My Bachelorette Party

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No doubt you’ve probably seen ads and commercials touting gifts for “The man who HAS everything”. Well then, put yourself in my best friend’s shoes and ask yourself, “How you plan a bachelorette party for a girl who has DONE most everything?” Such was the dilemma faced by my very best girlfriend in the whole world, Beth.

Most bachelorette parties are based around the theme of doing something shocking or at least memorable, something along the lines of the “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” sort of event. I can still remember the very first one I ever attended for my cousin way back when I was barely eighteen. They even brought in strippers and my cousin did things I have no doubt that she’d ever done before, especially in front of so many people. No doubt she has never done them again either! All I can say is thank goodness for the sake of her marriage that cell phones weren’t as prevalent fourteen years ago.

Well, THAT type of event wasn’t going to work for my party. I mean when you consider that I’d been the entertainment for several bachelor parties then you see how bringing in strippers and such wasn’t going to phase me – or anyone else who’d seen me at various parties and get-togethers over the years.

It was her fault. Beth had volunteered years ago to coordinate my bachelorette party so when it came time for my wedding I really didn’t have to even ask – she just took over. Normally the Maid of Honor (MOH) is responsible for this but in my case my MOH had no clue when it came to the details of my sexual history. Hillary was forty years old and a good friend of mine since we taught together at the small private school where I teach. So why her and not Beth when it came to my MOH? Frankly I sort of copped out when it came time to select my MOH as I simply didn’t want to have to choose one of my friends over the other. Hillary and I had become quite close over the past year or so and it just felt right to ask her.

My other bridesmaids were going to be Beth – my absolute BFF, Brenda – my freshman year college roomie, Samantha – perhaps best known by people who know me as the girl who got me to try sex with her dog, Nancy – one of my good friends who simply loves to play Truth or Dare with emphasis on the “dare”, and finally Carrie – a close friend of my cousin Kristi with whom I’d spent quite a few fun times with. I decided NOT to include any relatives in my bridal party just so I wouldn’t hurt anybody’s feelings.

Whatever Beth was planning for my party, she was keeping a tight lid on it. I mean like the secret formula for Coke probably would’ve been easier for me to learn than the details for my own party! She was being so secretive that she wouldn’t even give me a hint as to what she had up her sleeve. All I knew was that it was scheduled for the Saturday before my wedding and would start at 2:00 in the afternoon. Yeah, I was curious about the time as it seemed awful early but she just grinned at me and wouldn’t even comment. That grin had me worried…

Finally the day arrived. Steve’s bachelor party wasn’t being held until Friday night after our rehearsal which sort of concerned me considering our wedding was the next day but then there weren’t many options. Most of his groomsmen were coming in from out of town so they couldn’t all get in until just before the wedding. Steve’s brother was going to be the best man and had been working out the details long distance from California where he and Steve’s sister had remained after Steve and his mom had moved back to Pittsburgh last summer. Jim wouldn’t be flying in until Thursday night which made me wonder how he was making all the arrangements but then that was his problem I guess.

Speaking of flying in, my mom was coming in from Oregon today also so Steve would be picking her up at the airport. I would’ve loved to have gone with him to greet her at the airport but with the odd timing of Beth’s plans that meant I wouldn’t be seeing her until after the party was over. Not that Steve minded. Unlike many guys he seemed quite excited to be seeing his future mother-in-law again and I had a pretty good suspicion as to where he would be spending the evening.

So anyways, the time finally arrived and right on the dot Beth pulled up to the curb in her car. Hmmmmmm, no limo or big vehicle? Well, any thoughts of a traveling party went out the door immediately. Kristi and I went out and I noticed in the back seat that Nancy and Carrie were already there but nobody else from my wedding party. I’d anticipated that Brenda probably wouldn’t make it given she was living so far away since her wedding. Hillary being MIA was also not a surprise and if anything that just gave me a hint as to Beth’s plans as Hillary was the only one in the wedding party that was not aware of most of my past sexual escapades. The dear lady only knew me as a conservative, religious elementary teacher and to be honest, it was probably best for me and my job for her to stay unaware. The only person I WAS wondering about was Sam. I guess she couldn’t beşiktaş anal yapan escort make it or what not, I’d probably find out from Beth sooner or later.

