My Cousin the Pool Shark

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Disclaimer: All characters are 18+

During the holidays my aunt and uncle would always go down to Myrtle Beach for a couple of weeks. They had an old farmhouse out in the country that was heated by a wood stove. The past few years I had stayed there while they were gone to keep the stove going in order to prevent the pipes from freezing.

There was little to do there. They didn’t have cable and the nearest town consisted of about twenty houses, a church, and an old mill. They did have a pool table in a large room where the wood stove was. Before going to bed each night, I would play for an hour or so to unwind. Other than reading, it was the only thing to do. That is why I usually only slept there and spent the days visiting elsewhere.

Once I got settled in, I started to call friends and family to fill my holiday schedule. Every year, the Friday before Christmas, my cousins Vivian and her brother Zack would have a little party at their parent’s house. Their parents always went out of town to celebrate their anniversary leaving my cousins home alone. It was the highlight of my trip because Vivian would usually have some of her hot cheerleader friends at the party.

The first couple of years were a little awkward, since I was three years older than Vivian. I was technically an adult and her friends were all jailbait. However, last year was the first time we had the party there since Vivian graduated high school. Her and her friends were all eighteen. That year her best friend Heather, who was typically kind of bitchy, got drunk and we made out in Vivian’s bedroom. I always had a thing for Heather, but because she was under eighteen before, I never hit on her.

Like I said, Heather was drunk and we flirted quite a bit with one another. I think being in college gave me some sort of cool status in her eyes that I didn’t have before. I had also gained a fair amount of muscle and wasn’t the beanpole I was in high school. Anyways, one thing led to another and before I knew it we were in Vivian’s bed with Heather down to her panties. I had one of her nipples in my mouth and was softly rubbing her pussy through her now damp panties. Heather was working at my belt to remove my jeans when my damn cousin Zack walked in on us. Heather immediately got embarrassed and ran into the bathroom.

What was a dream come true, quickly turned into a nightmare. After Zack left, I tried to get her to go back into the bedroom with me. Unfortunately, she didn’t, and I never got the chance to actually have sex with her. I still give Zack a hard time whenever I see him. That night has haunted me for the past year and my lust for Heather has gone crazy. It has been frustrating though the past few times I have seen Heather. Ever since that night, she never really talks to me much and is acting bitchier than before.

I was hoping that this year Heather would be there and I would have a chance to finish what we started. I tried to call Zack and Vivian to get the details for this year’s party and find out if they needed anything. However, neither of them answered or returned my text. A couple of days went by and still no word. It was now Thursday and I hadn’t heard from either until Vivian texted me.

Vivian: Hey, sorry for not responding sooner. We are trying to figure out if the party is still going to happen.

Me: What do you mean?

Vivian: My parents may not go out of town this year.

Vivian: We are looking for another venue as a back up.

Me: That sucks.

Me: Is Heather going to make it this year?

Vivian: You mean my best friend who you tried to fuck in my bed last year?

Me: Yeah, that’s the one!

Vivian: You still want to hook up with her???

Me: Why not? She’s hot and I think I still have blue balls from a year ago.

Vivian: Is that the only thing you have been thinking about since last year?

Me: Let’s just say I have been looking forward to seeing her again. Even if she has been kinda stuck up that last few times I ran into her.

Me: Does she ever ask about me?

Vivian: OMG! Are we in high school again?

Vivian: Just kidding. She did ask last week if you were going to be here this year.

Me: Like trying to avoid me or interested?

Vivian: I think interested. When I told her you would be at the party she said, “Cool”

Me: That’s great news.

Vivian: What’s the matter, no girls will talk to you in college?

Vivian: Don’t worry, well try to get you laid. Just use Zack’s room this time. LOL

Me: Whatever! Just keep me posted.

Vivian: Will do STUD! LOL

Me: You’re lucky you’re my favorite cousin.

Vivian: Hey, I just want to give you some relief.

Vivian: I mean get you some relief.

Me: Let’s not make this weird. You might be cute, but you are my cousin. LOL

Vivian: Just cute? Not hot like Heather?

Me: Technically you are hotter than Heather, but since we are related it doesn’t count.

Me: I probably shouldn’t have texted that. Knowing you it güvenilir bahis will probably bite me in the ass later.

Vivian: Gross, my old cousin thinks I’m hot! LOL

Me: Whatever!

