My Despicable Family Pt. 01

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This story is a work of fiction. I made it all up. Check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is. Special thanks to goducks111 for his help and making this a better story. This is part 1 of 2.


Chapter 1 — Caught

I wake up to someone nudging me. I hear the safety being released on several firearms. My family found me. FUCK! I have been avoiding them for years.

A deep, steady voice says to me, “Ken, take it easy there. No sudden movements. My teammates are each as good as you are. Your sister paid us huge money to bring you back alive. I can break every bone of your body and disfigure every square inch of skin; you just need to be alive. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Which do you prefer?”

It must have been the truck repairs. The VIN didn’t show up, and they figured it was me somehow. I am a retired (too old) CIA assassin. I was the best they had. I was ruthless and an expert in just about everything. It would take a group to get me. They must be outstanding for me not to hear them come into my motel room.

When I was younger and cocky, I would have tried to take them out. I have slowed down and gotten a bit smarter in my “old” age. I hate my family, but they won’t kill me.

I open my eyes and see six men in full combat suits. Four have pistols, and two have Uzi’s, a very dangerous weapon in such a small room. They throw a lot of lead for such a small weapon. They all look scared; their fingers are sweaty and quivering on the triggers.

I use my deep and silky-smooth voice, “I promise to go with you. I’ll assist if necessary until I am sitting in the living room of the house my sister is living in or seven days have elapsed.”

Most of them ease up. Only the boss doesn’t.

The boss screams, “Hold!” All guns are on me again. “AND I will not try to escape, AND I will do everything in my power to get back to my sister’s living room.”

My trademark within the CIA is that I was an honorable man. I had a stint with the Marines, and they taught me a lot. The honor part stayed with me forever. It sure made for a rough life. Try being an assassin and honorable at the same time.

I snicker and say, “I will not try to escape, and I will do everything I can to assist you in getting me back to my sister’s living room. I give you my word.” I don’t see that I really have a choice.


24 hours later:

I am in the back of a black Suburban that has been heavily modified, a man on each side of me. The vehicle has bulletproof glass and a supercharged motor. I would bet anything that the doors are enhanced to stop launched weapons as well.

We are pulling up to a series of buildings on a large, gated property outside of town. It has a ten-car garage, a huge three-story mansion, a pool, tennis court, basketball court, volleyball court, and what looks like a nine-hole putting green.

One of the guys tells me, “Bowling, racquetball, and ping pong are in the basement. Inside the garage is a large car collection of old restored muscle cars and a few that are much older. Of those, two are show quality, and two are resto-mods (old body but new engine, suspension, power steering, power breaks, air conditioning, and of course, an FM radio).”

They sure know the stuff that I like. This can’t all be here to lure me.

A few minutes later, we are in front of the house, and we walk into what looks like an empty home. I stand in front of the couch. All guns are on me again, I sit down. A few more men come in; one asks for my drink order. I ask for a Manhattan.

Finally, my sister Laura shows up with my mother and father behind her, one on each side. All three of them look to be dressed up for a night club. Dad has a tuxedo on, mom is in a long slinky dress, while Laura is in a knee-length satin black dress with a pushup bra. The bra is pushing out, which is odd because her tits are already huge and press out naturally.

Mom and dad sit down in a loveseat that Laura points to. She is eyeing me head to toe. I am in shorts, a raggedy t-shirt, my hair is too long, and I am dirty from living in the forest.

Laura starts the charade, “Welcome home, Ken. It’s been ten years since I last saw you. The military let you go so that you could join the CIA. You didn’t accept my offer back then. This time it will be an offer you can’t refuse. I really need your help. I’m motivated, and you are exactly what I need.

I laugh at her. Her smile is gone.

Laura says in a chilling voice, “Mother. Get up and step forward. On your knees. Close your eyes. Hands behind your back.” Mom did all those things. “Paul, if my brother moves a muscle, put a bullet in my mother’s skull.” I am frozen stiff. “Have I got your attention now?” I don’t respond.

Laura continues, “If you don’t agree to help me, my guards will kill mom, dad, and then me. You inherit everything. That’s how bad I need you.”

I relent, “I’ll listen to your pitch, I give you my şirinevler escort word.” I don’t trust my sister or my parents. They are despicable people while I am a man of honor. Well, as much honor as a killer can have.

