My Cruise was a Tug of War Ch. 02

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Samara was a slim and attractive brunette girl, with full breasts and a wide sexy ass, though she somehow seemed a bit soulless. Maybe she felt fulfilled in being a 3 hole piece of fuckmeat, with all her needs taken care of by her Domme mother.

From the sexy grin she gave when she offered me her horny cunt juice, I could tell that she had her own lust in abundance, and it seemed her open 3 hole fuckmeat status suited her, in spite of the control she surrendered to her mother.

Looking mid to late 20’s, she didn’t seem to be held in servitude against her will. I decided that both mother and daughter were sexual predators sharing similar lustful pursuits.

Luckily, having had the snip, I had no concerns about any possibility of getting any women pregnant. I felt very liberated to shoot my load into any fuck hole.

My experience with subs was limited, and I had decided that maybe they had self-esteem issues, where they desperately needed to be useful, and that any physical pain they were subjected to was the price they were happy, or resigned, to pay to prove their usefulness. I respected them, immensely, for their gifts they so freely, offered.

Tara pushed my Samara enhanced glass of wine across the table, towards me.

From what I had dared taste of Samara’s ‘essence’ earlier, it seemed sufficiently smooth textured, even slippery, like egg white. Just the way I preferred it.

From this man’s perspective, it smelled sweet and on a primitive level, curiously inviting.

From my experience, a women’s juices, particularly at ovulation time, is the best of a woman, from every perspective.

I know that most women dismiss their discharge as a sanitary part of everyday life, but I’ve always revered how it changes through their cycle.

I consider myself, bit of a sommelier on my partner’s, ‘ripeness’, and ‘hornyness’.

I’ve even delightfully discovered that it is sweetest deep inside near the cervix, at the source … at ovulation time.

Yum, I thought, as pleasant memories came flooding back to me. I digress…

Staring off into space, I thought what the hell, as I gulped down the wine blended with Samara’s juices and looked back with, admittedly with some sense of defiance, into Tara’s approving eyes.

“Samara tasted, frankly delicious,” zeytinburnu escort thank you.

I did feel privileged, though.

“Imagine asking for that at the bar,” I smirked, as I resisted the temptation to laugh out loud.

Tara, too was an attractive, even hot, older woman, untouched by her looming menopausal phase which she was probably about to enter. I wondered if she felt she needed to use her daughter to attract younger men to her. She didn’t need to worry, as her I found her very sexy… and her toe, WOW!

As if she could read my mind, she said, “Of course, you can use her on this cruise, though I too have needs that must be tended to, as well…”

“Oh, and what might those be?” expecting her to want to form a randy threesome of consenting adults.

“Together, we offer 6 holes, but what we lack is a hard, strong cock and a set of large balls to milk and feed from,” Tara explained.

“As a dominant, I expect that package to be attached to a strong man who will allow me to subject his mind and body to my will, and to offer their use in a similar way in which Samara offers hers.”

As the thought of that began to set in, Tara asked, “Are you willing to wear a humbler? Do you even know what that is?”

“Yes, I do know what that is, but I won’t do a lot of pain, if that’s want you’re wanting,” I answered, not revealing that I too have sub tendencies when in the company of a confident dominant woman.

If the circumstances demanded it, that I should accept pain to demonstrate my willingness to satisfy Her needs and demands, so be it.

I think on a low level, we all want to satisfy what the other partner needs. Equally, the thought of fucking mercilessly all of Samara’s willing holes excites the strong dominant side of me.

I’m still undecided as to how I might end up living the rest of my life: as a Dom, a sub, or even a switch, which is what seemed to be on offer, here.

“I am still exploring my sexuality, half expecting the circumstance I find myself being most comfortable with, long term, will decide how I spend the rest of my life,” speaking frankly.

“I’ll give you a night to think about this, and we should meet up in my stateroom to see if this could work,” Tara suggested, thoughtfully, aksaray escort though curiously distracted.

