My Affair With My Uncle

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His hard cock was sliding in and out of my pussy. He was on top with my legs spread wide to give him full access. We both were full of lust as if we couldn’t get enough of each other. I knew I was approaching an orgasm and began moaning. Evidently when he heard my moans, he speeded up and pounded me like a jack hammer. I groaned and yelled as my mind and body were overcome with passion.

When my body began to relax a little, I heard him say, “Roll over on top and ride me.”

I did as requested and started wildly fucking him. I could feel him hunch up to me and knew he was about to fill my pussy with cum. My only thought was to have another orgasm as he blasted cum in me. Then his cock began to jerk and his body shuddered giving me the sexual thrill of another fantastic orgasm. I could feel my pussy pulsating on his hard jerking cock to drain him. Then I fell forward on his chest to lay exhausted, still joined.

It seemed a long time before I had the energy to lift myself up and get out of bed.

I said, “Uncle John, you know we shouldn’t be doing this anymore. I am married with a family and it just isn’t fair to my husband, Tom.”

John responded, “Ann, you are a wonderful person. I know I shouldn’t be here like this, but I just can’t resist seeing you in private.”

“You had better get dressed and leave before Tom comes home and find us undressed.”

“We’re family,”, John said, “As long as we are dressed, he could come home before I leave.”

“That’s true.” I hesitated, then said, “You haven’t been over here for Sunday dinner lately, can you come over this Sunday?”

“Sure can. It will be nice to visit with you and Tom. I really like the guy.”

After Uncle John left, I began thinking how all this started. When I was in High School, my parents were killed in an automobile accident. Uncle John invited me to live with him and his wife. Unfortunately, Uncle John’s wife didn’t like me living with them, so she left to get a divorce. They had marriage problems before I move in, but that just added to the problem.

I continued in High School and Uncle John became a good father to me. He gave me good advice on relationships with boys, such as being careful about taking chances on getting pregnant. By the time I was eighteen and a senior, I was still a virgin. However, I had a special boyfriend I really liked. He talked me into giving him a blow job nearly every time we dated and I didn’t think I was really being bad. I knew I couldn’t get pregnant like Uncle John had warned me.

My relationship changed with Uncle John on my eighteenth birthday. Uncle John and I had prepared a special dinner with a birthday cake. After dinner, I left to go out with my friends. About midnight my friends deposited me at my front door very drunk. I staggered in to see my Uncle waiting up for me. I remember he helped me to the bedroom and undressed me.

My mind was zeytinburnu escort in a drunken whirl as my Uncle laid me on the bed. I didn’t know just what was happening, but I had a very sexy sensation. It felt very good. I moved my hand down and felt my Uncle’s head and face at my crotch. This was the first time anyone had done this to me and it was very sexy and good. I was enjoying the sensation and moved my hips in movement with his mouth and tongue. At the time in my drunken condition, I didn’t think anything was wrong for my Uncle to give me this wonderful feeling. I began to buck my hips as I had a very good orgasm. This was so much better than masturbating.

Evidently, I went to sleep after my orgasm. The next morning when I sat up in bed, I suddenly remembered briefly what had happened. At first I was upset, but I got dressed and went into the kitchen to see my Uncle fixing breakfast.

He apologetically said, “I’m so sorry about last night. That will never happen again.”

Before I could say anything he gave me some aspirins and tomato juice. I knew I couldn’t be mad at him. I had enjoyed the sexual sensation with him.

I said “Thank you for the apology, but I really liked what you did. Never before have I had such a wonderful sexual sensation.”

I could see he felt very relieved, then he smiled at me. I walked up to him and kissed his cheek.

We sat down to talk. He said, “Now that you are eighteen, maybe it is time to lose your virginity.”

I harshly said right back to him, “You have warned me to avoid sex with my boyfriend who might get me pregnant.”

“Yes, that could be a problem with him, but I have been fixed and can’t get anyone pregnant,” he said as he looked at me.

At first, it rather shocked me, but I could see the tenderness and love in his eyes. He had been a good father and I loved him as a father, but would I love him as a lover?

I got to feeling better and my hang over went away by that afternoon. Many of my girl friends had lost their virginity and had told me I was prude. Maybe it was time for me. That evening I suggested to Uncle John we have some wine after dinner. I think he was taking the hint of what I was thinking.

We were a little tipsy after one bottle. I don’t think either one of us were making any direct sexual advances, but it seemed appropriate for me to go into the master bedroom with him. I know he had seen me nearly in the nude several times during the past months living together, but now I wanted him to see me naked.

When I started to remove my blouse, he decided to assist me. He unsnapped my bra to free my ample breasts. He leaned forward to kiss me on the neck and on my nipples. When I suggested we both get undressed, we both quickly disrobed.

