My Fiancee and My Best Friend

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In retrospect, it was probably my fault. The pandemic was hard on everyone, and I had responded by stress-eating: I must have gained nearly 30 pounds. I hadn’t exactly been in amazing shape before, but it hadn’t been a problem for my fiancée, Rachel; she said she never liked guys that were too skinny but preferred a man with meat on his bones. That was fortunate for me, because the days of my being in shape from the Army were several years in the past by the time we met. Rachel was 8 years younger than me, and quite the catch: only 24 when we met, she was 5’3, 130, with curly brown hair and a nice set of c cup breasts: not the biggest I’d ever enjoyed, but wonderfully round and firm. Her crown jewel was her ass, which was just slightly bigger than what would be perfectly proportional to her body, much to my delight. I’m 5’9, 240 and balding, and very aware that I scored a girl well out of my league.

We had been together for 3 years before the pandemic. I had proposed about 6 months before it hit, and we moved in together a few months things got bad. While I responded by overeating, Rachel began working out more, riding her bike, started lifting weights. 16 months of isolation sent us in opposite directions physically: her stomach flattened and toned, highlighting her breasts and newly toned ass, while mine expanded until it began to dwarf my already painfully average penis. Predictably, our sex drives diverged too: I wanted it less and less, as my increasing obesity robbed me of my stamina. Our sex became quicker and quicker, as I couldn’t last that long, or pound her the way she likes it (they way I used to be able to); increasingly I would tire quickly, asking her to finish on top of me so I could just lay there catch my breath. This was a problem for her, because her sex drive had gone through the roof as she got fitter, and she demanded more from my cock just as it was capable of less and less. This led to a lot of embarrassment on my part, because while she assured me it was no problem and she still loved me, her frustration was evident. However, I wanted to think that everything was ok…so I did. It was against this backdrop that, having finally got vaccinated and with the world opening up again, we met up with friends for the first time.

Mike and Judy were the couple of the group with a big back yard, so that made it natural for us to gather at their place in the suburbs. Terry and Sarah picked us up, and we all drove down together with food for a cookout and an overnight bag for a sleepover. When I rang the doorbell Mike ushered us into his living room, where we all had a big reunion. Mike greeted me first with a big hug, and I immediately noticed the difference in his physique; you didn’t miss a transformation like this. Two years older than me and two inches taller, Mike had long been overweight, even heavier than me. When I remarked on this transformation him, he bragged about his 60 pound weight loss, but it wasn’t just that: his arms were sculpted, his back was strong, and he looked like a gym rat. He greeted Terry and Sarah, and when Rachel finally came in with the overnight bag he gave her a big hug, which she returned with a smile. I was watching Terry and Sarah reunite with Judy and turned back to see them still hugging. I smiled; it felt good knowing that my best friend and my fiancée got along. They were talking, and with everyone else talking loudly on the other side of the room I could only make out snippets of their conversation, like Rachel saying “Wow, you’ve really transformed your whole body!” and Mike replying, “You feel pretty good yourself!” Suddenly I was distracted by Judy wanting to show me a new book she bought. The last thing I noticed as I turned away was Mike’s hand reaching down to feel Rachel’s ass, and then I was caught up in a conversation. The next time I noticed either of them, they were both standing behind me joining in our book conversation.

The rest of the afternoon and evening were a blast. We played lawn games, Mike grilled, we drank and told stories about the good old days. Everyone complimented both Mike and Rachel on the amazing job they had both done getting in shape. I finally asked Mike to be the best man at our wedding (I had wanted to wait until I could do it in person), and he said he’d be proud to do it. I drank too much, and I know Terry and Sarah did too. Mike kept the booze flowing, and everyone had a great time. When it got late everyone began to retire, and Rachel and I went to the guest room. I was exhausted and was asleep before my head touched the pillow.

I woke up with a start. I looked over at the clock and realized that not that much time had passed, not even an hour. That’s when I noticed Rachel wasn’t in bed with me. I went out into the hallway, moving quietly. The door to Mike and Judy’s room was closed. They must be asleep I thought. In the living room Terry and Sarah were asleep on the pull-out couch. Seeing as Rachel wasn’t in the kitchen that left only the family room downstairs where she eryaman escort could be. I opened the door slowly, not wanting to disturb Terry and Sarah, and closed it slowly. Before I had even started descending the stairs, I heard voices speaking softly from below. Is Rachel watching TV? I wondered.

