My Cousin Jo and I Pt. 14

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A little before noon we take off for the pool. Talking as we go.

“Jo, I really hope you get over this period thing soon.”

“You’re in luck, I quit last night.”

“Really! Well fuck wish I known it.”

“I know but I need to make sure I’m done first. I will check when we get to the pool. If not then I can’t even swim. You really liked what Susie did yesterday didn’t you?”

“Fuck yea that was crazy. I don’t know how to describe it. Just awesome is all I can say.”

“Then I’m a little jealous of Susie.”

“Ah Jo she may be able to do that but you’re still the best ever.”

She smiles at me stops then kisses me.

“No you’re the best.”

That made me feel 10 feet tall. I’m still amazed how beautiful Jo is and that she even has anything to do with me. I look at her my heart melts then I get butterflies in my stomach.

We continue on to the pool it’s still early enough its not quite open yet. As we stand in line waiting to get in. I look at all the other girls. There is not a one that is as beautiful as Jo. Finally the door opens. I pay for both of us. Jo thanks me.

“My pleasure.” I tell her.

I go my way and her the other. I hurry to change and wait by the pool for Jo.

She emerges not in her black bikini as I expected but a dark red one piece. It doesn’t matter though she is still smoking hot.

“Where is your black one.” I ask kind of disappointed.

“It was dirty so I decided to wear this one. I keep it as a back up.”

“You’d look great in anything so it doesn’t matter.”

“Thank you cuz I do have a small problem though.”

“What’s that?”

“I’m not quite done yet so no pool time for me. I will just have to sun bathe I guess.”

“Dam that sucks Jo.”

“Yea I know. It’s close but I’ll just have to deal with it.”

“You want me to stay with you?”

“No you go I’ll watch you.” Giving me a smile.

“OK I guess.”

I dive in and swim to diving boards. Jo is watching so I show off a bit. I decide to try a dive I have never done before. A do a full gainer with half twist. I nailed the gainer but ended up flailing in the air on the half twist. Wham! Hitting the water on my side like someone slapped my whole side. Fuck that hurt. I make it to the pools edge. Jo is standing there.

“You KO?”

“Yes I’m OK mostly just my pride hurts along with my side.”

Jo sees I’m all red from landing so hard.

“God you can be such a dumb ass sometimes. You don’t need to show off for me you know.”

“Yea I know. I’m just a dumb ass as you say sometimes.”

She grins shakes her head and reaches for me to help me out of pool.

“You better get out for a bit for a rest.”

I take her hand climb out, place my towel next to hers. I lay down face down.

Jo lies beside me giving my ass a smack as she does. “You got a nice ass you know that?”


“No really you do.”

“Not nearly as nice as yours.”

She giggles a little then says. “Thank you cuz.”

“Thank you Jo.”

We have been lying there a few minutes.

Then we hear “Hey you two.”

I look up its Susie.

“Hi Susie.”

Jo tells her Hi.

“Can I lay with you.”

“Sure why not.” Jo says.

“What’s up?” she asks.

“Not much I’m still fucked up.”

“That sucks. Have you seen Christy today?”

“Not yet. Was she coming here today?” I ask.

“I don’t know haven’t talked to her today either.”

Susie has on her red silk bikini it barely covers her tits. I’m getting hard looking at her. I decide to go for a dip and cool off some.

Jo wolf whistles at me as I walk away. “Nice butt.”

Then she and Susie giggle. I shake my ass and jump in. I swim for a bit. I see Christy come out of the shower house. She is wearing a white 2 piece I have never seen before. God she looks hot. She sees Jo and Susie heads their way.

Suddenly I hear.

“Hey ass wipe. What the fuck are you looking at?”

Fuck its Jon Susie’s boyfriend. He about 6’4″, 300 lb., Center on the football team.


“Who is the sweet piece of ass I saw you come in with. That is talking to Susie and Christy?”

“It’s my cousin from Illinois.”

“Well why don’t you introduce me to that sweet little piece of ass.”

“She’s not your type. Besides isn’t Susie your girlfriend? I don’t think she would appreciate me introducing you to my cousin.”

“Watch it little man or I’ll make you sorry you opened your mouth. I’ll be the one who decides if she’s my type or not. Or what Susie likes or doesn’t like. Just introduce us ass wipe.”

He pushes me towards the girls.

“OK I don’t need any trouble.”

I’m thinking you’re an ass hole. Wishing I had a baseball bat too.

We get to the edge of the pool. Getting out to go over to them. They see us coming Susie says something to Jo just out of ear range. We get there.

Susie smiles at him gets up and kisses him.

“Hi Jon.” Christy says.