Laura is happy to get my word. She saunters over to me and sits so close to me that we are touching. She is trembling, which is very much out of character for her. Mom and dad are calm with a look of relief on their faces.

Laura says to me, “I’m sure that you know dad runs the strip clubs and mom runs the brothels. I run both the male and female escort services. Every pro athlete and rich person in the area uses me or have used my services at one time or another. My bachelor and bachelorette parties are legendary. Profits are soaring, we are winning. However, … someone is killing our employees.” I see it now; I know why she wants me.

“Word is getting around that I can’t protect my people. I can’t go to the Police; they are ignoring my situation because the victims are my own people. Anything that hurts me makes them happy. My people can’t stop them. I brought in experts, and they were killed as well. Any customer that we had a picture of also turns up dead within days. We are stuck.”

Now she plays dirty.

Laura seems sad now as she says with a trembling lower lip, “I gave a lot of your old friends and girlfriends jobs, to help them out. Maggie Jenkins, Jan O’Neil, Marty Sorento, Juan Lopez, to name just a few. They are all dead. Some of my friends are dead, as well. We haven’t seen a pattern so far. I can tell you it’s getting hard to hire new people.”

“I know you hate our businesses. I know you hate me. I know you hate that I retrieved you from the Rocky Mountains. I get it. However, I see the faces, like Maggie, at night still.” She sniffles. “They need to be avenged. The person or group must be stopped. I have tried everything. You’re my last hope. If you don’t agree to help us, my people will kill mom first, followed by dad and then me. I know you will at least care for our bodies rather than the gruesome things that are being done to my people. I can’t even look at the photographs, it’s too disturbing.”

That last line is something that struck me deep, this immediately became a whole lot more interesting. During my last two years in Army Intelligence, we saw killings as she described. We assumed it was American led because it never targeted our people.

I am short with my answer, “I want a bedroom, a large room for my office, a computer, a printer, a copier, six large whiteboards like a teacher would use. I want everything, every file, recording and pictures of the customers and the victims. I want a car, access to a jet 24×7, a credit card, and internet access. Any questions or problems? …. No? …… Then get going.”

Laura stops me, “In the garage, each car has a set of keys in the visor. Take whatever you want. Tonight, Ritz Carlton, room 2200, you begin your training. Alice is your trainer and will teach you how to be a male escort. You need a cover, or they will know what you are immediately. Alice is a female escort and does our male training. Buy some clothes for your new position.”

Laura then surprises the hell out of me by reaching out and hugging me. We always hated each other. Ha, ha, that won’t help. I only want to stop the group of killers that I never caught before. This is unfinished business. Your female games have no effect on me, I don’t return the hug.

I step back and say to my sister, “I don’t give a damn about you, your businesses, or your parents. You are all morally corrupt. I’ll stop the killing; I give you my word.”

If this is the same group, I want to stop them. I hate evil. Back ten years ago, we thought they had four to six members. The things they did to their victims, I won’t describe, they were that sick, twisted, and gruesome. These people have no business in society. That is how I can be an assassin. You show me someone that is truly evil and a menace to society, and I will take them out for the greater good.

All the men with guns leave. Mom wants to say something, but dad and Linda use hand signals to stop her. I have no time for her, I need some clothes. I go out to the garage and find a … damn.

The garage is loaded with fully restored muscle cars. The garage is far deeper than I thought. They have at least two each of everything, Camaro, Trans Am, Mustang, Corvette, Hellcat, and cars going back to the ’60s. There are probably 80 cars stashed tightly into the garage. Three cars are easy to get out of the garage. A new Porsche 911, a stylish black Suburban, and 1978 black and gold Trans Am.

I grab the Trans Am. As I am jumping in, Laura is taking off the T-tops. She leaves the door open, stores the tops in the trunk, jumps into the car like she is coming with, and then presses a button to open the garage doors. I turn the keys; the car starts with a roar. I hear something unusual.

Laura says to me, şirinevler elit escort “Supercharged.” Damn, the woman reads minds.

Laura has a cute smile for me, “Look, you don’t know where to go or what to buy. This level of clothing is way out of your comfort zone of a plaid shirt and a pair of blue jeans topped off with steel toe hiking boots. You need a real haircut as well, that mop isn’t doing anything for you.