Something made me slow my step and move softly down the carpeted stairs as they twisted around. I leaned around the corner and saw Rachel and Mike sitting on the loveseat, facing me. Rachel wore a tight little tank top that outlined her c-cup breasts nicely; the chilly basement made it clear she wasn’t wearing a bra. She wore short, tight shorts. Mike had on a tank top and basketball shorts. The sat very close together, their bodies angled towards each other, so their knees were almost touching. They were having one of those quiet after-party conversations, the kind had by people who hadn’t really been drinking. Wait, had they not been drinking that night? Doubt suddenly gripped me, paralyzing me on the stairs; so, I stood and listened.

“So, yeah, for whatever reason Judy just hasn’t been into sex lately,” Mike said. “I have to nag her and practically beg for it, and when she finally agrees she just sort of lays there and isn’t into it at all. She never orgasms, and she makes it really hard for me to.” The bitterness in his voice wasn’t hard to miss. I had no idea Mike and Judy were having those problems; I listened, openly eavesdropping now, as my curiosity got the better of me.

“Mike I’m so sorry” Rachel said, putting her had on his leg. “No man should have to go through that, especially one as great as you.”

“Thanks, that means a lot,” Mike replied. “But I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything. It’s not your problem, and you don’t want to hear about my sex problems. I guess I had one too many tonight.”

“Not at all Mike, you know I care about you,” Rachel reassured him. “Anyway, it doesn’t sound like you’re the one who has the problem with sex.” She was rubbing his leg unconsciously now, her hand occasionally moving down to brush the bare skin beneath his shorts with her fingertips.

“I sure don’t,” Mike laughed holding her gaze. Rachel laughed, nervously, but she didn’t look away and there was a lot of eye contact between the two of them.

“Anyway,” Mike went on, “I’m sure you don’t have problems like that. John’s a lucky asshole, having a hot young fiancée. I’m sure you two have no problems in the bedroom.”

Rachel grinned. “Yeah, John’s been great.” That’s my girl, I thought. I had bragged Mike about Rachel: how sexy she was, how much she loved sex, what a little slut she was in the bedroom. It was nice to hear her bragging about me too. “He’s opened me up to a whole world of experiences I thought I would never have. He’s made me love sex! Only…”

“Only what?” Yeah, I thought, only what?

“I don’t know, sometimes I feel like I could do better. John’s a great guy, and really nice and sweet, but physically…well, you know.” I felt like I’d been punched in the gut.

“No, what do you mean?” Mike asked.

“Well, and don’t take this the wrong way, he makes the most of what he has.” She said it quickly, trying to get it out there like a disclaimer for everything to come next. “But…well, he doesn’t have that great of a body. You know him, he’s pretty fat; I know he was in better shape back when you guys were in the army, but he’s really let himself go.” Mike nodded thoughtfully, as if in agreement.

“He always tells me that I feel nice and soft, like a woman should. But he doesn’t feel strong and hard, like a man should. And he’s so hairy,” she continued, picking up steam as long-stifled thoughts came tumbling to the surface. “I tell him I don’t mind, but it’s gross. He has it everywhere but on his head.” They both laughed at this, and my stomach twisted.

“But the worst part,” and Rachel paused, as if suddenly unwilling to admit it, “is his penis. It’s just…small. Maybe 5 inches, not thick. I don’t know, I talk to my friends, and they talk about how great a big dick can feel…I just don’t get that with John. I’ve gotten used to it, and it doesn’t fill me the way I thought it once did.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I sat down on the stair, hard, numb with shock. Belatedly I looked up to see if they had heard. But my fiancée was still staring into my best friend’s eyes, and he was looking right back at her. At some point during her speech his hand had migrated to her thigh, and he was rubbing her below the line of her shorts, looking sympathetic.

Rachel broke the stare, looking down. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be talking to you about this, you’re his best friend, it’s not right.”

“Hey, it’s ok,” Mike answered squeezing her thigh.

“Yeah, it’s fine.” Rachel shrugged. Then she smiled, a mischievous look in her eyes. “We can’t all be as lucky as Judy, to have a man with a body like yours.”

Mike laughed, breaking the tension. “Well, I don’t know about all that.”

