My Daughter, Her Friends and Me Ch. 05

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Having found my muse again, I have been reading through my previous submissions in order to acquire a feel for which story I would address next.

My first addition was to A New Friend and Our Daughters because of a stupid comment left on one of the chapters.

Reading this story, I realised it demanded far better treatment than I had given it in the last two chapters. My muse told me it needed redemption.

I hope you all enjoy this chapter.



It was getting to be a habit, waking up to remnants of dried sperm and saliva on my body. Kim and Tracey, last night, had both fucked me before all the girls present had cleaned me up with their tongues.

The house was quiet leaving me to assume that I was alone. My daughter, Kim, must have gone out. Taking care of my morning needs, I went downstairs just wearing my jockeys to make coffee. As I went down the stairs, I began to smell it and realized my thoughtful daughter had put on a pot for me already.

I walked into the kitchen, scratching my ass only to discover that I really wasn’t alone. Wearing only their bikinis, I found Chastity and Becky sitting at the table, drinking coffee. Both girls chimed “Good morning, Rick,” almost simultaneously.

These were the only two of my daughter’s friends that I hadn’t had any sexual play with as yet. Not that I didn’t want to. They were both about the same height, had long blonde hair, and perky B to C cup breasts.

Chastity looked to be a natural blonde while Becky was died. The two girls looked similar to one another except for a couple of subtle differences. Becky, with her dark roots and eyebrows demonstrating her natural hair colour had a somewhat trashy look about her. Chastity had more of the girl next door look to her.

We chatted about this and that while I was preparing that elixir of the gods for my first morning taste. Once done, since the kitchen table only had two chairs, I said I was going to the livingroom. I sat down on the couch, put my feet up on the ottoman and had my first swallow of my day’s ration of coffee.

I can’t say I was surprised when Chastity and Becky joined me a few moments later. Chastity took a seat at the far end of the couch while Becky curled up in the loveseat. Silence reigned for a few minutes before Chastity brought it to an end.

“Rick, we’re jealous,” she said.

Not wanting to be stupid and assume I knew what they were jealous of, I waited for her to say more.

“We all went to Six Flags together,” she began.

“And we all had fun together. But we haven’t been included in the fun since we all came home.”

Becky was nodding in agreement, I saw.

“Ladies,” I began, “I was not the one to choose what happened at Six Flags or at home later. The group sort of made that decision for me. And, who was I to argue.

Still nodding in agreement, Becky left the loveseat to take a new seat on my lap. Squirming around to get comfortable, she mostly rubbed her cute, firm ass against my dick. As I grew harder in response, she smiled at me knowing what she had accomplished.

“Well, all of us girls spoke to each other last night,” said Chastity. “And we don’t want to be left out of the group’s activities.”

I was certainly hard at this point in time realizing I was about to get more teenager sex in the very near future if not immediately. This concept was hammered home when Becky pulled my lips to hers and she began to kiss me with passion. When her tongue pushed at my lips, I opened my mouth to give it free access.

I had one of my arms around the somewhat trashy looking dyed blonde and was rubbing it up and down her bare back. Only the strap of her bikini top hindered my advances on the teenager. It was only natural that I used my hand to pull the ties and free her tits.

Becky, still continuing to make out with me, was rubbing her hand all across my bare chest. It seemed only natural that she would begin to rub her bare large B boobs across my chest as well.

Needless to say, but I will anyway, my cock was rock hard at this point. A fleeting thought went through my mind. Could a middle aged man die of an overdose of teenaged female sex? I hoped not.

Chastity must have begun to feel left out. I knew she had joined us when I felt a pair of hands on my cock and since Becky had one on my chest and the other behind me. I tore my lips away from the girl I was making out to check on the newcomer.

The girl-next-door-looking blonde raised herself on her knees to replace her girlfriend’s lips on mine. Immediate full and deep soul kisses were being exchanged. Chastity kept one hand on my cock while she pushed Becky’s legs open with the other one. Becky’s intense moans told me Chastity was doing something to her pussy. I really wanted to look down and see for myself but didn’t want to break away from her lips on my lips and her tongue in my mouth.