Vivian: O

After texting back and forth with Vivian I started to get excited about seeing Heather again. Heather was pretty damn hot. She was thin and toned from cheerleading. She didn’t have large breasts, but small, perky B-cups with large nipples. She had an amazing ass and long slender legs. Her thick blonde hair reached down to her lower back and she was very confident in the way she looked.

I decided to go to bed early that night and fantasize about Heather again. I regularly played out the events of that night in my head as I jerked off. Only, my cousin Zack didn’t interrupt us in my fantasies. As I lay there thinking of Heather I drifted off to sleep. The fantasy continued in my dreams. Heather and I were making out and pushed our way into Vivian’s bedroom. I lifted her shirt up over her head after removing my own. I then watched as she undid her bra from behind and kicked off her jeans.

She lay back on Vivian’s bed in only her panties. I moved forward and grasped the lacy bands of her panties and slowly pulled them down revealing her beautifully shaven pussy. When I looked back up at her, her breasts were larger than before. I looked at her face and it wasn’t Heather, but my cousin Vivian saying, “Oh Josh, fuck me. Fuck my little pussy!” I stood up and started to take off my pants and boxers. As I did, my body became extremely cold. I started to shiver as the dream faded away and I woke up in the cold farmhouse alone.

Before lying down I failed to put any logs in the wood stove and the house was now freezing. I quickly relit the fire and stood next to its warmth as I thought about the vivid dream I just had about my cousin. Her flirting with me on the phone must have triggered something in my brain. I never had dreams or even fantasized about her before. I shook it off and lay back down. I was now wide-awake and decided to finish my Heather fantasy, hoping it would help me sleep. However, whenever I closed my eyes, instead of Heather appearing naked, it was Vivian again. Normally it would take me a few minutes to get hard, but these images of my cousin had me hard as a rock almost instantly. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was getting. I finished jerking off to the images of my cousin before finally falling asleep.

I woke up the next morning to a text from Zack.

Zack: Hey, my parents aren’t leaving. No luck finding someplace else to have the party. Looks like we will have to try again next year. Sorry man.

Me: That sucks. What if we had it here at the farmhouse?

Zack: Isn’t that like two hours away?

Me: Yeah, so I drive it every year.

Zack: Thanks for the offer, but I don’t think I want to drive out that far. Most everyone lives this way, so I doubt they will want to either.

Me: I understand. I may still come out to hang with you, Vivian, and your parents then.

Zack: That would be cool. See ya tonight then.

Me: OK, see you

I got a little angry as I put my phone down. My chances of hooking up with Heather this year were now over. While my aunt and uncle were cool to hang out with, I preferred a party at their house while they are gone. I was a little torn however. I was excited to see Vivian, but was nervous about the thoughts that kept popping into my head now. I was worried that I might get caught staring at her ass or her chest while visiting with them. I was trying to suppress the lustful thoughts I kept having about her with little success.

Just then my phone rang. It was Vivian. “Hey Josh, sorry about tonight.”

“Yeah, it really sucks your parents aren’t leaving. I told Zack I would probably come and see you all anyways tonight,” I replied.

Then Vivian suggested, “Um, about that. What would you think about me and Heather coming to stay the night at the farmhouse?”

My heart started to race with excitement. “Absolutely! That would be great,” I said a little too excited.

“Calm down Josh. You don’t want to appear to eager. Girls don’t like that.” She said laughing. “Besides, I told you I would help you get laid. I wouldn’t want to lose your favorite cousin status, so I have to at least try.”

“Smart move. You were about to lose that,” I joked. “I will go into town to pick up some food and drinks. What time do you think you will be over?”

“Probably around sixish,” she said. “Cool, Heather will be excited. I think she was bummed she wasn’t going to see you tonight. I’ll drive so she can pre-party a bit before we get there. There rest is up to you, stud! Luv ya!”

I quickly ran into the nearest town with a store, which was about thirty minutes away. I wasn’t sure what Heather liked to drink so I picked up some beer, wine coolers, and some rum. I didn’t want to take a chance of not having something she would like. I wasn’t much of a cook, so I picked up some frozen pizzas and snacks. türkçe bahis When I got back I made sure there was clean sheets and blankets available for the girls to stay the night.