“Hello Christy. Well well who do we have here?”

“Jon this is my cousin Jolene from Illinois.”

“Glad to meet you.” topkapı escort He says leering down at her.

Jo raises her head looks up at him almost like he is not even there.

“Hello.” Is all she says then lays her head back down.

Jon gets this what the fuck look on his face. He walks off pissed Susie goes after him. She catches him telling him how embarrassed she is by his leering at Jo. He just shrugs it off telling her too bad. If she doesn’t like it she know what she can do about it.

“Fine fuck you!” She screams at him.

With that she pulls his ring off and throws it into the pool.

She comes back crying Christy gets up to console her. Gives her a hug telling her she deserves better.

“I’d never take that kind of shit from a guy.” Christy says.

“Fucking ass hole. I’m done with him.” Susie says.

“I’m sorry Susie.” says Jo.

“Hey You did nothing wrong. Jon just thinks he can do as he pleases. He is always hitting on other girls even while I’m there. Thinks I will always be there no matter what. Well fuck him.”

“Good for you girl. You deserve better. There is a guy out there who won’t do that to you.” Christy says.

“I bet that he will come back begging you to take him back too.” Jo says.

“Fuck that! I pity the girl who ends up with him.”

“I’m sorry Susie, he is such an ass. You can do far better.” I tell her.

“Thank you Richard.”

I go over and dive into the pool. Thinking at least I won’t have to worry about him kicking my ass over Susie anymore. I go to the dives and dive for a bit. I see Jon leave. Phew, I’m glad to see him go. About a half-hour later I hear.


I turn to see Christy calling my name. I swim over to her.

“Jo, Susie and I are leaving. Do you want to come with us?”

I’m thinking what a stupid question that is. Hell yes I want to come along.

“Sure what’s up.”

“We are going to my place. Susie need to get away from here.”

“OK by me.”

I’m thinking great I need a good fucking. I get out grab my towel start heading for the showers. The girls are ahead of me. Dam I love watching their sweet asses walk away from me. I shower and get changed the girls are outside waiting still in their bathing suits.

“Sorry didn’t know you were in a big hurry.”

We get to Christy’s place. Susie is still pretty upset. Now I’m thinking maybe that I should have stayed at the pool. The girls are sitting on the couch. I’m in a recliner across from them. Christy tells Susie there are tons of guys that would love to have you as a girl friend. She is telling Susie she is better off without him anyway. Trying to cheer her up.

I tell Susie “Dam girl your hot with a rocking body, great sense of humor, intelligent, you just need some self confidence. I know before Jo came I was just as bad hell I was worse. I couldn’t talk to a girl. I always thought all they see is an skinny, ugly, dumb ass, no girl would ever want. Hate to admit it but I was a virgin till about a little under a month ago.”


“If not for Jo, I would still be a virgin. She and Christy got my cherry so to speak. So if not for them I’d still think girls want nothing to do with me.”

Susie looks at me. Says, “Not true, I know several girls who think your good looking. Heck Christy is one. She was always saying she wished you’d make a move on her.”

“Well I know several guys who would love to have dated you. But Jon had you and none of them wanted fucked up by him. I’ll bet in a short time as soon as they find out you broke up with him. They will be after you.”

She kind of perks up “You really think so?”

“Dam, They would be stupid not to. You’re really hot, if you don’t mind my saying so a super good fuck. I have never had a blow job like the one you gave me.”

Jo gives Susie a hug so does Christy.

“Feeling better?” Christy asks.

“Yea, thanks. I needed a friend and I got three. How could I not feel better?”

“As a matter of fact. I don’t know about you two but I really need some lovin. That’s if its OK with you two.”

I say, “Can I watch?”

“Watch? You’re the main course.” Susie says.

Christy and Jo start laughing.

“Sounds to me like you’re in trouble Richard.” Christy says.

“Hell when am I not in trouble.”

The girls get up come over pull me from the chair laughing.

“I have never seen a guy who needs to be pulled to a bed for sex.” Susie says.

“Well most guys don’t have to keep up with 3 girls.”

They just laugh Jo saying “Most would be running stripping their clothes off for 3 girls.”

“More fun to let you do it. Then I get to watch as you three strip down too.”

Getting to Christy’s bed I’m tossed on to it. All three pick something and start to strip me. Jo my shirt, Susie my cargo shorts, Christy my shoes. Very shortly I’m nude on her bed. The girls look at each other Susie starts pulling her bikini top off. Her huge tits come into view. I feel my dick start to stir.

“Hum, I think that you got a bit of a rise out of him.” Jo says.