I knew something about sucking a guy off since I had done that a few times for my boyfriend, so I aksaray escort assumed Uncle John would like that, too. I took hold of his very hard erection and looked down at it. I dropped to my knees and took it in my mouth. I heard him say it was very good just like I’ve heard my boyfriend say. He started hunching forward to ram in cock farther in my mouth. Then he reached down to lift me up and moved us to the bed.

I didn’t know quite what he was trying to do, but he had turned around in bed facing my feet and rolled me up on top of him. I’ve heard of the six nine position, but this was all new to me. Now his cock was sticking straight up in front of my face. I could feel his tongue in my pussy just like he did last night when I was drunk. It felt so good that I rubbed my pussy harder in his face. His cock was longer and bigger than my boyfriend’s cock. I didn’t know men would have different sizes and shapes. I was learning fast.

I started going up and down on his cock taking it in my mouth and throat as far as I could. He told me to slow down because he didn’t want to cum too soon. I pulled it out of my mouth and licked all around and up and down his shaft. Then I discovered his balls. They were interesting to kiss and lick around and he seemed to like it, too.

His sucking on my clit was beginning to make me feel very sexy. This was so much better than masturbating and I knew I wanted an orgasm. I could feel his body beginning to strain and I could feel his cum starting to spurt in my mouth. When I did this to my boyfriend, I usually lifted up and let his cum spurt in the air. I thought it uncouth to let him fill my mouth. Now I had the urge to take all my Uncle’s cum. Should I spit it out or try to swallow? I decided to swallow as much as I could. I nearly choked, but most of it went down my throat.

Now that he had cum, my mind concentrated on the feeling he was giving my pussy. His expert mouth was sucking on my clit causing me to have the best orgasm I ever had. I never knew sex could be so fantastic.

We laid side by side after I rolled off of him. We didn’t say anything while we each had our own thoughts about what had happened since last night. I was thrilled to enjoy sex with my Uncle who could not get me pregnant.

He finally broke the silence, “That was really great, but you are still a virgin. Give me a little time to get hard and we’ll take care of that.”

I’ve heard my girl friends talk about how a cock felt in them, but I had never had the experience. Now my Uncle was going to take my virginity.

I played with his cock and soon felt it getting hard. As he started to roll over on top of me, I automatically spread my legs.

He said, “Pull your legs up and bring your knees up to your breasts.”

I did as requested which spread my bottom very wide to give him easy access. I didn’t know if I should help ataköy escort him put his cock in me or what to do.

He prompted me, “Reach down between us and aim it.”

I held his very hard cock and could feel him push forward toward my hole. The head was so big that I was wondering if it would hurt me. I had previously used a tampax for my period, but a tampax isn’t nearly as big as his cock. I aimed it directly at my hole and could feel the head stretching me as he pushed a little more. He pulled back, then pushed again. I could feel it spreading me, but I was juicy enough that it didn’t hurt. Then he pushed on in until it felt like he had completely fill me. Now I knew what it felt like to have a cock in me.

He started back and forth movements while I hunched up to meet his thrusts. The feeling was fantastic. He kissed me deeply, his tongue found my tongue and continued to explore my mouth. My tongue began dancing with his, and I moaned deeply. We broke the kiss and he started groaning and moaning. My mind was in a sexual frenzy as my body was building up to an orgasm. The intenseness began to build. I could feel his cock jerking in my pussy causing my orgasm to reach a height of ecstasy. I though I might even pass out. My body was violently shaking as my orgasm continued on an on. At last, I was coming down from my high and I realized Uncle John was still groaning with pleasure. We both laid still until I could hardly feel his cock in me as it became small.

I slept cuddled in his arms all that first night, the night I lost my virginity.

I graduated from High School and attended the local university while still living with Uncle John. I slept in my own room part of the time, but I often slept with Uncle John.

We knew we could never be married, so Uncle John encouraged me to date other college students. I finally started going regular with Tom. When Tom and I were in private, we hugged and kissed so much that we both wanted sex. However, I was afraid I would get pregnant before marriage, so I often satisfied Tom by sucking him off. Later, when Tom took me home, I got in bed with Uncle John to relieve my sexual anxiety by having a good orgasm with him. Of course, I never told Tom about sharing Uncle John’s bed part of the time.

Tom picked me up at home for dates and became friendly with Uncle John. When Tom asked me to marry him, Uncle John wanted me to have a happy marriage and encouraged me to get married if I really loved Tom. I felt sorry for Uncle John when I married Tom and moved out of the house. We both realized our mutual fantastic sexual relationship should end, but it didn’t.

One week after I was married, I returned to my old home to pick up some of my personal things. One thing led to another and we were in bed. I like sex with my husband, Tom, but it was so sexually satisfying to have Uncle John’s cock in me again. I gave him a blow job first, then I rode his cock until we both collapsed in a mutual orgasm. When I was leaving, I said, “We shouldn’t do this anymore.” Uncle John agreed, but it didn’t end there. Uncle John is always welcome to visit with me and Tom, but we often meet in secret, either at my house, at his house or a motel.

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