“The supercharger is a powerful thing, be careful, I like this car. It’s a ton of fun. Take a left at the fence, two miles to US-120, then East to downtown.” I take off like a bat out of hell.

The car is fast, just like I expected it to be. Many vehicles that get upgraded for safety weigh a lot more. A supercharger helps move all that weight.

I get a nice haircut and shave. Laura was right, I do look much better. I can’t tell the difference in suits, I think I look good in all of them, cheap or expensive. Laura believes the expensive ones look much better. If these are rich women buying me, they will know the difference, I go with the expensive suits. It takes a while before the shoes are bearable, I would much rather be in boots.

I am taught how to wear a tie and cufflinks. Who knew you could do it wrong? It’s not long before I have everything I need, including a beautiful watch. I am dropped off at the hotel precisely at 7:00 PM. I am annoyed because 7:00 is late, I should have been at her door at 7:00 or a few minutes early.

I push the doorbell, and a cute thing answers the door. She is easily 6′ 2″ tall, a giant. I know she is an escort; I expect her to be stunning. She’s indeed a remarkable looking woman. She has an almost sheer, bright red dress that barely covers her breasts and groin. She has 4″ stiletto’s on as if she isn’t tall enough already. The breasts are spectacular. They stand out and are perfectly round. If that isn’t good enough, her nipples are hard and standing out almost a full inch.

I can see that she shaves, and my guess is she will be bare. Her hair is long, past the beltline and it’s curled, adding more class. She is blonde, but it’s almost a golden color. I can’t tell if it’s natural or an added color. She has a small mouth, bright red lipstick, and full cheeks that make her face look rounder and happy.

Her nose is a tiny little thing, yet her eyes are enormous golf ball size. These are a deep emerald blue/green. Easily the most amazing part of this amazing woman. And then she opened her mouth.

Alice says to me in a slow, breathy voice, “Hello Dip Shit,” with a smile on her face.

I reply just as nicely, “I was born Ken, but if you feel the need to demean me to make yourself feel better, then I can be Dip Shit all night for you, cutie.”

She did not like my attitude. For all I know, she is having fun abusing all the new guys, or she hates men.

Alice moves next to the couch, “I want you to bend me over and fuck the hell out of me. Give me the best three minutes of your life. Well? Come on, boy! Fuck me!”

Is this how they train their people? No way this is a high-class establishment. This can’t be their regular training girl. No way. What the hell is going on here? She is standing next to the couch, expecting me to take her and fuck her? I can’t do that.

I take a step closer. I can smell her perfume and her aroma; she is in heat! I can see her chest rising and falling, she is breathing harder than usual. Why is she doing this to me?

Well, I won’t stand for this. It’s not how I fuck a woman. I treat them to a hell of a night. I take a step forward and then go down to a knee, so I am in front of her, looking up.

I look into her beautiful eyes and say with a strong baritone voice, “You are too beautiful to just be fucked. You need to be worshipped and made love to. You asked me to fuck you, I won’t. I don’t know what passes for sex these days with young people, but I believe there’s a better way.”

She’s a smart kid; she is screaming NO before I even stand up. As I stand up, I use my strength to grab her body. No way she is getting away from me, I am far too strong for that. I toss her over my shoulder as I start searching for the bedroom. Yes, this place is so big, there are several rooms. We were in the living room, there is a dining room that leads to a kitchen and then a pantry and washroom. I go the other way towards a washroom and then the first of two bedrooms.

I take the room with a corner view of the city. The two walls are made up of windows. I open all the blinds to see that we have a full moon out tonight and a lovely view of the city. I spin Alice so her legs are up and the dress falls. No panties tonight. I roughly take off the shoes from a woman that wants to fight me. I spin her some more, and the dress is mostly off, I just help it finish falling off her body.

I throw her on the bed. She is furious with me. She sits still and turns docile as I slowly begin the process of stripping my clothes şirinevler escort off. So, this is why men wear suits, more clothes to take off. I do my best impression of a female stripper at a strip club. I partially take off an article of clothing, then put it on, then take it off, then put it back on, and finally, it comes off. I teased her through all my clothes until my boxers are all that is left.