Christy türbanlı escort slips off her top. Man I just drool to suck on her nipples. I can feel my cock swell. Jo peels the top of her bathing suit down. My dick immediately is getting harder. She slides completely out of it. Her patch of golden hair between her legs I never looked at before. It just makes me harder in a heart beat.

“I think he liked that.” Susie says.

Christy slides her bottoms off. She has a very fine patch of blonde hair on her crotch. Susie unties her bikini and pulls it between her legs to expose her soft brown curls covering her pussy. I just realize how hard my dick is. I am amazed how all the times I have seem these girls naked I never looked at them. I mean really looked at them. Each one is a perfect specimen in her own way. Still my favorite if I had to choose is Jo. She is my soul mate. I know I will never find a woman like her again ever. Then I am brought back to reality.

“Well we’re ready are you.” Jo asks.

“I hope so is all I can say.”

Jo kneels behind me, puts my head on her crotch between her legs. I look up at her beautiful face. She smiles saying.

“Who gets firsties?”

Christy is on one side of me Susie the other. They are all looking at me.

“Man your going to make me choose. I can’t do it. Wish I had three dicks.”

They all laugh.

“That’s a good one.” Christy says.

Susie says “Well maybe you don’t have three dicks but you do have a dick, mouth and 2 hands. That should be good for starters. I think I should get firsties. It was my Idea.”

“I guess I can’t argue with that logic.” I say.

“If that’s good with you two.” Looking at Jo and Christy.

Jo smiles at me and rubs my cheek with the back of her hand. Christy moves to let Susie mount me.

Susie climbs on my hips. My ridged rod brushing her crotch. I’m trying to watch all the girls at once. It is impossible, Susie takes my swollen member in hand. Rubs it on her slippery hole then slides onto it all in one motion. Fuck a perfect fit it’s like she is made for my cock. She smiles a huge smile and gives a slight moan. She is squeezing my rod with out moving just working her pussy muscles. Fuck it feels great I let out a groan.

“I think he likes that.” Christy says.

I look at her she is watching Susie’s crotch. So is Jo.

“Dam I think she came with out moving.” Jo says.

“Mumm yes four times.” Susie purrs.

“Hold shit, I wish I could cum that easy.” Christy says.

“You can if you work at it enough and you have the right equipment to work on. Richard’s got all the right equipment.”

Looking at me then really starts fucking me hard. In a very short time she lets out a passionate scream. Her body quivering from the orgasm.

I am close to cumming too. But I manage to hold off. Susie leans forward looks me in the eyes, kisses me. Whispers in my ear.

“Thank you, You have no idea how good you just made me feel.”

Then kisses me again. She rises off my cock, slips down kisses the head sucks her fluids from it. Sits up smiling.

“Who is next?”

“You go I need to check something first.” Jo says.

“You sure?” Christy says.

“Yea, No problem. Go for it girl.”

Christy lies down beside me.

“Would you get on top?”

I sit up get between her legs spreading them wide. I look at her laid out before me. Waiting for me to take her. I move in close enough to rub the head on her slit. I take my hand and rub it on the outside by her clit. I feel the hard nub under my fingers. I begin to rub it lightly but quickly. Christy raises her ass to help. I’m still running my cock along her slit. It is getting wetter by the second. She has her eyes closed biting her lower lip. I spread her labia’s. I let a finger rub her exposed clit. She sucks a big breath of air in.

“Oh yes. Please put it in please.”

I oblige by sliding half of it in. Christy is still super tight. I have to really work to get it in further without hurting her or me. I take my time we kiss several times. Susie is sitting on the foot of the bed. She moves closer. Reaches between my legs and fondles my balls. I’m not sure what to say or do. I just let her do it. Christy begins to move her hips under me. I am slipping into her a little at time. We kiss several times. I swear she is better than the last time we had sex. As she gives a push with her hips my dick hits bottom. Susie lets go of my balls. I’m really worked up just getting in her. After just a few short strokes I feel my dick head get sensitive and my balls tingle. I’m going to cum soon.

“Christy. I’m going to cum.”

“No I’m not ready.”

I can’t help it her pussy is working my shaft and head, making me so tender. It has me so turned on.

“Can I cum in you.”

“No, I want you to. But no you can’t.”

I pump it a couple more times. I pull out of her holding my shaft so I don’t accidentally shoot off in her.

Susie says “Hold on to it.”

She sticks her head between Christy and I.

“Do it in my mouth.”

Then sucks the head tüyap escort in her mouth. I let go and send my load into Susies waiting mouth. She sucks the last drop out, licking the shaft.

“Dam I love that shit.”

Christy smiles saying “Susie your crazy.”

