My Cousin , Me Redux

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Was it only yesterday that the phone in my apartment rang off the wall as though to warn me that there would be bad news about having to see my parents? I did my best to let the phone ring until they gave up but knowing my mother she never would so I reluctantly answered the phone.

“Hello mother, what’s new?” I said sounding about as sour as I felt any time she called.

“Don’t you dare talk to me like that boy do you hear me.” It was my father! This wasn’t a good way to start a phone conversation especially with him.

“Sorry dad, I thought you were one of those annoying callers trying to sell me some crap that I don’t need. What’s up?” I said praying that I covered myself well enough to keep my father from wanting to beat the snot out of me.

After a few moments of silence my father said, “I know what you think of your mother son but she is still your mother is that clear.” How could I not agree with a man who stands over 6’ tall and can bend steel with his bare hands. “We are all going to a family reunion and when I say “all”, I mean “all.”

I was able to find only one plus in the whole deal and that was I didn’t have to pay for a thing. Don’t get me wrong; I am not a cheap person by any means, I just don’t have much to do with my mother since she cheated on my father (I was the one who found her in the compromising position in our kitchen). So, I had to grin and bear it but at least I was going to Jamaica to some all-inclusive resort for a week and with any luck I would be able to maintain a cordial distance between my mother and me and just maybe I would get lucky with some good looking girl while I was there.

Bad weather over New York delayed my arrival at the resort making me the last of the family members to arrive at the resort. It was not the most auspicious way to start one’s vacation. I tried not to let that fact that I was tired and a little grumpy after a long flight get in my way and it didn’t when I learned upon checking in that I would have a room to myself. Things were looking up.

With the directions to my room in hand I started across the pool area only to be greeted by a sight to behold and make any man who was tired forget that he was so and come alive with plenty of energy. The first thing I noticed about her was her honey blond hair that hung down to her shoulders, it was stringy looking for having been in the pool but I knew that when it dried it would look absolutely beautiful. There was another thing that I noticed and it was the yellow bikini that she was wearing, it did little to hide her youthful breasts and nipples for I caught a glimpse of her areolas that peeked over the tops of her bikini bra cups like two suns rising in the east. The girl was so stunning I forgot to feel tired, I did however feel something stirring in my pants and I prayed that she didn’t see it.

I hurried to my room to change from my traveling clothes into more relaxed beachwear and I prayed that I would see that lovely vision again even though I was sure that she was much younger than me, but I did want to see her again.

It didn’t take me long to find my family party, they were all sitting around the bar by the pool where I had seen the blond beauty when I arrived earlier. As I approached the bar I promised myself to try and behave when my mother was around and who should I see chatting with my parents, it was the blond bombshell and she was still wearing the yellow bikini. “You do remember your cousin Kathy, don’t you?” It was my mother who spoke.

My cousin? I can’t believe that this vision of beauty is my cousin. My thoughts were running wild through my tired brain. “Yes, I do remember her.” I said, I just didn’t remember her looking so damn sexy and desirable.

“I know it’s been a long time since we saw each other last Bart.” she said with a smile that could melt any man’s resistance. “I’ve grown up some since you last saw me.” Indeed she had grown up.

“Uhm, do you play tennis Kathy?” I asked hoping that she did. I was glad when she said yes for it would get me away from the rest of the family for a little while at least.

“You better watch out BJ, I’m a pretty good player.” She called to me from the far side of the net. I was very pleased to see that she had no intention of changing out of her bikini just because we were playing tennis.

As it turned out, Kathy was a fairly good player and I loved watching her lovely body move gracefully after the ball when I hit it to her. We worked up quite a sweat and decided that it would be a good time to go for a swim in the pool. I rushed back to my room to change and rushed out to the pool again where I joined her in the water. The water temperature was just right and my cousin was beautiful beyond my poor talents to describe her figure. The two of us splashed around in the pool playing tag and generally splashing water at one another until we started to wrestle and my hands kept finding ways to brush against her breasts and I felt sure that she was finding ways to brush her hand against şirinevler türbanlı escort my crotch and she did it more than once. “You know Kathy,” I said as we finally decided to get out of the pool before we went to far. “You really are very beautiful.” I saw her smile as she picked up her towel and headed for her room, it was time for dinner.