Rachel laughed escort ankara too. “Well, you’re in fine shape. That’s what happens when you work out like you do.” She unconsciously gave him an appraising look. Earlier that day I had been feeling self-conscious around him and kept telling myself it was ridiculous. It didn’t feel so ridiculous now.

Mike grinned, clearly enjoying the turn of conversation. “Well thanks, I hoped you would notice. Seriously though, John’s the lucky one here. How he ever got such a hot young fiancée I’ll never understand.”

Rachel laughed again.

“No really!” Mike insisted. “You have such an amazing body! That fantastic ass! And with that tiny waist it looks even more amazing. And your breasts…” Mike trailed off, realizing what he was saying. “Sorry…well anyway, comparing you to Judy just makes her look old and frumpy, with her flat ass, gut and sagging boobs.”

“Then don’t compare me to her.” Her hand was disappearing above the line of his shorts now; neither of them spoke, and I could hear their heavy breathing. He was rubbing her leg high up on her thigh. It was clearly having an effect. They were leaning into each other, faces very close, having a moment that could end at any time with them parting and leaving for their respective beds – or become something much more. It seemed to drag on too long; Rachel bit her lip and looked down, started to pull away.

Suddenly Mike pushed his fingers the rest of the way up her shorts. He must have made contact with her pussy, because she suddenly looked up, both their eyes widened, and they came together kissing. Their lips met, parted; slowly at first, their tongues began to touch, to wrestle, to dance. Rachel brought her hand up to his face, while his left hand moved behind her head to hold her neck.

I wanted to say something, yell at them, scream. But somehow, I couldn’t; I made myself as small as I could on the stairs, watching the scene unfold.

They kissed this way for maybe a minute, their hands disappearing under each other’s clothing. Suddenly my fiancée broke the kiss and leaned her head back, her mouth open and eyes closed. From that and the way Mike was moving his hand, it seemed like he had inserted a finger in her pussy. He took the opportunity to move in and started kissing her neck. She moaned softly, and I noticed that the bulge where her hand was under his shorts started moving back and forth, slowly and then more rapidly. My fiancée was stroking my best friend’s cock!

Rachel pushed him away, and I though perhaps she was coming to her senses. But it was exactly the opposite: as he moved back, she crossed her arms in front of her and pulled her shirt off in one motion. Mike stared at her beautiful breasts: they were nicely sized, round and firm, with small areolas but large nipples that were engorged. Bigger than I’d ever seen them; she must have been incredibly turned on.

Mike stared at her breasts hungrily. “They’re beautiful,” he said, transfixed. He lowered his mouth to her chest, licked at a nipple. Rachel breathed heavily, then smiled.

“I thought you would like them. I noticed you checking them out all day.”

Mike looked up quickly. “You noticed that?”

She smiled. “Of course. I wore this shirt for you, hoping you would notice. Relax, nobody else did. Certainly not John.” She laughed. I felt my stomach twist. Mike didn’t laugh. “I couldn’t help myself. You’re so beautiful. I’ve wanted to see them for so long. To taste them.” He renewed has attack on her tits, licking and sucking first one, then the other. Rachel wrapped her arms around the back of his head, pulling him in. “I’ve wanted that too. For so long. And now it feels amazing,” she said, sighing with pleasure.

Mike sucked on her tits for a couple of minutes, until she reached down and began to pull his shirt off. He stopped long enough to let her, and we both got an eyeful of his toned body.

“Mmmm,” she said, rubbing her hands across his naked chest, stroking his tattoos, playing with his nipples.

“Better than John?” Mike asked, smiling.

“So much better! God you’re sexy!” Rachel leaned forward to lick his nipple, and Mike moved his hand under the waistband of her shorts, started rubbing her pussy.

“I thought maybe you might notice me today,” Rachel said between licks of his nipples. She had resumed stroking his cock underneath his shorts.

“Today? I’ve been thinking about you for so long.”

They resumed kissing like horny teenagers, and Rachel moved to straddle him on the couch. Both shirtless, they continued to make out as their hands roamed freely over each other’s bodies. The bulge of my friend’s hard cock rubbed the back of her ass, up and down, as she began to work her body over him. I don’t know why, but I was powerless to do or say anything.

Suddenly Mike broke their kiss and said, “Suck my cock!” I almost laughed out loud at the boldness of his command. Rachel didn’t like to suck dick, she had made that sincan escort clear to me, barely giving it a few licks before we moved on to sex. Rachel also didn’t like being told what do to; the combination would put an end to this whole thing.