“I don’t care. I love the taste of it.”

“It’s OK but, I’m not crazy like you over it.”

I slide my still erect cock back into Christy. Then begin pumping faster and faster till she moans.

“Yea keep going just like that.”

She lets out a low moan. I feel her pussy convulses on my cock fuck what a feeling. Then she collapses exhausted. I roll off her lay on the bed wasted too.

“Looks like Richard liked it.” Susie says

“Both I loved both. Fuck I love it all. Never ask me to choose cause I can’t”

About then Jo returns a big smile on her face.

“Sounds like you all have been having fun without me.”

“Well you said go for it.” Christy says.

“Yea I know. I also know I’m over my period.”

“Hell yea.”

I grab my dick trying to get it hard again. Fuck it won’t even get a little hard. Dam I have been waiting for over a week to fuck Jo again. Now my dick won’t get hard.

Jo is crawling on the bed at me.

“Come on boy lets do this.”

She sees my flaccid cock.

“What the fuck, dam you two wore all the goody out of him.”

I look at her “Not at all Jo. Come here and give me some lovin. It will be good.”

She comes up to me. I look into her beautiful eyes, pull her to me. We kiss I nibble on her neck and ear lobe. She is sliding her hands all over me. Rubbing her tits on my side and chest. Already my dick is responding to Jo’s hand is rubbing my shaft and balls. We kiss mingling tongues. In short order I’m stiff as a steel rod.

“Mumm much better.”

I roll her on to her back. Kiss her several times, kissing down her neck nibbling on each nipple. I have one hand on her pussy rubbing it all over. Jo is pushing her hips up to meet my hand. I love nibbling on her tits. She is starting to beg me not to tease her. So I kiss her again move up so I can get my dick in her. I rub the head on her now wet slit. I lube the head with her fluids. Watching her face, I slip the head in. Jo gets a huge smile on her face. Pushing my stiff rod into her tight slick pussy.

“Fuck yes, Give it to me big boy. I can’t wait any more.”

I lean in kiss her.

“Your wish is my command.”

Pushing as hard as I can. My whole cock slides into her.

“Oh my god.” She moans.

As soon as it hits bottom I pound her pussy as fast and hard as I can.

“OH OH OH my god.” Seems like all she can say as I slam my cock to her.

I feel her pussy convulsing. She is orgasming hard. She has my cock so clamped in her it’s nearly impossible to move. After a couple minutes she loosens up.

I am not close to cumming yet. So I continue to fuck her but slow way down. I really want to enjoy this. Pulling out till the head is just in her. Proceed to fuck her with just the head. At the very same time leaning down to suck on her nipples. Then look her in the eyes kissing her passionately. Whisper in her ear.

“I love you Jo.” She puts her arms around me and gives me a huge hug. Tells me she loves me too.

Lets me go I wink at her and smile.

“Fuck I have missed your sweet pussy and tits.”

“I have missed your attention too.”

I pick up my pace drilling her deeper and deeper each thrust. Now it had me on the verge of cumming. I don’t even ask, I just blow my load deep in her cunt. Holy shit that felt good. We kiss as I shoot my last few drops into her tight pussy.

“Dam!” Christy says.

“That was hot.”

“You know it.” Says Susie.

We lay there wrapped in each others arms. I didn’t want to pull out or let her go. I slowly pull back and out of her.

“I hope you’re not done.” Jo says

“I really want to do that again. Seeing how it’s been a week since I have gotten any.”

Even though I shot my wad in her. It is still half-hard. Christy and Susie both tell her, they would be wanting more if they had to go with out. So they are good with just watching us.

“You two are just so hot. I love watching you. I never watched before really. I wish I could get involved at the same time.”

Susie says. “I really needed that one on one the first time. But hell I don’t mind sharing. That means you to Christy.”

“I have to agree with Susie. Watching you two is unbelievable. I can tell how much you care about each other.”

“I care about all you girls. Jo and I have a very special relationship being cousins. But I try my best to give you two the same attention I give Jo.”

I’m on my back barely able to move.


Christy says

“It’s almost 5 o’clock mom and dad will be home soon.”

“Crap, I sure could have used one more time.” Jo says.

I crawl off the bed get dressed. Actually my dick is kind of sore. Really almost raw not that that would stop me from fucking Jo again. We all get dressed. Jo and I head for the door with Susie. I stop to kiss Christy and Susie.

“I had a great time at the pool and here. I just love you girls company.” I say.

Christy and Susie smile. Jo give both girls a hug.

On the way home I tell Jo she is my girl and she always will be no matter what. I tell her she is amazing as usual. Stop and give her a kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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