My Daughter Cuckolds Me 01

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My step daughter Chrissy had recently turned 18 and was becoming more difficult to deal with then the previous few years. She was a bitch and rarely was there a day that went by where she did not challenge her mother or myself.

Chrissy came home unexpected last night and she caught her mother and I in a provocative position. You see her mother cuckolds me and I am her fluffer, servant and her clean up man. Chrissy walked in slightly buzzed and found her father sucking her mothers lover’s black cock.

“What the fuck is going on here?” she screamed!

Chrissy barged into our bedroom and started laughing at her dad in such a compromising position.

“Holy shit dad, your a cock sucking little faggot” she bellowed. “Don’t stop on my behalf” she said. “Keep sucking that black boys cock” she smirked.

I did as I was told, finishing off my wife’s lover and swallowing most of his load, the rest of it dripping down my chin. My wife stood in disbelief but I think she was turned on as well.

“How long has this fucked up deal been going on Mom?” was the obvious question Chrissy had.

“Your dad has always been my cuckold honey.” My wife lamented. “Started on our wedding night.”

“He’s been sucking black cock since before you were born.”

Chrissy shook her head and said “That is WAY fucked up Mom.” “Whatever floats your boat I guess” as she started to walk away.

“Wait honey, don’t you want to have some fun at your dad’s expense?” Her mother asked.

A smile came to her face and an evil look on her face led me to believe that my cuckolding duties would expand greatly in a short time.

“Sure mom” said Chrissy, “I will have fun making this worthless piece of shit do what I tell him.”

My tiny dick was getting hard at the thought.

Chrissy went to the computer sitting on her mom’s desk and started to research cuckolding and what it meant as well as how to do it. She took time away from the screen when her mom barked orders at me. She had me rim her lover’s ass, massage his balls with my tongue and clean them both up after he proceeded to give it to her like a real man would.

After about an hour of research beşiktaş escort and my wife wrapping up her sex for the night, sending her lover on his way. . . Chrissy walked over to me and without warning she slapped me hard across the face. Blood gushed a bit from my nose which she made me swallow while she laughed at me.

“You are worthless” she barked! “I am going to make you wish I had never found out about your perverted shit dad.”

She made me stand, still naked and proceeded to kick me hard in the junk. . . me buckling to the ground like a limp rug. She bent over me and grabbed my chin, forcing my mouth open. She proceeded to spit into my mouth. She then made me jack my tiny cock off onto her feet which I did without hesitation since I was a foot loving cum slut.

“Lick that sperm off of my feet loser!” she whispered into my ear.

I cleaned every drop with my tongue. Awaiting my next order. Chrissy left the room and headed out to the kitchen. She returned in a minute with a funnel and forced me to lay on the floor. She shoved the funnel into my mouth and squatted over it.

“You need to swallow every drop of my piss or I will beat you with no mercy” she said sternly.

Chrissy then left the room for a bit but returned soon with a handful of what turned out to be used condoms from her waste basket and her brothers’ waste basket. She proceeded to force me to swallow all the used and rancid ejaculate from these old rubbers.

“I am going to have fun with your worthless ass” she said with a smile.

I wonder what the future holds.

Chrissy was up early and was being obnoxious as usual. She was bitching that the breakfast I prepared for her and her mother was not hot enough.

She summoned me to the kitchen and told me to strip.

I did as instructed and my tiny dick started to poke out at attention. Chrissy grabbed a spatula from the egg pan and smacked me across the face with it. She then forced me to bend over and began to whip my ass with the dirty spatula.

“You fucked up my breakfast cucky” she said with an evil grin on her face. Without warning she shoved the handle of the beşiktaş eve gelen escort spatula up my surprised ass with one plunge. She told me to squeeze my asshole and to keep the spatula where she put it until all the breakfast dishes were completed.

I spent the next hour doing kitchen chores before Chrissy came over and pulled the spatula out and shoved it into my mouth, gagging me with the shaft as well as the taste.

Chrissy told me to be back home by 6 pm and not to plan anything else for the evening. I had a bit of a hard-on in anticipation.

My wife laid out an outfit for me to wear and then informed me that she would be getting her dick elsewhere tonight but that I would be in great hands with our daughter. She smiled and walked out the door. She had her best hot wife outfit on including the ankle bracelet. A short skirt with a white nipple exposing tee shirt that read “I eat black cum” on it in bold letters.

She promised if I was good she would bring home a doggie bag for me(all of the used condoms she would produce in the course of the night.)

Eventually six pm arrived as did my daughter Chrissy. She walked in and announced that she had a few of her co workers coming over to see her sissy dad.

By 6:15 six black men of various sizes arrived. They were all about 18-21 years old as was Chrissy.

“Daddy, I know how much you don’t want me to screw the black guys but I can’t resist Daddy.”

“Their cocks are just so big plus I get to torture you and make you watch me gang bang these big cocked black guys.”

Chrissy explained to her guests that the old white guy who was dressed in a nighty and thong was on his knees to please any or all of my guest by sucking their cocks, licking their asses, etc.

I was tasked to keep the black cocks hard and ready for one of my daughter’s holes. I had several big black cocks being shoved down my throat. Chrissy was on the coffee table on her knees and I was forced to watch as this gang of black men gang banged my porcelain white daughter.

Chrissy had all three of her holes filled several times and was loving every beşiktaş grup yapan escort second of it. She finally made me come over and lay on the table so I could watch the black cocks up close as they violated her once tight pussy.

She straddled my face and one or two men took turns fucking both her pussy and her ass while I was forced to watch. Every so often one would pull out and shove their sticky cock down my throat, choking me with their meat.

I’m sure I swallowed over a billion sperm from the group but there had to be millions of those black sperm swimming in my daughters pussy. Chrissy reminded me that If I didn’t clean her out I may have a salt and pepper grand baby by the end of the year. I did my best to swallow their cum as it leaked out of her now wide open cunt.

After the group was spent they began to filter out and head home. Around the same time the wife got home and tossed a bag at me.

“Eat up cucky, I had a great night” she bragged.

In the bag was 8 large used condoms with various amounts of jizz in the tips, the condoms tied to prevent loss of cum.

I thanked my wife and quickly proceeded to bite off the tips of the sticky used rubbers and drank the contents. I now had a stomach full of sperm. I was lucky enough to get to clean the mess off of Chrissy’s chest, neck and face with my tongue.

Finally Chrissy stood in front of me and bent over forcing me to lick her asshole and crack clean. I was a lucky cuckold today, I thought as a smile broke out across my face.

I fell asleep lying on the floor, too weak to move. In the morning I was awakened suddenly by Chrissy who had a clump of my hair in her hand, pulling me to my knees. As I focused I suddenly had a white cock staring me in the face. It was Chrissy’s boyfriend Kyle. Chrissy made me blow him. His cock was a bit smaller than the cocks that I had in my mouth the night before.

I found out that day that her boyfriend liked to have his dick sucked and that it would be my new task to give Kyle head every morning before he left for work and when he got home. Chrissy preferred to suck the black cock. Kyle took what he could get as he knew that Chrissy liked big black cock over his average white meat.

My wife informed me that our son, Jason, would be home next weekend and it was about time that he knew the truth as well. I’ve always wanted to suck him off so maybe it will be a weekend thing in addition to all of the other cock I’m forced to suck.

Should be interesting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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