Imagine my shock when she practically leaped off his lap, grabbed his shorts and slid them down. He raised his hips up to help, allowing her to pull them off and his cock sprang free. I heard Rachel gasp, and I don’t blame her: it was huge, at least 8 inches, and it looked thicker than mine. Her left hand closed around the base of his shaft and balls (well, as much as it could, with her tiny hands and his big balls) and she bent done and gently began to kiss the tip. Mike looked down at her smiling, and she continued to meet his eyes as she began licking the head and moved down the shaft.

“Fuck Rachel, you’re amazing!” Mike grinned. Rachel smiled a wicked smile.

“I love the taste of your precum,” she said, and then made a big show of licking it off his cock.

Rachel began to suck his dick, taking it in her mouth a little at first, then more and more. She began to stroke his shaft with her left hand while her right hand massaged his balls. I could see the diamond engagement ring I had given her glitter as her hand moved back and forth, lovingly stroking Mike’s cock. Mike groaned and leaned back, clearly savoring her mouth on his manhood. My fiancee’s mouth. Where had she learned to suck dick like this? I closed my eyes, and all I could hear was slurp and gulp.

It was then, with my eyes closed, that I noticed that my cock was getting hard. Despite the anger and hurt that I felt, I was also suddenly very horny as I heard Rachel performing this most intimate of acts on my best friend. My best man, I thought to myself with grim humor. I almost laughed out loud, catching myself at the last minute.

For several minutes this went on, my fiancée wantonly sucking my best friend’s cock. Finally, she stopped, and they came together to kiss, their tongues embracing what was becoming a familiar rhythm. One of Mike’s hands massaged her breasts, and the other was down her shorts in the back, his fingers working her asshole and her pussy. Her hands were stroking his cock and playing with has balls.

Eventually, Rachel stood up and, in one motion, hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her shorts and pulled them down. She clearly hadn’t been wearing any panties, and she always wore panties. Was she expecting something like this to happen? I wondered. Had she planned this?

She began to slowly turn in a circle, letting my friend get a good look at what she was clearly intending to let him have. I don’t know how she didn’t look at the stairs and see me as she turned; maybe she was too caught up in what was happening to pay attention to her surroundings.

Mike stood up as she finished turning to face him again; I saw the two of them both completely naked now, staring into each other’s eyes. Mike took Rachel in his arms and kissed her deeply, their tongues tasting each other. I wondered if he tasted his cock on her. One of Rachel’s little hands worked his cock furiously, the other making circles on his back. Both his hands moved down to her ass; I saw him spread her cheeks and rub the tip of his middle finger against her asshole. In response, Rachel started rubbing the head of his penis against her pussy lips. I could see his tip glistening with her pussy juice as it momentarily pulled away.

Suddenly Mike tensed, and in one swift motion lifted Rachel up in the air, supporting her by her ass. Rachel gasped and instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist. “My GOD you’re strong!” she crooned, head leaning back in ecstasy has he resumed sucking on her breasts, first one and then the other. “I bet you don’t lift Judy like this!”

“Judy can barely get her ass of the couch and come to bed!” Mike laughed. “Besides, I’m much more concerned with your ass at the moment.”

“Damn right!” Rachel smiled triumphantly.

“Although, speaking of Judy sitting on the couch…she usually sits right about here.” Mike gently deposited the woman I loved on one end of the couch. Maintaining contact with her skin, he moved his hands down her legs to her feet, which he gently but firmly pushed apart. “I want to eat your pussy on the spot where my wife sits!” He wasn’t asking. “Oh, please do!” Rachel purred. It was more than he needed to hear.

Mike leaned his head down, putting his face right in her pussy. I noticed for the first time that it was completely smooth, as was the rest of Rachel’s body. Funny, I thought she had been letting herself go when it came to shaving. Guess I had been missing a lot of things lately.

Mike breathed in deeply. He looked up at her. “You don’t know how long I’ve been fantasizing about exactly this moment.” Rachel only giggled, biting her lower lip in anticipation. He began by kissing her lightly on her lips, and the giggles turned to groans. Unable to contain himself, he quickly started licking her pussy, shoving his tongue deeply inside her womanhood. Rachel groaned more loudly, and though it was too far away to see, I knew that he was licking and sucking on her clit. And I knew the reaction his attentions would get.

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