“You do have some competition though, with someone we met last night who we are meeting tonight,” Tara volunteered.

“Oh, I see, of course. I’m not bi-sexual, though,” I felt I should add, now feeling the magic of the situation had somewhat diminished. Such is life.

“Tonight, I want you to masturbate, but only as hard as you feel your mind needs to, and to collect all of your cum into this vial,” she said, handing me a small capped, glass tube.

“Place it hidden in your bar fridge and bring it with you to my private suite 1101, at 8PM tomorrow night. Do you understand, Glen?”

“Yes.” I simply acknowledged.

“Oh, and put this shackle around your balls, as soon as you can, and wear it all day and do not remove it until we next meet.”

“Yes, Ok Tara, if it will fit,” I said, putting the quite heavy stainless steel circular shackle into my pocket.

At that, the two women rose, smiled, and walked out of the room.

* * *

Leaving and going back to my own room, I handled the ring, weighing precipitously down in my pocket. I imagined the weight, bearing down on my balls for the next 23 hours until I meet them again, might possibly even hurt.

I shook my head at what had just happened and conceded to myself, that it all felt exciting. What did the women have in mind to experience with me?

I could feel my cock, still semi-hard bobbing around in my pants, as I navigated back into my room. I never wear underwear because I frequently get aroused.

Stripping off immediately and lying back on the bed to unwind, I gently massaged my balls and cock. They do suffer and hate confinement.

They had been constrained for too long. Yet, the thought of putting the ring on my balls made my cock harden, weirdly.

Fortuitously, that enabled me to hold my cock out of the way and make it somewhat easier to push the ring around the loose skin at the upper part of my ball sack.

It was a very, very tight squeeze, and I didn’t think I would get all of the loose skin into the 1 1/2″ diameter space, but when the bulk of it was pushed tightly in, I found I had to very carefully screw the locking bolt into place to avoid ataköy escort pinching my skin.

“Ouch!!” I protested several times.

As I finished screwing the shackle closed, my balls immediately grew bigger.

No, they were bulging bigger and looked much more impressive than I’d ever seen them before!

They were no longer able to escape inside, which always amused female partners, when they went inside to hide from their teasing touch.

With my cock now hardening again, I playfully jerked on my cock a bit which caused my now huge engorged balls to bounce up and down, quite differently, because of the constraint and the added weight.

I liked it. It gave me the sensation of having balls much larger due to the weight, than I’ve ever hoped to have known.

Normally, when I jerk off, my balls don’t bounce so much, they prefer to ride inside, but this ring made them feel like a new large weighty appendage was now part of my body, and it seemed to demand rigorous action.

As I rhythmically pulled my cock – slowly at first – but with a tightening and increasingly demanding gripe along its length, my balls rose and fell with great force due to the weight of the ring. So much so, that I wanted to shake the crap out of my balls. Take them for a test drive, so to speak.

It wasn’t painful, at all.

I’m certain they were full of cum now which had been induced from that hot saucy meeting with Tara and Samara, so I could feel that I needed to cum… and I felt I needed to cum, HARD!

Wanking my cock almost clean off, as I tried to fantasize being alone with two very kinky women tomorrow night, and those 6 (SIX) horny holes, I punished my engorged balls by bouncing them almost painfully up and down, slapping them hard up against my fist which was latched onto my hard cock, and then down again, thumping them between my arse and the bed, until I exploded with a huge groan as my cum squirted powerfully all up the front of my torso… some even made it up to my left eye!

Aw, Yuck!

FUCK! This ring makes cumming so more powerful. I really, really liked that!

Absolutely spent, I quickly remembered to gather my cum up into the little vial, and put it in the fridge, as Tara had asked.

I could barely stagger back to the bed before collapsing where my balls began to throb and ache from having been tasked to push my cum so powerfully past the ring constraint around my balls. Nothing I didn’t feel any need to worry, about.

That night, I slept deeply and very satisfied, until morning when, as if by magic, my package felt ready-to-party!

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