It was only 2pm so I had four more hours before they would get there. I tried to read but couldn’t stay focused. I decided to jerk off to make sure I would last a little longer in the event I got to fuck Heather. Again, when I closed my eyes Vivian kept popping into my head. I didn’t want to go there, so I looked up in my aunt and uncles room to see if they by chance had any old porn movies. I actually found one, but it was a VHS tape. They actually had a VCR, but it didn’t work.

Then I remembered some photos I had of Heather from a pool party we were both at last summer. I scrolled through my phone until I found them. Heather was wearing a yellow bikini and I had several nice shots of her in it from different angles. I remembered trying to be slick taking the photos without her noticing, so several had her head cut off. I did ask her and Vivian to pose together so I could take a picture. I found that one and the first thing I noticed in it wasn’t Heather, but Vivian.

Vivian had on this white bikini that tied on the sides and displayed a generous amount of cleavage. She looked amazing. Her long brunette hair was pulled over one shoulder slightly covering her right breast. Vivian had these perfect breasts that were more than a handful. I was estimating a large C-cup by the picture. She had a tiny waist and beautifully tanned skin. Then I noticed she had a slight camel toe in the picture. It was like Heather wasn’t even in the picture.

I then rapidly scrolled through the pictures to see if more of Vivian was there. I hadn’t realized it before because I was looking at Heather, but I as I took a picture of Heather on her lounger, I caught a perfect image of Vivian bending over in front of me. Heather was blurry in the pic, but Vivian’s ass was perfectly clear. Her bikini bottoms had wedged into her amazing ass leaving it mostly exposed. Her legs were slightly parted in the photo, showing the outlines of her pussy barely covered by the bikini.

I found myself stroking my cock through my jeans as I ogled the pictures of my cousin. I finished jerking off just in time before my phone rang and interrupted me.

“Whatcha up to?” Vivian asked.

“Nothing much,” I lied through labored breathes.

“Why are you breathing so hard?” she asked. “Didn’t interrupt you in the middle of something did I?”

“Um no,” I answered awkwardly and unconvincing.

“Were you just in the middle of.. Um.. You know?” she asked.

“No,” I scoffed. “I uh, was just stacking a bunch of wood for the stove.”

“Oh, right. Stacking wood. You were doing something with your wood!” she teased.

“What the Fu…!” I started. “No really, I was getting the wood in to keep us warm tonight.”

“Yeah, yeah. Sure, sure!” she teased. “Just wanted to let you know we are on our way.”

She was interrupted by Heather saying, “Hi Josh. I’ll help you stack your wood!”

“Shut up Heather,” Vivian laughed. “Sorry, she my have pre-partied a little too much. Anyways, we will be there around 5:30. See ya then, farmer Jim!”

“Yeah, ok. Drive safe,” I replied.

Well things were looking pretty good as far as my chances with Heather. She was already tipsy and making sexual innuendo. Unfortunately, I still had nearly two hours before they would get there. To kill some time, I decided to have a few beers and shoot some pool until they arrived. I was actually getting pretty good at billiards which was good. The last time I played against Vivian, she kicked my ass. They grew up with a pool table and her dad was a bit of a pool shark in his day. Vivian was very competitive and always enjoyed beating her brother and me at pool.

Finally, I heard some car doors slam and went to the front door as I watched Heather and my Cousin walk up the snow-covered sidewalk. I opened the door as they were about halfway up, slipping all over the place.

“Sorry, I didn’t realize it had snowed,” I apologized just as Heather fell flat on her ass in the snow.

I quickly went out to help her up. As I approached her, I also slipped and fell sideways in the snow. Vivian just laughed at us as she stepped over me and went into the house. I struggled to help Heather up as she wrapped her arms around my neck. She gave me a little kiss on the cheek as I stood her up and wrapped my arm around her waist. I wasn’t sure if she fell from the slick sidewalk or from being drunk. I could smell it on her.

We made our way into the house and I sat Heather at the kitchen table. Vivian came up to me and gave me a big hug. Exactly opposite of Heather, Vivian smelled amazing. I gave her a big squeeze before offering to take their coats. “Are you two hungry?” I asked. “I’ve got some pizzas that will be ready in a few minutes.

“We are starving!” Vivian said with some excitement. “And, I need something with some alcohol in it. It’s hard being güvenilir bahis siteleri sober around a drunk for two hours.”

