My Ego’s New Year’s Eve

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It was the night the whole world was waiting for New Year’s Eve. I was waiting for my lover to come to my side. The champagne was on ice and the candles were glowing setting the mood for romance. I have many dreams and fantasy that I want to live out. I was hoping that tonight one would be fulfilled with my lover.

He has arrived rolling into my house like a God, smelling of the cologne that I gave him as a gift. I walk up behind him and gently bite his neck as my fingers gently stroke his arms feeling his muscles react to my touch. “That is just what I needed, thank you,” he tells me as I walk around to let him see me. I let him roll in close, to me so his mouth can gently bite and suck my nipples, that are hard and exposed through the cloth of my shirt. He looks to see that I have a party set up in the kitchen.

“What are we doing tonight, my slut?” he says.

“I want to play in the kitchen,” as I walk ahead of him. I can feel his eyes as they watch my ass; the heat of his gaze sets my skin on fire. He loves me in T-backs – he tells me all the time, “Your ass is great in T-backs.” I sit on the table. “Come to me, please.” I watch as he rolls his chair up to the table, feeling his hot breath on my legs as he draws near. I want to feel his tongue and teeth on my wet pussy.

I can almost feel the sensation of his tongue and teeth as his voice deepens. “What do you want me to do for you tonight?”

“I want you to eat me, I want you to bite my clit and make me cum, my whore,” as I open my legs for him feeling my passion as it starts to build.

“I will do that for you, but what else do you want tell me?” He knows that I have a hard time telling him what I want, I always hold back. “Well what else do you want?” as he lowers his head and grabs my T-back with his teeth pulling them out of the way. My mind slips bursa escort a gear as I try to tell him what I want as my pussy starts to take control.

“I want Fire and Ice, please,” I finally mange to get out as his tongue is still working on my lips tickling them making my clit harden and swell with wanting.

“Oh, you can not handle fire, slut,” he tells me as he continues to eat my pussy.

“I can please I want you to try” I beg. He backs away, I feel the cold air as his hot mouth leaves my pussy. I feel the spokes of the wheel, of his chair as my feet are pulled away from their resting-place.

“OK, roll over we can try.” I hear him as he rolls over to the counter, the candles are there I know that. I hear him pick up the candle and roll over to the table. I can now feel the heat of the candle between my legs. I feel my skin start to get wet from anticipation not knowing if I can take the pain of the hot wax. My breath quickens as I hear him pick the candle off the table not knowing where the wax fall on my skin. My pussy is getting wetter as my body waits for him to dribble wax. I feel him draw near. “Are you ready?” he asks.

I do not have time to answer as I feel the initial sensation of the hot wax being dripped on my skin. I feel it run down my ass and creep toward my wet pussy. I feel the orgasm as it mounts with each drop of wax on my ass. He pours more wax as I start to cum I feel it getting closer and closer to my pussy.

“I want Ice. Please give me fire and Ice.” At this point, I am sure he will take Ice and rub it on my ass and pussy. I am surprised when he takes the bottle of champagne and starts to rub it on my clit. I can feel the cork as it rubs my clit.

“You want to be fucked with the bottle slut,” he says I am so turned on my backs pulls up, I feel myself rubbing my clit against bursa escort bayan the bottle.

“Yes, let’s try it!” I hear myself say. I feel the tip of the bottles wrapped and wired cork start to enter my pussy slowly so slowly I feel my pussy grab and tighten as the bottle enters into my wet hole. “Oh my, that feels so good… More, please,” I beg my lover.

He continues to fill my hot pussy with the cold bottle till he can not go any further. I feel my body start to pulse as he moves the bottle in an out of my pussy. I am spinning as he works that bottle I start to cum and he stops I feel my pussy grab the bottle not letting it go. I know feel the sensation of the hot wax being poured on my ass as he starts to move the bottle again. I feel the wax as it hits my pussy lips and the bottle. “Is that fire and ice enough for you?” I hear him say as I cum over and over feeling the hot wax and the cold bottle working my pussy, one on the outside, one on the inside.

I feel the bottle as it leaves my pussy not wanting it to, I let out a cry. “I want to get a picture of that someday,” I hear him say. I feel his hand set the candle in-between my legs, I feel the heat of the candle flame.

I want more please I beg of my lover. I feel the candle move again. “I have an idea.” He says turn over and sit up.

I do as he commands and look at him. “What?” I am game for anything he has in mind I love to play new games with him. “Open the bottle?” I take the bottle and feel the wax on the bottle sides as I peel the wet foil of the top. I slowly take the wire off the cork and work it lose; it lets out a loud bang.

“Get back on the table,” he commands I walk back over and sit on the table. He takes the bottle sets it down and rolls his chair under the table. He now picks up the bottle and starts to pour it all escort bursa over my tits I feel my nipples harden and stand up as the cold bubbles of the champagne make my skin awaken.

“Lay down again, I want to try something else,” he tells me. I roll over on my stomach and open my legs, resting my feet on the wheels of his chair again. I feel his fingers as the play with my pussy. “Are you ready to try this?” I am not sure what he is going to do next so I say sure feeling my body’s fires being stoked like a fire. I feel the lip of the cold bottle on my pussy as he pours the champagne on my pussy. It sends waves of fire over my body as I start to build to another climax.

“I want to try to put the bottle in your pussy slut are you up to it?” I hear him ask. I moan, to him not wanting him to stop my body is on fire from the bubbles of the champagne. I feel the bottle as it enters my wet hot pussy, feeling my pussy tighten around the hard cold bottle. I feel the bottle as he starts to rock it back in forth in my pussy feeling a little of the champagne as it trickles into my wet pussy mixing a pussy champagne cocktail. I start to feel more and more as he continues to rock the bottle as I cum again as the bottle and bubbles work there magic in my canal. I feel the pressure building in my pussy as I cum harder and the pressure from the bubbles build. All of a sudden I feel the sensation of the bottle popping out of my wet pussy. It goes flying back and hit my lover.

“Wow, you should have seen that it just blew out of you with a gush like a geyser.”

“I felt it! Wow, what a rush.” We both start to laugh as we start to relax from all our play.

I turn over and he finishes pouring the liquid orgasm mixture over my body I feel alive just like the bubbles that are drenching my skin. We finish the bottle on my body. “So how did you like your bath baby?” I loved it I said feeling my skin. I laugh and reach down and give my lover a kiss of thanks. I am so happy that I almost forget that midnight has cum in on a great note. What a way to start the New Year.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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