lower than her face.

Vandana looked hot in her modern Indian attire. She wore a gold-colored sleeveless blouse which showed off her smooth, dusky arms. It had a low neck-line and clearly showed off the lovely deep cleavage. Her tall, curvy figure was barely concealed by her tightly-wrapped sunflower-colored see-through designer Sari. I got a good view of her deep, dark navel and her motherly belly as we approached her. Her white, high heels added a few inches to her already tall figure and she looked dominant yet inviting.

“I’m fine. Thanks!” I replied, giving her my best smile.

The appearance of another hot mature was very arousing. I was thankful for the loose blue jeans because it hid my slowly-thickening cock.

Vandana smiled a few seconds too long before she grabbed Aunty Sheen’s arm and pulled her towards the hotel entrance. She had already paid our hotel bill and led us out to her car.

I felt the typical sticky head of Mumbai as soon as we stepped out of the air-conditioned hotel. My black-colored half-sleeve shirt kept me comfortable though. My carried our bags and followed them. I was having a hard time deciding which big butt to ogle. Aunty Sheen’s large ass protruded out and jiggled hard with every step while Vandana’s wide, round hips swung wildly in turn.

Soon enough, we reached her brand-new white Honda Civic.

“Here you go.” Vandana said and handed me the keys to her car with a wide smile.

I smiled in return and took the keys but not before she brushed her hand against mine. I pretended not to notice and opened the rear door for the ladies.

Vandana entered first. I watched her small but firm boobs dangle down as she bent to climb into the low rear seat. Her enormous, round hips disappeared and I turned in time to Aunty Sheen grinning at me. She had caught me staring at her best friend’s buttocks and grinned knowingly at me. I grinned back sheepishly at having being türbanlı escort caught. Aunty Sheen just shook her head and entered, but not before bending down and flashing her deep, dark cleavage at me.

I pushed the door shut softly and quickly loaded the bags in the trunk. I noticed Vandana was carrying a large overnight bag. I hurried to sit in the driver’s seat. After resetting the seat and the rear view mirrors I started the car.

“Ready?” I asked, turning back and smiling at my aunt and Vandana.

“Yes.” Both replied in unison and I turned around with a grin.

Aunty Sheen and Vandana sat close to one another. Their dark, plump bodies settled comfortably in the spacious rear seats of the sedan. Vandana gave directions from the rear seat as I drove carefully into the morning traffic of Navi Mumbai. We reached the Panvel highway and were soon on our way on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway after half hour.

I amped up the A/C and half-listened to the gossip my aunt carried on with her best friend. They had met after a few years and had a lot of catching up to do. I drove at a steady 60 km/hr in the slow lane of the expressway and often glanced in the mirror to catch Vandana looking right at me and smiling, while pretending to listen to Aunty Sheen.

I found it strange but always smiled back softly in the rear view mirror. Other times, I would stare at her long, bare, smooth arms and her tight cleavage. I could also see my mature aunt’s black, bare arms and her deep, dark cleavage through her sheer Sari.

Soon though, Vandana leaned closer to Aunty Sheen and began to whisper. I couldn’t hear what she said but suddenly Aunty Sheen sat up straighter and cleared her throat.

“Vindy, you don’t have to whisper.” I heard Aunty Sheen say.

I looked in the rear view mirror and saw the expression of confusion in Vandana’s face.

“You’re asking me why I’ve suddenly reformed into the bold rebellious girl you knew back in school after all these years? You think I’m going through some kind of mid-life crisis, or a phase?” Aunty Sheen asked and I saw the smirk on her face as she smiled and shook her head.

“You know he was always so dominant. All these years I had to live life the way he wanted me to.” My aunty said, referring to her deceased husband with resentment in her voice, “Well, now he’s not there to control my life anymore.” Aunty ranted with passion now.

“Ali..” She suddenly turned to me.

“Yes, aunty.” I replied softly, wondering what had got her so wound up.

“Tell her about that night.” Sheen aunty said.

“Mm… Which night, aunty?” I asked, wondering if I heard her right and looking enquiringly at her in the rear view mirror.

“You know what I’m saying, Ali.” Aunty Sheen said.

“Mmm…” I mumbled, my mind beginning to whirr, “Are you sure?” I asked, tentatively, giving her another chance.

“Yes. And don’t worry. Vindy won’t judge.” She said and settled back with a smile at her best friend.

I looked straight at the road and felt my cheeks getting hot. I couldn’t argue with her because our first time was her secret too. If she chose to trust her best friend then I had to relent.

“Ahem..” I cleared my throat and started, “It was a couple of weeks after uncle passed away. Dee went to live with her brother in Mumbai for a few weeks because she was depressed at home.” I stopped and glanced in the rear view mirror to see Vandana looking straight at me with completely attention in the semi-dark and cool car interior.

“My folks agreed and so aunty told me I could sleep in Dee’s room. I was up late at night on Dee’s desktop, you know…” I paused and looked pleadingly at Aunty Sheen in the rear view mirror.

I really didn’t feel like telling a stranger about how I was jerking off to porn while my recently-widowed aunt slept in the bedroom downstairs. But Aunty nodded her head and smiled encouragingly.