Kristi hopped in back with the other two while I got in front with Beth driving. Pandemonium broke out as everyone seemed to be talking at once until finally Beth broke in and demanded everyone’s attention.

“OK everyone, we’re gathered here today to mourn the end of our dear friend’s life as she knows it,” she started out solemnly. They all just giggled and she shushed them, pretending to be serious about this solemn matter.

“Kelly, you know that you still have a chance to call this all off and retain your status as the sluttiest girls I know – Kristi excepted of course.” Everyone laughed, Kristi especially. “So in light of that we wanted to spend the day reminding you of your past and how you got to be here today. Who knows, maybe you’ll decide you really don’t want to screw up a good thing! So what do you say – will you promise to go along with whatever we have planned for you, no matter what?”

Oh yeah, like I was going to agree to THAT! Only a crazy or totally clueless idiot would agree to go along with anything such as this that Beth and company came up with. OK, so I’m crazy ñ or clueless? With all the excitement and buildup to this, what was I going to do other than to agree? I’d been dreaming of this party from the time I first started planning my wedding and I wasn’t about to throw a damp rag on anything. The only question I had in my head was what in the world was she talking about? Really, how far COULD she go anyways? Certainly it couldn’t involve anything that I hadn’t done before, right?

Well it didn’t take long to learn more about the theme of the party. Beth drove through the neighborhood until we came to the old grade school that had been closed for years. She pulled around to the back where everything had pretty much been overgrown. Then much to my surprise we stopped by the old swing set and who did I see but John, one of my old boyfriends. He was sitting on the swing set which surprisingly was still hanging.

Beth then asked, “Bring back any memories Kelly?”

Bring back any memories? Oh my God, the memories flooded in as it was like it all happened just yesterday. This was one of the many places that Steve and I had fucked back when we first started dating oh so long ago. Back then we were like horny teen rabbits in heat, fucking everywhere and anywhere we could without caring all that much as to who might see us. What surprised me the most was seeing John though, where had they found him?

Beth must have seen me staring at him as she said, “I hope you appreciate that I had quite a time finding the guy,” she giggled. “Since of course we couldn’t get Steve to reenact the dirty deed I thought having one of your old boyfriends from back then might be a suitable substitute. By the way, in case you didn’t know he’s engaged too but the wedding’s not until next year. Apparently he didn’t mind cheating on his fiance a bit as he agreed right away when I went to him with my proposal. Heck, he even helped rig the swing back up again.”

Ohhhhhh… Now it was starting to dawn on me what her plan was for me and John. Oh wow, was she really serious? It was one thing to have done it at dusk years ago back when I didn’t know any better and even if we HAD been caught, who would’ve really said anything given we were just two horny teenagers? Oh sure, the place was so overgrown these days that nobody could see anything unless they happened to cross through the schoolyard. Even so, two people in their mid-twenties fucking in public in full view of the world would surely raise more questions than there would be had we been a few years younger. Not only that, then there was the thing about having an audience this time… Like were all my friends planning to just stand by and watch?

Apparently so.

“Well, we don’t have all day you know Kelly. I think you’ve got the idea as to what this is all about so why don’t you quite stalling and just get out and fuck the guy?” Beth finished up. “Oh, and don’t mind us ñ don’t even try telling me that you care whether or not someone is watching.”

Meanwhile John was swinging slowly, not making any moves or signs. Wow, it had been so long since we had done anything together. Back when we dated the two of us had done some pretty outrageous stuff. He’d fucked me in the middle of a church picnic – right under the stage during the service! Then he’d been the first to fuck me at a public beach – out in the water in full view of everyone no less. He was also the one who fucked me in a restroom at the local mall. So needless to say, we had a bit of a history when it came to having sex in crazy places although the swing set hadn’t been one of them.

What the heck, why not? After all, it was everything I loved to do – fucking in public with people watching me, even if they were all my friends and beşiktaş bdsm escort not a group of strangers as my fantasies usually went. The idea of John fucking me again after so many years wasn’t exactly a bad idea either! It didn’t hurt that he was engaged a well. Steve and I had promised after the last time we’d had sex a couple of days ago not to have sex with each other until the night of our wedding but that didn’t mean I couldn’t fuck other guys. Frankly, I was more than a bit horny at the moment!