When I finally arrived at the family table Kathy was already there and she was wearing a pair of denim shorts and a shirt that she knotted above her flat stomach. I tried not to notice that the shirt she was wearing was doing little to hide her breasts and from what I could see, she wore no bra.

Uncle John, Kathy’s father is my father’s brother used to be a lot more fun loving than my own father and we always managed to get along well until something big changed our relationship, as for Kathy’s mom Stacy, she liked to have a good time just like my uncle did and often the sexual innuendos would fly about the table like a rocket ship. I used to dream of having sex with her when I was younger. Come to think of it I still did.

The longer we sat at the dinner table the harder I was finding it hard to sit still. I felt an urgent needed to get the hell out of there before I embarrassed myself for I was dealing with a raging hard on. “I hope you will excuse me, but I feel the need to go for a short walk. I hope you don’t mind.” I said as I pushed back my chair from the table holding my napkin in front of me to hide my embarrassment and I made a beeline for the bar and had myself a beer while the lower half of my body was out of sight under the bar, I began to secretly rubbed my crotch wishing this strange desire for my cousin would just go away. It would of course be very embarrassing if I were to loose it here in the bar after all I could feel the dampness forming on the head of my dick but I couldn’t seem to help myself. Damn I needed a drink and I needed it now!

“Are you ok sir?” The bartender asked me when he noted the strained look on my face.

“What? Yes, I’m fine I guess I’m still tired from my long flight.” I replied trying not to show my embarrassing hard on by moving away from the bar to quickly. When I felt that no one was looking I made a dash for the door and headed for my room. I should have known that no escape plan is fool proof for when I arrived in front of my room I found my cousin Kathy waiting for me. “Hi Kath, what’s up?” I asked trying not to sound nervous or out of sorts at finding her in front of my room. By now my hard on subsided enough so that I didn’t feel any shame but there was that damn damp spot showing dimly on the crotch of my pants. I saw how the late afternoon light struck my cousin in such a way that made her look even sexier if that were possible for the light seemed to high light her near perfect figure like a cameo.

“You left the table in a real hurry BJ and I wanted to be sure that you were ok.” Kathy said as I reached around her to open the door to my room. The scent she was wearing was very heady almost intoxicating.

I tried to think of something fast so that I could get around her and into my room so I said, “I thought that I would get into some beach wear and go for a walk along the beach.”

“Would you mind if I came along with you?” Kathy asked excitedly.

“Sure why not, go get what you need and I will meet you by the pool.” I told her just as she started to run off toward her room. What the hell I thought, there will be lots of people on the beach so there shouldn’t be a problem.

By the time I arrived at our rendezvous Kathy was already waiting for me by the pool and this time she was wearing a red bikini with a very small bikini bra cup and all I could think of was that she had a knock out figure and that I could be in a world of trouble.

“I’m ready whenever you are BJ.” She said as she put her arm through mine as we headed for the beach.

“You look great Kath.” I told her as we walked slowly along the waters edge and skipping shells into the water. “And please call me Bart.” I added for good measure.

“You don’t look to bad yourself cousin.” She replied giving my arm a gentle squeeze. I thought I saw a hint of mischief in her eyes but I didn’t press the feeling.

I really wasn’t prepared for what happened next; after all I had never been to Jamaica before so I was totally unprepared for the scene that confronted me. There were a lot of naked people on the beach some were women some were men and some women were topless and others were totally nude and I was totally speechless. I did my best not to look at my cousin for I was afraid that she might blame me for taking her to a spot where nudist hung out.

“Oh boy.” she said quietly but loud enough to make me look at her and I could see tinges of red in her face but Kathy was not one of those individuals who let things throw her for a loop, she walked on as if she saw things like this every morning, noon and night.

“I’m sorry Kathy, I şirinevler ucuz escort didn’t know that people hung out like this.” I said shamefaced.