In very slow motion, without the teasing, I pull my boxers down. I bend at the waist, effectively covering my cock.

Alice screams, “Stand up! Show me that cock!”

My head strains up, my eyes strain up, and then slowly, ever so slowly, my body stands up tall. Now revealed is a good thick eight-and-a-half-inch cock. I am nearly beer can thickness.

Alice looks at me, “What? Is that all?” Ouch! That hurt.

I am quick to banter, “You want ten inches so I can pound your cervix? Oh yeah, how about I get a wider cock, so your husband knows you have been fucked by a guy. Oh yes, that works out well. Don’t you worry, I got plenty here to keep you happy. I won’t be the biggest or smallest, but I damn well might be the best.”

I adjust her body on the bed, and then I dim the light some and lay down next to Alice on the bed. Once there, I pull her body over my muscular chest and reach forward to kiss her on the lips. At first, she resists a bit like she didn’t want to get too intimate with me. However, with my light kisses and no tongue, she is soon all in enjoying the time.

Once I have her involved, I place her hands on my hairy chest, and she plays with my muscles. I can flex them, so they move while she is running her fingers over my body. That is when my hands begin to grasp her breasts and gently squeeze them. After a while, I move on to tracing the areola with my fingers and then her nipples, making them rock hard.

She has stopped talking and has stopped resisting me. With a woman I know well, she can lead in the bedroom. I NEVER allow someone I barely know to have control over me. It just won’t happen. Ever. I stop the kissing and trail tiny kisses down her jaw, neck, and then chest until I reach the nipples. There, I latch on and suck them with a pulsing sensation that starts with hard and then bleeds off to soft, before it’s back to hard again. It’s never a constant pressure, it’s always adjusting.

She doesn’t say anything, but I feel her body clamp down for the orgasm she receives from me. I trail down her body and across her stomach with tiny kisses again. She is the first woman that was ready for this. Most women are shocked when a man wants to eat them out without asking. She expected it. That surprises me. A guy pays her, and she expects them to eat her without asking. Wow.

It hits me, she isn’t an escort. She may be a dancer or management, but no way she is an escort. Maybe she just manages the guys. Either way, I am eagerly eating pussy. Something I love to do. I start with my baseline. My tongue is on the outside of her pussy, licking the soft lips with my tongue. I have two fingers deep inside her pussy, fucking her while my thumb is rubbing against her clit.

My tongue is fast and active, I am aggressive in attacking her vagina. Alice tastes lovely, this is no chore, this is heaven. She’s had two orgasms already. A customer likely would not come so quickly. She doesn’t know that I have many more styles left. I can do this all night. I do the ice cream cone and kitty lapping milk licks. I use my whiskers for a big effect. I hum a song for another big hit. I do the alphabet, standard licking, suction, doing the big letter “O” on the inside, and raking of her lips on the outside. I spend almost thirty minutes ravishing eating her.

Finally, she’s had enough, Alice asks me, “Not that I want you to do anymore, but for my own interest, how many more styles and techniques do you have?”

I grin big as I answer, “I can do ten more styles on you. I eat a lot of pussy, it’s more so I don’t get bored.”

Alice corrects me, “You mean the client. They are paying you.”

I shoot back, “They may be paying me, but I don’t see it as a financial transaction. I get to have sex with a beautiful or powerful woman. She isn’t a credit card number. She’s a person, and I will always treat her as a person.”

Alice sighs, “You have so much to learn. Ok, let’s see if you are good at anything. Get over here and we’ll see if you can fuck a woman.”

Wow, she is crabby. She just got about a dozen orgasms and yet doesn’t seem happy with me. Typically, my partner is crawling the walls because they’re horny. Alice seems annoyed with me. This might have been a big mistake.

My cock is big and hard. It’s standing straight out and towards my victim, Alice. She looks bored like she gets something bigger every day. I go back to my wallet and pull out a condom. Alice laughs at me.

Alice says to me like I am a child, “Our customers are the top 0.01% of the country. You’ll get tested monthly, but we expect our customers to be disease-free. They are paying for bareback. Is there something we need to know about you? Do I need you to wear a condom?”

I place the condom back in my wallet. I get on the bed and crawl up to Alice.

I ask Alice, “How do you like it, Alice? Any special requests? Or would you like my special treatment?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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