I beşiktaş anal yapan escort didn’t have a lot of options as to what I could do to the girls at this point as I had two nubile teens holding my body in place. I tried reaching further around Becky to get her tits in my hand but my arm wasn’t long enough. So, I resorted to the next best thing, beginning to caress as much of her ass as I could reach.

Sensing the motions of Chastity’s one arm, I realized she was finger fucking her friend. Becky’s moans only grew louder as she locked and unlocked her legs, tightening and loosening their grip on Chastity’s arm and fingers.

Chastity moved the situation further along by using her other hand to tug down the front of my shorts in order to release my dick from its confinement. It wasn’t to be free for long though as Chastity wasted no time imprisoning it between her teeth and lips.

This definitely wasn’t the first cock the girl-next-door looker had in her mouth. She was like a professional cocksucker moving her head and hand up and down in tandem. Her tongue swirled around my cock drawing my own groans of pleasure.

I don’t know what it was between all of these girls but they all seemed to know what the others engaged in our sexual frolics knew. Becky eased herself off my lap in order to remove what remained of her bikini.

Chastity took the same opportunity to strip as well before signalling me to lift my ass so she could pull my jockeys down and off. Once accomplished, she sat on my lap with her back against my chest and her legs spread wide and hanging on my legs leaving Chastity spread open and wide.

Becky then moved in. She began to lick the wide open pussy in front of her. Chastity was so turned on that I could inhale the scent of her pussy secretions. Becky was encouraging her friend to leak even more as she licked the cunt deeply from top to bottom.

Not that Becky was ignoring me all the while. Licking the pussy in front of her, she also fondled my balls, rubbing and caressing them. Not satisfied with just my balls, Becky pulled my hard cock free from where it had been trapped between me and Chastity.

Letting it flop up against Chastity’s pelvis, Becky started a manoeuver I had never experienced before. One that I would never forget and would often want.

Becky licked my cock as it lay against Chastity’s cunt. Her tongue was raging rampantly, licking my cock and her cunt at the same time. My hands were on Chastity’s B cup boobs squeezing and fondling them. Young Chastity was drowning out any noises Becky and I were making with the volume of her moans and groans.

Still slowly stroking my cock up and down, Becky turned her full and complete attention to sucking on Chastity’s clitoris. The volume of the moans and groans increased even more as the trashy blonde moved her friend closer and closer to an orgasm.

While Becky was doing this, I craned my neck around Chastity as much as I could so I could watch the looks of pleasure and ecstasy float across the blonde’s face. My hands were, in turn, squeezing her tits and pulling on her nipples.

Soon enough, the girl gave into the overwhelming pleasure being given her by Becky. Little shrieks turned into a full scream as Chastity achieved her first orgasm of the day. At least, I hoped it was only her first.

As Chastity slumped against me, Becky took my pre cum leaking cock into her mouth and began sucking me. I wish I could say I lasted forever but it was only a few minutes before Becky was showing both Chastity and I my cum in her mouth before swallowing it. She leaned forwards and upwards allowing Chastity to kiss and lick the remnants of my cum from her lips.

As we regained our collective breath and composure, we decided a short break was in order. With the two teenagers remaining naked and me with my shorts back on, we had more coffee and expressed how wonderful our first encounter had been.

Eventually, the continued viewing of the nudity before me, I suggested we might consider retiring to my king sized bed. There was no hesitation, the girls all but leaped to their feet before running up the stairs to the bedroom level.

Not being as energetic, nor as vigorous as the teenagers, I climbed the stairs much more slowly. By the time I stood in the doorway to my bedroom, it was evident the girls had decided not to wait from me. They had already started, Becky lying atop Chastity, their lips locked together.

I leaned up against the door frame in order to watch the scene being enacted before me. It was an incredible sight. Becky’s firm and toned ass was being felt up by Chastity lying beneath her. I couldn’t not admire those cheeks, so smooth and sleek.

Lying beneath her friend, Chastity’s pussy was in view. Wet and pink, it seemed to be winking at me as the young blonde writhed on the bed.

Despite having cum only a half hour earlier, my cock was soon announcing its beşiktaş bdsm escort intentions to partake of the pleasures before it. As it grew harder, I stood there watching the girls, while I stroked my cock, in their make out session. Some minutes later, I had enough of watching and decided it was time to join in the fun.