“Don’t be such a prude cousin.” she said as she reached behind her back and undid the tiny string that held her bikini top in place letting her breasts free of their confinement. “If these people can do it why can’t I?” With that she draped her bikini top over my shoulder and continued to walk along the water not caring that the whole world including me could see her lovely breasts. “Don’t just stand there gawking BJ try to keep up.” she called over her shoulder.

When I caught up to Kathy I said, “Do you think that you should be walking around topless like that?” I tried my best not to point at her firm breasts.

Kathy laughed softly at my apparent dilemma. “What’s wrong BJ, I know you were giving my breasts the once over back at the pool.” There was a hint of mischief in her voice and a fire in her blue eyes that could burn through your soul.

I was doing my best to get used to the idea that my cousin was walking around topless as if it was something that she did everyday of the week and I would be lying if I were to tell you that the feel of her naked breast against my arm didn’t effect me in any way shape or form. It did.

As we walked we talked about our lives in general and our plans for the future until we felt that it was time to turn back toward the resort.

“BJ, I have a question for you.” Kathy stopped suddenly and turned to face me, her nipple brushed against my arm that sent shivers up and down my spine.

“I will do my best to answer your question Kath,” I said as I handed her bikini top back to her. “But first you must promise to stop calling me BJ, I would rather be called Bart after all my father is BJ not me.”

“Ok, Bart then here is my question,” Kathy took a dramatic pause before she asked her question. “What was it like for you when you walked in on your mother and found her with another man in the kitchen?”

“Why do you want to know?” I asked rather sharply. “How the hell did you find out about that, I’ve been trying to forget the day that I saw my mother in the kitchen with another man inside of her.” I had forgotten for the moment that I was talking to my cousin and all my anger poured out of me like a lanced boil and not once did she interrupt me with questions, she just listened.

“I’m sure that it was very hard on you Bart.” she said in a whisper that was as warm as it was soothing.

By the time we neared the resort Kathy finished putting her bikini top back on but she did not let go of my arm but held it against her even closer as if to say that all would be well. “Do you have a girlfriend back home?” she asked suddenly.

We approached the door to my room where I planned to say goodnight but the words wouldn’t come and I hadn’t answered her question about a girlfriend but I did say, “ Would you care to come inside for a bit and watch some TV with me, and no I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment back home.”

“Sure, I would like that very much.” she said as she followed me into the large sitting area.

“Why don’t you turn on the TV while I get us some sodas.” I said as I walked to the well stocked bar. By the time I returned to the sofa Kathy was sitting with her shapely legs tucked under her watching some nameless show.

“These are great rooms aren’t they?” My cousin asked as she took the proffered soda from me and took a sip.

“Yes they are nice rooms. I wish my own rooms at home looked this great. ” I replied as I sat down on the sofa next to her but keeping a bit of distance between us. I couldn’t help but wonder if she knew that I was admiring her trim figure, it was my guess that she could and it didn’t seem to bother her in the least.

“Would you excuse me for a moment, I will be right back.” Kathy said breaking a long uncomfortable silence that fell between us. When she returned Kathy sat a lot closer to me than before and I was getting a little bothered.

I don’t believe that we were sitting to long before I could feel one of Kim’s hands on my leg and moving slowly toward my crotch and she didn’t stop until she cupped my scrotum in her hand giving it a little squeeze. “What are you doing Kath?” I barely managed to squeak in surprise. The only answer she gave was a warm smile while she continued to fondle my balls until my cock had come to full attention pressing firmly against my bathing suit.

“I see it doesn’t take much to make you hard Bart.” Kathy seemed to growl hungrily as she licked her lips. When I looked into her blue eyes I felt as though I was looking into a pool of calm clear water that seemed to invite me to swim inside of her love.

It was all to much for me to take, I pulled my cousin to me and began kissing her long and hard slipping my tongue into her warm willing mouth letting our tongues played tag with one another while I pushed her bikini top from her breasts şişli escort cupping each one lovingly and teasing her nipples until I felt them harden between my fingers. I had crossed a line that should not have been approached but my desire for Kathy had overcome my ability to reason properly.

“We really should stop what we are doing.” I muttered as my cousin’s hand rubbed gently against my crotch.