So without another word I got out of the car and stood there, waiting for a reaction from John. Beth had pulled up close enough that once I was out there were only a few feet separating us. Not knowing what to expect – and not getting any help from either Beth or Kristi, I’d worn a rather neutral outfit – nothing all that sexy but not exactly church-wear either. My khaki capris were about as tight as I could pull on without ripping out the seams. They matched a lacy cami on top that was just short enough to expose a bit of midriff. It was also cut really low so there was plenty of cleavage for John to see, not to mention my nipples poking through since of course I hadn’t bothered with a bra. It didn’t hurt that the girls were already starting to poke out further as I got more and more excited about what I knew was about to happen. My hair was hanging down to my shoulders and I was wearing black open-toe heels with a single strap around my ankle.

“Wow, I have to say your boobs certainly have grown,” he greeted me. I just rolled my eyes. Talk about an odd greeting after not seeing me for so many years but then this was John and we had quite the history. Nope, not so much as a “Hello, it’s been a while” but that was John for you. Then again, when he’d last seen me naked my boobs had barely graduated from a training bra so I didn’t really mind the compliment. At least these days I wasn’t embarrassed by my late-development.

“Well, it’s nice to see you again too John,” I replied, waiting for him to make the next move. I looked back and saw the girls were all piling out of the car, taking places on the hood and trunk to watch us.

“So I guess you know what’s going on now,” he said, seeming a bit shy actually. It was kind of cute ñ out of character but still kind of cute.

Looking back at the car I couldn’t help but smile at the sight of all of them sitting there silently with their eyes fixated on the two of us. Well, if they wanted a show, so be it!

“Yeah, I’ve got a pretty good idea.”

“So I assume that you don’t mind then?”

Mind??? Like would I still be standing there if I did? Awkward was more the better description of the moment as neither of us seemed to know how to get the ball rolling.

“Oh for fucking out loud… are you guys gonna do it or not?” I heard Beth behind me. The rest of them started egging us on as well with some not so subtle suggestions as to where his dick would fit.

Glancing around one last time to be sure nobody else was watching I confirmed that the place was deserted. Most everything had long been removed and the ground was pretty much overgrown with weeds and shrubs such that was little chance any of the neighborhood kids would be passing through even if it WAS the middle of the afternoon. Still, one couldn’t be too careful in such situations. I LOVE sex in public places but there’s a big difference between a situation where you COULD be seen but aren’t and actually being caught. One was erotic, the other could get you arrested!

Walking up next to John, I grabbed the chains on each side of him and leaned in closer so my boobs were even more exposed to him. As I’d hoped and expected, his eyes immediately shifted their focus downward to stare at my cleavage.

“So do you want a blowjob first or do we just fuck and get it over with?”

John grinned at that. “Well Kelly, I see you haven’t changed all that much, have you? Still the same ol’ slut I knew back in high school.”

“Well, you know what they say, once a slut, ALWAYS a slut. Some things never change,” I teased him, “So really, what do you want?”

John seemed to contemplate his options although I knew he’d probably known from the start what he wanted. After all, he had all week or more to think about this whereas I’d just found out a few minutes earlier.

“Seems I recall that you had quite the reputation for sucking cock on the first date. At least you did on ours. So seeing as you were pretty good back then why don’t we see what you’ve got today.”

I was just “pretty good” back then? OK, so maybe I was being overly sensitive but I think I was a lot more than just “pretty good”, even in high school. And yes, I was quite proud of my reputation at the time. Indeed it was a rare Friday night that some boy wasn’t asking me out and I knew it had a lot to do with the fact they knew it was almost a lock that I’d blow them before the night was over. Most didn’t get to even feel me up and it was really beşiktaş elit escort rare to fuck me on a first date but a BJ was pretty harmless in my book and what the heck, he was paying for everything else so why not?

“Ok then, so let’s see what you’re packing these days,” I replied, reaching down to undo his belt and jeans. They were overly complicated so he ended up having to help me after which I slipped them down along with his underwear to his knees, leaving him to sit bare-ass on the swing with his luscious dick exposed for me and the audience.