It didn’t take much for me to crouch behind the two girls, lying between Chastity’s wide spread legs. My hands stroked up and down those legs while my hands roamed the contours of Becky’s hard ass.

Both girls moaned their acknowledgement of my arrival and joining them. Their approval thereof as well.

Seeing Becky’s ass poised before me was like an invitation. Continuing to slide my hands up, down, and around her twin cheeks, I soon added my tongue to the mix. Anywhere on that firm ass that my hands weren’t, I tongued and licked.

Becky was definitely enjoying my ministrations as she began to hunch her backside up, forcing it tight against my tongue. Knowing she was enjoying herself, I stopped licking in order to bite, nibble and kiss. If anything, her moans grew louder. Of course, I didn’t omit the beautiful asshole winking up at me.

Realization soon hit me that I was ignoring the gorgeous Chastity. That would never do. I pulled myself away from Becky and leaned down far enough to begin licking Chastity’s wide spread legs. Although her pussy was my eventual target, it was blocked from my access by Becky’s body.

As soon as I developed a strategy, I pushed Becky further up on Chastity’s body so that the two beauties were lying pussy to pussy. Giving myself an imaginary high five, I leaned in to savour the wet and glistening pussies in front of me.

I may not have an extraordinarily long tongue but I can’t fault it for its energy levels. Without conscious thought, I found myself licking the two pussies from bottom to top, lapping up their fragrant juices. Back and forth I went, up and down, and repeating.

When I began to feel the girls’ limbs tightening around me, I stopped licking in order to concentrate on their clits. Starting with Chastity, I went back and forth from girl to girl, licking and sucking each clitoris in turn. Once again they moaned their approval of my actions while still locked into their ongoing make out session.

It didn’t take very long at all before they began to climax. First Chastity and then Becky came on my flailing tongue. When they both had achieved their highs, I lay down beside them in order to wait for them to catch their breath.

My cock stayed hard during the respite since my hand was slowly stroking it. Becky, being the closest, saw what I was doing. She slapped my hand away and replaced it with her hot mouth.

Chastity had given me the demonstration of her cocksucking skills downstairs. I can’t say, for obvious reasons, which of the two was the better cocksucker. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying the hell out of this blowjob.

Although Becky was the one doing the cocksucking, Chastity moved her body so she could aid and abet the trashy looking blonde. The girl-next-door-looking blonde lay across my stomach and used her hand on my balls.

It again didn’t take too long before my cock signalled its approval by filling Becky’s mouth with my cum. Becky wasn’t able to swallow as fast as I erupted so she decided to leave me to Chastity who used her hand to milk me dry. Both of these teenagers then worked together to lick my legs and balls clean.

Once finished both ended up lying beside me, one arm around each of them. I am not ashamed to say we three all fell into a slumber.

I awoke some unknown time later quite confused. There were hands and lips on my cock. The confusing part was that Chastity and Becky were still lying in my arms. I looked down to see that my naked daughter was sucking my cock hard once again.

Kim motioned with a finger across her lips for me to remain quiet. Then, without disturbing her friends, she moved up my body the short distance required and put my cock at the opening to her cunt before sliding it deep inside her.

As I said earlier, I couldn’t judge which of the two beauties I had spent the morning with was the better cocksucker but I could judge whose pussy did the best job of fucking me. The winner of that contest was my beautiful daughter.

I may not have fucked all of the girls as yet but there was no doubt in my mind that I would always rate my daughter as the best fucker of them all. It seemed like her pussy was made to order for my cock.

It slid in smoothly and fully. Kim knew when to pull up and outwards and when to sit fully on my cock rocking from side to side. I was fortunate that I had already cum twice that morning as it allowed me much more time to enjoy fucking my daughter.

Kim didn’t fuck me in an overtly energetic manner seemingly unwilling to disturb the naked duo still lying in my arms. Every once in a while, she would lean over beşiktaş elit escort me and allow my lips to make contact with her nipples.

