My Aunt Penny

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Day 1

Another day went by in the sleepy suburb. My Aunt Penny was spending another evening alone, which usually involved one glass of fine wine while her husband and the kids were out on a trip, and she had volunteered to stay and watch the house. She was sad, too. She knew he was cheating on her, but she had done nothing to try and end it. They would be gone for a week or so.

There was a knock at the door below. Penny went to the door, setting her wine on the counter. It was her nephew, Ryan. He had been by earlier that day to visit.

“I left my Ipod here,” he said, stepping inside. Penny had always liked Ryan; a good, solid kid with a bright future. He was a good, passionate writer too.

“Oh,” said Penny, a little woozy thanks to the wine, “Ok. I, uh . . . have it upstairs. Come on up.” She went up the stairs, holding the railing firmly. For a moment, though, she slipped. Ryan, walking behind her, rushed forward to try and stop her fall. His hand went under her buttock to support her.

“Jesus! Oh, thanks, Ry,” she gasped. It wasn’t so much the fall as the touch that had scared her. It alone had made her nipples harden a little. Ryan turned, trying to conceal the massive hard-on that just sprang up. She continued up the stairs to her room.

The inside was a mess. Her underclothes littered the floor, but the bed was very neatly made.

“Here,” she said to Ryan, extracting the Ipod from her pocket. She had lied to him; saying it was here was a pretext for the daring move she was planning. Though aroused, Ryan had not caught on.

“Thanks,” said Ryan, pocketing it, “Penny, are you ok?” At this, Penny grew teary at the eyes. All part of the plan.

“No,” she said, “But it’s nothing you need to worry about.” She stepped forward and embraced him. It was comical the way she was almost a foot shorter than he was.

Ryan bowed his hips back so she couldn’t feel his erection, but he knew she would have noticed anyway. For what was supposed to be a rated PG family hug, Penny was awful close to Ryan. Her breasts, large with her middle age, pressed gently into his chest. She looked down at where Ryan’s erection was. During their embrace, Ryan had slowly pulled her just a smidge closer to feel those breasts press into him.

“Oh my,” she said, “That looks . . .uncomfortable. Let me . . .” Ryan tried to back up a little once she said this, but Penny had her own arms around Ryan’s waist and held him there. They went to the front of his nylon gym shorts and went slowly, seductively, down their front. They found the shaft, and her hands gently caressed it.

“Uh . . .” It was all Ryan could say. He knew this was beyond wrong, but he was doing nothing to stop her. Before he knew it, Penny was leading him to a cushy armchair in the corner of the room, and she set him in it. Then, she knelt between his spread legs.

“Just so you know,” said Penny, “I have a husband who is cheating on me. Therefore, that gives me . . . every right to fool around with whoever bağdat caddesi escort I want.” She slid off Ryan’s shorts, uncovering a marvelous shaft. She bent her head and took him in her mouth. She used suction and her tongue to fully harden him.

“But . . . you’re . . . family,” said Ryan, who was finding it hard to speak owing to the fact that his hot aunt had his penis in her mouth in a way that was so wrong . . .

“Family or not, I know you’ve always liked me this way,” she said, now rubbing his shaft up and down, “I found that old sex story you wrote about us. It was really good, so I decided one day, when you were . . . old enough, I would make it happen.” Her hand was soft but firm. Her saliva coated it, lubricating it so she could masturbate him.

“It doesn’t matter if we’re related,” she said, “You’re sexually unfulfilled, and so am I. We make a great pair. I need the practice, and so do you.”

Ryan said no more, and let her do her work. After a couple minutes of alternating blow-jobs and good handwork, he felt ready to explode, and she stopped. She really knew how to make a guy come so close to coming.

“You’re a virgin, right?” Penny asked as she stood up. Ryan nodded; speech seemed to have deserted him.

“After today,” said Penny, throwing her shirt over her head, “You will definitely not be a virgin.” She wasn’t wearing a bra underneath, one of the first things Ryan noticed when he walked in a couple minutes before. Her shorts came off after her shirt.

For being forty years old, Penny looked like she did when she was twenty. Having two kids only enlarged her nipples and broadened her hips slightly. Otherwise, she was fairly average as far as body types go, but her breasts could pass for cantaloupes in size. They were beautifully pale, the nipples being large, pink and swollen from nursing. A triangle of brown hair hid that sacred, womanly place between her legs.

“Come on,” said Penny softly, pulling Ryan up from the chair, “You need this.” He got onto the bed, lying on his back. Penny got up with him, lying on top of him. She propped herself up so her breasts dangled right in front of his face. Ryan filled his hands with them and buried his face between them.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said, his voice muffled. Penny chuckled as he sucked on her nipples. It felt so good to have someone touching her like this, after so long.

“You have no idea how long it’s been since anyone said that,” she told him. Her hand went between them, to his shaft. She excited it, readying it for the long pounding it was about to receive.

“I’m kinda nervous,” said Ryan, looking up at her. She, in turn, looked down at him. He looked so tenderly at her, so wanting to please. Penny wanted the same, if not more.

“Honey,” she said gently, “It’s ok. It’s just sex. It feels really good. I want both of us to feel really good, so that’s why I’m doing it with you.”

“I just don’t want to blow it early,” explained bahçelievler escort Ryan. Penny laughed. Her tits jiggled in Ryan’s face.