“Hmmmmmm, not bad… brings back some good memories,” I murmured as I bent my knees to lower myself to his level. Indeed, John had always had a pretty decent cock. Nothing to threaten the ego of any of the major porn stars but certainly at the upper end of the average scale. It also didn’t hurt that he has already stiff as an iron pole.

One more look back at my friends… I smiled at them before turning back and taking John’s cock in my mouth using no hands. He was so stiff it was easy to do so I didnít have to worry about it flopping around. Wow, it was hard to believe I was sucking my old boyfriend again after so many years! Talk about the one thing I had NOT thought would happen today…

As I sucked on his dick I reached down and lifted my cami up and over my boobs, leaving it on but allowing him easy access. As any guys would do, he immediately reached down and cradled one of my boobs in each hand.

“Damn, your tits are fuckin’ great Kelly,” he gasped as I put some extra suction on his cock for just a moment, “Oh shit that feels good!”

I must have sucked him for five or ten minutes when Beth broke my concentration saying, “Hey, we don’t have all day so let’s see how that swing set thing worked.”

Actually as I sucked on John’s dick I was wondering about that myself. I was pretty small back when Steve and I did it although I was still pretty petite. John was a lot taller and bigger than Steve had been back then which balanced things out. Still, if I remember anything about how Steve had fucked me it as that it was a tight fit in the swing set as it was. Would John and I be even able to squeeze in?

Leaving my top bunched over my bare boobs, I undid my capris and lowered them to below my knees, figuring it would be easier to get them back up in the event someone unexpectedly passed by. Then as John held his erect cock firmly upright with one hand, I turned around and tried to sit down on top of it. With his jeans still on and my capris keeping my legs together, it wasn’t easy and finally he sort of picked me up and pulled me back on top of him. I was a little embarrassed at the display of awkwardness – not exactly a fine display of professional sluttiness.

“Crap, you really need to sit up more Kelly, I just don’t bend that way!” John grunted as he tried to get his dick into me.

Awkwardly I held onto the chains and tried to pull myself up enough for him to position his dick under my pussy but it was like a comedy scene as when I tried to lower myself down he would be just enough out of position to not slide in and instead he would wince as his dick twisted under my weight. Finally we got it right and I dropped down as he slide into me until I was sitting on his lap with his dick firmly inside of me.

“Oh yeah… Now THAT’s so much better,” he sighed as we just sat there and relaxed for a moment.

I looked over at our audience and smiled seeing that everyone was watching us intently. I couldn’t even remember the last time Carrie had seen me being fucked and as for Nancy… I wasn’t even sure she’d EVER as the only time we were together was when it was just girls.

“Get ready… Here goes nothing’,” John warned me as he pushed off gently.

Carp, what a disaster! No sooner did the swing start to arc back then I was trying to slide forward on his lap. His poor dick tried to serve as an anchor to hold me in place and it quickly became apparent that it simply wasn’t designed for the task.

“Fuck, this isn’t going to work,” he groaned as he let the swing go back to its neutral position, “How the hell did you guys do it anyway?”

Well, first of all back then I wasn’t nearly as self-conscious about being caught. At that age I think teenagers they’re invincible – much the same reasoning that leads to pregnant teenagers when they don’t use birth control. Fortunately THAT was something my mom saw to as soon as I started having sex.

“Here, help me back up,” I told him as I slid down his lap and stood back up again. There was only one way it was going to work so I took off my capris and tossed them to Kristi who was sitting on the hood nearest to us.

“Now THAT is a sight worth seeing,” John said admiringly as I walked back to him bare-bottom with my cami still up over my boobs. “Why not go for broke and take off your top too?”

I thought about it for a moment and then figured what the hell – in for a penny, in for a pound as I’ve heard it said. Crossing my arms, I grabbed the bottom of the cami and pulled it up and over my head. I handed it back to Kristi again, leaving myself nude now in the middle of the playground. Thank goodness for the overgrown bushes as I knew there were a number of homes less than a hundred feet away or so that were out of sight only thanks to the leaves and brush.

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