This went on and on for what seemed like forever until it was obvious I was going to cum again. I moved my legs under me so I could fuck upwards into my daughter’s cunt while she was forcing herself down. It was with her at the top of her climb that I began to gush. Kim slammed herself downwards as she began to experience her own climax. She stayed with me fully inserted into her pussy while she clenched and unclenched her cunt muscles allowing both of us to be fully immersed in the throes of passion.

When I was able to open my screwed shut eyes, I realized Becky and Chastity had not remained asleep while I fucked my daughter. The two of them pushed and tugged our bodies until Kim and I were lying beside one another. Each of us had a blonde between their legs.

Chastity was between my legs, licking my daughter’s juices off my body. Using her hands, lips and tongue, Chastity sucked the last drops of cum from my dick and cleaned my balls.

Becky was between Kim’s legs, her arms wrapped around my daughter holding her legs up and pussy wide open. I watched the blonde eating my cum out of Kim’s pussy. It was such an enticing sight and with Chastity giving my cock an occasional suck, I fought to be hard again. I wanted to fuck Chastity while watching the duo beside us.

I whispered to the blonde between my legs my intentions. The young girl went into overdrive making sure my cock was going to be up for the challenge. Although I was busy watching my own daughter and her trampy looking friend moving into a sixty nine position, Chastity managed to bring my attention back to her. By deep throating my dick, her mouth spread wide open around it, and her eyes locked on mine, I was soon as hard as I could be.

Knowing how much I had cum earlier, Chastity wasn’t about to waste my hard on. She almost jumped up landing with her legs spread wide on top of me. Seconds later, my dick was invading her cunt as she sat down firmly. I swear I could feel my cock head banging against the beauty’s cervix.

Fortunately for my lust filled intentions, the two in the sixty nine position beside us were lying in such a manner that it was my daughter’s pussy with Becky sucking and licking her that was closest to me. Watching my daughter being eaten out while I was being fucked by her friend was everything a father could desire.

Becky was doing an excellent job with her extraordinary tongue. I was able to see how wet Kim’s pussy was as she ground her pussy against the invading tongue. Both girls were moaning their enjoyment of the other’s actions.

Chastity didn’t seem to mind that I was watching the two girls beside us instead of her. She was not as distracted as me. Chastity was riding my cock as hard as she could. She would raise her body until only my cock head was in her before slamming downwards until I was buried to the hilt in her cunt.

Beside us, the duo was making progress on their oral journey. Their moans of pleasure were getting louder and louder turning into small shrieks of ecstasy. I could see my daughter’s wet pussy dripping her juices into Becky’s lapping tongue. I wanted to taste them myself.

By this time, Chastity seemed to have tired of me not paying sufficient attention to her. On her next down stroke, she pulled my face to hers and began giving me long tongue kisses. Her kisses were more like licking than anything else.

My hands went to this blonde’s ass, grasping her cheeks firmly and squeezing. I pulled her cunt even tighter against my invading cock. Chastity helped the sensations by grinding against me, wriggling back and forth.

After some moments, she sat up to raise her body once again. The innocent looking blonde grabbed my hands and pulled them to her chest. Again, no argument from me as I locked onto them, pulling and squeezing her handfuls of breast.

Although I was doing my best to remain focussed on the teenager driving me to the height of sexual delight, the noises beside us diverted my attention. While I was otherwise occupied, my daughter and friend had switched positions.

Kim was lying on her back with her pussy aimed in my direction. Becky was laying with her head on Kim’s far leg using her hands to hold my daughter’s labia spread while I could see that her tongue was lashing the clit in front of her eyes.

Kim’s extremely wet pussy was glistening from the sun shining into the room. It was only getting wetter, the more Becky worked over my daughter’s clit.

Chastity was not going to allow my attention to wander for long this time though. On a downswing, with my cock filling her, she placed her hands over mine, forcing me to squeeze her tits tightly once again. She pulled my hands away slightly and locked my fingers onto her nipples. Taking the hint, I pinched and tugged her nipples while their owner returned to raising her pussy off my hard cock before slamming it down again.

I was exalting in the waves of pleasure that Chastity’s sexual energy was giving me. I wasn’t paying attention to anyone but her at this moment and was shocked when I felt a tongue on my balls. I even yelped out my surprise, arching my back upwards and forcing my cock even further into Chastity’s tight pussy.

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