“No, don’t you dare stop, I want to feel your tongue all over my body,” she murmured throatily as she wiggled her body firmly against mine and I felt my resolve to stop before we went any further melt away with each hungry kiss.

I loved the way Kathy’s breasts yielded to my touch; I loved the way her nipples hardened as I teased them with my fingers just before I worked my lips on each breast making my cousin sigh as she eagerly thrust her breasts at my just as eager mouth. Later on Kathy would tell me that she loved what we did and when I performed cunnilingus on her for the first time it was the most wonderful eye opening experience she ever had. That of course would come later.

Kathy’s moans seemed to grow louder and her body seemed to become more animated as I worked my way down her body. When I finally reached her bikini bottom I could see that there was a damp spot already formed on it so without making any attempt to remove her bikini bottom I put my mouth on the spot and started to nibble and suck on it, which made my cousin’s body shake and rock on the sofa as though she had an earthquake going on inside of her.

“Right there Bart, put your tongue right there!” Kathy groaned while she held my head in place so that my tongue was touching her clit. I had pushed the bathing suit material out of my way enough so that I could slide my tongue into her very damp pussy. I couldn’t help but kiss my cousin’s inner thighs in between the licks I took at her pussy and this seemed to send my cousin into the stratosphere for she clamped her legs against my head and held on tight until she climaxed.

When my cousin reached her orgasm I felt that she was about to crush my head between her legs she for she was squeezing me that tight as her body went through its final orgasmic spasms, or so it seemed at the time.

It took but a moment for my cousin to reach out and quickly pull and push my bathing suit off of my hips exposing my erection and this brought a smile of anticipation to her lips while she removed the last piece of her bathing suit, the bottom.

From where I now knelt in the ready position between Kathy’s legs and looking over her body the sight of her nearly invisible blond pubic hair was enough to make me believe that she shaved her pubic hairs from time to time but I didn’t waste any time asking if that was the case, I moved into position and slowly entered my cock into her pussy.

Some girls like to make noise when they make love and some tend to be silent. Kathy as I was about to learn was one who let the motion of her body do most of the talking for her and the enthusiastic way in which she gyrated her hips told me that she was and will be an enthusiastic lover enjoying every sensation that sex had to offer.

Although I did my best not to ejaculate to soon, I wasn’t able to hold on for our combined body movements conspired against me and I soon began spurting my semen into Kathy’s vagina. “Oh my God!” I grunted with each spasm that shook my body until I collapsed on top of Kathy with my emotions and sperm spent.

Neither of us dared or wanted to move from our present position on the sofa. The glow of the now forgotten TV played over our recumbent bodies erotically high lighting our nakedness. Kathy ran her fingers through my matted hair while I bussed her breasts and nipples with my lips.

“Hello Bart.” Kathy said in a hushed husky voice that oozed sensuality. I didn’t ask what she meant by what she said and I didn’t care. I was in love with my cousin. “I’d like to see your room.” she said as she stood up removed her crumpled bikini bottom and tossed it to the floor as if it were the most natural thing in the world for her to do in front of me.

We didn’t bother covering ourselves with the sheets; we just turned down the bed cover and got in as if we had been doing it together all our lives.

I must have nodded off for I awoke in a cold sweat almost screaming out a name until I felt the soothing touch of my cousin’s hand on my cheek. “It’s ok honey you just had a bad dream that’s all.” My cousin’s voice was as soothing as her touch.

“You’re still here!” I said very much amazed. “I thought it was all a dream.”

“Of course I’m still here Bart,” she said as she kissed me on the lips. “Why wouldn’t I be? Now, why don’t you tell me what your dream was about?”

I lay back against the headboard thinking and I knew exactly what the dream was about but dare I tell Kathy who I saw having sex with my mother in her kitchen? I debated on it in my mind for a few moments and said, “Do you really want to know Kathy? You may not like what I have to tell you.”

“Of course I do honey how else can I help make the bad dream go away?” Kathy’s smile said it all as she took my hand and placed it between her legs. She was letting me know that she would not go away and that everything that happened between us was something that she wanted as much as I did.

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