As Heather handed me her coat, she flipped Vivian off with a big smile on her face. As I took their coats I immediately noticed the low cut sweater my cousin was wearing and she caught me staring at her chest. She didn’t say anything as I quickly looked away and went into the other room to hang up their coats.

I tried to make small talk with Heather while I took the pizza out. “So, how have you been? I haven’t seen you since that pool party last summer.”

“Good, where’s the bathroom?” She asked. “I have to pee!”

Vivian looked at me and rolled her eyes at Heather as I pointed down the hall.

“Sorry about her,” Vivian laughed. “I made her a rum and coke for the drive, and think I put too much rum in it. I was hoping it would take the edge off a little, not put her over the edge.”

“It’s ok,” I said. “Maybe a little food will do her some good. I’ll make her another rum and coke, hold the rum!”

“Make me one too. Extra rum, though!” she said winking at me.

I made the drinks and served the pizza as Heather came back into the kitchen wearing pajama pants and a matching tank top with no bra. Her nipples were poking out against the thin fabric and she looked amazing.

“What are you wearing?” Vivian asked.

“My jeans got all wet from falling in the snow, and I didn’t want to sit around with a wet butt all night,” Heather responded as she looked at my pants. “Looks like I’m not the only one who needs to change. We might as well make this a pajama party”

Heather was right. The entire side of my leg was soaked from the wet snow. Liking the idea of a pajama party, I quickly left the room and changed into some workout pants and t-shirt before sitting down to eat.

“You too!” Heather ordered Vivian.

“Whatever!” Vivian replied. “I’m starving. I’ll change after we eat!”

We finished eating and Vivian went to the bathroom to change. “You didn’t tell me they had a pool table!” she yelled from down the hall. “I hope your ready to have your ass kicked tonight!”

“Can’t we do something fun other than play pool tonight?” Heather yelled back before whispering to me, “I’m more interested in that wood we were talking about earlier.”

Heather placed her hand on my thigh and gave it a squeeze as she looked down at my crotch. I guess my cousin did come through and was going to get me laid tonight. I didn’t want to ignore Vivian, but also didn’t want to miss out on a chance to finish what Heather and I started a year ago.

“Ill have to play at least one game with her or she won’t stop asking,” I told Heather.

“That’s fine,” she said as she traced a finger up my thigh and grazed my cock through my pants. “I would just hate for you to miss out on something else.”

Just then Vivian came back into the kitchen with pajamas on similar to Heathers. However, Vivian was a little more modest and wearing a lacy bra with the straps exposed under the thin spaghetti strapped tank. “What are you two taking about?” she asked.

Heather just got up and smiled saying, “I was just telling your cousin Josh that he may need to shove one more log into the stove tonight so I can keep warm.”

“For fucks sake Heather.” Vivian laughed as she rolled her eyes before looking at me and saying, “Don’t act so innocent Josh.”

I just sat there with a shit-eating grin on my face trying not to stare at Heather’s nipples or my cousin’s chest. I couldn’t believe how horny I was and that I had two hot women in their pajamas spending the night with me. As I sat there I tried to figure out what to do about my cousin. While I obviously wanted to fuck Heather, I didn’t want to ignore Vivian. Especially since she was the reason Heather was there in the first place.

“Do you know how to play cutthroat Heather?” I asked.

She said she did, but wasn’t very good at pool. To which Vivian confirmed laughing at Heather’s expense. I made the three of us new drinks and we headed into the game room. Vivian was right. Heather did suck at pool. Vivian won the first game but commented on how my game had improved. We played one more in which I won. After that, heather said she was going to go make herself another drink.

“Up for a game of eight ball?” Vivian asked. “Unless of course you are scared of getting beat by your cousin again. Come to think of it, have you ever won against me?”

“Once,” I replied. “You scratched on the eight ball.”

“So, I lost. You didn’t win,” she teased.

I was feeling pretty confident in my game that night so I bet Vivian $20 I could beat her. She laughed at me and immediately accepted. As I racked the balls, Heather came back in the room with a large rum and coke. She sat over on a stool and watched as we played. Whenever I walked past her or bent over to shoot she would touch my chest or grab my ass. It was pretty distracting and made me miss a shot on the eight ball for the win.

Vivian lined up on her last ball and sunk it in the corner pocket. She had a perfect line on the eight ball. Just as she shot, Heather did a loud fake sneeze to mess her up. Vivian missed the shot leaving me an easy tap in for the win.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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