“John blew it in less than a minute the first time we did it,” she confessed with a snort of laughter, then, “Just tell me if you’re close, and I’ll hold off. I have birth control, so even if you do, then it’s ok.” She bent her head down and kissed him gently, now lying completely on top of him. Ryan arched reflexively upwards, wanting to receive that sacred gift from her.

She then sat up, scooting back a little so Ryan’s shaft was pressing between her buttocks.

“It’s been awhile for me,” she said to him, “So sorry in advance in case I’m not exactly the best hookup you’ll ever have.” She raised herself up a little, holding Ryan’s shaft. She inserted it into herself and she slowly slid down over top of it.

Having two kids had by no means made Penny go soft on the inside. She was just as tight and slick as she had been as a teenager. All Ryan could tell was that it was the most pleasurable sensation he had yet experienced. It was hot and tight, and her juices slathered over his shaft. For Penny, it was an old itch that was immensely satisfying to sate. Both of them gasped, breathing hard after Penny sat down all the way. She felt him go in as far as it could possibly go.

“You like that?” Penny asked, sliding up and down a little, relearning the motions she once knew so well. Ryan nodded. Penny giggled, and lifted her hands to straighten her hair back. Her breasts jiggled with the motion. She used her legs to pivot up and down, slowly and smoothly. He slid inside her, going deep with the motion of Penny’s body.

Ryan’s hands and feet involuntarily clutched at nothing. The sensation of her sliding on top of him was overwhelming. Penny took it slow like that for a couple minutes, letting herself stretch a little to accommodate him.

After a while, once the very slight pain turned to pleasure, her movements became much faster, but were still smooth and well-coordinated. The whole bed creaked slightly as she pounded Ryan’s cock into oblivion. They were both breathing even harder now. Penny’s tits bounced up and down, making a soft smacking noise. The same could be said about her buttocks smacking Ryan’s thighs, and a soft squishing sound came from their sacred contact. It was quite a show Penny was putting on.

Penny leaned back now, using her arms to support her wild bucking up and down. She made small noises of pleasure, her sacred place beginning to retighten itself around Ryan’s shaft. Penny slowly got louder, her movements a little sloppy because she was so close to coming. Her tits bounced madly up and down. Ryan was close, too.

Just when he thought he was going to lose it, she gave a hoarse scream and planted herself down as hard as she could onto Ryan’s shaft. Her orgasm was as marvelous as it was long. After so many years of satisfying herself without sex, it was a huge joy bahçeşehir escort to have someone inside her to share it with. Ryan lost it as she lost it, firing his load inside her. Spasms shook them both, and it was awhile before they could both speak. When she initially came, she sat straight up, and as it happened, she leaned forward once again, lying on top of Ryan. They were both sweaty and gross, but they both felt terrific.

“There,” sighed Penny, “You’re not a virgin anymore.” She felt him inside her still, hard and throbbing.

“That was awesome,” said Ryan. He couldn’t keep his hands away from Penny’s breasts whenever they were close by. They turned together so they lay side by side. Ryan kept inside her, because he felt he would go soft if he withdrew.

“Well, the good thing is, John and the kids are gone all week,” said Penny, sighing with pleasure as Ryan went back to her breasts.

“I could do this all day,” said Ryan.

“Do you want to?” Penny asked. She knew his answer was not needed, because his mouth was somewhere in her massive cleavage.

“They’re nice, aren’t they?” Penny asked. Ryan nodded. Penny laughed, because he tickled her, and just lay there for a while, resting while Ryan turned one again, playing with Penny’s beautiful breasts. After a few minutes, Penny felt Ryan come again inside her. He hadn’t withdrawn, and combined with his experimenting with Penny’s tits, he had no choice in the matter.

She could feel all her moisture, coupled with Ryan’s ejaculate, and it turned her on some more. Her snatch hadn’t been this wet or filled for years, and it inflamed her.

“Sorry,” he said surfacing, “I never . . . pulled out. You’re just so . . . sexy.”

“I want you to do that as many times as you can,” she said softly. She smiled and rolled them both back to where they were when this mess started. She sat up again, Ryan still inside her, and she spun around, so she was still straddling him, but facing the door.

“Whoa,” said Ryan. The spin was quite a motion, and it felt so good he groaned. Penny then lay backwards, so she was facing upwards. She rested her head besides Ryan’s so he could access her cleavage while they had sex. She started sliding back and forth. It wasn’t easy, and it tired her quickly, but this was one position she knew Ryan would like. He actually helped pull her back and forth, boosting the depth of her thrusts. It took a little less time for her to come, and it was really strong, but did not match her first orgasm. Ryan came again during this ordeal.

At this point, there was so much come in Penny’s snatch it was starting to ooze out. Once she returned from the lofty height of orgasm, she got up, and Ryan’s now softening shaft slid out.

“Jesus,” said Ryan as Penny went to the bathroom. There, she took a detachable shower head and inserted it into herself. She turned it on and flushed out all of the come from Ryan. She came back to bed after toweling herself off. It was getting late; dark had already fallen outside.

“I might have one more left,” said Ryan as Penny lay down next to him.

“Save it for tomorrow,” she told him. She clapped her hands and the lights went out.

“Fancy,” said Ryan as they disappeared beneath the covers. Penny giggled, and they eventually fell asleep after much fondling of the other.

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