“Well.” I took a deep breath and decided to plow on, “I was busy masturbating while I watched porn on Dee’s desktop. I was too busy and didn’t see aunty even after she opened the door which I forgot to lock in my hurry.” I continued to dwell into the details of how my aunty seduced me.

I kept my eyes on the road, driving at a steady 60 km/hr and letting the faster cars whizz by on the right. I kept glancing in the rear view mirror frequently to watch Vandana’s reaction to the lurid details of how my mature, recently-widowed aunty sucked me and made me finger-fuck her to orgasm.

I saw the expressions of shock, surprise and finally amazement register on Vandana’s face. She kept glancing at Aunty Sheen, who looked at her with a grin, seemingly glad at having her biggest secret revealed to her best friend finally.

Once I finished, Vandana was silent for a while before she asked a few questions to Aunty, mostly about how it felt fucking her nephew when she belonged to such a strict, conservative Muslim family. My aunty recounted the several times tüyap escort we fucked at her home and a few times we’ve been out of town on short trips to resorts and motels. She also told her best friend how she had started to smoke, drink and do dope after we began our illicit relationship. Vandana asked me generally the same things. I could see she was not judgmental but was genuinely curious, so I answered her honestly.

After an hour though, I was quite aroused but craved a cigarette more. I suggested we stop for a small break and both of them agreed.

It was exactly 12 PM when I pulled into one of the service by-roads that lead to the highway-side eateries and service stations. I parked the car near the exit and we stepped into the wash rooms to freshen up. After we reached the car, Aunty Sheen and I lit a cigarette each. We stood behind the car, in clear view of the significant number of customers in the restaurant. Aunty Sheen was never bothered with someone staring at her but loved the attention. She chatted casually with Vandana and me. We finished the cigarette and continued on our way to Lonavla. The atmosphere had changed in the car now. Although Aunty Sheen and Vandana gossiped about their mutual friends, I could sense that Vandana was distracted now and was satisfied to listen to Aunty.

Aunty Sheen and Vandana Recall Then Relive First Lesbian Experiment

(2 PM – 5 PM Friday, April 2007)

It was after 2 PM that we reached Lonavla and made our way to Vandana’s large farmhouse. It was along a large paved road that turns left between Khandala and Lonavala. Although not situated anywhere close to the summer houses of Bollywood celebrities, the road was lined with huge, distinctly designed villas and bungalows placed apart at a significant distance from one another. Each farmhouse was bordered by a huge garden or a spacious lawn.

Once we reached her farmhouse I stopped in front of the 10-feet tall black, wrought iron gate. Vandana asked me to honk the horn a few times. I did as told and within a few seconds, the large, black gate swung in by a dark, young woman.

“That’s Manisha, the maid. Her husband is my driver in the city.” Vandana explained as I drove in.

The maid was a typical Maharashtrian help. She was slim, very dark and dressed in a tightly-wound orange-colored Sari. She wore her Sari in the distinct Maharashtrian style which exposes half of their calves. I saw the maid wave and smile warmly at Vandana through the tinted windows as we drove by before I heard her closing the gate behind us. I parked the car near the entrance and waited for Manisha to unload the bags from the trunk.

Manisha looked in her mid-20s, dark, with a lithe figure. She had perky, dark boobs that stood out taut on her chest without a bra. She had a slim waist and a significantly round butt which jiggled noticeable as she followed her mistress into the spacious farmhouse.

I drove the car into the large garage at the rear boundary of the property and walked back to the stone-walled duplex bungalow. The weather was considerably cool with pleasant, warm sunshine bathing the beautifully manicured lawn. The double front doors opened up into a huge hall that occupied the center of the ground floor. There were a couple of doors leading to bedrooms to one wide while the door to the kitchen was beyond the large, oblong glass-topped dining table that was placed on the opposite wall. A marble-tiled stairway to the right led upstairs, no doubt to more bedrooms and the expansive terrace I glimpsed in front as we entered the gate.

“Come on in, son.” Vandana called cheerfully from the dining table where she sat with my aunt. “Lunch is ready.” She said and smiled as I approached.

I noticed her gaze traveling up and down my body. I took a seat opposite Aunty Sheen and Vandana. They started chatting normally while the maid brought and placed the dishes from the kitchen. I was still feeling a little awkward for having shared an intimate personal detail with Vandana, who was practically a stranger to me and was trying hard not to look at the two large, lovely dark cleavages in front of me.

As I looked anywhere but at my aunt and her best friend, my eyes were eventually drawn to Manisha.

Manisha, the maid, was dressed in a bright orange Sari with a tiny, tight blouse. I noticed she had tucked her Sari tighter around and her slim but curvy figure was clearly outlined. I saw her perky, young boobs bounce as she went back and forth between the kitchen and dining table. I sneaked a peek at her small but firm and round buttocks as they jiggled under her tight Sari when she walked back to the kitchen.

I thought no one had noticed me ogling the maid but I was wrong. Manisha had noticed me staring at her. I was surprised when she stopped at my side and pushed out her taut little butt as she bent over the table to grab a dish. She grabbed the dish and turned to lean towards me and served the food in my plate. Her Sari was drawn back from her chest and she gave me a clear view of her tight, dark cleavage before brushing her arm against mine.

I recovered fast and glanced across the dining table to see Vandana and Aunty Sheen looking at me and smirking. I blushed immediately and both of them had a good laugh. I relaxed soon and joined in.

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