Mutual Understanding. Ch. 03

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Dry Days

Couple of days has passed and Priya was quite busy in her studies. I was eagerly waiting for the movie time, but as the time passed I was also nervous about the progress of our relationship.

One evening while I was watching some program in TV, and she was studying in her room. She walked out of room and stood in front of me and I looked up in doubt.

Priya: I am very poor in drawings and am not able to understand anything in this subject, can you help?

I readily agreed as I was waiting for the opportunity to be alone with her. We both walked in to her study room and as usual sat on floor.

She started to ask different questions and I was answering each one of them as per my knowledge. As we were sitting close, I was able to smell her deodorant very strongly and it was intoxicating. I had my hard on and I was trying to hide it by adjusting myself.

Out of the blue, she asked me the question.

Priya: Why did you touch my back the other day?

I was taken aback with her straight forward question and looked at her without any answer. She looked straight in my eyes and indicated as if she wanted answer. I wanted to escape and I lied

Me: It was accident and I wanted to say sorry.

Priya: Accident? I thought you were doing it intentionally!

It took me couple of seconds to understand the inner meaning of it and then I looked straight into her eyes, and she started to blush.

All my illusions were torn apart in a second and I was very happy inside that I still have chances. Soon my grandpa called and she went to back to help them, before leaving she said,

Priya: Lets watch some movie tonight; I will come at 8 PM.

Movie Time Continues

I was waiting for clock to tick 8’o clock, and at exactly 8PM she was here. We were both sitting in a different room this ucuz escort time, than in the regular study room which is quite near to the TV room.

On the same evening, after she left my grandpa asked me to shift all my belongings to another room which is little far away from the TV room; he wanted to repair the flooring in the study room.

So here we were, sitting on the bed in a room which was little far away from the TV room. Once she came and sat beside me to watch movie, I was looking around the room to find an indicator to make sure I am safe when someone walks in all of a sudden. Luckily I found a glass wardrobe which was exactly opposite to the place where we were sitting. It would reflect anyone approaching the door from quite far; this wardrobe has played a major role in our sex journey but that story later.

Ok, now she was sitting beside me and we started to watch some English movie as usual, as I got some hints from her earlier I did not wait for any romantic scene to begin my seduction.

I moved my hand behind us and placed it on bed just behind her ass. I was waiting for the right time to make my move.

She was completely involved in movie. I slowly moved my hand towards her ass (I am an ass man by the way and I love women with wonderful ass) and touched her hip, I looked at her and she didn’t bother about it.

Gaining my confidence I placed my hand on her thigh, and this time she looked at me and I smiled, without any expression she turned her head towards screen again.

I was very horny at that point of time and I decided to take advantage of this moment. I moved my head and kissed her for the first in the nape of her neck. As she was not expecting this move, she jolted back and I got hold of her and started to kiss all her neck and shoulder area. Meanwhile my hand was very busy caressing her thigh ümraniye escort above her night pant.

At first she was reluctant and tried to wriggle me off, but soon lust took upon her and she did not move and started to enjoy the sensation that my lips were providing on her body.

I was in full pace now and I started to bite her shoulder area, she hissed whenever I bit her, and this sound from her mouth made me hornier. I got hold of her t-shirt and moved it little to expose her shoulder and started to kiss and lick that area.

By now she was completely into the act and was fully co-operating. Taking this as signal I started to move my other hand which was playing on her thigh towards her crotch and she stopped my hand and then looked me in the eye.

Immediately I understood the meaning of that look and I moved my hand back to her thigh. By now I was done licking her shoulder and I took her face into my hands and started to kiss all over her face, her eyes were closed all this time and she was making hissing sounds at constant interval.

I was very eager to kiss her lips, and without wasting any time I kissed her hard for the first time on her lips (this was my first kiss in life and I was not sure how to do it). I started to lick her lips and after couple of seconds I asked her to open her mouth, and slowly she opened her mouth.

I pushed my tongue into her mouth and started to lick her inner mouth, and she was just sitting there enjoying all the things I was doing to her. I whispered,

Me: Suck my tongue!

She did not understand what I meant and I repeated

Me: Hold my tongue with your mouth.

This time she started to suck my tongue and was doing it slowly with hesitation. I then whispered,

Me: Now kiss me back, and bite my lips.

Now she started to follow all my instructions üniversiteli öğrenci escort like a good student and bit my lower lip lightly.

I started to kiss her harder this time and all of a sudden I had this thought to look at her face, and I moved my face little away from her and looked at her.

There she was! My sweet 19 year old cousin with her eyes shut tightly and was waiting for my next move deliberately.

I asked her to open her eyes and she looked at me with shyness written all over her face, unable to control any further I started to kiss her more hardly this time and she started to kiss me back with intense this time.

We didn’t know the passage of time and when I looked at the laptop screen, the movie was near to end, and I suspected someone would walk into us as it was getting late and she had to go to college in the morning. I adjusted her dress and wiped my saliva from her cheeks and face. I asked her to wash her face before she goes back to her home and she readily agreed and got out of the bed and went into washroom.

As expected, my grandpa walked into the room and asked bout priya and I said she went to wash room, my grandpa asked me to send her back to home once she comes out of washroom and I said movie will be done in another 10. Agreeing to what I said he walked away from the room.

Soon she came back from the washroom and sat beside my again, I said she got call from her mom. She was afraid of her mom and she started to get out of the bed immediately, and suddenly I got hold of her from behind and kissed her one last time on lips and she started to kiss me back.

After few seconds, I left her and said,

Me: Let’s meet tomorrow same time!!

She just smiled back and walked away from the room, soon I closed my laptop and I was way too happy for the progression of things in the last couple of hours.

I ran into the washroom and started to masturbate thinking of the events so far and I came so hard when a random thought crossed my mind of me having intercourse with my cousin.

To be continued…..

Please comment on the story so that I can get some suggestions on where I am lacking.

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